June 27, 2008

Planting the seed of community

Everybody needs to believe in something. Most of us believe in our own ability, but we find our thought patterns restricted by our chosen inputs and our prior education. It is difficult to be open to the new and very difficult to remain in the now. Change happens rapidly, yet the pace is almost non-existent on a daily time frame. We deal with whatever comes our way. Agenda setting is a tough task, especially when the boundaries and limits are artificially set by others. To act in today's world, we must maintain an existence based on rules of order preset by people who are long gone. Advantage is taken by working the system. What we need is a good strong chaos to develop a new working order that is an alternative to the present context. Belief is the starting basis of this quest.

As the cost of distribution of goods and services increases beyond the capacity of most people to maintain, the value of those who push paper and provide no real service as work will diminish. Economy will have to be based on substance, not vapor. Harmonics of growth dictate that we have to plant seed today to create the material basis for life tomorrow. Determining how to balance spirit, material and form through the earth changes requires conscious thought. The time has come to evaluate action paths - we can come together or come apart - it is up to us to decide the mechanism and to follow both our personal and our common agendas. The community that we build today will be the one that cares for us tomorrow - choose wisely based on your own ability and vision.

June 26, 2008

here and there

calm before the storm
get the metrics developed
key to community is contibuting
time functions allow elongation
focus on change matter to energy
to conscious to awareness of being

(c) 2008 lemme howdt

electronic world of bits and bytes
intercalation in binary code
slip a disk into a slot
digitzed media obsolete
already relics for another age
beam me up again, scotty

(c) 2008 lemme howdt


There seems to be a lot going on, even though not much is going on. The ability to communicate is changing, where knowledge seems to be transmitted through the air, rather than requiring writing or speaking. Telekinesis or some other celestial offspring has it clicking. There is way more to what is going on than meets the eye.

I noticed that blogger came up without the editing options of changing the font and color. I will make this post and do the editing later, if allowed. My guess is that we have moved another step into the void - the change is here, but we have our reactions limited by the need to remain in this time and space. Meditation can call us into another location, but then it may be a matter of coming back - what happens when the there out there that we expect is no longer there?

It is going to be hot this weekend. Take care to not burn in the sun. :-)

June 22, 2008


way beyond, back where we were
when yesterday was still tomorrow
our notion of 'what is' developed
we see and think that it is good
today, comprehension sets goals
that imply what we know has left
this place now has different conscious
this tract no longer impresses our thought
searching for better in changing climb
hand holds slip as isolation enters
seeing through patterns that underlie form
functional utility has retired from life
setting up a catastrophic fall
our seeds need to be planted now
set for growing tomorrow's seeds
while shock value elicits anger as
the whole system crash is upon us
ready or not, here change comes
digital ways quite different from reality
we continue to do as best as possible
dealing a new hand is not in the cards
stuck with what has already come to pass
continued existence requires ongoing work
reward is the simple joy of accomplishment

(c) 2008 lemme howdt

June 20, 2008

the last hurrah?

The whirlwind called last week has hit the fan. I am very pleased that i decided not to attend the solstice party tonight - the world mood was extremely false positive this week. The situation on the ground is getting to the point that people are almost ready to grasp that the whole concept of being is being altered. I had the privilege to visit with a few sovereign individuals on a deeper scale this week - the breadth of perception was enormous. People are being drawn into this community by a sense of resonance - the metals vortex somehow is making this location a power site on the world energy grid. The convergence of skill sets is dynamic - we should be able to rock the world.

Learning who has skill is a very entertaining adventure in life today. Watching people in action in the outside world has become my new sport. Today's lifestyles display massive stress as people see that it is coming apart and yet refuse to recognize that its already here. There is still some room left on that card - several more items in the closet - another draw on the retirement stash. Doesn't matter the income level - their style is crimped. They have to keep up the appearance, provide that effort for a paycheck that binds them to the day in and day howdt grind.

Everybody has their own point of view and they are absolutely correct. Just ask them. They know how to do everything, and whatever Faux News says is direct gospel. When illusion conflicts with reality, we know which wins. Deal in your own world and what you choose not to face is the part that comes back again and again because you didn't quite get the lesson the last time. If it doesn't work the first time, try it a second time, or a third. Results are part of the continuum of happening - probability governs as opposed to yes or no. Absolute chaos leads to a much more natural order - let it go all at once and get creative on the local level.

Define your role for yourself. We are actors in a cosmic cast of billions on this scale and the number will decrease precipitously. Connect with other like thinking people and get your collective act on the same script. Frequency of vibration seems to govern thought pattern - with transmission occurring in quantum dimension. Which means the more, the merrier - the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. I am a scribe - setting the record as i see it, documenting truth for its own sake. I am also a bard of chemistry - applying myself to the task of measuring and monitoring. Strange things are afoot - the full moon shines deep. I'll be waiting with my notebook. Enjoy solstice this weekend, then be ready for whatever comes next.

Creating Community

Major movement with summer solstice
Changes in lifestyle coming quickly
Divergent viewpoints intermingle
Substance and form exchange motif
Focus on the stability of the season
Activate senses to encourage action

Many actors flutter through
Looking for roles to play
What is community, how does it
Include and exclude specific individuals
In order to force group thought
In chaos to spit out discredit

Theory and practice disagree in style
What works is what gets done first
Developing trust on the basis of production
Descends into mine into mine into mine
Produce to spin wheels to support structure
Of former things that once worked well

Change permeates, what no longer holds
Are systems we used to believe in
Now new mycelium model networks let
Individuals group to form common mind
Which allows divergence of thought and action
Accommodating lines of learning and doing

Clean air and fresh living water
Liberty to act to create novel methods
Community development enlightens focus
To retain value in a local sense
While bringing new technology to the fore
Taking action in the face of external pressure

Seeds turn into sprouts turn into plants
Work to develop a central hub of distribution
Separate loci infused into existing system
For benefit of the nature, not individual
For benefit of individual within nature
Fitting each of the patterns into common texture

Setting a new world based on agenda
Facilitation to allow direction toward goals
Words set images while people set goals
Corporations set contrary profit motives
Assemblage of wealth is for creating anew
Model system that functions to guide a real world

© 2008 lemme howdt

June 15, 2008

begin again

running roughshod over life
existence keeps people going
implying important lessons
skill and theme applications

how do we learn, how do we teach
how do we grasp the there out there
earth's changing frequency
alters paradigm parameters

watch the way the system breaks
a swinging end of a genetic chain
tensions accumulate energy
building waste in time and space

uberorder escapes scrutiny
mindless belief in the is as is
unconventional mathematics
probability governs chaotic decay

survival weigns on our consciousness
spiritual pathways enlighten
inverting mindset's pyramid
without service to mechanical desires

community develops by necessity
gather about fundamental tasks
uncover diversified methodology
learn to co-create new opportunity

as the miasma swirls about
focus on a single point in retrospect
project the converse symmetry
to start over forward from here

(c) 2008 lemme howdt

June 13, 2008

visit to community

Visited the new location for the Anastasia eco-community yesterday afternoon. It was a powerful experience. Our group of a dozen included a vastu math person, and a pair of dudes that traveled to Russia to see the dachas and meet with Vladimir Meg're'. We were able to sit on a hillside and view major expanses of northern california. Also took in a fairly awesome sunset. There was quite a bit of spiritual illumination flowing.

prayer for sunset
agates align and enlighten
beings communicate
via harmonic convergence
minds in time and space
collating sunlight together
developing appreciation
rare earth spectacle speaks
interpret different variety
crawling day to day while
learning to walk with the wind
breathing clean silence of joy

June 09, 2008

Earth Changes

What is happening is a convergence of time and energy, space and matter. Consciousness has increased the visibility of the 'end of time' as we conceive it and the reality is that reality is an illusion. There is no way to win the new game - just to be able to play will be a distinct trial. Our choice is to place blinders on and continue to walk in economic destiny, grabbing rungs at the ladder bottom and hanging on as the paper chase cleaves each rung in succession or we can walk away. Leaving has no set game-plan, no place to go. The catch 22 means that it will rapidly consume everybody at all levels - each at their own rate, in their own style. If we cleave rungs on our own, we may force time to happen sooner than later.

As the world counts down to 2012, the harmony of the spheres will affect conscious thought. There seems to be a quickening with rapid evolution and increasing tension affecting the world populace. Those most aware of the earth changes seem to have an intoxicated spirit. We know we all are part and parcel to the happenings. In a way, it looks like global cleansing performed by Gaia is shifting the path away from niches that our science has so precisely defined. If we follow fractal geometry, we are likely to retain half of what is here and get half completely different than what we 'know'. Thus the illusion of reality referred to above.

It appears to be the end of the reading of the current human DNA strand. The analogy is to cell biology and the division of one cell into two by meiosis. The pattern seems to follow the fibonacci series in the separation of threads. Very similar to the mycelium network found in the duff of forest ecosystems. The numbers also define the golden mean ratio that guided the positioning of the pyramids in relation to the Sphinx. History crossed by biology twice gets kind of spooky when too many coincidences start to come up. E=mc2 (square). As the earth changes, we change with her.

What do you see when you open your eyes and look?

June 08, 2008


walking about in tree covered area
on the fringe of the civilized world
contemplate the duff underfoot
seeking the tasty morsel, morel
look at the full spectrum of life
allow basis for belief to change

guardian tree near the bridge entry
watches time as it quickly morphs
pygmy forest surrounded by grapes
water running through the landscape
tied together with ubiquitous mycelium
field cut from forest in private domain
federal protection disruptive for lack of
respect for cyclical process exchange

what we have is a basis for trade
where energy is what goes to come
using natural form to augment decay
to counter balance anti-matter
a different realm of breakdown
precedes build-up in form shift
earth changes responsible for weather
knot because we're here to debate

(c) 2008 lemme howdt

June 07, 2008

book learning

sometimes we lose track of the basics. rolling up the sleeves and diving into work without knowing what to expect will often bring up issues that are overlooked in the planning phase. there are many different scales of thought - and being way howdt there will often give a different picture from just a simple task. but if you cannot accomplish the simple, how can you imagine doing the complex?

reading books is a lost art. fiction books describe imaginary scenes to tell a story and teach a lesson. non-fiction provides reference information that documents persons, places and things from the perspective of current time. as busy as people are these days, time to bury yourself in a book is hard to find, unless you put your mind to it. it is a nice escape from reality, without some screen processing information at you. entertainment from video games, television and movies provides an easy to grasp perspective that allows thought to be directed to a certain point of view.

i believe that my mind imagines the world based on the last few books that i have read. i see the routine from the author's perspective and imagine instances that support the thesis. when i find inconsistencies, i relate whether the author is correct. tv used to be the information delivery system of choice, but internet as a content provider seems to have taken a good share of the action. the details provided make a different world view than the simple times we grew up in. the books i currently read offer hints of how we should think tomorrow.

currently on my table are p.d.ouspensky, The Fourth Way : vladimir meg're', Rites of Love : isaac asimov, Prelude to Foundation and miles mitchell, Tailings from the Golden West. the combination of direction is meant to influence my writings, such that i can make the next conceptual leap in the development of eco-community. the model is a cross between galt's gulch from ayn rand, Atlas Shrugged and ernest collumbach, Ecotopia.

i figure that if the energy runs howdt, i want to be prepared spiritually and physically for the work that will need to be done.

June 06, 2008


Work is the output of energy. Energy comes in many forms; changing the form of energy comes with a net loss of output. At this point, most people work for a living to keep a roof over their head and food on the table, but the satisfaction that we draw from the work is not fulfilling spiritually, emotionally or physically.

The current system gives us two patterns, identify with a group or look howdt for yourself. We need both. Currently, life comes with reliance on the infrastructure. It is the way we were taught and is really all we know. There are many false realities embedded in the structure; the actions that we as individuals take seem more to the benefit of the political overstructure than to our individual well-being. Those of us who feel spiritually connected emphasize positive contribution and constructive criticism, but often it is taken wrong. Many people feel like they need to vent negative emotions at other people, which brings everybody down a notch. We should promote diversity of opinion and try to look at novel approaches to the same old problems.

Part of what we lack is the administration and staff to accomplish the work. Too many chiefs and very few indians. People that facilitate work have been getting dumped on for so long, that they really do not exist any longer - there is a serious disconnect between doing things the way they have always been done and doing things that work to produce the desired goals. Setting realistic goals is difficult, because people do not know what to do. Life is overwhelming.

Rural areas do not have the economic capacity concentrated to get rolling, especially with fuel energy prices skyrocketing. The people are spread out and living in their own little worlds, trying to keep up. Cities require food delivery, which is grown in rural areas and transported to urban areas. Since corporate agriculture requires profits based on growth, the net flow of material is out of the cyclic loops and into linear growth. Water and aerable lands are the key - how do we keep these in production?

A new systems approach to work is required. Resources need to support communities that produce viable work - corporations only support profit making. Chasing the money is not sustainable and is wreaking havoc with our harmonics. Time for thinking deeply about a better wholesale approach.

June 05, 2008


What is peace? Too many people see peace as a vehicle for piece - their way of getting in on the action. The current scene is everybody panic over lack of dollars to float the boat. The only way that we can get along is by giving up the idea that everybody has to think the same thoughts in the same way. Chill howdt! A diversity of approach might give us a shot at solving a few critical problems. At this point, rather than playing war games over national security, we should be looking at food security. Or lack of it. What happens when food is too costly to ship halfway around the world? Can we rely on local agriculture?

Our need is to focus internal rather than external. I'd rather export millet than bullets. The earth changes are happening, so we had better get used to creating new means of local community support structure. Strawjet is a building material based on waste fiber - the wave of the future is converting your waste into somebody else's raw material. Building soil is very necessary. Building community is even more necessary. The time has come to hitch up the mule and get the goats bred. Money is tight at all levels and the stress level is getting higher by the day. All we are saying, is give peace a chance.

or Boom, Boom - howdt go the lights!

June 01, 2008

RPG Existence

Working on developing a live action RPG, but having problems with the scenario. Since my on-line access is currently limited, i cannot test drive the game on Second Life, though i would like to. How many folks have the time for role playing games today? Life has become one big role play in a very collapsing system.

Good luck and have a happy June Existence. I expect to be planting seed gardens and mushroom spores. There is still snow in the hills - go figure. Enjoy!!