February 16, 2015

Don't Let it Bring you Down

The life that we have assumes your active participation. When we withdraw our consent from the common illusion, we weaken the forces that hold us in limbo. By negating undesired thoughts, we can clear our mental spheres to be capable of seeing things as they really are. To live in light and love is a choice, similar to living in the dark and fearing everything.

To withdraw, the simple method is to run away. The beings that we are trained in fight or flight, yet there is a neutral influence that also must be considered. We can play ourselves as actors in the role of what people expect us to be. Our awareness of going through the motions of expectation, while showing self-initiative to address the focus of our intention should allow us to work on development of new ways to deal with old issues.

The change has come, yet it has yet to manifest in real time. Our ability to see clearly is fogged by the programming. Nature dissipates illusions by observing different limits than space and time. The game is not at all what we think, it includes what we feel. If we base life on love, our vibration rises. Gaia resonates, catch the wave and be outside the sphere of influence of the prior fractal of life.

Namaste' ... lemme

February 15, 2015

Serious System Down

Been a while - perhaps watch this video. Nope - too big for blogger. Doc moved to no access ville - so blog will be intermittent at best for a while. Books to write on water and on social permaculture. So much to do, so many places to go and people to meet. Will likely post lightly for the rest of the quarter and then ramp it up when there is more clarity from the confusion. Namaste' ... lemme

February 03, 2015

Postus Interruptus

Red Rhythmic Dragon : Mass Minding

People are strange, when you are stranger, faces turn ugly when your alone. You are both strange and charmed - just quarks of your personality shining through.  To embrace the different parts of oneself and accept ourselves for what we are can be difficult - especially when we do things that we know we are not supposed to do. Sometimes, individual resident ethics are really strange and some peeps truly believe that they should run your life for you. You should run away.

Now let me talk to the stranger that is you. For this, you might take a moment and lapse yourself back into your middle childhood - 

nothing like a systems crash to make our day. Lost track of this post 12:00 - anudder thyme

namaste'... lemme

February 02, 2015

Model Redial System - Start by Starting

Mass Sounding : Yellow Overtone Sun

Everything's all right yes, everything's fine. The whirled as we know it spins on a vertical axis, the left hand is at war with the right hand and everything in the middle is muddled and skewed. Nothing that makes cents makes sense. If you listen to the lame stream delusion, your boat can't float on a love based Gaia. We need to let it all go and begin again, in a sequence that mirrors the descending paradigm with ascension performance.

To experiment is to design weighs to learn. Research directed learning asks questions that require depth to find the answers. To grok something at a deeper level, we often have to cut through the myths of the present level of thinking. The ideas of being a common people are meant to keep us off kilter - the common bonds of society are shriveling up, because they no longer follow the chemical bonds the weigh nature uses them.

Dried mushrooms are pretty awesome - so if we get a bit shriveled, we can always rehydrate with structured water and improve our lot. It is thyme to be in nature again and learn the weighs of measurement direct from source. To begin a sovereign existence in a Mondragon model with a collective of Ringing Cedars. Using social permaculture to develop cottage industry based on support structures for entrepeneurial behavior is the current plan. To do this requires clarity, diligence and a willingness to forgo the benefits of the descending order. When chaos increases, it causes turbulence in the ranks and a strange attractor can really remove the excess energy and land us on the piece of land in peace.

Doc needs to go into depth - he has been buffeted upon the surface enough. The cosmic surfboard caught the wave and the higher vibrational frequency kicked in - as Jim Long always said, start by starting. I am excited to be working with Jim once again and stepping back into the past, to where i once belonged. I can work the fractals and reset the clocks - to before i was ever here in the main life, since we have all been here before.

We have the USLE scoring system and we have a land base. To have the individuals capable of seeing the weigh through is a bonus - i can step into any role and play the part to a tee. We all can become the lead actor in our own movie and assign the supporting cast to roles that they are comfortable playing as themselves, rather than acting. To build games to teach experiential learning will be one of the first lessons - to increment the value of the lesson requires more peeps in attendance - which can be done via some of the new internet technology that is flowing. 

Our own alternative media will keep performance statistics on ourselves - to accurately know what each of us is capable of doing. There is no success and no failure - we can deal with whatever comes our weigh with a smile on our face and love in our heat. I project starting from an open mike and ascending to troupe players and live skits. To create our own entertainment with embedded learning of new forms of flow is more natural for the rhythms of the day. Smoke-easys are coming. The morels are a month away, they wish to communicate on behalf of the fungi and i am pleased to become the ambassador.

I need a driver - a person who is validly licensed to port around peeps that have outside business. This is a listening and learning position for a post high school youth.  Living arrangements to be negotiated - apprenticing should include, room and board. Position is not formally open yet, but inquire within. 

How many domes do we need?  I want the aquaponics dome to work, but the last fractal didn't make it happen. We can use small home domes - i have to negotiate with Pacific Domes and set a realistic potential. I wonder if there is a business opportunity in training dome assemblers? There will be training opportunities of all sorts, as biochar becomes the answer to the pH problems in the middle of Middle creek. I seem to remember setting logs into the stream as buffers for fish against flow - why not use burnt trees for buffers to neutralize acid mine drainage? Comment due by Thursday.

The system has a weigh of holding things up. If we use our magickal abilities to provide the picture of expectation, then we can move diligently amidst the invisible haze and get our work done. The idea is to clean the creek for fish. The secondary value is to repair and repatriate the land - for Gaia. If we can exchange value for value, it can ease our hearts and our souls and generate revenue to pay for the upkeep of all those peeps involved in the process. This is how we start - by learning how to do the things that need to be done. We can ReDiLe the system, by teaching peeps what they want to learn, through Research Directed Learning.

Namaste' ... doc

music references 1 jesus christ superstar stageplay 2 get back beatles 3 deja vu CSNY

February 01, 2015

Weird Crazees

Blue Self-Existent Storm : Mass Loving

By the weigh doc talks, you would think that he hates everything. The inanimate objects of life take much verbal abuse, because they do not respond back when doc chastises them. Doc is annoyed at the computer cords today - the alternate keyboard cord has tangled and got under the keyboard itself, so typing was bouncing and there is just too much shit on the table. Doc needs his own place to work, that is coming very soon. 

Peeps have to be dealt with more gently that computers and cords. Peeps get easily confused by what doc says and misinterpret his ramblings to be about them and take offense. Thus doc has to meter what he says and be careful to avoid buzz words - because peeps only hear the buzzword and then lose their ability to listen. When you spend your time thinking about how to respond to a buzzword rather than listening, you miss the real point of the verbiage. Words have meaning, but when peeps don't listen and understand the words, the meaning is lost and the dialogue becomes nonsense.

Active listening is a learned skill. Doc has found that few people say what they mean, because they don't follow through their own train of thought. The result is that people who have group think ability and fit in to the society at large do not resonate on doc's wavelength. Doc needs weird crazee people to get along. It is partly a function of Asberger's Syndrome and partially a matter of stubbornness.

Doc is a chemist playing with sociology. He has no real grasp of biology or psychology. He says what he thinks and shoots from the hip. He confides in everyone and no one - honesty is the policy because he can't remember what he said to who, so he stays consistent in what he is, because he thinks in doc world. But his closest confidants are people who are as crazee as doc is, because they all tend to speak their own truths.

The education system is about indoctrination, rather than learning. The inconsistency of the information is ignored as rote memorization is rewarded. The ability to follow the rules is demonstrated by social interaction - the people that play the game exclude all the difficult people. Those who don't even know there is a game going on are living in their own Truman Show and act oblivious to the flow of the societal stream.  These folks are my folks - the weird crazees that inhabit the worlds created in their own minds.

To whit, the old system is now howdt of hand. The difficult people, have no real inkling of what is going on in that whirled because the real world is not connected to the 'merikn myth. We grok the concept of 'on our own' and believe in what we see, as framed against what we know. And we know that the house of cards is stacked against living in unreality, yet that seems to be just where the current lame stream delusion arrives.

So ... doc needs to write. Lemme has taken on the writing work-load while doc structures the two immediate books that need attention. The publishing of the new weigh has to take a back seat - the money generation did not occur because there is no real economy in the exchanges going on that involve FRNs. It is just the excessive cost of doing business that keeps everything in the status quo - as the rats churn their wheels and get more pissed off at the weird crazees of the world who are free of the chains that they bind themselves with.

Local economics is where the whole juncture will be, as the road winds down. Frost described the path less taken; doc found that path and wandered through, looking for the eye of the storm in the eye of the needle in the proverbial haystack that leads to the clinch of the hourglass, where you drop through alone, once. To take the journey and get back to where you once belonged was jojo's quest - each of us will have to learn that alone is not to be feared and we are responsible for our own self at all times. 

If we cannot love the person who we are, then we have to change in order to have the proper relationship with the person responsible for caring for us. Otherwise, you become dependent and are not really a sovereign i.am individual. I read a book about Gurdjieff over the past two days, to find that somebody else brought him up in the discussion yesterday. Walter Russell and Victor Schauberger are also prominent characters and Tesla is the new poster boy. Why is it that our science texts make no mention of any of these folks, except to deride them?

To go into fractals with Mendlebrot was a real joy for doc. Sacred geometry has been the basis of understanding that presupposes mathematical geometry and builds via the use of symmetry and structure. To look at art as a form of expression, requires us to imply meaning from the symbolism. The weigh is designed to allow each of us to walk a path, to design a new civilization based upon walking the walk and learning about how we do the things we do. 

Things that once worked, are no longer necessarily valid in this fractal that surpassed the fractal that was. That Fibonacci governs the fractal realm is not a truth - it only provides a limit to growth in a certain set of spheres - there is a second limit that borders the other side of numbers. When numbers get excessively large, the golden mean exceeds the value of the doubling function, and that takes over as the limit to organic growth. That we as chemists deal with very small whole number ratios in the formation of molecules with atoms, provides a gateway for vision of truth. This happens because we can see real in different forms - it is not how we got there, but rather that we did all get there.

There will be 16 civilization possibilities for sovereign entities to join the game - yet that overlay will not begin until the first phase of the game is collated. The beginning has to be evaluated in terms of the Treei status - the start rate is dependent upon the initial conditions and the set hasn't been set yet. Though in reality it has, via intention. Doc has journals to data mine and miles to go before he sleeps.

Namaste' ... lemme

PS - the thyme machine brings you records of the past. Thank you anonymous back surfer.