June 29, 2007


beyond cognitive dissonance
is a landed gentry portal
that dissolves reality into
blancmange, jello molds
lucy in the sky riding
images of trains n planes
and general rhetoric enlists
unwilling souls in a battle
for their lives, while self
is determined by trickles
of time landing on space ...
an infinite wonder shall
never cease: my cup
runneth over with the
thrill of adventure, knowing
genetics is more than what
currently meets our compound eye

(c) 2007 lemme howdt

Stepping back, Breathless.

Hmmm. A relatively clean slate, and we have kicked some of the really mean virus problems. I must live in a different world from everyone else - my world is whirled. Too many golden mean spirals and half filled glasses. Normalizing seems howdt of the question, but things are never what they seem. I did find some surf time today and left a smattering of comments - it feels good to be back, even temporarily.
My adventure takes me onward to the coast. The journey has been enlightening, but i would not wish the pathway on anyone else. To be true to what we know, we must think about things from a basis of knowledge. When that fails, the flailing begins. We do know what we know, so we can edit the knowledge base, if we wish. Too many false icons. Time to change, with the first change being to develop a sense of self. Once i am, everything else can now be. Coming to grips still remains, but the path now is clearer.

June 25, 2007

Rough Sledding

Things have become difficult - the blog will come back up after i have had the time to settle down. It is tough to shut down a love, but time frames and obligations are just too much - life has dealt from a new deck. Visit me at Mysticvoices.org .

June 22, 2007

energizer Bunny - still going

Just a bit more time - and space appears to dissolve. The travels are still forthcoming, but the rewards are above the imagination. I do not know if normality will ever return, but nurse ratchet was never really there in the first place. Movieland is just one potential scenario - but life deals funny cards sometimes.

June 18, 2007

Sweet Grapes

Wow ! Lots has happened in the last few weeks. The story when it be told will send socks spinning in the wash cycle. I am currently staying at the Wild Rose Vinyard and negotiating a new livlihood. There are too many good options to choose from, but traps and pitfalls in each way. I am staying @ the Wild Rose Vinyard - come in and share a pinot gris (late harvest) and i'll tell you some tall tales. The end of the vision quest is insight, i will be there by wednesday (or so i hope). peace and love. Dr. Lenny

June 09, 2007

New Blog ItemTitle - from Monty Python

It all revolves about what revolves about. Three five seven nine eleven is stranded with two four six eight ten, and it goes the other way also. However, each time we cross the zero to negative one, we turn around. My guess is that when we turn the 16, then we also go to negative two and then do the spiral on the dark side. May the force be with you. Lemme Hin. Just another Abbott and Costello routine on the way to calling the Brewster Gillette razor off. See, anyone can create a post that looks like a spam e-mail - as long as you Spamalot with the Monte Python crowd. Good day!
Lemme Back Hin. in and out. Lemme Howdt. Bye. Just look into the fibronacci series. It can be explained by a sunni day with sunshine on the weigh// way. more spam e-mail. enough.

dr. lenny

June 08, 2007

Not done yet

This post title speaks for itself. Mystic Voices are calling and Dr. Lenny will be off on another adventure. I feel like NIcholson in Coockoo's Nest combined with Land of the Giantz. Ciao. Chow.

we're ba'ack

I have returned after a sunni type adventure. Hope to get my notes figured howdt and then i'll let ya'awl in on the detailz.
dr lenny