February 28, 2010

How to Drown

everybody drowns
but you must drown
their way alone
only by system rules
cannot drown any another way
must drown one way only
just drown like everybody else
on schedule, the right way

2010 lemme howdt

February 26, 2010

Don't call us

Just spent five minutes trying to find the phone number for AT&T . One would think that the phone company might want you to use their product, but it seems like they don't want to be troubled by service calls - their website has no apparent phone number until you plug in all sorts of personal info. No wonder collapse in immanent.

Time Howdt

Let me take you down cause i'm going to - strawberry fields - nothing is real.... So where do we get off thinking that things we deal with have some importance. My mornings are usually spaced howdt - here today this one is timed howdt. Withhowdtta doubt, this article on time has some very interesting aspects - enjoy the read.

February 22, 2010

Dealing with Rules

There is a definite lack of grasp within the concepts of coarse and fine. The bulk approach requires a one-size-fits-all mentality that refuses to recognize individual talents or liabilities. A coarse approach allows for no anomaly and basically dictates how things are done - solely for the benefit of the powers that be that set the rule.

The fine approach allows for people quirks, but does not give the latitude of knowing the protocol, because everybody becomes the self-exception to the rules - which we enforce upon others. Rules are made to be broken with justification arising in selfishness. Ayn Rand not withstanding, there need to be a balance that allows coarse filtering and fine exceptions.

February 20, 2010

Concurrent Worlds

concurrent worlds
different playing fields
march to drummers
with offbeat pitch

February 18, 2010

Magic is Here

We do not believe in serendipity, so when coincidence happens, we start to look for other explanations. Life is dis-symmetric and happens when you are not paying attention to the detail. The two unplanned meetings on Tuesday's travel were way more beneficial than the three planned ones. The best way to deal with life is to do what you do and not worry about the non-relevant details. Just remember, it's all good.

February 13, 2010

Educated Blowback

The shooting down in huntsville demonstrates the pressure cooker that modern education has become. It is no longer about learning and all about the tenure track - application of ideas to make the university money. The edge of knowledge is perilously unstable. Especially when the facts that the knowledge is based upon get fuzzy.

Tenure is a pathetic concept. The publish or perish mentality is a jump through the hoops process that punishes free thinkers. The gatekeepers on the university side require that you fit square pegs into round holes - conform the thought into agreement with your colleagues. Peer review is the ultimate confirmation that you think properly enough - your ideas are acceptable to the established class.

Then, they change the rules on you and you don't get tenure, because they think you think weird. They lead you on to own your work and then they back out on the deal. Of course, it goes both ways - often individuals get tenure and immediately abandon their research altogether. Tenure is the carrot that protects you in their game - but you never are there when you are playing their game.

Not that there are any formal ethics involved. I watched a person get a $2M NSF grant and not get tenure in the same week. The fact that somebody snapped is not surprising - the pseudo-elite class has just realized that the game is turned. Duh. This is the university system that we trust will teach our children something. The body of knowledge is not what they say - it is what it is. To learn is to teach and to teach well is to learn. Profit has nothing to do with the process.

No complaining with-howdt providing a solution. This ONRRI scientist is working on a multiversity of tasks through NWETI. I like to play with the water.

February 11, 2010

space thyme continuum

what i do is what needs to be done, as far as i can see. sometimes, it becomes unpopular to point howdt the obvious, but sometimes, that is exactly what escapes our view. the dance is happening and people are starting to realize that the old music does not carry the new beat. one of my old favorite albums ' Joe Jackson's Beat Crazy ' comes to mind as being especially relevant.

the time has come to be doing - but the space has not arrived to allow us to do. so we sit stalled, waiting and watching, watching and waiting, for a chance to alter the stream of flow. consciousness is increasing and things are happening that are not in the picture for people who have the blinders on. yet it only takes a few minutes to transform an opinion based on new information.

time to plot the garden plot - to space howdt on paper the location of where which plants are to be (or not to be). the root crops like radishes, carrots and rutabaga should go in the ground shortly - the efforts need to be cataloged and documented. if you wish to become a scribe, i have a training program envisioned. the grand illusion is a great experiment that is now over - time has come to evaluate the results rather than continuing the test (we have become very testy).

so how do we know what to believe? it has to have context in what we already know. but how do we know if we know, or if we made it up? that is the question that we have to answer. slowly reconnoiter as to what happened and tease the information howdt from all the fluff that was going on at the time. the mission goes forward and backward in time at the same time - it also goes tangent to the plane. plus three coordinates of cartesian space and mebbe we can rationalize six dimensions (dementia).

the form of the water is of great importance. i need help to be able to trace the context of the water through larger spheres of magnitude - the ocean is a desert with it's life underground - i been through the desert on a horse with no name - (oops, pardon my diversion). now i must think about how this works on a grand scale, and on a personal scale, within my school of thought. bon voyage

February 10, 2010

paradigm change

train leaves the station
all aboard travel radiantly
one-way path to new reality
nothing like the past
something like the future
all bets off on causality
promised us the jetsons
instead deliver flintstones
awkward growing pains
an end to war games
collective cooperativeness
net conspicuous social gains

2010 lemme howdt

February 09, 2010

Seeding the Seed Program

Deep thought - the health of the community is dependent upon the health of the individuals within the community. The object of life is to breed further life. An hour from now, i will be at the grange with a wheat grass juicer providing sample of the future - green shots. Our wheat grass has a spicy flavor and we will have enough to produce our own regular amount.

If we start to grow grains, like quinoa, spelt and millet then maybe we can have our own green brews.
I stepped up to the plate last night and agreed to be the seed keeper for our grange. The check in system will be the key, we have to keep good viral seeds rotated through and cataloged. The seed exchange will ensure that our breeds are hearty - we will protect from heat and humidity. I expect that a nitrogen blanket will keep the facility inert.

If you wish to play with seeds this spring - let me know. I can provide sunflowers, pumpkin and squash - plus some grinding corn. I would like to know who is growing what - which will come through the grange. We are looking for members that wish to be part of the grow, can and store operations that will support our entire growing community.

February 08, 2010

CSNY solution

Monday morning net surfing has led me through the usual suspects. Now that the game is past - we lurch for something new to occupy our attention span as the empire disintegrates. In a series of charts that Jomama should love, we can see the exodus of good jobs - they evaporated and really don't exist. What is a job, anyway. A long chain torture.

The object is to do what you enjoy doing and just be who you are. There are some worthwhile spin doctors, but for the most part - we get to invent it for ourselves. How do we occupy our time, such that we get to enjoying our time and being with people that we know and like? Just by doing it. Starting the community one person at a time and reaching out to each other. One person at a time, doing what we persons do. Let the rest go. Breathe deep, cleanse your water, cleanse your soul. Love the one your with!

February 06, 2010

Thinking Beyond

Thinking again - there are so many signs of immanent change - but the time frame is such that change must evolve as a sequence of events. When i look at the events of this past week - i see the change as a physical tangible substance - my surroundings are different than they were at this moment of time, one week ago. The time has swept past us at a blur rate, yet it really hasn't moved tangibly at all.

Our size dictates the rate of time - but average humans now live into their seventies - two centuries ago, very few made it that far. But has the life extension worked for the benefit of the people? Deep question. Perhaps the basis for questioning assumptions.

What are we doing? Who is the we? I can work on two scales at a time. The first is the personal scale. I can sit in my new box and decide how the books need to rest on the shelf, such that i can find what i need as the information is required. The support structure will house and feed me, as long as i make reciprocal effort to advance the welfare of the common good. It is a low rent-service exchange that works for now, while the plan develops.

Plan your work, work your plan. I have a mission, cleansing the water - and i have the ability to discern - to make rational judgment based on the input of scientific data. I work on the global scale - with everything as my domain. The accordion reaches all scales, from a single molecule of H2O, to an ocean or a saturated atmosphere. Water is the rubrix of life - we shall create a means of honoring the relationship that brings us our lifeblood. Water is the seat of our sentience.

I conduct the orchestra of my own world, yet i also play an instrument. Each player is of utmost importance - we need to rely on our own abilities and the abilities of those we love and trust. Consciousness arises that denotes a different connectivity amongst people. We all have our own individual roles - we need to position ourselves so that we can play them out. I can wear whatever hat is required - but i have to train a replacement to wear that hat so that i can continue on my personal mission, to cleanse the water.

If you are interested in being on my team - come play one of my games. Existence is in raw form - something that will evolve as i have the time to collaborate. It is a simulation of a potential reality that can be used to work through ideas and validate assumptions. Project Restoration is much better developed and is currently drawing pools of agents to set up a structure - yet still, the target has yet to clarify. Peace Portal is a behind the scenes social network with a scoring system - the metrix of scoring allow you to act in a responsible fashion. These are just a few of the myriad of attempts to learn - the schools indoctrinate.

We (there is that nebulous we again) have some time to position ourselves where we need to be, doing what we want to do, guiding ourselves into productive use of our individual abilities. If you wish to learn a skill, now is the time to start putting in the hours refining that skill and practicing to get good, so the instant that change happens, you are on the board, enjoying what you do with your life. I enjoy what i do very much - and look forward to building first virtual community, then global community and also a real home community.

February 05, 2010

The Pyramid Inverts

The scribe has departed, yet the symbols still require transfer to paper - which is our temporary storage facility for information. The water work is now mission one and the logistics need to be worked howdt on a personal basis. Right now, i am in the corridor with all sorts of emergent futures - the doors that open will be the ones for the paths chosen. It is imperative for each of us to choose our own paths - that place us where we want to be with people we want to share our life.
The next path for me is stewardship - i have the entire whirled as the oyster and will create the pearls - bio-mimetic paths to natural cleansing. Join me by playing the virtual games that can lead to reality based solutions. The pyramid inverts.

February 04, 2010

The coming agenda

The world's a sim and we are all but avatars, Citizen.

The powers that be have cooked up a new plan, that we can disavow right now. (this page changes - may have to scroll down to find the words after today)

February 02, 2010


The whirled turned and the rotational spin has landed me in the limbo between the vertical axes of the hyperbola. My friend Roger calls it the square square - in the matrix, it was the white lane of doors that extended ad infinitum. The olde paradigm is lost, the new paradigm has yet to emerge. Physical space has evaporated, so i am in my new library keeping time while beginning the adventure: for what seems yet another time.

Tangents in time break off to allow personal development in imaginary time. The mathematical matrix of imaginary numbers consists of four terms, where i squared equals negative one and i to the fourth is one. Just a trick of the trade - but we can envision the math of any situation because nature uses the math to derive its expressed form. The net is that i personally am in the Beatles Strawberry Fields and there is nothing to get hung about.

I am now invisible to most of the population. My mission is stewardship and i will work through a variety of channels to enable the free flow of Gaian metabolic fluids, (ie. cleansing the water). My home base will changed during this metamorphosis; the butterfly serves as the emergent model for the current analogy. The field of Chemecology is newly established, the mechanism of delivery will be the Oregon Natural Resources Research Institute. Trade value is accepted in metal or time - at this point, US currency is on an as needed basis only. My agents will deal with the social structure of the olde paradigm to allow me to function in the new paradigm.

I am ending my role as scribe, to engage in a Ghandesque Satyagraha until Gaia can breathe freely. The current climate crud is like an influenza symptom; we have several years of work before we can visibly determine any of the results. Any lightworker in my sphere is welcome to join me - bring your own mission and expertise, such that a value trade works.

This mechanism, designed by Gaia, is for us to understand bio-mimicry; the mathematics works for each situation as it does. We do not have to function linearly, nor do we have to operate from base ten. The math is inherent in the system, not determined by the math that we already know. More later ...

February 01, 2010


Dreams arrive
By suspending belief
Trusting creator
To divine perfection
All is as all is
Supposed to be
Or not to be...