November 30, 2010

The security state cops a feel

This post is a worthy read - it is time to be real about what we face in the world today.

November 28, 2010

Hang on to your Hats

Dr. Lenny is featured in this discussion after a showing of the movie What in the World are they Spraying??? in Ashland Oregon last night. I also appear as one of the experts in the film. Since ex means former and we all know what a spurt is, i take this honor very lightly. Get the film, watch it. Copy it and give to other people to watch.

November 27, 2010

Finding Reality

Sometimes i wonder who i am and where i'm at. The adventures come fast and furious and i find myself in response rather than enlightenment. As i search for truth, i find more illusion in my belief system to the point where i only know that i don't know.

i joined the project restoration role play in order to gain some structural insight for another role-playing game, Existence. Only it seems as though the reality has morphed to where the games are more real that the illumination called real life. We are each sovereign in ourselves and must resist forces that take us off of our desired pathways.

We were never destined to be creatures of income. The idea of putting away for a rainy day is a fiction - live life as though each day was your last and enjoy the time spent with good friends and family. Tomorrow will bring something new, something different and something strange. It is our job to test the model and make it into the means of attaining the goal. We can cooperate and agree to compete on terms that builds all of us, together, independent yet united in strength and acumen.

There is no telling what will become - but if we enjoy the rapport that we evolve here - we can try things in the game that can be applied to the illusion called real world. Play the game as though it was chess - be the knight or the king - or choose to be a pawn. It is your choice that sets a path in motion - the outcomes brings us further along the road to tomorrow. Don't forget to bring your organic pillow, and a towel.

November 25, 2010



Uniforms scare me
They take people
And conform them
Into dictators
Give a cop a rule
And watch the breadth
He takes to regulate
Other people’s lives

Lawmakers are dottering fools
Turn people into law breakers
Rules are thinking stops
Places to look ahead for trouble
Yield signs on the road of life
Not stop signs

Stop prevents all progress
Stop ruins mental imagery
Stop breaks momentum
Stop beats people up
Stop is violence enforced
Stop telling me what to do!

Amazing how jurisdiction
Ultimately lies with the people
The government overlay is callous
Equally looting bread from our tables
To feed a profit machine
Run currently on autopilot
By the drone of bureaucrats
And their stop signs

from Freedom Poems: Vol 3
by lemme howdt (pre-2008)

November 12, 2010


Things get more curious as time goes onward. Be ready for anything and accepting of everything. The pitch of the tone is changing - by the end of the weekend, we will all be ready for a good dose of Existence. Enjoy ...

November 11, 2010

Getting Noticed

Thank you to Richard for the plug for Existence - the online support system for the next role play of life.

November 01, 2010

Space of Love

November is here
Our money crunches
People have no clue
Barter requires trade
Leadership is internal
Walk your own path
Expanding Consciousness

Knowledge requires
Perspective - a frame
Roles develop via
Morality and ethics
Balanced throughout
By a need to breathe

Reorienting world to the mean
My hot box soothes the pain
Allows mind to ramble forth
Talk reorients the basis set
Evokes wisdom while seeking truth
As wet paper bleeds ink,
Souls breed love, a warm smooth glow

Thyme is an illusion
Dissipate into circumstance
To be wherever necessary
Howdt of touch. howdt of mind
Enrapt in a space of love
enrapt in a Space of love
wrapped in our space of Love

2010 lemme howdt