July 31, 2007


Every so often life needs an enhancement. Most people are burned howdt and do not have any opportunity to move in the direction that they want to go, rather than the direction they feel they have to go. The albatross of responsibility has been hung like a noose around their necks and they toil from cubical to couch with a quick super-size at mickey d's. The first tilt tastes good, the third proceeds the serious buzz that propels them along to work with a hangover the next day. Wouldn't you like there to be more?

There can be - find an hour to dive into a book or take a course. Dr. Lenny is headed on a cross country mission - so if anyone wants to visit in person - we have about two weeks to make arrangements - for a trip from Oregon to Florida. I wouldn't mind playing real life with some of the avatars of the bloggosphere - we shall see what we shall see.

what to do

blog, blog, blog ... blog, blog, blog ... nuff sed... blog, blog, blog

July 30, 2007

belief systems

what is life but faith in something that supercedes belief by amazing us with her presence. what i want and what i get are truly united in some strange manner that spins together with the matter of other folks' common belief. when we work together to unite, our existence co-depends on others that we trust to pull their weight. every person adds additional complication - so getting people with common assumption together is a necessary prerequisite for a mutually beneficial society. why must we all conform to one society - with thugs enforcing nonsensical decrees.

what i want is a role where i am appreciated for what i do and given the respect of the individuals that i deal with. i dislike being forced or coerced to share my point of view with folks who do not respect the facts behind the myths they spin. time has come to not respect the disreputable. there is no reason to not stand up to the bullies, we cannot take being beaten down each time we doth protest.

consult the movie Network - the Peter Finch character - "I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore." note the movie Bullworth - notice how to go howdt flaming - you don't see much of Warren Beatty on the silver screen nowadays - do you? creating media to reach people that have no use for the existing modes of media is the next step to taking back reality. change will happen, so you can be behind it and be the cause of future effect, or you can be in change's path and get steamrollered like a lone chinese peasant. your choice.

time and pace

time is the essence of pace
setting the table of linear thought
chaos intervenes in short bursts
wreaking havoc amongst modern men
who insist on knowing what they see
who insist on seeing what they know
conforming life into a box
within a box, within a box
unfortunately - seals are locked
with toothpick tethers
holding fast howdt of sight
holding fast howdt of site
howdt of mind, howdt of time
until the pinnacle reaches nadir

ground state required for life
what to do - stop
when to do - stop
how to do, go on, go on
the approach of dimension
demented dementia absurd
unbroken lines lead nowhere fast
while tangled knots come with
giant escape clauses
claws sinking feelers deep

this expectation provides life
with confined ascention potential
when limitless improbability
comes to pass without cause
preceding effect from sheer will
commonplace boundaries
never verified, left unchecked
form mobile illusions in space-time
dents in the fabric illustrated
via embedded archaic thought
within boundary conditions
containing undocumented assumption

what if all we know is not
what if all we know is knot
life goes on after life stops
so how are light and life defined
dependent, yet not contractually so
speaking away in equations
of lambda this and new nu gnu that
and pi and phi and theta
intricate fractals on chaotic paths
artificially ordered to create
the flavor of the day ...
the bombs still fall
i rest my case !

still, life never rests
confined to a nutshell
of simple belief and hard skew
creating mountains and molehills
ant nests and people
people who put their blinders on
talk loudly over cacophony
so as to hear themselves think
creating images of false hope
based on hatred and sloth
deceitful in the mindset
of never ending thrill
to tell others what to do
how to do, when to do
yet not enable them to do
enough to break a sole
enough to break a soul

my heart weeps for the living dead
tethered to essential neverending guests
by explaining the inexplicable
through invalid assumption
and artificially constructed light
splitting the link between earth and man
listening not to voices of change
yet forcing the equations
withhowdt analyzing the math
golden spirals back into chaos
let's see what is next to reemerge
ground state solace required
all things need be set at rest
time is the essence of space
reset clocks to zero to begin again.

2007 (c) lemme howdt

July 27, 2007

row, row, row your boat

Life is but a dream... which continues ad infinitum. The journey is as much about getting there as there is there to get to. I had a discussion with my son this morning where he pointed howdt a non-error on the white board and argued that it was incorrect. Was very insistent about it, until i happened to pull out the water quality guide that i used at science camp. Now my son was ready to argue with the reference book. It is quite annoying to find that the average high school student is belligerently disintelligent. He also had difficulty with the concept of looking up a phone number in a telephone book. Have schools poisoned the pot to real learning by their one system fits all approach? I dunno - mebbe it's just the big high schools.

Or mebbe it has nothing to do with the schools at all is a symptom of a society ready to eat its children? If you look at the boomers set-up, it looks like they are going to rumble into old age and pull up the road behind them. Rest assured, if they tell you they've found a way to take it all with them when they die - we will know the people have taken a serious leap over lemming's cliff. But to actively and aggressively take from the pot withhowdt real contribution of value back and then to advocate bombing other places into submission is too much.

Resistance is futile says the borg, yet self-directed organization is a short term means of dealing with a constantly changing pathway. Decide what the goal is and find like minded people to focus on attaining the goal. The one party system has no power base at all - yet dr. paul speaks a truth that mebbe can get something done.

Time to run off to the woods once again. The solace of a life of simple non-luxury keeps me grounded. To stop and set to rest, then pick up the things that need to be done in priority order is the goal for the entire month of august. The blog should continue - but the format of approach and the venue are still floating in netherspace. Be here now was Ram Dass' approach, so this is where the blog will be, here, now. Until monday... cheerio

July 26, 2007

Song and Dance

Getting ready to press on to Reedsport for the nine day in the last seventeen. The three weeks of summer science camp were not what the doctor ordered, but had the charm and ambiance of a hectic summer day. The kids have been great, really interested, and the questions come from many different angles. We discussed black and white holes, fed chicken to one inch crabs, chased coumarants on the beach and caddis flies in the stream. we even messed up a white board by using permanent marker to write down water quality data in messy chaotic but simply ordered form. Data in the same order and different colored.

I remain a space case, not being able to find the keys i placed down a moment ago. Withhowdt short term memory, i tend to dwell on stories that i know from the wayback machine - i have become a dottered old fool interwhined with a curmudgeon. The program ends as it began - with one of the true highlights - a program aimed at middle school that worked as well as the bug zone did for high school. The next goal is to get up the north umpqua and do the youth wilderness camp. Will take some water quality gear and some remedial keys and go to town with a mixed bag of twenty youth of all ages.

See ya all when i come up for air.

July 25, 2007

change time

In keeping on theme, Mike Whitney is in tune. Since bloggers have the guts to speak truth to power, they will disappear all the bloggers. The weirdness is there full to form and the parallels between fiction and reality are all too real. (paging Dr Orwell) The information coming howdt from CIA actions is given as a warning - we are secret and we are everywhere, so bend over and grab ankles because you will take it.

Life is too weird to not believe in the things we know. We know that the current passive non-resistance is not having any effect on the march toward fascism. Congress is still the opposite of progress and as long as we use their money, we tacitly accept the system the way it is. If we try not to use their money, they come down on us hard and heavy, as e-gold and liberty coin have found howdt. There are better ways, but they don't come to us as options from watching movies and television. The good guy really gets slaughtered through inaction.

Strange is afoot - accepting strange is a precursor for accepting different. The idea of organization from above is not valid, as people above have an agenda that doesn't even register here on the normal plain. If you are not one of the deciders army of 300,000,000 like-thinking clones, then you are against the system all by yourself. Cognitive dissonance will make it tough for you to think and paranoia from seeing truth and living in fiction will have you jumping whenever your kid strolls through the room unexpected. The money goes fast and furious and then being broke for days or weeks means looking forward to the next paycheck, the next fix to keep the hogs from your trough. You can check howdt any time you want, but you can never leave.

Here come old flattop he come grooving up slowly he got juju eyeballs he's one spinal cracker he got hair down below his knees.
Perhaps the Beatles knew something that the psychedelics filtered howdt into a language that we misinterpret. Figure howdt who you trust to rely on, then look at your current circle of friend and see whether the trustworthy are being pushed, pulled or prodded. New friends require trust, but as we lose the trust of the people we know, because they are so hung up on what we produce rather than who we are, we end up in a spiral of confusion - just where the PTB want us.

The only way howdt is to be true to yourself. Let your hour be an hour and when you make a commitment, keep it. But stop making commitments for other people's benefit because they expect it of you. Ask your employer why he holds your earned pay instead of paying you on a daily basis. Ask for cash in the full amount of the agreement and pay your own taxes out of that cash. Oh - they can't do that. THEY CAN'T DO THAT. Sure they can - they just wont. What if we all quit our jobs and left all current bills unpaid. We would get to the end quickly, rather than dragging it howdt until the decider decides to bomb another country and start the next facet of the imperial monarchy of amerika.

July 24, 2007

Dear Janet

I sympathize with your article on patriot act abuse. I have one simple question - why should you (or any of us) feel bound to follow the laws, if the attorney general does not feel bound to those laws? You make your world - stop pretending that these criminals have authority over your life. As a minister in the United Church of the Living Earth, i feel obligated to provide council as to sovereignty and freedom issues. The courts are bullies and the legal profession feels equally immune to legal process. Solomon's court is much fairer.

Morning Surf

The morning surf has some interesting notes. The price of metal spiked a little bit ago - silver is up almost a dollar in thirteen since a month ago. The Ron Paul bandwagon is growing. I like Dr. Paul - i do not think that one player following the constitution while everyone else ignores it is the basis of a valid government. The declaration of independence, which preceded the constitution gives us the right to abolish the form of government when it fails to represent the people. How many of us are confused, angry and just feel beat up from trying to make the system pay for our sustenance.

Sometimes i believe that everybody lives 10% beyond their means, so debt is perpetual. Since the banks produce the money out of thin air, one might argue that we do not owe anything, because the contract is invalid. But then again, has anybody ever actually signed a contract to abide by the rules and laws of the political system? Didn't think so. The legal ramification should bollux everything up for quite awhile. Perhaps no contract is really valid, given the coercion of force and the unilateral changing of the terms involving debt. Who owes who? How many dollars go to bombs? Hmmmm. Nuf sed.

when you play with government ...

In regard to the federal government, under the name united states forest service, the incident that i relate is true. The problem is that the fed gov treats all of us local yokels as local yokels. In coming up with new means of taking our money without earning it and disrespecting us at the same time. The only means to deal is to declare sovereignty - to yourself and keep pretending to play the game until it collapses later this summer.

I went in to purchase an annual Northwest Forest Pass. The pass costs $30 and is for parking privelege at the developed campsites. It is a tax on the locals to use their own land, which has been claimed by los federales - 53% of the land in our local county is 'federally owned', even though the constitution prohibits federal land ownership except for post offices and fortresses. Since I run the county as a member of the local watershed council, I play voluntarily - most locals blow it off and park on the road sides. USFS lets it go and only tickets in the camp ground - selective enforcement on those who choose to park close to their campsite.

So during the fourth of july week, i went camping. I didn't have this years pass yet, so when joe forest ranger came buy, i payed the $5 day use rate for two days, with the caveat that i could offset the cost against the forest pass cost. When i went to the local USFS office on Friday to buy my pass, the person at the desk would not accept the receipt as partial payment. He insisted on calling an unnamed supervisor who said there was no mechanism for acceptance and that i had to pay the full cost. This took about 10 minutes and was not an acceptible answer.

After discussing the problem, i suggested he take the money and receipt that i offered and stop harassing me and let me get on with my day. This public servant immediately took offense and denied the harassment. At that pint, i asked for a friend that is a higher level supervisor in the office. She and i talked for half an hour and the net effect was that she would take care of the problem on my terms. We returned to the front desk where the public interacts, from behind the locked cage where the USFS employees hide.

The person at the desk was on the phone giving directions to an apparently clueless caller. My friend and i stood waiting as this conversation progressed for more that five minutes. The obvious disregard for my time was apparent - when somebody is standing in your office, you excuse yourself to a caller and deal with the customer present. Except when you are a government employee, i guess. I told my friend that if she wasn't there, i would have walked out without the pass and just made life miserable for anyone that tried to enforce a pass on me. But because of her courtesy, i would wait. I got my pass, but i lost a work hour on a Friday morning for nothing much - although i did score a good conversation with an old friend.

The problem here is that as a consultant, Dr. Lenny makes over $100 an hour, at times. The fed-gov should have to pay us for our time, if they insist on wasting it in such a ridiculous manner. To have a rude employee at the front desk dealing with the public is absurd. But this is the same forest circus offic that said they didn't need local partnerships and would do things unilaterally on their own after the local watershed council didn't approve one of their projects. Five years of solid partnership building went to waste with that snide public comment - i doubt the Forest Service will ever get another proposal through the process. Locals are like elephants - we never forget.

I could get into the USFS fire strategy - which ensures loss of many acres - but i will save it for another blog. Note added - Randal O'Toole at Cato took this on recently!

July 23, 2007

Cloud Games

cloud games
dive bomb the tree
that stands on sacred ground
and so the parties descend
cats watching overhead
dogs guarding the door
light and dark in
their own rights

from vantage point
of down in pool
a message rings clear
the find is found now
for purposes unbeknown
yet specifically now
reason underlies truth seekers
when built on faulty premise
redefine terms of engagement
plow forth as pirates
founding a place where folks
can merrily hang their hat

what tethers us to what is
is the need to believe something
the ridiculous fear of change
that we have to have
to feel secure in our places
to know a place is mine, not ours
so i can have my solace
when i need to be alone

too many people
wishing to share the same place
on their own terms
taking frantic steps
to control the gift of giving
from their vast collection
of useless important stuff
sequestered away from multi-use
by the vestiges of a failed now
and our tethers to the mine.

(c) 2007 lemme howdt


sometimes i wonders

while my mind wanders
whether i mean as much
to the folks that i touch
as they mean to me

(c) 2007 lemmi b hin

Mystic Voices - silent whispers

The thyme has come to be busy - so Dr. Lenny will be busy. There is no time left to prepare, all we can do now is react. However, the reaction should be to prepare for further engagement. All the sage advice available is like salad vegetables waiting to be chopped - it may be appropriate, but the volume of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. If you can't get it all in the bowl, you have to leave some howdt.

Last week, frustration snuck back into life - i exorcised it by recognition. Keeping a simple pace is impossible when your job appears to be human ping-pong ball. Dr Lenny put too many hours of travel on the body and bodies wear down and get cranky when pushed beyond their limits. While a passive shell allows coping, most of the interaction runs off after capacity is reached. Burn howdt occurs with too many consecutive weeks of dealing with input on the higher levels of capacity. If Maslow's needs are not met, the house of cards pitches and yaws prior to the collapse. Hope you are ready - we are getting closer to the need for survival skills.

Decided that the images were real rather than reel. This means that the context for the magic is unsettled and there is much to investigate. Science requires focused attention - all other distractions must be shelved or placed by the wayside in order to concentrate on the dual tasks at hand - clean and proper data collection and independent honest data interpretation. There will be a need for people that can scribe - if you track events, stay posted for further details. Keep busy by blogging and reading the POV of other bloggers. These are your current community voices - the tangible must be reaffirmed before progressing.


'Let's hope with the end of the series that parents will continue to encourage their children to read, because reading is far more important than playing computer games or going to the movies.

Neither of those media works the brain and stimulates the imagination, and imagination is a key ingredient of thinking. Most of the real scientific breakthroughs resulted from imagination. Only after something new is visualized can reason and experiment be employed to bring it into reality.'

Charley Reese at LRC gives a book review with a message - turn off the media and read a book. We should re-teach ourselves to read and then to discriminate whether what we are reading is fiction or non-fiction. Then we need ask ourselves whether the non-fiction is true to form or opinion rather than truth. The criteria for good judgment is that the ideas work for you in your system of thinking. People should think for themselves rather than have you thinking for them. Stop thinking for other people and go read a book. You do not have to believe everything the book says - you just have to make what you believe work in the system that you think in. Watch howdt for thinking in failed systems - they fail in more ways than the obvious.

July 20, 2007

Community Ethics

How would community work if we could actually attempt community? Dave Pollard was thinking howdt loud and has some reasonable points on preparing for what is coming. Fiscal ruin in a broad sense is different from fiscal ruin in a local sense. The idea of denominating in a failed currency is tragic - so it will be important for communities to find exchange values that represent a valid monetary system. There could be several redundant systems operating in different spheres - but people need to agree on some essential realities to make life work.

The first reality is that an hour equals an hour. Time shaving is unaccountable theft when you are not punching a clock. If everybody agrees to put in the full hour for each hour actually bartered, then being able to trust an exchange of real hours becomes real. One project would be to set up hour glasses to actually pass an hour and then gong a five minute break of finish task at hand for the hour just spent. We could even redefine an hour to be 55 minutes plus one five minute break period - which falls in the last three minutes and first two minutes of each hour.

Everyone is accountable for their own hours and paying attention to their own discipline of work. People get to choose their own hours to work and hours can be exchanged evenly for other people's hours. Remember an hour equals an hour - washing dishes hours are just as important as thinking and reading hours or working a job hours. We can set a maximum of 15 workable hours per day so that nobody burns howdt from overtaxing themselves on multiple jobs.

A different exchange strata could be food. If you provide x lbs of meat, then you can get x amount of credit denominated in hours, instead of taking food in return. And food can be sold at market for hours at a certain job, or learning center. Everybody pulls their own weight somehow, but the tasks are managed for productivity and sustainability rather than for overproduction to generate goods for trade. The wealth of the community should be shared within the community, built from gathering and building using howdtside resources to build exchange value.

Jobs need to produce something of tangible value to one of the parties involved in the exchange. They do not need to satisfy some statistic in some office in some remote location to provide a pencil pusher with a job. Administration is a local task and the civil servants involved ought be the low end of the totem - providing logistic service to the people on the ground making things happen. Getting the best information to the people in the community on a timely basis is a valuable commodity for exchange - a growing field that will provide many local jobs. Perhaps we can restructure our thoughts to move on to better withhowdt giving the current power that be the sanction to run us into a brick wall.

I do not owe any allegiance to the powers that be on the political scene. They need to be held accountable to we the people - not this current corporate collusion to force feed us a whopper and set us up as the fattened pig of the world. Americans are people just like everyone else - we need to insist on accountability from them for us to be held accountable to them. We also better figure howdt who 'them' are, because we keep sabotaging us by the every man for himself idiocy pushed on us by the major media. We share individual troubles with each other that are glamorized and reformatted by media and replayed back to us for our own entertainment. Soap Operas are reel life - we can't model our lives after hollywood actors speaking wooden epitaths on morals for public purview. People need their own media and their own morals - and voices speak to me that say our thyme is coming.

July 19, 2007

controlled confusions

humanity is not the fastest race
why progress at breakneck speed
decisions made too instantly
have ramifications beyond
anudda shoulda, woulda, couda
moment thought howdt n about
yes, no, yes, no - just go forward
faster, bigger, longer, better
buy the latest argument cuz it
has a grain of truth, somewhere
london bridge is falling down
because of global warming
kiddie porn and usama sez
look in the mirror quickly
before it shatterz into dust.

(c) 2007 lemme howdt

July 18, 2007

Ya Gotta Read This

Was surfing the net when i found this on the back pages of rigorous intuition. I have met the author and seen the local county CAFR. This particular letter was buried in a dialog about the stolen master copy of Michael Moore's Sicko, which was pre-posted to the net.

To: Michael Moore
Date: July 3rd 2007
email: mmflint@[SNIP].com


From your letter: "An Awesome First Night for "Sicko" Saturday, June 30th, 2007" you say:

"Needless to say, they showed little interest in investigating who's behind this. That's ok. I realize what's at stake for them and I accept that this is a battle with serious consequences. The drug and insurance companies have dumped over a half billion dollars in the pockets of Congress and the White House in the last 10 years. This movie may end up being their worst nightmare."

Well, Michael, a half a billion dollars is pocket change compared to what federal and local governments made from the return on their investments from the same drug (pharmaceutical) companies. Government stock ownership of those companies, in composite totals equates to 60% - 75% ownership depending on what drug company you look at.

You have left behind and out of your documentary the clear and overpowering "motive" behind the acts coming from government. That being: They use tax revenue (taken from the public) to funnel billions and tens of billions of dollars into those drug companies "each year" and thus inflate their own return from investment ownership of those same companies without one ($1) ever going back directly to benefit those same taxpayers.. In fact government's investment policy and the way government funnels tax revenue into the hands of those companies severely drains the pockets of those same tax payers.

We are not talking an investment return of a "half a billion dollars", but a return equal to within those ten years of well over a trillion or two dollars.

Government's main profit centers in the last five years by investment are in order of return accomplished; the oil companies, then pharmaceutical, then banking, and insurance. A good showing of holdings from just one government investment account out of thousands would be the holdings listed as of 2001 within and from the NY State Retirement fund CAFR. http://cafr1.com/STATES/NEWYORK/RETIREMENT/NYRINV2001.PDF

I suggest that you look at what holdings roll out the money for our government. No grey area here, only fact. Returns of 100% to 500%. Then take a look at where the same ended in 2006. http://cafr1.com/STATES/NEWYORK/RETIREMENT/NYRINV2006.PDF

Here is your primary motive and the underlying REALITY of governmental policy for the last twenty years, they (government) profit from pushing drugs, they profit from higher oil prices, and they profit when banks and insurance companies roll over the money. Profit by a few extra trillions of dollars when you connect the dots and look at the assembled pieces of the puzzle. Oh, but then that's "Our Government at Work", aren't you proud?

A few hundred thousand people will see this communication.
You should not have any questions now on why government limits the cost liability to insurance companies and continues to dump massive taxpayer money down the throats of the pharmaceutical companies / health care industry at exorbitant and inflated costs when the taxpayer is paying for it through program entitlements; they are protecting and expanding their (government's) own bottom line investment profits at taxpayer expense.

The upper echelon government boys and their minions love to entertain the public by keeping them looking in right field at fluff or non-consequential drama as they conduct business as usual in left where the massive money rolls within a created and maintained wall of silence.

You now know the big factor that drives government policy, and Michael, if you exclude this overpowering FACT in the future, I and we all will know who you truly work for.


Walter J. Burien, Jr.
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Web: http://CAFR1.com

Tel: 928-445-3532


"GROSS" INCOME of government is now 1/3rd "TAX" income and 2/3rds NON-TAX income derived from: return on INVESTMENTS and money generated from government Enterprise projects.

Resounding Success

The Partnership for the Umpqua Rivers made a water quality presentation at Summer Science Camp at the Umpqua Discovery Center in Reedsport today. Eighteen students and six staff shared five hours of data monitoring that included measuring the turbidity of both seawater and coffee. The conductivity of the local mineral springs was 12 mS - the river water runs at about 75 uS - three orders of magnitude difference. The dissolved oxygen titration had the gee whiz wow chemistry effect and everybody got a free lunch! Dr. Lenny would like to thank the South County YMCA in Canyonville for bringing howdt eleven kids from ages 12 - 18. The key focus was on data collection and using the equipment properly. Tomorrow will be more hands on with fewer kids - so we might share some dock space and try to take continuous measurements. We also will get an afternoon tour of the Discovery Center.

July 17, 2007

Time to Bail?

I guess that i am just a doubter. I doubt that anything they tell us anymore has even a grain of truth. Anyone with an official capacity is drooling at the prospect of being the next decider - Butler Shaffer at LRC has it well pegged with today's theme. So why should we re-up within the system rather than allow them to attempt to come after all of us. Is the current game of Whack-a-mole more scary than the future game of resource elimination? Just try to file for bankruptcy withhowdt using a lawyer and see if they allow you to play. They seem to invent rules on the fly - and the courts reinterpret existing law to allow that. We have no power - so let's start speaking truth to power and not playing their little games. And yes, they are little games - not big games.

July 16, 2007


indispensable people
who really do very little
covet their governing jobs
with non-governmental
that reallocate resources
back to command and control
by decree, playing the system
like a violin while we swirl
in the maelstrom of life,
bleeding work out
with no real return.

(c) 2007 lemme howdt

July 15, 2007

dis eased

Quite amazing how insidious those computer viruses can be. I am blogging from a coffee shop on a lap-top, because my home computer has a spybot - which means windows xp takes about 15 minutes to load. Perhaps this is the excuse that i have been waiting for to wipe the hard drive and install ubuttu or some other form of linux. This laptop has vista - microsoft's bells and whistles apple clone. The operating system is frustrating - it cannot do the simple tasks that xp can do. It also has some very smart engineers - so smart because they renamed all the tried and true mouse commands so that we can go fish. I always wished for a secretary - now i need one badly. This is southern oregon - no income potential til we stop the local timber war. Just a matter of getting the hippies to stop pissing on the rednecks boots and the rednecks to stop pissing on the hippies birkenstokks.


hopeless romanticism
overwhelms reason
irrational love
thoughts permeate
skyrockets rekindle
treasures of not so
distant ancient paths
where bliss of being
once lived before
reopen lightly

(c) 2007 lemme b hin

July 14, 2007

State of this Whirled

Life is full of lots of twisty windy pathways that lead us in circles and return us to sites where we have been there and done that. Changes that occur infinitely through howdt the days, change the scope and complexion of the scenario, but the deja vu' effects are there. We have another opportunity to make a crucial life decision that we have made before and suffered the consequences. The world is different - can we make the same choices and do better with superior knowledge of the games? Or is it a set-up, where the lesson to be learned is being tested to see whether it was digested completely?

Looking at the world through rose colored glasses has been usurped by a pair of neon rainbow shades in 256 colors of the spectrum. Every individual wishes to do best for themselves and their family and friends. The excesses of the day to day life sphere have more than 200 million amerikans jonesing about other people's lifestyles, penalizing the folks who just work and don't pay attention to the social scene. They assume a static world and go do their jobs, living lives in oblivia because the world they built works for them. The power coupling of the political scheme has now invaded the lives of these people - and they have never before thought about how to cope withhowdt.

So this fine saturday morning following friday the thirteenth, one week after seven, seven, seven graced the world, i find myself home typing away on the blog, looking at a life that fell apart through deceit and dishonest relations between me and a former employer and some unexpected compound illnesses. The mojo came back last night through a series of discussions and explorations that uncovered old delusions. If today progresses to further, rolling with the punches could be interesting. Then again - we often see what we wish to see when illusions are built on prior illusions. Still - mojo doesn't generally manifest until time, place and form merge.

On another note - the initial issue of Mystic Voices Magazine is getting closer to form and should be ready for release soon. If you would like to place an ad - make note in the comments and we can discuss terms in a back channel alley somewhere behind a dozen firewalls with non-disclosure agreements in hand. oops wait. this is advertising, not business. donations would be gladly accepted and ad copy will pertain to people doing rather than talk about the latest greatest gizmo. Major media in today's world does not inform - they just tell us what they wish us to hear. Mystic Voices Magazine will attempt to speak truth to power, while establishing a forum for non-denominational religious discussion in the fields of science, history and mysticism.


why are we
why must we
we are, we must
we do what we do
when we ask why
we ask, we do
why are we we
cause us is what
we are, we must be
why? why not
we are us, we are

(c) 2007 lemmi b hin

July 13, 2007


Once it rains, it pours. The feelings of hopelessness have given way to feelings of desire to get on with other things. I hope to continue blogging, but other things need to be taken care of ahead of this effort. Hope to hear from most of you on the other side of the trax, but since i have no idea where those trax lead - i'll reserve judgment for the time being.

The soccer field that is at to herd or not to herd is the tip of the iceberg as to what is necessary. But what is practical and what is necessary are two vastly different things. One never knows the ramification of actions, but when it seems that we are backed into a corner - the fight or flight response us telling.

July 12, 2007

Helping is not valued

Supporting roles are not valued by the society at this point - it is either all about you or all about your government. There are no media features about people being people - just about people being objects to be used, chewed and discarded by the system. Orbital mind control lasers have us robots toeing the line. For a good read, try Dead Country Walking at edgar steele's website.

July 11, 2007

Stuff getting done

There are not enough hours in the day to accomplish all the items that have been laid to rest on dr. lenny's plate. What can get done, will get done - people who insist on time not allocated will only get a half-hearted effort. Obligations of the past must be accommodated, so reallocation of time is howdt of the question.

Given that - the bugs day in Elkton yesterday went well. I will attempt to post the pictures at the gallery.

July 10, 2007

andre's song

arm your enemies
if you wish your
cities to perish
burn your food
as fuel - meat soars
hay fever over blown
reallocated assets
drive topsoil into
oceanic depths
the tectons roll
in plates of azure
molten rock of ages
a hymn for the fish
salmon swan song
lest we get the lead howdt

(c) 2007 lemme howdt

Putting Up with BS

How come financial institutions get to unilaterally change the agreement for credit by sending a bulk notification by mail? Why can they call and interrupt us during dinner time to pitch some sort of useless product? How come when they make a mistake, like posting a check to the wrong account, we get to pay late fees and waste our time trying to get them to make things right? What would happen if nobody paid another cent on a Visa, Mastercard or Amex bill?

How come we don't get paid by them for our time that they waste when we are on hold, trying to get through to them to deal with the problems? Why is it that we have to keep track of accounts to the penny when the US wastes $12 billion dollars per month on war? Sorry - I wish to opt howdt. But - no can do - the money buggers have us buggered way up there. They bought their congressmen when congressmen were still cheap. Now - 430 of them are worried about sex blackmail photos - four of the other five are the perps of the mess and then there is Ron Paul.

Dr. Paul is awesome - but anyone who thinks he has a snowball's chance in hell to get anything done is fooling themselves. They may elect him to take the blame for the collapse that is set up and coming. The democrats don't have the balls to cut off the republicans, but if diebold doesn't give another election to the republicans, then they will just shut down everything. Paul is a republican that democrats can accept - whereas nobody else in the field would be even close to acceptable. Independents rule the roost - and will have the ultimate say this time - although this say is worthless and after the fact.

Let's face the facts - current trajectory is unsustainable - current political administration is unnaccountable to the people, current congress is ineffective and needs to eliminate and sunset a minimum of 75% of the laws. The Supreme Court justices are more famous than the Supremes (diana ross is still awesomely sexy) and judicial activism is normal behavior. Public servants think they rule the roost, however we do not live our lives at the whim of a government employee. The hierarchy needs to be inverted and the total collapse of the monetary system may just be the means to achieve real equity and real equality.

Glen Allport at STR seems to have the concept - love and freedom instead of coercion and greed. If we as a group can get it together to reevaluate the current information without the tons and tons of bullshit piled on top - then maybe we already have the answers to a lot of our current problems.

Disclaimer - i have no proof on the sex photos - just a little humorous conjecture and a ripe mind.

July 09, 2007


the jones jones about everything
worry about the next dollar
rather than contemplate
doing what need be done
working off the labor
of other people's being
because directing traffic
beats being stalled...
people worry too much
bout things where no control
can ever move a mountain,
yet fail to identify times
when a word of kindness
is worth a pound of flesh...
motivation happens
when we all pull together
to create a unique lifestyle
of working with each other
for the common good of all
rather than jonesing about
where the next few bucks
are coming from.

(c) 2007 lemme b hin

Hey there

Back Again - Got the post problem figured howdt - now just have to deal with the time problem - finding time to post. Have some comments on other posts on other blogs - may take a few days to spit it all howdt.

July 03, 2007


where have all the sane ones gone
the deep end of the wading pool
gets more crowded by the day
as symbiont shuns partners
mechanisms collapse from
residual redundancy elimination
sold as efficiency in a pay as you go
ready exactly on time whirled world
breaking, remaking, taking
while we watch 'n wait
biding our thyme until the work
can get done withhowdt penalty
inflicted by state sponsored goons
with heavy hand in one size fits all
regulations that dare not discriminate
uniform performance penalties on all
cept the brown nosed ass kissers
that benefit from the war on people
war on drugs, war on Iran/Iraq
and any towel headed dirt bag that
might care to think for himself

(c) 2007 lemme howdt


Changes. Awesome David Bowie song. I wonder what David Bowie is up to now. The world needs an extra shot of Ziggy Stardust. It bothers me that people assume that it is alright to take liberties with stuff that is not theirs. The respect for private property is absent from life - it seems that the grubbermint taking their share unearned is making the people take whatever they can get. Murder and theft are unacceptable in all circles - there should not be two sets of laws.

How can we expect to do honest business, when the system rewards the dishonest? The information provided is not correct information - we seem clueless when it comes to proving a point - semantics always get in the way of the concepts. Choosing common language is difficult, when English comes in so many dialects that people are using the same words with different meanings and leaving in supposed agreement when consensus is never really reached. You get used to being used, and then the tables turn and you get used some more.

The new buzzword is fairness - with people whining about things not being fair, while using the system to take advantage of other people who don't play the game. We are asking our producers to support more and more unaccountable infrastructure that isn't supported by the accepted knowledge base, but conforms well with the political agenda's already established for us. Contracts can be changed unilaterally by corporate grubbermint. Structure is a key component of order; chaos trumps order whenever control is lost. Who is in control right now - nobody. Or mebbe Scooter Libby.

July 02, 2007

Philosophy - on the slippery rock

People have a funny way of communicating. When placed in situations beyond their control, people are helpful, kind, considerate and somewhat frightened. Turning the tables on these people helps instill a 'one for all and all for one' mentality that gets us all through another day.

On the other hand - place a person in a position where she (or he) thinks she knows something and the difference in learned behavior is astonishing. The 'leadership' capabilities revolve around telling other people what they should do and being of absolutely no help by insisting on means to the end, rather than getting to the end. The theory of how to do something exactly correct is much more important than the vision to roll up the sleeves and work. Sharing the point of view is too much work, and work is to be avoided at all costs.

Young people do not see how old people actually got to be old people. They know some people who are old and wise - usually respected family members and professionals they have dealt with in the marketplace of goods and services. The honored institutions of the old gather little respect from the young - who see things that have always been there for them. As a tool of television - i remember black and white situation comedies and variety shows. How would Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In hold up against a Mel Gibson movie? Well, sock-it-to-me - Goldie Hawn ought to know. But she's a totally different girl now.

Dr. Lenny grew up a lot in the past six weeks. Trauma time will do that to a person, but life goes on. There are many goals that were set that were left by the wayside as life interfered with timing and structure. The things that we spend time with should be the things we find most important. People are the high point of life - our act can be pulled together, but only by the desire to get the act together can we actually accomplish our goals. Some of my goals have morphed pretty seriously, and i plan to take it easy during this hard hot summer. There are some objects that i removed from life because i didn't have the time - those will come back, because they are much more important than dealing with people that i do not like in hostile situations, where the importance of the goal was really a fictional delusion of what 'should be'. What is is what should be - we all control ourselves, when we wish to.

Too many people are howdt of control; now lemmi B. hin will contribute positive poems as lemme howdt continues his constructive criticism. Poetry is a means of expression denied to scientists, who must base conclusions on accepted fact, even though that fact might be incorrect. The basis for science today is an elaborate fiction, that used to make sense before we had the tools to accomplish current resolution. The sharper our equipment becomes, the more we learn that the observer affects the observation. The starting point of observation is crucial to the picture developed, so a lot of things that are attributed to cause and effect are coincidental, yet tied together by coincidence of time. Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams both investigate this with tongue in cheek novels - reading instead of video is one complementary means of acquiring knowledge. Albert Einstein did not watch movies, he believed in a God that didn't roll dice.

The purpose of people is once again a question that has no rational answer. By working together to solve our problems, rather than just complaining about them, perhaps we can change the paths we are on to the paths not chosen, and do better than we do now. Better is a relative term, but you know what i mean. Carpe Diem - seize the day! dl

July 01, 2007

Hello again

Looks like this time i will remain back. The entire month of June was like being in the Bizarro comic strip. Things seem to have calmed down now, so i will pick up chess, do some writing and attempt to clear my head of all the insanity. I have realized that it will take some time to return to normal, although i question whether there is anything that is really normal. For now, let's attempt to make this blog worth reading again.

wash time

spinning clothes
still a bit damp
feed another quarter
to the drying machine
wait for the water
home bound washer down
displays a new world
where watching people
is more fun than
watching clothes spin
as we spend our time

(c) 2007 lemme B. hin