September 28, 2009

Good Morning

There has been much too much going on and little down-time to digest. Last night at the Grange Soup and Cinema Night - i watched and discussed the movie What on Earth? A film producer named Suzanne Taylor took viewers on a journey into the fields in Wiltshire England to be at one with the international curiosity crew that follow the symptoms. Actually - the group of people interviewed on film had a lot to say about the relationship between science and spirituality. Turn-howdt was close to 50 people with a dozen or so participating in the discussion afterward.

My personal viewpoint on the phenomena is that there is intelligent life elsewhere, that has the mathematics to calculate phenomena in the same way that we can. These two dimensional chalkboards are pressed images (projections) of three dimensional spacial arrangement. There was great focus on the concept of squaring the circle - a problem of having the two shapes contain the same length of perimeter. The force of impression to get perfect patterning is impressive.

How does this relate to the practical reality of the now? There are many things happening that seem to hold great bearing in our ability to continue forward. Time presses forward only in our conception of how time works. What if the timeline is reversible? What if time can throw tangents? How do we use our time to effect changes that will be beneficial on multiple scales? Communication seems to be an advantage - the entire talking group gets it news from sources other than the MSM. Crop circles should be front page news; but if it doesn't bleed, it doesn't lead. The circles contain information beyond our current grasp.

I did not hear a valid explanation for how the circles come to be. I talked with a young artist who was channelling similar impressions into his art - he donated a poster to the grange (much thanks). My simple doodles in the notebook also demonstrate eerie common characteristics with field art and heiroglyphs from other peoples at other times.

There are many things happening in our whirled world today. Allow them to happen (as if we have a choice), and find that place within that carries you through the turmoil. My grounding is solid - I feel at a place where i care to share with other people willing to learn. If you wish to be mentored in how to become a mentor - i will start training the trainers for what i believe is the coming of a new way - based on a new weigh of life.

September 25, 2009



Stuff we take for granted
May not remain always so
Accustomed tastes
Like showers in the morning
Or a cup of hot qophy
Music, books, intelligent chat
Hop in the car, jet 2 the store
Disappearing into the void
Of contrasting value

Americans enjoy
Running off at the mouth
Saying words to shock
Howard Stern’s mother
Yet when solace comes
We tend 2 lie 2 ourselves
And tell each other “it’s okay”
When it’s really not

Now the world checks our lies
Watches us cannibalize each other
Because that’s the way it iz
Round world in a square box
Capitalist mentality of get more stuff
Without regard to yin or yang
No new frontiers left to conquer
Same old games we play

... Where is the independence
Where are the heroes we once held dear
When Thoreau is civilly disobedient
How can we fold to group think
mental gymnastics required
Usurped by the talking heads
Blathering nonsense
Pray to the dollar, that it not slip
As euros grow and gold gains
Handwriting on the wall
For all to see and most to ignore

So, where to look when seeking truth
It must be there, somewhere
Waiting to provide a beacon
For those wishing to harvest light

Look inward, search outward
Under rock, in gullies, between streams
Riparia and the mountain tops
Where lichen like and fungi ‘shroom
silence screams loudly calling
Patterns of biology,

structures of chemistry
Gravitational physics,

natural law, All there,

out there, being and doing

Fictional over-structure imposes
Linear reality in a dimensional world
Pushing life in continual chase of
Her own tail, never succeeding
All consuming, regardless of
Cycles and symbioses

Follow the path of a water molecule
To investigate the diversity of life

Models stand to explain
Terms in images we comprehend
But trying to understand
When definitions fluctuate
Parameters of change yesterday
Assumed constants today’s
body inflexible builds
Lemmings follow paths of
Least resistance, assured doom

Quietly pull the plug on illusion
The matrix doesn’t reach Armageddon
Requires thought
Thought requires understanding
Understanding requires consistency
Consistency requires truth
Truth requires reality
Be seen as reality
The curtain of nature pulled back
Reveals paths of greater promise
Than the stuff we take for granted

lemme howdt - 2006

What to do ... what to Do

The soup that we call society is boiled in a melting pot that really has the frogs croaking. The energy increase as the pressure builds is leading more people into dementia - an inability to cope with perceived reality. Social adhesion doesn't have a formal contract - the routine behaviors that we were taught are breaking down in the absence of respect for true value.

Each of us needs to feel important and our measurement yardstick has been the collection of stuff. We have been taught to keep up with the Joneses and that ignorance of the law is no excuse. We should respect our elders without them having the responsibility of earning our respect. The first person you have to respect is yourself, and if you can't do that - how can you respect anything else?

If you don't have your own self down - get grounded and look at your little picture. The big picture is so insane that we cannot make an impact at that scale. Yet our 'leaders' make more laws, issue new rules, spend money that is printed just for them to spend. Economically. it's over. Why even consider playing under those rules?

The new yardstick is ability. Hone your ability to do what you enjoy doing most and set yourself up in a position to do it. Learn to discriminate good information from the overload and develop confidence in your own ability to know. Encourage other people to question what you know and constantly gather new information that has bearing on your specific interest. Then start to teach it, while learning what others are teaching. Apply your exchange value toward helping others in your community become more effective at what they do. Ideas come from spending the time doing what you do - the hours spent thinking about how things work have real value that accrues as your personal knowledge base increases.

Our individual networks allow us to share our personal knowledge basis to build community through a diversity of approach to each challenge - try what you think will work and report back on how it worked and what you think the results mean. Share your data and approach and others will use is as a jumping off platform, a new foundation.

Western Civilization is broke and beyond a rational fix. Intellectual property is an imaginary joke - ideas have no ownership clause. Why must we form a business entity to take an action? Rule of law has become rule of force. Time has come to withdraw consent from all levels of authority beyond what we deal with on a personal level. If we treat new paradigm thinking as an emerging entity - the things of value will grow back while the things that take without giving will melt away. Let it all go. It's over - don't play their game. Use the virtual community worldwide to affect life at home and build the personal space that you wish to live in. It's all changing rapidly and the new way will fill the void when the old is washed away.

September 23, 2009

Novel Economic and Judicial Thoughts

When you look through the media and see what they're pushing, it becomes easy to push the dinner plate away from the table. The autotrons are competing in a system as it collapses - how do we reframe the model to reward cooperation within the terms of the competition. The source of all current funding is imaginary. Real wealth develops from our spiritual commitment to ourselves first and then each other. Corporate structure gets in the way and guides many fertile minds into meat-grinder pathways.

Time to construct a new system. We need a multi-level contract agreement that exchanges true value for another value chosen from a panorama of choices. First portion of the contract would be getting the self clear. Getting clear before expanding outward is necessary for a sovereign exchange. Emergent systems tend to be constrained by previously imposed order. Logically, an individuals should not have to become a business entity in order to be party to an agreement. All agreements should be between two real people.

Once set - the individual is next open to decide which scale to operate on. The exchange of time is dependent on an expertise factor - we want to share knowledge while rewarding the individual for a value creating work ethic. The individual should not have to provide capital - that is what the community is for. The sovereign individual is thus free to operate within the limits of the contract.

Each community can choose how it functions to support the people of that community. The Mondragon Cooperative model from the basque region of Spain has served me well as a conceptual tool - time to look toward creating cooperative values with exchange done between concenting individuals operating on equivalent levels of scale.

September 21, 2009

Reality Sandwich

"Existence itself may be considered an abyss possessed of no meaning. I do not read this as a pessimistic statement but a declaration of autonomy for my imagination & will and their most beautiful act of bestowing meaning upon existence itself." -- Hakim Bey

The changing context of life seems to provide us with many opportunities to expand our consciousness. The depth of the mind is explored in a different context in a fascinating but long article by Antero Alli. The spheres he portrays could be portrayed as axes on a grid of 64 without any challenge.

I was more taken though by Charles Eisenstein's blog on Miracles. I went through a personal vision quest and was able to control the behavior of my farm animals. I walked my two dogs up the drive in a DNA crossing pattern and they never missed a beat. Our brains allow us telepathic communications with animals; they can sense completely whether we present a threat. At the time, it changed my perception and spun me howdt into a place where i required a new basis of thought. I learned that modern science is as much a religion as Christianity. There are more tales to tell, but listening to the diversity of stories of many people is going to be one way to accomodate our future Existence.

September 20, 2009

Real Health Care

Recently received a gift of wheat grass and sprouts. I tend to forget greens - preferring to use starches like potatoes and squash in my soups and stews. Today I had rutabagas and turnips - made a big pot of stew for tomorrow. The meat was a hard decision - but being a good carnivore, I opted for turkey legs. Stews are always better the second day - I'll add spices to taste when the morning comes.

Every so often, good information about nutrition manages to seep its way through the media blackhowdt. Having a diet that brings a diversity of nutrients is necessary for good health. Dr. Lenny takes an occasional vitamin C overdose when he feels a cold coming on (2000-3000 mg), but otherwise avoids taking medication in any form. Natural herbal remedies are used for altering equilibrium status - psycho activity is happening as we come into consciousness. Be at one with the planet; exchange life force. The purpose of life is to eat well!

September 19, 2009

Spaced Howdt

One of the few good things from the New York Times, this links leads to an astronomy quiz. At least four of the 20 questions were worded badly so that the question didn't really make sense. But the pictures are cool and Dr. Lenny got a 12/20. I guess that i spend more time on at the molecular level than out with the stars.

September 18, 2009

The value of services

Life is always entertaining to the observer. Concepts of value change drastically when you let go of certain assumptions. In developing a new school of thought based on interpersonal exchange of time and interest, we have to think about things to get them right. I like to place myself on both sides of the deal and see if i find the terms acceptable when i am in the position of either party.

Today i was able to become onto both sides of a contract that i was not represented in. By this i mean that it wasn't my gig - so i didn't have a vested interest in the outcome. Yet this outcome is crucial to development of fair exchange justice. The current system of sharks and users requires that you sometimes employ a shark to represent your interests. What is it worth to get the contract done?

It entirely depends on the amount of time vested and the level of the playing field. If the shark has experience in dealing in certain waters, it has to be worth the investment in comparison to other things on the table. In other words - you drop a hundred thousand dollar project in priority if somebody offers you a million dollar project. But only if you get a piece of the million - if the cost of your time is exactly the same, then you work the project you already have committed to as your priority. The level of payment is contingent on many things - but there is a going rate in each different field.

I'd like to hear about the going rate in your field. Give the rate as a percentage - the question being - how much would it take for you to prioritize the million dollar contract in the bush over the hundred thousand dollar contract at hand. Remember - I am a scientist first and a businessman second. Also please include the field.

Lawyers and accountants likely work at different percentages - is there a website somewhere that compares the rates per hour of different fields? The question is now placed before the universe - stay tuned for the universal answer.

September 15, 2009

A skewed view of education

There are many keys, but one key seems to be that age gets in the way of education of the really thoughtful people. People are discouraged from dreaming because they bear the weight of the worldly problems caused by the collapse of the system. When we connect to people with a spiritual bond that supersedes the established notions of age, in relation to wisdom or knowledge base, then we will have an equitable system to share the wealth of practical knowledge that we have amassed with like minded people. The kicker is that we can do this empathetically by connecting minds, without the trauma that the current conditioning system brings to the table.

So when i refer to the [...] story as history, it means that each square on the grid of the 64 religions will have it's own historical telling of the same tales as many of the other grids - people couched in different clothing (including a past emperor who had no clothes, but didn't seem to notice). I personally get to play impartial observer and hopefully remove myself from any context that would influence the observation. But since i am integral to the experiment of me, i cannot remove my influence. So i act as the universal skeptic while integrating the possibilities.

To be properly educated, we should all have skepticism toward anything that does not fit with our current beliefs. If we know the new facts to be true, then it becomes incumbent upon us to change the rest of our thinking to have the new parameters re-establish other basis in fact. To be consistent, we have to change our invalidated opinions. As the paradigm changes, this acceptance of new beliefs along with adapting old beliefs to consistency within the change will be crucial toward getting it right.

September 14, 2009

Restructuring 101

This time - somebody else gets it.

'we have to rescale the activities of daily life to a level consistent with the mandates of the future, especially the ones having to do with available energy and capital.' ... ' but not if we direct all our resources into propping up the failing structures of yesterday.'

water you doing about water

Water is the big issue. When you start looking at the distribution of clean, fresh water, you find that there is nary enough to go around. The media likes to reflect their own spin, but this truthout article hits a bit deeper into the problems.

Oregon is blessed to be higher up on the water food chain. I have a creek in front of the house that is still running well here in mid-September. The state claims it owns all of the collected water and has a very bureaucratic process for seeing that ownership rights are enforced on a first come, first served basis. The fish in the streams were assigned their water rights in the mid 1980's, so in very dry years it is okay to dewater the streams (according to the law). Silly law.

Looking at water catchments should be a natural conclusion of the water issues. If all landowners were encouraged to build small ponds with incentives to make them large enough to allow for a helicopter dip during fire season, we can get ahead of the drying trend.

September 11, 2009

Flow Minding

Spent the past hour on the porch digesting a pair of TED talks. Many of the speakers are the darlings of academia with the latest, hottest new topic. Since Armando and I have been co-existing, i have been thinking again about the chemistry of brains. Treei has developed my ability to sense in non-verbal terms - a technique that is not open to many experimentalists.

Rebecca Saxe is an example of the new intelligentsia - trying to boldly go where no human has gone before. The comedy bit at the end is scary - consciousness is being aware on different levels of scale. The science is fascinating: the moral implications and ramifications deserve open discussion.

The next episode was Bjorn Lomborg's talk on prioritization. Lomborg' Skeptical Environmentalist changed my philosophy on the benefit's of big organized environmentalism. Revenue streams follow squeaky wheels - no reason to even attempt to play in that game. Anyway - the underlying assumption of the speaker (and most of the audience) seems to be that the worst thing that can happen to any individual is to die. I beg to differ.

Anyway, assuming the goal is to keep people alive and healthy - my priorities were growing food, having exchange justice and keeping clean water and air. I'll allow you to watch the video for Lomborg's priorities. Speaking to his #2 priority - i have an Existence article on micronutrient enhancement of soils for carbon sequestration. If anyone would like to support my research on phytochemistry- in this economy any fiscal assistance is appreciated.

Atomic Zombie

Was doing some research for a friend and ended up at the Atomic Zombie website. If you have been thinking about alternative vehicles - this is a site that you may enjoy. The feature is bicycles rather than cars - the site allows you to purchase the plans to construct your own! There are lots of photos and a file of pdf newsletters to connect you to other bike building enthusiasts. Time well spent.

September 10, 2009

Water Course On-line

Coming soon to a web near you, Dr. Lenny's water course. Dr. Lenny has a lot of experience howdtside in nature and is willing to share the experience. We are also looking for people to teach in many topic fields. Come visit our NWETI site to sign up.

September 09, 2009


This is another day for the numerology people to be in their hog heaven. The dice rolled up all nines - but yesterday was the day for interesting astrology. The crop circle pictured here in Goes, The Netherlands yesterday. There is much talk about transformations - including the release of the remastered Beatles collection - number nine, number nine, number nine...

(thanks to Nina for the photo and the insight)

When you look at the butterfly, notice the sections of eight circles that look almost like musical notes. These circles fit into many of the other crop circles - i have also seen them be thirteen in count. This implies the Fibonacci sequence, which is deeply related to the golden mean ratio. Whoever is creating these forms is trying to tell us something.

September 08, 2009

Vote no on health care

There seems to be a common assumption in the health care debate that is just not valid. That is that the health care system is actually a benefit to the people - it's not. Sure it's nice to go to the doctor to get a bone set, but the idea of medical treatment with big pharma pills and hospital care is complete nonsense. They get you hooked and then you are on their pills forever.

When i was last confined to a ward, they insisted on giving me Procardia for a heart murmur that they supposedly detected. This medication looped me howdt big-time. I think i still have 96/100 pills left in the bottle after 2 years. The best means of preventive medicine is eating well. Choose a diet that gives your body exactly what it needs from the range of vitamins and minerals. Eating fresh vegies from the organic garden is nirvana.

So, I would like to choose the no option on health care. No Payer, no payee, no insurance companies, just general health and maintanence care. And especially no flu shots, with or without mercury stabilizers. Amazing what happened when the doctors followed the lawyers into politics - house calls once seemed to work, way back when. Time to change the pattern!

September 04, 2009

chaos and order

Life in context of roles and responsibilities brings instability and the unknown, crash boom bah. The context is happening with tonight a full moon and mercury moving into retrograde. Astrology is not a science - astronomy is. They use similar terminology and have their own mutually exclusive meaning behind the words. People seem to be spinning howdt of control and the grip at the beginning of this month was tenuous at best.

Radical efficiency is the buzzword for accelerating change. The best of the old and the best of the new says the old man as he describes his solar oven in his house without walls. The federal government is on his case with regulations, the state has all its land use laws and water ownership games, the county just sees property for its task value. Controlled chaos has been completely bottled up by this new world order that has so many ordinances that we soon may need a permit to take a pee. Innovative permacultureoff the grid is essentially against the law.

Chaos begets order and order begets chaos. The fringes are the place where meaningful dialog takes place, while the order is the muddle in the middle that has people spinning there wheels by being paired off against each other in meaningless contusions that offset net work. The system sets the bounds of how you have to do what you have to do without providing the autonomy to get it done. If you surf the edge, there is creativity, but there also is a compulsion to reign in the chaos.

The best orders that nature finds are generally those that come about when an ecosystem has descended into complete chaos. The old tried and true methods have been modified and stretched to put the fringy glitter that attracts mass interest and the function of the system has been incrementally compromised too many times to go back. So the pieces of the puzzle are all there, but they no longer fit to build a sustainable picture. The system collapses and something else becomes the dominant focus and all of a sudden, things are working again, using some of the natural redundency that nature reserves for when things get chaotic.

Stock-piles will build-up where resources accumulate when they have no system of distribution. The less of the existing order that is carried through the crisis, the more natural the new order will appear out of the chaos. Maslow's hierarchy of needs is not being met at a basic ground level in the economic system, and the product is chaos starting to take control because of restriction of the arteries of innovation. Can somebody turn off all the rules so that we can focus on function rather the generation of more? Cui bono?

My suggestion is to evaluate what you know in terms of where you wish to be. You should enjoy doing what you do and minimizing your urgent needs to cover the cost of being and doing. The new paradigm will be a fractal of the old paradigm; we need unmanaged change where the true test of ability is being able to apply what you know to a new situation that you may never have seen or thought about before. The hybrid will be the best of the old, the best of the new. Science and Spirituality joining hands to endeavor to a new view of what we know about how things work.

September 02, 2009

More Red Queen Stuff

Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland has all sorts of relevance in today's Dr. Lenny world. The very best chess site on the internet, Scheming Mind has many allusions to the novel, including a two board opposite number game. But the reference to the red queen is about words having specific meaning and this article dives into the subject full force.

"Climate change." This phrase was invented by the Republican pollster Frank Luntz, when he discovered that focus groups found the phrase "global warming" too scary. Climate change sounds nice and gentle, and evokes our latent awareness that the climate has changed naturally throughout history. Even "global warming" is problematic, since it makes us picture putting our feet up in the sun. The more accurate phrase would be "the unravelling of the ecosystem", "climate chaos", or "catastrophic man-made global warming." They're a mouthful, but they are honest.

The facts are that we talk past each other - not answering the questions that we have for each other by using concepts 'howdt of context'. The phrases that are used include waffle words like could and should, or or but that give the speaker an out from the meaning that is implied. We have to do something different.