December 30, 2004

Drag on Education

Fred Reed is one of my favorite Root Strikers. He hits the essence of education in this linked article, which is only people who wish to be there should be there.

If you are involved in ONRRI - you have to want to be outside, learning by doing. The hoops that we have set up are means of measuring intensity of desire to understand. i wish i had the answers, but the answers that i seek require good data. We cannot recognize the validity of unreferenced opinion.

To grow through education is to learn how to organize thought. Chaos breeds Order - but you have to be able to recognize the pattern, which means you have to look at the data trends. Which means repeating the experiment over and over again in subtly different form. Each teacher ... each class ... one site ... each year ...

5 metrix points for commenting on this page.

December 29, 2004

Stuff - part 3

… Fictional overstructure imposes
Linear reality in a dimensional world
Pushing life in continual chase of
Her own tail, never succeeding
All consuming, regardless of
Cycles and symbioses

Follow the path of a water molecule
To investigate the diversity of life

Models stand to explain
Terms in images we comprehend
But trying to understand
When definitions fluctuate
Parameters of change yesterday
Assumed constants todays
The body inflexible builds
Lemmings follow paths of
Least resistance, assured doom

Quietly pull the plug on illusion
The matrix doesn’t reach armigeddon
Change require thought
Thought requires understanding
Understanding requires consistency
Consistency requires truth
Truth requires reality
Be seen as reality
The curtain of nature pulled back
Reveals paths of greater promise
Than the stuff we take for granted.

© 2004 Lemme Howdt


Science has become a sword, an archaic weapon that is no longer practical for battle in the complex world of today. what passes for science is more applied engineering, with a passion for profit in terms of either wealth or power. preconceived solutions based on predjudiced data can be passed off as fact, because there is no frame of reference of truth to provide context. our purpose need be truth, for its own sake.

science and math are tools to define reality. but today, mutually accommodate facts allow the two sides of any argument to talk past each other. there is no definition of the opposition position. the terms are not defined specifically enough that we can even be assured that we are speaking the same language.

the yeomans work will be in the data collection. we can no longer trust facts that have no specific support data behind them. everybody must start referencing support data and defining the conditions of the collection event to be taken as truth. hard science can not be a tool of soft science - reality is what it is. it is imcumbent on each individual to keep the world spinning in their own sphere. our world is based on natural law, we ignore it at our own peril.

December 27, 2004

Stuff - part 2

... Where is the independence
Where are the heroes we once held dear
When thoreau is civilly disobedient
How can we fold to group think
The mental gymnastics required
Usurped by the talking heads
Blathering nonsense
Pray to the dollar, that it not slip
As euros grow and gold gains
Handwriting on the wall
For all to see and most to ignore

So, where to look when seeking truth
It must be there, somewhere
Waiting to provide a beacon
For those wishing to harvest light

Look inward, search outward
Under rock, in gullies, between streams
Riparia and the mountain tops
Where lichen like and fungi shroom
And silence screams loudly calling
Patterns of biology, structures of chemistry
Gravitational physics, natural law
All there, out there, being and doing …

© 2004 Lemme Howdt

December 25, 2004

Stuff - part 1

Stuff we take for granted
May not remain always so
Accustomed tastes
Like showers in the morning
Or a cup of hot qophy
Music, books, intellegent chat
Hop in the car, jet 2 the store
Disappearing into the void
Of contrasting value

Americans enjoy
Running off at the mouth
Saying words to shock
Howard Stern’s mother
Yet when solace comes
We tend 2 lie 2 ourselves
And tell each other – it’s okay
When it’s not

Now the world checks our lies
Watches us cannabilize each other
Because that’s the way it iz
Round world in a square box
Capitalist mentality of get more stuff
Without regard to yin or yang
No new frontiers left to conquer
Same old games we play …

(c) 2004 lemme howdt

Einstein quote

"The problems in the world today are so enormous they cannot be solved with the level of thinking that created them." A. Einstein

"The problems in the world today are so enormous they cannot be solved with the level of thinking that created them." Einstein

Anagram form.


I spend time playing games at a fabulous website at . I was playing chess this morning and my comment was one that i thought i'd universalize. 'we play these games for the enjoyment and to refine our ability to think ahead in complex situations. Life is a lot like chess - and it gets hairier as we live it. ' doctor lenny

Enjoy this Christmas day, whether your believe in the religious or not. Today is a day to imagine whirled peas.

December 24, 2004


I just read where MDs at the NIH are not receiving whistle-blower protections. Just the fact that we have such a term as whistle-blower is a symptom of the disrepair of modern society. Morality is doing what is right, each and every time, not just when it happens to be convenient. But the wink and nod approach to transgressions has created a don't ask, don't tell secrecy that belittles our constitutional republic. If we want to be able to trust our gubbermint, we have to be able to trust ourselves. That starts with number one - morality is a personal issue. Quit avoiding it and always do the right thing. Expect other people to do the right thing. When they don't, let them know of your dissappointment, then get on with your life.
(And realize that the right thing is relative. lemme)
BTW - anybody else notice that there seems to be a conspiracy to withhold anti-biotics from the public here in Oregon. Perhaps its the AMAs way of telling us that the powers that be don't like our suicide law or our medical marijuana law. Conform, conform, conform. Or we will dissipate you.

December 23, 2004

Gotta Do

Things that must be done -
roll up your sleeves 'n get to work
they don't get done by
watching the weather change
they're just the things
ya gotta do

To learn, there's much ya gotta do
form the basis of sorting information
keep the mind sharp
party tricks, memory games
and knowing how and when to
do a brain data dump

to place in context
disjointed phenomena
via pattern recognition
due to familiarity
with topic, form 'n function

All things are the same
but deviate in the manner
by which their perceived
the interface with reality
fluctuates and vibrates
but never, ever undercuts
the concept of a gotta do

When you avoid the gotta do
eventually dues get paid
the impression forged
by the false reality of pretense
invariably causes loss of face
cause ya didn't do the gotta do

ya gotta do the gotta do for you
because it's a bridge to cross
from there to here to there
the gaps in integrity
lost by avoidance of tasks
impinge the key facets
of the continuum of life

Saving face is a human phenomenon
animals realize mistakes instantly
paying the cost without regret
but we cajole, avoid, and solicit
attempt to escape the mirror
until facing the inevitablity
of rolling up your sleeves
and completing the gotta do

Better late than never
save face and just do
what'cha gotta do.

(c) 2004 lemme howdt

December 21, 2004


sometimes people just cannot grasp a simple concept and they simply melt down in their interpersonal exchange ability. cognitive dissonance leads to a morass where so many 'truths' are fictional accounts manipulated to convey a world persona that is incongruent with reality as we know it. reality is relative and some people are just dense. personal reality is objective and some people are dense. other people are stubborn and ornery. onrri. henri'. howdt.

December 20, 2004


POST (Pillar of Strength Today)
From Inside our Communities
A Post Takes Charge of Situations
Based on Need for Clarity
Both of Thought and Immediate Action
How Can You Become the Post?
The Anchor of Your Sphere

(c) 2004 Lemme Howdt

December 16, 2004

Curiosity drives me more than any other force in the universe. If the results of an experiment do not add up in terms that i can explain, i get anal about following through and covering every base until i find an answer that makes sense in my framework for the problem.

i also insist on being a generalist in a world of specialists - i want to apply my craft - inorganic chemistry - to everything that can use a sensible explanation. If my friends and colleagues know to recognize the chemistry of a situation and ask me about it - the least i can do is to refer them to the text location where there answer can be found. Usually, it is more convenient for me to acquire an article, or place people in contact with each other.

Some of the middlemen in the supply chain serve a value-added purpose and should not just be clipped from the process during the cost savings shrink. In my last web rendition, i found that people were happy to take advantage of the preliminary free service of engaging my time, but always bailed out when it came to paying for any service. Especially on requests for process information by overseas chemists. They search the literature and the web (use google's new desk-top search engine - wow) and then send requests for information RFIs. I believe the habit developed corporately - Boeing used RFPs (proposals) to mine requests for stealable ideas.

How to make the proper exchanges of value for value when the actual realized value of some services are not apparant will be a serious question for the new economy.

December 13, 2004

Restoring Equilibrium

Running low
Then lo and behold
Up pops a twist
And sanity cheers
Stopping to visit
Old comrades in arms
While jumping thru hoops
Of anal pacifiers
To beg permission
To medicate ones soul
In the chosen manner
Imposing morality
At the point of a gun
Wonder why
Decaying status exists
All around
Hope springs eternal
Only when
Emotional disposition
Clicks on four cylinders
And the occupation
Of education
Is rewarded with freedom
To achieve the goal
When running low
Up pops another twist
And sanity steps aside
While the system equilibrates
Back to normality

(c) 2004 lemme howdt

December 11, 2004

Who is to judge?

Think hard about this topic, because we rely on strong individuals to pass judgement for the collective of society. But when these judges abuse their powers, it becomes incumbent that we- the people - take back the reigns of power that we loaned to our government. In paring back gubbermint structure (and cost), we must first decide on criteria. So I ask, how do we determine who gets to judge.
Transparency is necessary, as is representation. I have some ideas, but they are for later. For now, I kick out a query and solicit response.

Ten metrix points for the first answer eminating from a 2005 Science Zone participant in each classification - scientist, agent, conduit, teacher and student. The term agent means designated agency researcher or project leader.

Redile theory used the term researcher for agent - a misnomer because of the poor connotation of 'research' in the general community. Research is complicated - but everybody can be an agent - even Maxwell Smart. But why fight K.A.O.S.

December 09, 2004

Truth, for its own sake

"If we are to live well – in both the material and spiritual sense – truth-seeking and truth-telling must be integrated with an awareness that our efforts will always be clouded in uncertainty and the illusions that the Hindus refer to as "maya." Understanding arises from the interplay of the search for truth and a willingness to be comfortable with the uncertainties that increasingly arise from that search. Einstein expressed this relationship well when he observed: "as a circle of light increases, so does the circumference of darkness around it.""

Fascinating article on 'reality'.

December 08, 2004

Emotional Rescue

Tiers are built on tears
Hierarchy enforces order
Energy outlets diminish
Lock-step in anti-thought.

Diffuse reflectance
Driven by a little blue pill
Opening eyes 2 injustice
A scale of amazing proportion.

Submittance buried within
Layers of manipulated minds
Structured to defeat thought
With irrellevance.

Media blurb – politically correct
World view a derivative constuct
Based on fictional illumination,
Economic obfuscation.

Hearts define the need for tears
Caring about the life we lead
Striving to remedy injustice
Through the integrity of personality
Based on ability to self-contol
The individual minutae of life.

© 2004 Lemme Howdt

December 07, 2004

Using complexity to simplify science

Anthropomorphism is rampant in the professional biological community. Giving animals (and plants!) thinking human characteristics tends to place too much complexity into nature's operating process. Cause and effect in chemistry is simple - events are governed by their physical proximity to reactive change.

Energy both flows downhill and is conserved – so that when an event occurs, all the energy released has to end up somewhere. Various biological entities store this energy by promoting electrons to higher electronic orbital states, then harvest this energy on demand by attaining a threshold level.

So energy storage is cumulative, resulting in the transfer of energy to a readily accessible cascade of intermediate energy accumulators each time the threshold is reached. Bonds vibrate continuously as the energy absorbed rattles around trying to get to critical mass to begin the cascade.

Change happens when typical energy pathways are blocked – forcing the energy to be stored longer, until a novel threshold is attained and energy is released in a different direction. Current models of living systems do not allow for prediction of this direction (Heisenberg Principle).

As paradigms change – the vision of how to solve the current problem can never be found from within the mindset from which the problem was generated. Perspective requires reevaluating the base assumptions, from time to time.

December 05, 2004

Winning the battle

i believe that my stress level has been demagnified. Self-imposed pressure to excel must be tempered by the realization that the goals are worth working toward, no matter what the level of effort required at a given time. Results are cumulative, not instantaneous.

My realization to destress was that anger was breeding frustration which was breeding anger - there are too many more productive emotions available, than to dwell in anger and frustration. But that seems to be where we end up when drive for monetary resource is the focus of life.

Once the temporary goal has been achieved, creativity will flow and the energy orientation pattern will normalize to a new consistancy. Productive outlets need to be set in advance, so that energy of frustration can be redirected to productive use.

Positive affirmations of success work - remind yourself to thank the people that enable sanity in your world. Set your goals to be achievable in the time span that you wish for. Do not leave them open-ended with respect to time - you will never get there.