July 30, 2006

Creativity Unleashed

"In a picture puzzle the edge pieces are the easy ones while in real life the boundary conditions are the most difficult to define. "

"Any credible scientist would concede that boundary conditions limit the extendibility of any given model, rather than considering them as the limits of reality itself. Currently existing paradigms deal with the known and the known unknown. Frontier science is liable to contain greater obvious error, but it represents the only way to deal with the unknown unknown. Its error or truth cannot be judged reliably by existing paradigms, as its conclusions lie outside the boundaries of current paradigms."

Sounder's rant came to my eyes just after a long conversation with a friend helped me to understand where my calling is. Any credible scientist. Bringing the unknown unknowns into reality using sacred geometrical concepts and flow forms derived from the status of the chemistry. Form begets function. As sounder substitutes liberty for chaos as a counterpoint for order - gives a subtle 1/12th rotation factor to recalibrate instrumentation - thinking will transpire ...

BTW - i respond to sounder at his site : Guerilla Ontology

July 29, 2006


tools make the trade
learn something knew
hands of the keeper
trading depth 2
spread breath amongst
slowest rabbit 4
fastest tortoise
segregate pace
from life til depth
perception acumen
focus crystalline
light entry pathway 6
urgently evolving mind
or three ... thirteen
sixtyfour or twenty 12
whatever that timescape
happens to be
(or not 2B)

(c) 2006 Vemora Spardu

July 28, 2006

Bo Rep - Right On

Is this the real life
Or is this fantasy?
Caught in a landslide
No escape from reality
Open your eyes
Look up to the skies and see...

Freddie Mercury how did you know? The Bohemian Rhapsody is such a perfect image of what life has become today - easy come, easy go - bismillah no, we will not let you go - oh mamma mia figaro ... If you wish to lose time in the vast expanse of reality - Rigorous Intuition has threads that go well beyond the topic. For dreamers of better places - Future Hi and Kevin Carson's Mutualist site demonstrate depth beyond the fiscal collapse. Tick, tick, tick, gold and silver, tick, tick, tick

...Nothing really matters
Anyone can see
Nothing really matters
Nothing really matters to me
Anyway the wind blows free

July 27, 2006

Scenes from Howdtdoors

spring cistern and a myocopic squishy. The mushroom under a 16x lens showed a surface that had evolved gas fequently and was cratered. reading more : learning lots. extracts forthcoming - stay tuned...

spirit ebb,,,

get so angry
no where to vent
irritation provokes
arrogance without.
future orientational
miasma formation
swirling confusion
as reading behavior
yields little solace.
lack of care re
imbalance of contract
why bother whatever
when nothing helps
change via evaporation

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

July 26, 2006

Threaded at the Mutualist

Wow - why not design a post for a doctor lenny comment. i consider the inconvenient truth to be more damaging to the environmentalist position than if they hadn't exaggerated to the point of disbelief. But the whole argument show a definite lack of understanding of the underlying atmospheric chemistry process. I put up the climate quiz the other day - so i am in tune here. Let me try to put sergio's question in perspective.

i am a property owner and seen by some as a wacked out constitutionalist and property rights advocate. I am seen by others as a whacked out environmentalist because i prefer being outside away from traffic. But what i do as a scientist is model natural process, forcusing on decay and decomposition. nature provides a huge organic scaffolding that places substrates - things to get worked on - into positions where they can be worked on.

The more i discover about nature's guilds and processes, the more i see organized queueing based on mathematical relationships. I feel that these relationships can be applied to everything, including human and animal behavior, austrian economics and ayn rand.i serve on a watershed council that operates by consensus - the Partnership for Umpqua Rivers. A pseudo-government busy-body organization to prop rights activists. As a scientist, i laugh at some of the 'facts' brought into science debate.

But when i first got to the table in 1997, the facts had no data to support them - now the PUR has a complete monitoring for hire program based on accurately calibrated information and graphically displayed through GPS. All that knowledge and we still have the same arguments on cutting old growth timber or inserting a cross country gas line.

I would never dream of taking the science that i hear at a council meeting as science fact without talking to the principals for reference data. Often, what they show me has been scientifically discredited in the literature - er - improved upon to be approved. I fear some very intellegent people made up a lot of what we call science fact in the last century. Science today is applied engineering and research is a nasty word when the people think research is development. How many bulbs did edison build?

Perserverence and reason to address every counter-argument internally first is the crux of the scientific method. Today - science is used to support POVs, not to discover anything relevant. On the other hand, i'd stand behind any and all data published by the PUR and provided in documentation - because we have a scientist looking and a quality control program acceptible to the PTB in our fields of expertise. But i do check - and i am not enamored with ISO14XXX or 9XXX or any beaurocracy of judgement.

Depends on the venue, the depth and the breadth as to what i can believe. But it has to be consistent, or i have to change my thought to make it so. Paradigm shifts have a way of surprising people and the key liquid in this world is water, not oil. We know what happens when shaken : water does not mix with oil. Cross-posted.

July 25, 2006

Quick Climate Change Exam

Would all the people out there that believe the pablum that the mainstream media puts forth as climate science please go away. Everyone else, please take the following honor system test. Dr. Lenny's responses follow each question.

Is the earth currently warming? Yes.
Is the cause anthropomorphic (human)? - not likely.
Is climate mostly about chemistry? Yes
Is it complicated? Yes
Can we make sense of the models? - not likely
Is Al Gore a scientist? chemist? or a climatologist? no
As you embellish truth, is anyone likely to believe you? no
Should a chemist know a bit about climate? Yes
Where do you find one? Good question.

Final Question - define the concept 'average temperature' or 'global mean temperature' in terms of an illustrative example.

Boil a pot of water and pour yourself a cup of coffee. Also pour a glass of water and add two or three ice cubes. Allow to stand for a moment or two - enjoy a sip of coffee. Plunge three fingers into both the coffee and the water. The average temperature is 50 C. Your fingers don't scald at 50 C. They are not really scalding now. Oh, you can remove your fingers and now use the remaining ice water on the hand that was in the coffee.

Please do not try this at home - it is just a thought experiment and please please please do not send any government nannies to arrest me because i used metric temperature units.

July 24, 2006

Another Howdt-door weekend

Took a dozen youth and five adults to Twin Lakes for the 6th annual Umqua Watershed Leave no Trace Campout. I will post some picture here and hope to have an Online Interactive NewsKast (OINK) ready by the end of the week. Here are a few pix to make up for the lack of verbage on this site at the moment. Enjoy. Guided tours available, if you can get here.

July 20, 2006


why do people require that you have to look like you are doing something to be doing something? i spend time drifting amongst deep thoughts, and i find it an intrusion to be asked to help on some mundane task for a group that i wouldn't ever think of doing for myself. Yet peer pressure in lemming society exists such that if you don't jump up to be johnny on the spot slave labor for the 'deciders', then you are not helping and deserve to be publicly chastised. Plus they further the blow by wrecking a perfectly sound train of thought. Book reading at group events is also heavily frownded upon by social do-gooders. People should be allowed to be there and choose not to participate in all the hubbub - especially when there are more than enough people around asking for things to do to help.

Two Cent Rant

Dr. Lenny no longer subscribes to the local newspaper, because he is attuned to the local scene and doesn't wish to read disinformation or howdt and howdt lies. So he is amazaed at the vehemence that the news media right is wailing on the news media left for outing illegal spy programs. Who believes news media left or right has any credibility at all. If they happen to cross my path with a potentially salient piece of information, then i have to check it howdt with the opinions from websites like LewRockwell, Counterpunch, Strike-the-Root and Truthout, then go to bloggosphere command and see what the commentators say. Most of the time, the news media is a day late and a pound short. Just perfect for lemming wannabees.

Life here has become the hurry up before the 'and wait'. This week got terribly sticky with timeliness. This artificial concept of time that we have created serves as a leash to keep us tethered from attempting activity when the watchers wish to sleep. People that run through the night and sleep through the day form a second clan that inherits a much less populated earth, with lots of quietude, moonlight and locked doors - the type of place we imagine in the next Planet of the Apes series. As the neo-crazies and their inane couterweight the hil-bill-bullies continue to execute their new gravitational ordinance project (GOP), complete with their distributional Uranium heroics (DUH), then the evolutionary beings that we morph into will just have to deal with rebuilding from wreakage. Anyone currently offering the visigoth's plunder lessons? (as though there is still room for capital (social and economic) to be created, without being confiscated in today's whirled.)

July 18, 2006

Howdtrageous Advice, for what its worth

"When you start to think you've got this game figured out, that's the beginning of your downfall," Williams said. "You are constantly learning, whether it's on the scouting end, the player-development end, the mental aspects of the game, the thought processes of various people, the psychological, the management skills, dealing with the media. Once you start to think you have all the answers, you won't be employed for too long."

Ken Williams, the general manager of the Chicago White Sox impresses me with his attitude. His team won the word series last year and is a contender to repeat this year. These words are universal to any field of endeavor - you are either learning or stagnating - not that there is anything wrong with choosing to stagnate.

If you believe that everybody should march to their own drummer, then you are a major part of the problem. What if we choose to dance to the violinist? Or rumba with the cymbols? It may not be efficient, but to what end is efficiency used to justify very inefficient methods? To be is of the essence, but not to be can be easily arranged. Why must people who choose not to be, be because of some other persons hypocritical oath? Stop the nonsense of sovereignty - vote for anarchy, but don't vote. Take responsibility for what you do. You might want to go howdt and build a baseball team like Ken Williams. Might not. Attitude reflects aptitude and determines altitude. Right on dude. Gnarly

July 17, 2006

Don't just blame Bush

More from Krebs - if you use the hot key link, request the Calamity Howler and/or the Agribusiness Examiner

Another, equally significant, part of the Bush legacy is already evident throughout Washington, and not confined to foreign policy or the executive branch. Following the president’s leadership, Congress has also embraced the virtual governance of substituting publicity stunts for substance.

Instead of passing an immigration law, this Congress has entertained us with dueling immigration hearings. Instead of overseeing the war in Iraq or homeland security, its members have held press conferences announcing that they, if not the Pentagon, have at last found Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction (degraded mustard gas and sarin canisters from the 1980’s).

Instead of promised post-DeLay reforms, the House concocted a sham Lobbying Accountability and Transparency Act that won’t do away with the gifts and junkets politicians rake in from the Abramoffs of K Street. And let’s not forget all the days devoted to resolutions about same-sex marriage, flag burning, the patriotism of The New York Times and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Inheriting wind

To build knowledge, we tend to revisit what we already know and add or subtract from the first impression picture that we are delivered. You control what they think when they see you coming, but people from your own home area always see you as you were and do not necessarily see the changes as you change.
Ideas must be let go, then returned to and updated upon. But instead of reading a new POV article fresh and altering a distant memory, perhaps poke back into the recesses of your mind before reading and summarize some positions remembered to establish a frame of reference before diving into the new information is in order.
Take stock of what you know of the historical topic that comes in a fresh headline. The other day, i read an article on the Scopes Monkey trial. What did i know before - contoversial decision that propelled Darwinism into a public school biology concept against the will of religious people everywhere. This being the third or forth take on the event, i was major right - except i missed the interplay between Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan was altered after the fact by the death of Bryan five days later and the non-defense in spin of the religious position in the public discourse of the times.
I also didn't know that Scopes was a set-up - rammed to trial off-season to be the first politically in a different field of endeavor. Of course, if i really wanted a complete assessment, i now have access to original transcripts. Filterless spin (as long as Rosemary Woods wasn't the recorder).

July 15, 2006

perhaps this is why

wisdom flows from the howdtside inn
then from inside howdt; exploring
mechanisms from depth thru breadth
surpasses floundering in shadows

today history recurs: cheaters profit
rest of us stand down cowed
when we choose not to give in
they take what they take away anyway
without recourse to empower
more futility without recourse
one big gordian rubix cube
take my money, tis only money

our spirits remains inviolate
accepting wisdom informed by truth
demonstrating compassion
laced with harmony of purpose
such that peace and love might support
systems withhowdt constraint
learning by doing, doing to learn
segregating choice morsels from fluff

(c) 2006 lemme howdt & vemora spardu

July 14, 2006


Dr. Lenny has work to do, so he has to be reeled in from Way Way Howdt there. After a conversation last evening about perception being reality, that we should ' tone it down' for those milktoasts that feel they have to have pap smeared on them like butter on bread and live and die by mainstream opinion blared from an idiot box at all hours of the day or night. Is this real or are we actors in a Terry Gilliam film. Sorry P., i'm not electable under the current rules anyway, if you wish to go that way, enjoy life appeasing Bart.

In reality - i needed to change the intro anyway. Happy zoning and enjoy your weekend. I'll be packing the kaleidoscope and maybe also a pair of binoculars.

July 13, 2006


The phase of the moon must be playing games with the mojo levels around here. Everybody is freaking howdt and i am getting tired of all the hubabaloo which leads to aggrevation and too many people sharing one bathroom (nine). I know we like to provide a crash pad in times of need, but the latest sensory overload has me to the point where i have to leave home to decompress and i just can't keep doing that and calling it a normal life. There is always somebody here besides the immediate family, so i have to watch what i say and choose my topics appropriately. I do that all the time in real life, i shouldn't have to keep it up when i come home. Grrrr.

July 12, 2006

Blast Off

Wow - the cylinders are clicking on all cylinders. I was driving past ACCF and noticed the gate open, so i stopped in and walked around. I found the OYCC crew, creating fresh trail and fire-breaks. We did an impromptu history lesson of the beetle kill area and then chatted paintball, with six youth and one twenty something crew leader. I invited them all to the River Appreciation Day Festival sponsored by Umpqua Watershed's at Whistler's Bend Park this coming saturday - live music and lots of food, booths and even disk golf! Glide on in.

July 11, 2006

poems and art

in a rational reasonable world
people control themselves
via moderation of desire
success in accomplishment
virtue to be or not to be
despite preference for
not deference to
whichever whatever

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

horse with flies
not as welcome
as otherwise ...

July 10, 2006

Its not easy being Green

As much happens behind the scenes as happens in front of the scene. Keeping ones eyes wide open while pretending to not see some of the trappings of pomp and circumstance lead one to believe that this fall will bring the fall. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. I think we should work extremely hard to preserve knowledge ande ability for the coming trials.

Perhaps that is what the pyramids are, a reservoir of knowledge that details what has been in terms of what will be. At any rate - space and time have a shifting value, but money is required to keep up the standard of living, so i must go do some 'real' work. Wish i could be a fisherman and get by with Reel work, or an actor, or a lemon juice tester, or a ...

July 09, 2006

Beisbol: Vu from the Howdt haus

I suppose that the Sox/Sox game is still going, like an energizer bunny - it was in the 18th when i last checked. Good thing everybody is in the bull-pen for the all star break. Speaking of the game, where is Liriano - the hottest rookie pitcher this side of Fernando V. Or Jeremy Bonderman, whose stuff is really wicked. Or pronk! Ah, yes, nipped by the Bud, so to speak, as by baseball rules Mark Redman has a roster spot, as does the punch A.J. campaign.
No major league baseball where i hang my hat. Instead i get to look at bucholic splendor. Most flowers bat 1.000 in my book.

poker flower

when wind blows warm
birds sing sacred songs
warbling amongst time
changing pitch to atoms
for subtle changes of intent
to demonstrate difference

not the same is not the same
diversity occurs in vacuum
despite constraint of sameness
our tones, our pitch
coaxing voices to song
in harmonic chords of disarray

chaos need not be feared
she comes as a means of order
structures loosen and tighten
like a bustier full of falsies
tossing herrings red or white
or blue into the wind

so we choose to change
not being able to stay the same
creating music and art and life
listening to the sound of quiet
solace at the solstice
of today melting into tomorrow

(c) 2006 vemora spardu

another kalieidopic

For this particular image, i believe that i have a pixture of the flowers that make the image also. I should have been more careful to record - but i had my science eyes turned off and my religious nose turned way way up. Being howdt 10 ab-howdt, i was more interested in the gee whiz effect. But what stunning beauty can come from symmetry applied to beauty.

July 08, 2006


creating memories
by doing - unaligned
with the way it has to be
fasting without electricity
comprehending all of what
needs be done; the whys
resetting health clock
to known monitoring baseline
photodocumenting life
demonstrating change in
the way things remain the same
nature, human nature
polar vibrations of light
repel and attract diffuse
thoughts held together
in common words, bubbles
thin film records of memory
in the minds of dear
simple souls, at times ...

(c) 2006 Vemora Spardu
distribution with attribution allowed

Personal Politics ?!

In response to a libertarian post by Ali, Dr. Lenny waxed philosophical. As i reread, i felt i wished to edit, so i decided to recreate the response here.

I watched some similar things happen in my run with the reform party. Before the '96 election, there was the American Party of Oregon. Karen Shilling, an ultra-sound technician from Roseburg ran for US Senate against Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith - the two sitting senators from Oregon. She was included in the debates, and encouraged by the system players, who each saw her as being to their advantage. The Perotbots had cut and run to UWSA and the grass roots folks formed the party.

But the in-fighting over bylaws and the extra time required to bring people from all over Oregon together for political action led to anger, animosity and individual discouragement with the process. By the time the Perot folks strong-armed the leadership into changing name and focus, the liberal vacators from the Democratic circles were in the Klinton camp and long gone, while the remaining local grass roots submerged into the larger national organization.

Maybe people were not meant to govern each other - just to govern themselves. I have been asked several times to be a proxy vote for another member of a committee and i always feel uncomfortable wielding more than an equal share of power. Was it Lord Acton who said "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely"?

I prefer to have dictatorial power in my own business affairs, but i play by the ridiculous rules as does everybody else, because we are not willing to pay the price of civil disobedient action in that neck of the woods. But as i grow more familiar with personal familial relations, i realize that my hard-ass unchangable beliefs drove off some very good friends, who did not see the world in the same forms as i did. Over the years, relationships come and go, and perhaps i was overly hard, not only on them but also on myself. Moral judgment is personal - my morality does not have to agree with your morality. To each his own. But ethical judgment is accepted to be a common shared belief. Why so? Shouldn't ethics be personal also, and judgment be allowed to use discretion in associating with whomever you care to associate with?

So rather than support the libertarian party, or the now hopefully extinct reform party, or any other party (except of course for the party party), let's support independent people thinking for themselves with no preconceived party alignment and support people to run on the strength and merit of their moral and ethical positions.

July 07, 2006

Harmony - manifest as beauty

It almost looks like a fractal pattern of a flower. I am also quite taken by the six sidedness of all the kaleidography. But this peach color struck me as an awesome wavelength. State of mind appears contagious. Since i seem to be channelling thoughts with Sunni - i plan to take a kaleidopic of a truffle. I was going to break the truffles howdt at the end of the fast, but y'know chocolate was one of the furthest things from my mind. We had fresh cherries, a nut based gorp, a very awesome vegetable broth heated on the howdtdoor fire, club crackers and a freshly picked cherry tomato. Now i can say i have had a true break fast. The next time i fast, i think i will up the duration, now that i know what to expect. The location is the center of Wendy's carpet in the outdoor living room under the cherry trees.

EH - 115 : the Anti-Friedze

What if the assumptions of the founding fathers were completely different than the hand me down history would like us to believe? What if events through howdt history had never transpired and people were never governed by anyone that they didn't personally know and cede allegiance to? What if we were allowed to group in groups of our own choosing, where common ideology could be shared. Networks should allow such self-determination, but the loss of diversity among the common could lead to a Darwinesque battle of survival amongst the fittest. Or it could lead to a consensus, where mutual support societies grow to prosper in an unregulated moral environment.

Bill Bonner is an economist that i'd like to call the Anti-Friedze. He has a lackonical style that catches my whimsey and loves to tear into the pap distributed by NY Times 'correspondent' Th. Friedman of Lexus and Olive Garden fame. Reality is an individual experience on common ground. Napolean Hill's comments in Think and Grow Rich seem to be somewhat alive in the tales of Bill Bonner - world economic commentator and friend of the Motumbo Guru.

July 06, 2006

Independent Independence

Independence Day
hooray for the red
white and blew ...
the wind forms gales
faster than sound
slower than light
why should we feel
as though we are not
controlled, when to give
simple suggestion
begets dogmatic experience
those who know better
pretend independence
means other than self reliance
XXX we the people
XXX in order to form
XXX more perfect union
XXX establish justice
XXX ensure domestic tranquility
XXX provide common defense
XXX promote gerneral welfare
XXX ordain and establish
a fiction that has lasted
two hundred thirty years
how, how, how, how, how?
when we the people
assume responsibility
to act in self-interest
to independently restore
honor, truth and trust
exchange integrity with value
without the overcaste
of disharmonic faux seers
as congress would have us
think we owe allegiance
to some silly gold rimmed flag

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

The Calamity Howler +

THE CALAMITY HOWLER July 6, 2006 Issue #90
“Sometimes an intended epithet can be turned to good advantage in the sole surviving issue of the Decatur, Texas Times one finds the way Populists not only accepted the label `calamity howler’ but insisted that they had ample reason to howl and would continue to howl until their objectives had been attained.” --- THE POPULIST MIND, edited by Norman Pollack
E-MAIL: avkrebs@comcast.net
TO RECEIVE: Send name and address to avkrebs@comcast.net

"Monitoring corporate agribusiness from a public interest perspective" July 5, 2006 Issue #441 Editor\Publisher: A.V. Krebs

These are two list serves worth being on, for everybody interested in political action and resource management, respectively. Both are free - but worth sending money to contribute - very good information. Here's to a Monsanto-free world.

Bring the Troops Home Fast

Dr. Lenny has always been a peaceful soul, especially after getting his bell rung in football by some real tough guys in junior high school. Compelled agression has always been met with civil disobedience. So when Grandma Treetoad, a Berkeley radical from the early 80s - after she has a full career bringing up four kids and being a counter culture crash pad - told me of her fast plan - i was all for it. Dr. Lenny has a caffeine addiction and gets migranes when he doesn't eat, so a planned fast was just a major question mark. But to end the wars, all we can do is all we can do.
At the same time, we killed the electric power to the site for the three days. America is addicted to light, and our electrical gadgets allow us to extend the field of day into night, of work into play. Our self imposed whirled pace creates pressure; meditating, drinking green tea flavored with honey and lemon, and resisting the temptation of ripe fruits overhanging (cherrys and berries)made the 72 hour fast an adventure. Five days of no home life - no meal prep, no computer, i didn't use my car. I excepted (accepted) my digital camera, planned a sweat lodge and created the fire and foundation, and learned what living a simple life without the modern convenience of extending light into night would be.

July 05, 2006


While having the pleasure of being in Wonderland (Treetoad Gardens), armed with both camera and kaleidoscope, i ventured into spiritual words of time, pi and beyond. The main purpose - the "Get the troops out" fast will be discussed later. The five days off, three without food or electrical energy taught me many things about myself and my disposition. Too many coincidences to explain, but look at this photo of trees against the sky, and also this shy rose and tell me you know of any place better. This old dog knows - the childish us played and played - here she poses, nyaah.