June 09, 2015

Media as a Drug

   The video is from Shots of Awe. Sometimes Doc wonders if we need the lame stream media, but as this video points out, we are the media. I guess that we should all carry press passes and attend whatever events we cover on the corporate dime. However, that would be contributing to the system as it stands and Doc really wants no part of that game.

   Everything can be looked upon as a drug. Huey Lewis wanted a new drug, but there are so many drugs available today that you have to make your choices carefully. Lemme avoids anything created at a pharmaceutical house - which includes all prescriptions and over-the-counter remedies. A sprinkling of vitamin supplements get used - Vitamin C is awesome as a first anti-oxidant, followed by co-Enzyme Q-10 for the more potent effects. I also swear by the use of cordycepts mushrooms, which add a power tool to the current playbook.

   Doc also advocated the use of marijuana as a medicinal plant. The regulatory system is broken, but the strains of good weed grown with loving care have the potential to ease the world into the new future, rather than the power structure's quest for Armageddon. We create our own realities in this holographic universe - what you believe is the force to set the stage for all things that happen in this world.

   It seems that they are playing games with valid information sources. It has become difficult to know what is true, unless we can take it in context to what we really know. This requires us each to have an interest that we pursue beyond where everything else is on the topic. Doc is fortunate to be one of the world experts on the inorganic chemistry of natural resource. This involves water and earth, skies and aethersphere.

   Namaste' ... doc and lemme

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