July 01, 2012

Game Theory II - 1

   New Quarter : thyme 2 evaluate and move into the next phase.  Phase change is one of those awesome concepts of chemistry - the idea that the same matter substance can have multiple forms.  Most people don't get it, but just look at the properties of water as ice or stream and be enlightened.  What is the goal? (Note:  i said stream, not steam - bee aware when you read).

   There is much to learn, not very many qualified teachers.  The education system is more interested in cash and credit than actual experience - the pyramid will invert and the energy of the sky will shine on the base.  What you do with the light that shines on you is your own personal theology and none of my business.  My light is illuminating : it has been a long time since i thought about that game of power and influence.

   I wasn't good enough at getting around the logistics of the rules - but the game Illuminati has 24 players and 255 groups - some secret and all with an effect. Goal was to be the last group standing, in control of all the other groups.  Flying Buffalo, Inc - ask for Rick ...  I like other games better - Starweb is fantabulous.  I am designing the Weigh - a game of evaluating process.  Set the goal as 'peace' and penalize the aggregation of power and influence - but look at the resource that each player brings to the table.
  I do not negotiate well - never was my role.  I prefer to consult about what can be done in a perfect world - but the consulting business has evaporated for anyone who does not turn an immediate profit.  If the weigh is set upon balance and attempting to attain peak performance by using the optimum amount of resource, rather than the most amount, then perhaps we can restore a sense of sensibility to life.
  So ask yourself - if i have one skill that i could contribute to the group as my service to handle a key issue or challenge - where would i like my energy focused?  Do not tell me your answer.  Do not tell your wife, or your boyfriend, or your teacher or your shrink.  Only tell you.  Take your time and look at your personal history - you never have had a chance to choose your role, to streamline the place where your interest and creativity can be balanced.

   A while back, i created a group called simultaneous civilization.  The era of dormancy on that group has been such that it slipped off my picture frame for a bit and wandered off on its own.  When i came back this morning, i noticed that the group was thirteen, a Fibonacci number.  Since i know when temporally i started the group, i can tease information from the period dynamics of getting to the eighth level.  I have been looking at only the very small scales, because it takes time to create a morphogenic field;
   I now have to tease the information back out of the data base, in a number of significant areas.  The idea of stepping out and closing the experiments such that they have an end is something my earlier me had not considered and i ended up collecting information long past the decision point based on the information being collected.
  So, as a scientist, i am learning to count, on a different scale, in a different number sense.  I have a lot of morale support and very little physical support - this is a discontinuity caused by continuing the existing system.  
   I am wealthy beyond my dreams.  The reality of my here and now is a bubble to be burst, just like the housing bubble or the student loan bubble or the soap bubble from your child's wand.  Change is something that happens and we have few tools to measure how that change happens.
   We have many tools to measure how that change happens - it becomes a matter of perspective - how you make your way depends on how you make your weigh.  All measurement depends on phase and phase change.

Namaste'   doc

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