July 31, 2012

Photographs of Memories

 I promised a picture of London Kitty awhile back - all hair
This is one of the best impromptu photos i have ever taken

Escape from Economics

Let me recommend today's post by Paul Craig Roberts.  I have remarked before that economists should be taken out of the economic picture entirely.  The best quote in the article is "Hudson concludes that the result is that bankers now receive the rents (a form of unearned income) that once flowed to the landed aristocracy. Unlike the aristocracy, who were dispossessed of their rents, the bankers have not been."  

It is time to dispossess the banksters (and politicians) of our rents.

Does crap = BS ?

Quiet is not the way of the whirled for this moment.  Even in the Quietest Moments, it is difficult to turn off the noise.  One of the challenges is to grok the complex meaning of words that are introduced to mean different things than the customary usage.  For instance - if i talked about Pandora in the past - we knew it had something to do with not opening the box.  Now Pandora means music station.

Problem is, that as much as i train Pandora to play my kind of music, they seem to want to add their commercial crap.  I like music to fit my mood - if i have Joni crooning, i like joan armitrading and carole king - i do not want screaming rock guitar.  If i thumbs down the rock guitar, then they give me more shit.  But no rock guitar when i do want rock guitar.  Pandora - Just play songs, forget the marketing.  Oh - it's a business model (damn george - he's always right on this).

So what business model is required to pull the plug from the game that doesn't work for most.  George has it working for himself; even though he preps, he doesn't want you to pull that plug - nor do most bloggers.  We need to pull the damn plug.  I guess in India, they found a way to do it.  If all the preppers move to India, the rest of us will drown, right.  Depends on how we define drown.

I have a model.  In fact, i have many models.  Systems act like other systems that have come before.  We make assumptions to fill in our beliefs, that are couched in the is that we already have.  You cannot break the barrier, if you do not push the barrier beyond its limit.  But the limits now are artificial and we really have no clue as to how things are really playing howdt. (News - yeah, right)

So we make it up on the fly as we go.  We sympathize with folks who say the same things that we like to believe.  We collectively put up with the BS - because we don't grok what's coming when the BS stops.  Know what.  I'm ready for the BS to stop. 

I turned it off, tuned it howdt and dropped off the edge of the whirled.  I get snippets, but they don't come together enough to make a story.  I can ignore the mainstream at my own peril, because if they figger me howdt, they will have to admit they lost control.  The illusion of control is more important than actual control - they really wouldn't know what to do with real control, if they had it.  So we live in pretend.  Or you do - because i can just be comfy and self-contained.  Howdt of Site, Howdt of Mind ... Howdt of Control, Howdt of Bounds, Look Howdt.

Shh,  It is now quiet Thyme - through the end of july ... Supertramp, slow ... please.  Pandora: no.   I think i will you-tube my music today - keeps me in the little bit of control that this illusion permits.

Namaste' ... doc

July 29, 2012

Green Motif

Image is Everything

   How are we to come up with something completely different, yet remain in the construct of the old game?  So many of the mechanisms have turn to bait and switch: nobody believes anything except what they wish to believe. Okay - quiz thyme - who can name all five products or companies?
   Is this any way to run an airlines? (You bet it is!) ...  I can't believe I ate the whole thing ... Taste me, taste me, Come on and taste me - Take a puff and let me do my stuff ...   Better living through chemistry...  You can trust your car, to the man who wears the star...  The advertising was way better back then - the jingles actually jingled.
   I wonder if the commercials at the OLPs are going to be remembered by anybody down the road.  My Superbowl advertising memory is Janet Jackson's breast - which exploded a controversy that buried the memories of 9/11.  It doesn't take Sherlock to figure out that Holmes has some serious internal connexions.  They can set you or me up just the same way - watch the movie fx sometime.  
   What passes for standard intelligence is fairly moronic.  The depth of conversation that i can reach by turning down the volume of cacophony is amazing.  I feel embiggenned.  Each and every person (animal, vegetable and mineral), has a story to tell - a life history of learning the same lessons in different ways.  Our patterns fall into groupings, but no two snowflakes are alike.  Thank you for the deep conversations, yesterday, today and tomorrow.
   When we get down to a quantum level - there is you and there is all.  Both are one and each are different.  Neither is the real one, both are just one.  Cannot be subdivided.  We are here together, so we might as well be in love with ourself, because it is all we really know.  Everything from a group perspective through the eyes of an individual.  
   Well - I gots Science Eyes - i look at things and wonder.  My favorite toy is a wand of wonder that you flash it off and you don't know what is going to happen.  Harry Potter should have had one, but he did okay for himself (tho i never finished the series - sorry)  Anastasia also would have been good with one - my guess is that since her life is wonder, her staff would be ringing cedar and wonderful is not meant as random.  Fantasy can be used as a realm of discovery - a creative learning experience.
   Okay - pleigh thyme.  You have a 10 minute date with an angel who wants to know your personal story, in images - a how did you get here from there type of run.  In order to be honest with yourself, the angel already knows your life story en toto.  So the game is spin - how do you come off as you at the key decision making points in your lifetime.  
   Super Mario can be the guide to my life.  One roller coaster ride after another - starting at Dorney Park.  But that's my story.  I have already been in conference with Stewie and Bugs Bunny - the mind can make anything real and the heart can accept anything but being broken.  Love repairs broken hearts.  Love yourself and start refining your tale - as tho this were Canterbury.  Image is everything.

Namaste'   doc

   PS : I couldn't remember the name of the airline -  it was not Panam makes the going great.  The other four are Alka-Seltzer, Doral, DuPont and Texaco - Jack Benny.  Made you smile - enjoy the deigh.

July 28, 2012

Shifting Perspective

Swift water runs fast
Sweep away anxiety
Under ever-present cloak
Of cognitive dissonance
Unfiltered information
Buried under layers
Owls, not what they seem
Stewards of the resource
Spend little time on dollar games
Value accrues from work
Knowledge vests over time
Accumulating first hand
Eyes, ears, hands, heart
Engaged in measurement
When thyme returns
Some will know to lead

lemme howdt (c) 2004,(c) 2012

July 27, 2012

Doorbell Wanted

One ringey dingey , two ringey dingeys... and a gracious good afternoon to you - this is Ms. Tomlin of the telephone company   Is this the person to whom i am speaking? 

I have an on-line office at the Northwest Education and Training Institute - nweti.com .  I will be teaching on-line classes there this fall - beginning with a Water course called the Many Faucets of Water.  I have a private chat room, video conferencing, a forum and many other useful educational tools.  I do not have a doorbell.

The doorbell would be a small ringer application that could alert me to the fact that somebody has come in and wishes my attention.  It is not quite as personal as a receptionist sitting at a desk, but a jog that tells me to switch from the site i am at to the office would be extremely functional.  I figured that while i am manifesting things, a person that can program an electronic doorbell could be a wonder-gift for my new interactive gaming school.

Cars already have an ap like this called Siri.  I don't need a sexy voice saying , you have a visitor doc, but y'know, that would be my dream.  I would like the attachment behind the voice, just as a snuggle-bunny - wait - thought police ... don't go there.  That's, that's sexual harassment and three strikes yer howdt.

I am already howdt, which is why the educational game idea is so exciting.  We play our games to win.  As i pointed out elsewhere, only we humans can form a team of old limp pricks (OLPs) to change the rules and disqualify mean Greek athletes prior to the Olympics.  Why can't we compete without the uber-structure? 

Roger and Barry both played the game well.  The top of the game by the rules they were taught - their physical abilities attuned to the rigors of a half year season.  Those OLPs jealous of outstanding talent, altered the rules and threw up masque of false bravado - steroid drug use.  Uh - pardon me, but aren't these the very same steroids that our body makes naturally?  Things like testosterone and endorphins?  I still think that Pete got Nixoned because he channeled the personality of Ty Cobb.

But the OLPs control all the games now.  And they hoard the money and the pieces.  And they obfuscate the eschalaton - making rules up as they go to protect themselves from the little circus dog who likes to pull away curtains.  The rules are to keep you in your place - the world, Gaia - wishes for you to find your place in the sun, not in a cubby hole existence created for a psychotic manager who can't even provide an electronic doorbell.

Three ringey dingeys ... four ringey dingeys .... sorry, we're busy ... we're the telephone company - we can do anything. Mr. Vee Dahl, you shouldn't say such things.    Mr. Vidal ... no ...

July 26, 2012

The Blame Game

   Interesting life, then it changes and stays much the same.  Yet the changes cause screaming frenzies amongst those prone to screaming frenzies and the rest of us just give in to shut those people up.  How about we just shut off their clocks?  Or stick a sock in their mouths?
   The archdruid report is rapidly becoming my favorite blog site - because JMG is not repeating the same old, same old from everybody else.  By publishing late Wednesday, the druid gets a jump in the reconstructed 'doc' world - which stands most of time up on the side of its head and blows a loogy thru a nostril.  Oops - needed that graphic to get you all grossed out.
   Today the druid speculates about the eventual default that will wipe out debt as we know it (along with the rest of the financial structure).  I'm game - let's do it today.  The real economy is 1% of the fiscal fiction - this isn't even enough to raise it out of the error bars.  Like Queen said at the end of the BoRhap - Nothing really matters, anyone can see -Nothing really matters to me (any way the wind blows free).  The next song on the album goes take good care of what you got my father said to me...
   So what is the take-home lesson, here, today?  Olympic Games - spent time and money cheering false idols that come bearing flags.  How did amateur sports come to be controlled by fearful, whiny old men?  How come the vendetta pages at Yahoo Sports get to rip JoePA and Penn State daily, when the other schools skate through their own scandal makings and breath a sign of 'Not Me' relief.  Every closet has it's skeletons. (Notice the rapid dogs attack only after JoePa dies - morbid)
   The costs of keeping up are not in line with the delivery of actual product.  Education has become indoctrination and if you don't wish to play, tough - they will find someone who is thankful for the opportunity.  The intellectual divide of public school is a grouping mechanism to keep people from talking to each other and finding out that it's the same old scam on a different level.  The only weigh through the game is to see it for what it is and stop playing by any rules.
   I need to breath, then express my compassion for everyone, then say this with all the love in my heart.  I am the problem.  I am the precipitate out of solution.  I can see through clairvoyance that we will get beyond apocalypse - everything on the way is doc's fault.  Blame me.  Now, there, do you feel better?
  lemme is staying out of time - he doesn't wish to shift from yesterday to today.  He really thought that Goundhog's Day was an entertaining movie and with enough tries, he could score the girl.  The way lemme works, i am not surprised by what he can do - the Sybil relationship has doc watching in awe to see if he can pull it off.  doc is rewriting modern history and has a just over broke sustenance; he is john galting it for a while while he treads water.  
   The goal of a game as a foundation has been cloned from an idea into a reality by another person - the timing is such where the roll howdt is cart before horse stuff.  I dunno - the weigh says to just keep doing what you are doing and measure twice to cut once.  If the old game ends, and there are new games to start, then today would be a good day to pull all bankster plugs.  But you are not quite ready yet, and it's all my fault.
   Namaste   ... doc

July 25, 2012

More Photos from Rafael Wolf

   These scenes of crystal landscapes and real estate each allow the observer to dive into the picture and explore the image first hand.  The reflection of trees on the lake reminds me of a puddle i once caught just right - Rafi may inspire me to bring back some photos for re-shaping and showing.  
   The monochrome Ganesh is a focus of meditation - i know this statue personally, so the portrayal on canvas screen hits my high notes.  Starting the day posting photos, then diving into this day out of time.  First, I'll stare at ganesh...then writing and a wander to the waterfall ... namaste' ... doc

July 24, 2012

My muse

   My friend, Peg, is a first class character, right from the pages of an psy-phi adventure novel.  Her blog, the Thalia Diaries, is a meta-physical adventure into the current consciousness - anyway the wind blows free.  It is linked in the cross-lynx - the places that i feel comfortable sending others to reinforce my belief system. 
   It's not like i try to think differently, it just happens that weigh.  The precepts that i understand are based on concepts developed during times when i had no ability to tether - i was looking for a needle in a haystack.  Instead, I found a pin with angels dancing upon it.  Lucky, me.
    So - dance with me - i want to be your partner can't you see, the music's calling and we are falling... so dance with me.   namaste'   doc

July 23, 2012

GFP love party rokkt

lemme howdt got to attend a love party this afternoon - hastened into being by the Galactic Free Press.  lemme contributed to the piece of art you see above - which was part of white board therapy.  I never quite grokked how to choose my art form, but we were all one part of one and the high count reached 64.

Let us explore love, in terms of depth and breadth and length.  Unconditional unrequited love is the love of fellow man and as we are all one, also love of self.  It is not eros.  This love allows criticism from compassion.  It is the one that helps others turn off their fear response - no matter how difficult that can be.

I , we, us, me
Shall we dance?
You, they, else
Dance with us
We are one

The key resides in the heart and in the mind, the integration of separate hemispheres to achieve unity - no-brain or all-brain - but never a fraction of brain function.

Namaste'   doc

July 22, 2012

The question : the new weigh answer : Songversation

   Douglas Adams always had a unique perspective that inspired my imagination.  The dilemma of the couch in the stairwell was a superb learning tool in physics, because the situation could be envisioned and described to the nth degree.  The answer to life, the universe and everything was 42, but the question never cam clear and alas, Father Thyme has taken said Mr. Adams.
   In dipping into the bulk consciousness while remaining aloof on a cosmic surfboard, i noticed that there was an incredible question that has the preponderance value to takes a mind and make it go boom - as Colorado demonstrated this weekend.
   The question to resolve is from Pink Floyd and the Wall - How can you have any pudding, if you don't eat your meat?  That says it all.  Or the next line of the song.  Let it all go, re-frame the symbols into a means of grokking and go for the om ... the zen of whatever you find interesting.  I believe that all things are facets of similar things, relative to the frame of the viewer.
   At all scales that differ by four orders of magnitude, the self consistency required is down to 8 - 12 percent.  since the fibonacci sequence has one following one, you have a case where Carole King's song Both Sides Now, as cut by Joni Mitchell comes into contention for the best Zen song of all-time.  Ice cream castles in the air, they rain and snow on everyone - think she saw chemtrails?  Propose your Zen song nominations - voting to take place in conjunction with Peace Village Festival.

On another note - my good friend and investigative reporter Michael Murphy had this to say:

   Thanks to many of you who supported the production of “Why in the World are They Spraying?”, we now have a locked version of the film.  Based on feedback from those who have seen the cut, we expect this film to have a far greater impact than What in the World are They Spraying?” which has been estimated to have been seen by over 10 million people. As a result of the film and many commited activists, movements are being formed around the world to get these damaging programs stopped.   
   Addressing the monetary and political agendas of these programs will help reach a far greater market and help many connect the dots which will in turn, revolutionize the movement and be a powerful step in getting these damaging programs stopped.  While the film is powerful on its own, an effective marketing and advertising campaign is essential in getting the word out.  We would like to advertise on Coast to Coast AM, Infowars, and many other sites that can help spread this important message.   
   Because of the high cost of advertising, more funding is necessary to complete this essential part of the awakening process.  Please visit www.whyangels.info and donate whatever amount you are able.  Also, any donation above $24.00 will include a dvd which will be shipped on our release and premier date on 8-17-12.

 Thanks again for all of your support and please, keep looking up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Michael J. Murphy

namaste'   doc

Space: Hubble View

July 21, 2012

Art of Rafael Wolf, Poetry by lemme

Two Forms of Nature
Intersect Today
Leaving Us Between
A Crystal Rock &
A Soft Place - Bee We
Are in Love with Both
Resonating Symmetry
Different Latti of Time
(c) 2012  lemme howdt

Meet the dwarf

  Somehow, it seems backwards.  Nobody really knows what is going to happen, but everyone seems to think they know what cannot happen.  Is everything that constitutes change really off the table impossible?  I can't do that - You can't do that - ping - another bubble popped.  Why?  Misery loves company.

  Steps are easy, but social stigmatism is difficult.  The difficult part of turning off the TV in 1993 was being lost for the morning conversation around the water cooler/coffee pot.  I had a new 5-acre farm and a good job - i had invented a new process that worked and was all set to play the game and get howdt from debt.  I took a second job in the evenings to make ends meet and to meet new people.  

  I was taught that you did service in return for your good life.  I had interest in developing community and a brand new 2nd child - somehow, i had already made the choices that were destined to frustrate me.  I had to move from type A personality to type B and slow my pace by about an order of magnitude.  I moved from embedded nurture to direct nature without any gap - returning to the imaginary shangri-la where i spent my latter learning days.

  Who was it who said that you can't go home again?  I never looked back - the mental images always brought the wrong pictures - memories that weren't mine, that i shouldn't have ruined what was an otherwise reasonable experience.  Who to blame - anyone, everyone, just not me.  I am the source.

  I am the source, the point of light that creates the vibration that resonates as doc.  lemme howdt resonates at a different frequency, - a wise man once suggested lemme b. hin - it wasn't where my timespace was at.  Now, i can see how Sybil must have felt - the chance to remove view has taken on a completely different aspect in the new realm of time.  I wonder if the Salvia d. had something to do with it.  Or the Ormus.  Or the general hive brain, taking a leap through the gestation period of the chrysalis.

  Love helps.  Love one and then love one.  When you can love the yin and yang of one, then somebody will join you to make two.  When young, two make three - my parents somehow knew to go to five, but my wife never grokked the concept.  The spiral broke, four was an off number, so we reversed direction and went 'off the deep end' with howdt tether.  lemme was my rope - a horrified person who didn't like the mirror he saw - a frayed knot.  doc is a new string in my theory, a happy go lucky Hi ho, hi ho dwarf - stout and resolute.  And kinda tired of Dopey, if ya know what i mean.

Namaste'     doc

July 20, 2012

Deep All-Brain

  Animal images resonate - wolf and owl transform with deer and mole.  It is part of a circular resonance of constructive interference - we vibrate at a higher frequency when we have our familiar present.  With the day out of time coming up next week (July 25th), i plan to test a theory that could have significant ramifications on our ability to handle change.  There is a critical mass that changes things in relation to a 'strange attractor' in chaos theory. 
  I learned a technique that should allow me to slip into 'no-brain' during my meditation periods.  I think that i can slip into an all-brain function simultaneously, as long as i can be at two places at once.  I have been remote viewing - so i know i can be here and there at the same time.  If it works, i buy time as though i were in a window where i can work with the clock stopped.  Of course, it may mean isolation for a year - 56,000 years in current time terms.
  Big numbers work very differently from little numbers.  If you grok the Libor rate scandal - the fraud is so big that it has to implode into an infinity.  Within spacetime - we are talking 9 order of magnitude of space in a second.  How many orders of magnitude of seconds is in a year?  60 seconds times 60 minutes is 3600 times 24 hours 90,000 times 365 days 34, 000 000 or 7 orders - sixteen total in a world where i have assigned 64 based on custom and I-Ching and Chess.  We could pay everybody in the world a thousand dollars a month and save money from the bail-outs and the frauds. 7 billion with three more zeroes is 7 trillion, which is on the same order of magnitude as the bankster option.
  So - it comes to the question that i posted at the Jefferson Agronomic Guild site the other day - Why should any individual be governed by a "contract" that he never signed, and that the other party can unilaterally revise at its pleasure? 

   i have chosen to stop playing - i have my own whirled to deal with here.  Ratios of small whole numbers and big picture quantum reality.  Shh, quiet - just collect yourself and watch without getting in the way - instead get in the weigh and measure twice to cut once.  Free-fall in zero gravity means we keep the moment that we carried in.  Symmetry allows us to reflect in many facets without the need to occupy! more than one of them.  But we can if we try.  Just may not come back.  Ciao    doc

PS  time is a construct - but we get to choose how many variable to allow and stay within that M-field.  I'm working with 256 - that is 64 with four fold symmetry - just like DNA codons folded with epi-genetics.  The grok is in the model chosen for presentation, not in the concept itself.  
   64 is 16 with four fold symmetry and we can handle that.  16 is four with four fold symmetry; eight is four doubled and eight is a Fibonacci number.  There are two timelines that have merged into the present reality (minimum) - but i expect that there will be only one emanating forth - like the sands through an hourglass - at either the beginning or the end, depending on our perspective.

Kitties are good People

  The indoor cat and the outdoor cat are working on their relationship this morning and i get to play human in the middle.  Ownership is not a concept in kitty world, but jealousy apparently is, as the guard is in the window frame.  Let me take a moment to suggest that i am not all here - and to explain the Black Kat Network.
  Cats have different audible purrs that tell their vibration state.  This appears to be at a way higher frequency on the Zen scale - the rhythm of feline movement is art in motion.  The chuff seems to be a super-high that only comes after they let down their guard - when your cat chuffs you, it trusts you entirely, as a human.  Not as a cat though.  Notice that in a group setting, the cat will attempt to perch at eye level - to be in the circle with us.
  The BKN is a channel of the new media - black kat network.  The network works through black cats and common connection to the non-random thought of all black cats.  Thus if i wish to ping another black cat owner, i just talk to my cat.  Cats grok human language - don't let them fool you.  Watch a cat with a baby sometime.  I can also 'phone' home when i am away.
  Cats seem to have Zen brain, which is no brain on steroids.  Once in a task, the neurons close and the cat automates - concentrated focus.  Cat claws are very sharp and cats do not like to be jostled out of zen.  Cats respond to love frequencies and get very animated when they think we speak cat.  
  Thus having two cats in my first person life - who are fairly new to each other - brings for some high psychological theatre as a sidelight to my day.  Each one has spent lap time and it is barely past eight.  By the end of the game - i think they will be inseparable buddies - but not quite yet.  
  It is a ranking game and that type of game is low on my priority list.  Cats know all the cat rules and those are the only instincts that they listen to.  I learned to speak cat with Vester, then had London to guide me at the farm.  Never could get a second farm cat - natural selection on a grand scale - London was 14 - 1993 thru 2007 - a grey ball of fir, but not a very large cat; i'll find a photo.  Animal familiars are good conscience keepers.

  Well, life goes on.  Enjoy the weekend.  Namaste'  doc

July 19, 2012

Thyme after time (image by Cyndi L)

   i have been struggling with the concept of time (real link) and have a new theory on how to measure.  This Zone website covers a lot of ground, but it is dispersed into many places. Matter and energy have a third orthogonal axis, at right angles, which i call spirit : as McLean suggests in American Pie - so the bible tells us so.  Current science sets that level at zero.  Rock and Roll serves as the basis of new theology and pop culture is, well, it's our set of trivia expressed as a common language.
   The level of information has suddenly risen in cognitive dissonance: i went into a meditation that found a new skew, which i have to tease out from the spaghetti that i call the muddle in the middle.  Sometimes it leads me to very odd places - like this morning.  Please read this article (real link). 

   Somewhere - over the rainbow, way up high : there's a land that i heard of once, in a lullaby.  Our universe offers us opportunities to explore - 60 billion has now morphed into 22 trillion : big numbers run into each other and become bigger numbers at a different harmonic than little numbers.  My field, chemistry, concerns single atoms in small whole number ratios.  A quantum is one.  Another quantum is still one.  A quantum is the smallest unit.  We cannot break one down and still be in quantum land.
   When i was a real little kid, i loved the high dive - it was my way of going off the deep end.  At two and three i had no fear - i just launched myself in such a way that i could loop and twist and i would always hit the water smooth.  Later on as a bigger little kid, somebody created a fear in my mind that paralyzed my ability to grok heights.  Some introduced trauma and i wasn't going to get near that board again.  My mind-set of can do anything was limited to think i can and we all realize that thinking is what gets us into trouble.
   So that article has me thinking about how we receive our information - the order of information is as significant as what is told.  If parts are left out or hidden, such that the whole in incongruent and doesn't make sense, we accept what we have and fill in the space with pablum - or leave it blank.  Sometimes, it is better to hold two distant thoughts rather than reconcile down to a single reality.  What we think is, is not all together there anyway, but we seem to be getting closer to truth.  Relative or absolute?
   Nancy, bless you again for sending me the keys before i had the vehicle.  Your subtle reminder - THYME in CAPS - is the jolt of who we are - we live simultaneously on many planes of existence.  We no longer speak common language - English is a melting pot.  Words have many meanings, each of which requires context.  The words we use when taken from that context mean different things - to tease is often thought of as being nasty - but it is normal childsplay for almost every kid.
   Eldest children in Merika (and likely elsewhere too) have a different learning experience that drafts childhood as an interface rather than a separate place.  Kids learn from kids - and if we take our cues from imagination, we can pretend that real is unreal and work within those constraints.  But an oldest child constantly takes the cues from the parents, the only humans it knows and the pets - who can speak baby language intuitively.  Domestication takes this sense away and the force sets a trauma than an eldest carries as morality - they take on a shadow of yagottadothis - partly a derivative of yeahknow.
   YeahKnow is not my idea, but i really like the concept.  Noah related the conflict of yeahknow to me to point out how sometimes it is not worth attempting to logically resolve an issue, because both sides have irrefutable arguments that require merging incompatible facts.  I happen to have more training and can see parallels in fractals - Syndex symmetry is different from Group Theory symmetry - they map to each other.  As the music says - I can see clearly now, the rain is gone ...
   Pop trivia based on games - each game has it's rules, different from the next.  Imagine a counting system that goes love, fifteen, thirty, forty, maybe deuce, advantage, game, set, match.  Oh - you know that one.  How in the world did they come up with that?  Venus.  The symbolism is all over the place for an intelligent universe - so fractals are really embedded and one covers the ground of 1.61 as a quantum jump.  Since quantum is one, then we start with a whole lot of wiggle room and get narrowed down to fit the current model.  My favorite current model is the material girl Madonna - a case in point.  Cherish it, it can change tomorrow.

Namaste'    doc

July 18, 2012

Being Green

   With all due respect to Kermit the frog - today one finds that it is dangerous being green.  The Eco-movement has moved from protection of Gaia and prevention of damage, to cheer-leading for industry pretense.  The big greens lost my interest a decade ago - the little greens now toe the line in hopes of treading stormy financial waters.
   I had a good conversation with Buzz last week, who serves as a volunteer for a small green NGO.  The NGO part - non-governmental organization - is an elite designation that screams privileged busybody, by being a not-for-profit an NGO can turn donations into items without tax, as long as they 'further their mission'.  So each December, before the tax year closes, i get a call from Buzz or one of his buddies.
    As readers here know, this year (since September), doc has been minimizing the use of money in currency form and has been allowing the flow to run.  Without cash, there is also an escape of time - people are not constrained by the clock, if time is not accepted in monetary terms.  Magic happens when you believe in it - it never happens for non-magic believers.
   So tiny green org calls for an annual donation on top of dues and i don't just say no, i start discussing mission creep on the phone.  Mission creep occurs when the goals of the organization and the goals of the leaders of the organization do not coincide.  Sound familiar?  It is one thing that leaders avoid when they are show leaders and not motivators of people - the focus on accomplishing the mission.  You see - if the mission ends, the reason for mini-green dot org ends too.
   In the past couple years of this new decade, we have seen corporations designated as people.  Mega-corp never dies because it chews up executives and spits out carcasses.  Ike warned of the military-industrial complex absorbing government and education - 50 to 60 years ago.  Blink ... blink.  Back to green.
   People are highly adaptable and can do just about anything we put our minds to.  Nature, Gaia, the reason to be green, is having a really rough time.   As doc, i feel i can be a speaker for Gaia because of the dues spent climbing the ladder of the old game - corpo-kleptocracy.  I social climbed through service and got to play committee member in the hack and cobble game several times.  I have collected bugs from streams with kids and walked through fires swept wilderness with county commissioners.  I even bent the ear of a congress critter - Peter D.
    This is about me - green and you maybe green, maybe red, maybe blue.  We use colors to define ourselves.  We use images and pixels to define ourselves.  We use our jobs and our worth, our cosmetics and our screens to define ourselves in economic terms.  Not green terms.  Last i checked, i was still part of nature.
   We are stardust.  We are golden.  And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden.  Which is green.  Thyme is a re-definition of me to take a spun out escapee from CK land and reinvent him in terms of the green image - meta-physical style.  And the point of light at the end of the tunnel was the same soul standing there looking at the very same picture.  There are many paths to the same place.
   I will always be green, the Gaia green of Lovelock, in the fields of Sheldrake and McTaggard, singing with Joni and Carole and loving every person that catches my interest - whether human, feline, canine, arboreal or just rock.  My game is a fractal game within a game within a shell, an egg, an image.  
   I, who visualize in mathematics, will no longer define in mathematical terms.  Just like the way i finally defined time in terms that include no time component, i will accept natural math as real and keep to the sacred geometry of the 6th dimensional order (Clow, 2011, Alchemy). 
   I will take statistics with me as a tool of measure belonging to numbers, not math and i will keep the process of count, which is universal and not in the math domain.  Likewise, ratio is also a held concept; so for this exercise, plus, minus, times and ratio are allowed - with small numbers only.  I will use the tools of Syndex as the base operating system and the rules of games - game theory, group theory and quantum theory are all accepted constructs.  
   Physics by Haramein, with doc's tweaks - the PhD in inorganic chemistry demonstrates the ability to grok the rules to modify law, which requires statistical significance.  My doc is my arbiter - you can reach his website in the cross-lynx.  He is not consumed in the game - in fact, i plan to not mention it at all.  I don't believe he reads this site and my apprenticeship can serve as the model that gets reflected through all 256 facets of the crystal lattice.
   As above, so below and witching hour is currently designated as 8 am.  This will define the window of non-disturbance and the latter day is Galt time.  Start is at zero experience and level one for everybody and the board will always change.  The rules of the game are the rules of the game and doc is the immediate arbiter, until the player level excedes doc's NPC level on that world view.  
   There will be 255 world views and doc claims Speaker of Gaia green as his color group.  He is of the mole clan.  If you write your story, your personal history in five pages or less, we will have a process that interviews you and creates your avatar, based on your specification.  You will need this for the game that officially starts on Gaia's birthing day +1 - the 22nd of December.
    more to come ...

Namaste'   doc

July 17, 2012

Cats and Ice Plant

Game Theory II - 3 depth

Life deals the cards and we play the hand.  I was at the Shift Movement and i responded to a post with the poem that lemme just posted below.  I also had a paragraph of saying some nice things, because the shift is to a higher frequency and peace is one aspect.  Love is another - the Merkaba that guides me speaks very clearly on such topics.  The post went off into nether space, but never made it to the website.

This kind soul would always get upset at having to repeat a bit of work.  I spent the effort and received the skill involved, but lost the entire Syndex (universal symmetry) by not having the gratitude flow at the end of a complete job.  The ego has been retired and the non-post rolls off like a whale swimming through the ocean.  I love everybody, just the sense of wonder that i get restores the smiles.

Peace Village is coming and i have the smile booth.  Every smile will have a price, but most smiles will cost a nickel.  Then after the smile is received, we all get a bonus smile, because i am going to rebate the nickel.  Two smiles for the price of one and you even get your nickle back.

Some of us however, think we need a quarterback.  The sports that we watch are like gladiators for the empire.  I find the value in looking at sports and seeing measurement numbers.  The best players tend to have the best stats - but that does not always correlate.  After all, my team has now been Tebowed.  I say that with love and not derogatorily - the Jets are charmed and strange - just like the quarks that make up the now boson.

They had to find the boson to justify the cost of the accelerator.  We can achieve these speeds in our mind every day - we often do.  Boys will be boys and the wiring in the brain is not the same as girls - the overlay potential is not the linear sum of the two parts.  So - we can do more with the cards than just use the numbers on the face.  If we take out the queen of hearts from the deck, the pleigh falls fallow.  Unless we are building a house of cards.

That was what i did with my baseball cards in the 60's - i played with them. i colored on them - drew mustaches and beards and stacked them in all sorts of ways.  I flipped them down flights of stairs and matched them with others where the topic might be positions or colors or just teams.  Winner take all, but when the game was done, we halved the deck and played again.  I sold them to pay for a house, that was eventually foreclosed.

Smile!  New game thyme.  I plan to release a game a month for 64 months.  This months game is a personal quest.  I call my game doc's quest and the goal of the game is to launch quests for other people.  Ben's quest is to be the best baker in town - mmm i have interest because i like to eat baked goods.  Ben is 17 and will sub in for my son, who has his quest.  The notebooks hold the ideas, we generate the pictures and we share the adventure.  

If we don't want page four after page three, there is always an option - go to page 42.  The Occupy! movement is working on Occupy! 2.0 - i told Ben and Jttendra that i was working on Occupy! 8.0 .  I am now on Occupy! 34.0 and there are only 40 levels in the game.  Everybody begins at level 1 with no experience.  The game requires you to have a personal history.  I think we can all manage that - but can we write it down without lying to ourselves or embellishing (or understating) our roles?

Role Playing games are all consuming and we are told game playing is for fun and enjoyment.  Not for WORK.  A four letter word have come into my space - i will morph it to LOVE.  I love my work, I design games.  Come play with me.  The main game will be ready to roll on December 22, 2012 to celebrate the birthdays of 1) Gaia  2) Barbara Marx Hubbard  3) my best friend n. and 4) every person who is part of the Birth 2012 Celebration.  Mark your shift date - that is your new birthday.

There will be three pre-game interviews, one with doc - that will take place on-line.  The game is a game of games and the rules may vary from monopoly to candyland - from settlers of Catan to car wars.  My interview is know, the rev gets heart rather than mind and Rafi will picture your personal avatar - bring a good digital photo, if you wish.  He's real good and i like his pix.  doc's avatar is thanks to disney and is beyond an expired copyright - be careful because penalties occur for loose strings that tether back in time.  Lemme's avatar is the chrysalis crop circle - it will always be the spirit of me.

Ah, the eight is a witching area (an hour outside of time is area) - i took up editing to pay to pleigh.  Hi Ho - time to read and write:  work on level one while seeking level 40 - the fractal of games within games within games.  Tell your story, first to yourself.  Get it down - it is the initial cost of entry.  The model is fully developed and the universe knows what i need to get to the point of convergence.  Happy quantum jumping.

Namaste'   doc

We are:

we are everything and nothing –
we are stardust and all the space between –
we are greater than the sum of our parts –
and we are less than our egos imagine –
we are here for each other –
we are all here to hear ourselves out –
and when we look in the mirror of life -
we leave in one common state: smiling.

lemme howdt  2012  

July 16, 2012

Game Theory II - 2 ( BEEP BEEP)

We as Mericans know how to count.  We like to be first because we can count to one without being wrong.  Have nothing, start at one.  Zero ... one.  Here is where the commonality stops - most people say two - the next number is one.  The whirled is a spiral without a beginning after you start, because it passes through Kurzwell's singularity and comes out the other side. Once you have found the needle in the haystack and slipped through the eye; Horus is your fraction keeper - base eight.

Happy 100th post to Leibowitz - lemme howdt made the first comment there this morning and explained a theme from imagination theater - doc is now from Hi-Ho, O-Hi-o and Snow W. may or may not be his mistress - nothing is as it seems, but the mining theme is what we know.  The image and the practice are so far away from each other, that i have my polar opposites for the Quantum Freefall -a fall that each player will achieve, when you grok the game.  Til then - we are collecting 100 monkeys, which is the equivalent of 144,000 people.  I am not going to define person, but let's just say that you are not one yet.  My chances of being correct are great, and a few real persons will read this and chortle.

Ask - what is Higgs Boson and why is the media so fascinated with the concept? It is the same level of excitement as when Monet approached a lump of clay, or Bucky visioning a new platonic solid.  Blank Slate. New Game.  Shuffle up and Deal.  (games never have to be fair, the rules just apply the same indiscriminately ... that's why its chutes and ladders and not just ladders.  Apples?)

Counting is progressing from one level to the next.  Games provide models where percentages can be determined in a statistically significant manner, because what to do can be done quickly and if the game ends, you shuffle and deal the cards again.  There will be 16 nodes and 255 areas (limited by byte size).  I require an IT dude that can assemble programs in different languages into a consistent whole - my programming skill is C and Fortran and while i grok the concept, i cannot do the work.  If you can and want to - this is an equity position and part of real world rather than game whirled.

To apply - write your story and post a comment response with a contact point.  The foundation will start distributing support when the benefactor arrives - til then it's just Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, off to work we go.  Fractal mining in every sense of the word and editing is just a sorting process.  So, to learn, one finds a master and sits at his feet as he expands and expounds.  Ramming speed.

Have you ever noticed that the same names keep popping up - especially once you notice.  I suddenly know a lot of Clif's - in many spelled variants.  Each one is not to be run over.  If you think in analogies, i have a good one.  Life is a cartoon and you are either Wile E. or the Roadrunner.  The cliff edge is four steps back and Beep Beep is milliseconds away.  Now, are you falling down or holding up?

Namaste'   doc

July 15, 2012

Hello, it's me

Home.  All I Want is the tune that Pandora gave me.  I have been to the ends of the universe and have determined the resonance of my ground state.  It includes using the technology and the system as a passive means to furthering the ends that meet the desires. Joni and music live for at least this bubble of thyme.

The disconnect is a reconnect and i now have the look from every perspective.  My time has been exchanged for an apprenticeship with the master wizard, a fool i'd be if i didn't take advantage of the opportunity.  The concept of Falling Up is firmly established in my personal reality.  I set the stage for the performance of a lifetime, and now i'd like to see the show.  It's Too Late Carole, the conception is over fur months spent and life is on its own schedule.

I appreciate that being love is different than being in love. The Landslide has been survived, Stevie, and the pages of creative flow are accessible by connection through the truth of unity.  I now grok harmonics in several senses and will look for parallels in the pop culture that we all grok, to tell parables to each age group.

If you could read my mind love, during my second vision quest i was hooked to the internet and having discussions with Stewie from Family Guy.  Thing is, i didn't watch TV at that time, and i had no idea that this one year old was an actual character - an Aspie-fizzle.  I can direct my attention along with my intention - and i now have needs to catch a time frame sequence.  Thing is, there is as much or as little time as we need, but the resources are to be co-mingled, such that you have something somebody needs, but what and how and why...

Time is not what we think it is, time is eternal and it is always now.  The blue motel room is one of my favs - not quite Twisted, but Joni is joni, my love idol.  I'll always love you - the universe will allow us to meet and greet.  My vision has been transformed to the point where love is the answer and i found that we have one word to describe forty-five sensations.

More life to live before i melt.  Voices Carry  Til tuesday   Namaste'   doc

July 12, 2012

We pause ...

... the trip to blog because I have computer access.  I attended a Birth 2012 event in Roseburg, OR at Mystic Earth last night.  The group started with 13 people and grew slowly, like a pregnancy to a size of 21 people over the next 45 minutes.  The group interaction was high frequency and light spirited and i now have several new colleagues.
   I intend to write this event up as a news article - the media is whatever we make it and news is just things that you haven't heard before, different from the same old.  I no longer watch network television and i will be abandoning all old system information collection.  Connecting to the Shift network thru the shift movement means changing the way we respond to stimuli.  
   Success - No blame - Perseverance furthers. It furthers one to have somewhere to go.  Thus the superior man stands firm and does not change his direction.  The game is on - the boy will put it together too quickly, but that's okay as the intention has been set and the universe comes through, although the form is not quite what was envisioned when the set-up was started.  Morph is more than just a cat.
   On borrowed thyme here - the computer is required for a work day that starts in 20 minutes.  I expect the blog will be resonating at full fury again by the end of the weekend.

Namaste'   doc

July 10, 2012

The Ultimate Metaphysical Haiku

It is what it is,
It's what it has always been,
Never what it's not.

July 08, 2012

Free Fall

Vibration equivalence is thought
Trip back to the recent past future
Tie up loose ends, open new doors
Howdt of the system is done …
Notwithstanding, to keep a few friends
Envision rekindling old acquaintance
Suspicion that NDE / vision quest
Is a converse experience …
We really lose the people
As we no longer operate
In that frequency,
On that wavelength,
In that time,
Near that space…
Our here is here
Not in their there
Simulcast in stereo
As media propaganda…
(c) 2012  lemme howdt