July 29, 2010

Howdt of Sync

Something weird is going on in the relationship between people and life. My senses have been attuned to see what makes me tick - things like playing games really ring my chimes. Business is however business and everything in taken so seriously that it has introduced a lot of stress into the game of life. In fact, much of life is obligatory and absolutely no fun and not in my interest.

I do not really care about tracking small bits of paper. Keeping receipts to have records of spending is a totally useless way for me to spend time - yet business practices insist that i have record of every single transaction for however many years. The paperwork in tracking the paper is enormous and has nothing to do with investigating science.

Life works on the basis of biological interaction through chemical process. The understanding of how the brain works is one of those areas open for exploitation, because the secrecy involved in warfare has commandeered the truthful information in the field. We have this image of science that is no longer true - the applied aspects have deviated from the investigatory aspects and both have been corralled legally as well as physically.

There is one trump card though - the powers that used to be really don't have the vast experience of nature to draw upon, because they have accepted their own narrowly defined point of view. Think for yourself and connect to the whole. The blogs are dying because it is their time to die. There will be other innovative roots that spring up - from random sources at random times. In nature, nothing is really random...

July 23, 2010

The whirled is snot (what itz zeems)

I couldn't do it, I tried to stay retired on the blog, but my actions are just not ready to give it up. I have to get down on something instead of remaining positive and upbeat. So i need my security blanket, my blog, my way of letting loose howdt on the world. For my positive blogs - go visit existence.

First: Why do we continue to support Public Schools? I know that i would not want to be the parent of any of these three six year old children! The idea of corporal punishment in kintergarden just begs for the question of why don't we allow children to have a childhood. The Swedish school system is only 9 years of torture rather than our current twelve. Education is learning, not rote memorization of rules. I have tried before, i will try again. But really - if the government is already broke and children do not pay taxes, then how long is public education going to successfully compete with welfare and warfare for dollars, especially when our kids don't vote.

Second: The mess in the Gulf of Mexico still has a lot of people pointing fingers and talking bull-puckey. Fact is, we can clean the mess if we wish to - there are no scientific barriers in the technology - this is a false flag show to work up fear in the population. Let it build anger rather than fear. Stop letting people get away with things on your own little personal scale and then the big things will take care of themselves. The behavior of the players here is just plain wrong - open the light box and let us truly know. No more secrecy - just tell us.

Third: No more secrecy - just tell us. Another article to flip through - but first ask - who are they protecting from what? In my mind - they cheated and changed the rules when they didn't give us the real scoop on the Kennedy assassination in the context of history. All the principals (and principles) are now dead - LHO was not a solo show. The amerikan public seems to take the Oliver Stone version as gospel - MSM lies and legitimately calls it fiction when it serves their purposes to tell a certain view of any story.

So - the only way to get there is to do what you do. If you are still reading, then we are on the same reality track - the object is to get enough people on different trajectories that are all doing what they want to do in the way that they know to do it. Training requires a new modality that is completely different than the one that brought us issues one thru three today. I no longer feel obligated to announce my intentions - only to formulate them in terms of a distribution system of real knowledge in many fields. Become the resident expert in your own favorite field and think hard about the truths and myths that dominate the context through which that field is taught. The nuance can be framed - take the time to build your own frame - using the best of the old and the best of the new.

For my own personal tracking - please leave a comment. Point howdt one issue where the powers that used to be have pulled the wool over the eyes of the sheeple. Link to your site or use anonymous to make your identity known. just say anything. i am working on a separate metric system and wish to test some waters here (metaphysically speaking)

July 10, 2010


White fish swimming
In shallow coated ponds
Appreciate air and water
As functions of life itself

Seeking wisdom
We approach the gate
Differentiating truth itself
In integral proportion

Another summer day passes
Change enters beside itself
Patterns form to elucidate
Many questions configured

A still mind clarifies itself
Conjuring harmonic keys
Placing puzzle pieces
Where white fish swim

2010 lemme howdt

placed in creative commons

July 03, 2010

Retiring from the Bloggosphere

Nobody reads and comments on blog posts anymore - we have too much to do within our social networks that continually place information in our face. I don't do facebook - the agenda is MSM twisted - politically unpopular friends get buried in the volume of the friends they wish you to have. Fluff drives the word. Anyhow - much more important things to do, so this blog will be in backseatville. Tune into Existence or take two aspirin (b.h.) and call me in the morning. Dr. Lenny