August 13, 2011


Reflexion (on Past Love)

I can only measure me
I do not live in your shoes
You have seen life
From your own remote
Changing the channel
To avoid harsh lessons
Which never go away
Even when you cry

I can only pleasure you
You do not live in my shoes
I have seen this life
From my own perspective
Staying on page
To learn challenging lessons
Which never go away
Even when I laugh

We can trade places
Me loving you, you hating me
Creating illusions of life
From the battle grounds
Noticing and ignoring
Subtle priceless lessons
Which never go away
Even though we part

We can change our paths
Walk together, souls in soles
Sharing visions of life
From universal common truth
Balancing yin with yang
To teach novel lessons
Which never go away
Even in a new dawn

lemme howdt 2011

August 03, 2011

Post 1700

It has been a long while between milestones - here is my 1700th blog.

The religion of america is based on myths. This is a fairly entertaining post and the most major myths (which do get people riles when you don't agree.

Second - my yahoo account passwords do not work this morning. Is there anyone else out there who uses yahoo that is having this problem? I noticed recently a lot of people switching off hotmail to gmail because of denial of service attacks. Is this the new way- electronic monkey wrenches?