April 30, 2014

Familiar Friends

Developing a manuscript has to be one of the most daunting individual challenges that professional thinkers undertake.   The physicist Richard Feynman used to write his books by having his graduate students take notes verbatim during undergraduate lectures and then publishing those notes.   Doc has been editing other peoples works and is ruminating deeply on finally putting a text together, in the area of water.  Many of the posts at this blog written last fall will  serve as the underpinnings of the endeavor.  I'll get by with a little help from my friends.

We all have many friends in many places.  My light-worker family is supportive in many weighs.  My earth family of extended contacts covers the planet - we serve as an interpersonal interactive inter-Gaian information stream.  (four eyes - lol) The real press is ourselves, when we observe carefully and retell the story from our distinct perspectives.  You know what is you; and we, together, need all aspects of each of ourselves.   We first start to walk the path alone - to develop our own basis for being.  Along the weigh, we pick up new friends.

Shamanism is a spiritual path that can only be walked by a selected few.   It requires a familiar, an extra animatom that interacts between the spirit world and the physical reality.   Usually, a familiar is a pet, an animal that has distinct characteristics that one admires.   A black Cheshire cat always smiles with me ...

     These two are not the same kitty;  they seemed to be in league with each other, to take care of me during times when i was distracted with other phases of depth in three dimensional affairs.   Black cats have a zen relationship with the world - not often photogenic, they create an aura that distinctly feels like more is there than there appears.  I believe that I was passed along between these two and that all black cats keep in constant thought communication with each other.   They know the story and adopt humans in times of stress.  They work both as a team and as individuals - the Black Kat Network serves as an awesome model system for the type of emergent behavior that we, humans, will need in the near future.

    Purr therapy is the best conditioning for humans when adrift alone.  Cats don't speak human;  they emote love on humans and can sense completely every word we say and every action that we take.  They generally adopt a single human, but can be 'loaned out' to souls that speak cat directly.  I find that many cats get offended when a human attempts to speak cat to them.  Others, especially young cats, are amazed and become overly affectionate to find a human communicating on their wavelength.  It is a practiced skill, to become appreciated universally by another species.  All shaman learn that skill, although not necessarily with cats.

    Cats experience roughly 10 days for each of our human days.  Their attention span is used to a changing length of day, such that a feline night-time prowl is quite different from a human sleep walk.   Cats have a routine and will let you know exactly what they think, in no uncertain terms, when you piss them off.  Yet, a purr will always tell you that you still are accepted.  A chuff is even better - but they generally only chuff when talking to birds.  

    How the animal kingdom passes information between species is a worthwhile endeavor for study.  Most animals can sense sound vibration and read emotion into the tone.   They respond to emotion and feeling, more so, the tone of voice rather than the actual word content.  Cats and dogs live together rather well, once the parameters are established between the individuals.  One-on-one deep eye contact is a source of bonding - the development of trust, through the emotions of love.  Love is bonding energy.  

     We understand that love is the only acceptable form for the answer to every question.  No matter how difficult the situation, a suggestion offered with love from the heart will be listened to and responded to better than a knee-jerk reaction.  Watch your pet respond to an unfamiliar circumstance and you can see a reflection of yourself, in the fractal mirror.  Now give your pet a treat and some attention.   Consider it a personal investment in developing your own four eyes network.

   Namaste' ...  doc, yage and biter

April 29, 2014

Honor the Sky

Thinking back ...
to when things were different
before urgency to accomplish
was quenched by 
mass suppression
of individual thought

Once upon a time ...
we thought that we 
could step howdtside the box
and do something, 
before we saw 
the is for what it is

Being in the now ...
allows us to change 
the course of history
to pull the plug 
on modern myth 
both necessary and crucial 

The question then becomes ...
what to replace 
current myth with?
We can imagine
beauty unfolding
on display in real time 

As we have a natural system ...
fractals embedded in fractals,
our conception of beauty forms
by looking at places 
where is once was
Heaven is one of those places

Dream with me ...
as we view photos 
of heavens above  
to serve as our model
for grounds below
as we change form ...

Namaste' ... lemme howdt  cc 2014   photos by lemme  please copy with attribution

April 28, 2014

Portable Hole

The shape of the frame is always square.  A push to the right affords a push back to the left.  Nothing is ever as it seems, it is always as it is.  To see through the details to get the over-all pattern is a process that requires looking at many things that are not as they appear.   Some are in full panic as the curtain is closing.  Watch carefully, as the shake-out begins another round.

How do we know that we know what we know?  Science and religion have served us in a duality reality for over 300 years, but now that system is done.  Credit Isaac Newton with the personal audacity to remove consciousness from the spheres of science before the infant left the cradle.  The institutions that are too big to fail have redefined themselves as people, thus we need to find a new classification for the human race.

So, the solution is to make race a big issue and let's get people going at each other once again.  The latest media darlings, Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling, are the racist rich - we (not you or me - the lame stream press uses we and us when we are obviously not included) need to remove their wealth and ability to control their personal sphere.  Why - let's even gift the Clippers to Magic, the wronged.  Good grief - since when are greed,  jealousy and theft the solution for naughty thinking.  Me thinks we are getting confetti, wonder what else is going on that is being hidden from view?

The agenda needs to stop.  Pull the plug on everything.  Stop the world, Thyme to get off.   Okay - i'm outta here : portable hole.

Namaste' ... doc

Welcome to space without time ... forget the mundane for a moment and bask in the glory and splendor of inner self.  The you inside of you gets to feel what you are about. If you could choose to work on one thing that could earn stature in your life - what would you work on?  If cost were no factor, what would you like to do and where would you like to be?  Can you get there by sequestering yourself within your own imagination?

Be here, while finding some peeps to share your here.  You can relax, let your hair down and figure out what it is that you need to make your life fun.  And rewarding.  Once you know your own motivation, then you can start to plan your work and work your plan.  Begin by listing the things that you need to start fresh.  Since the opportunity is coming, the forethought will be welcome.  Drink good water and stay out of trouble.

Namaste' ...  lemme

April 27, 2014

lemme's whirled

Quietude in the morning - watching the birds play outside the window.  They have been gone for several days - due to high winds, cold temperatures and the cardinal cross.  Even though we had snow over night, the winds are gone and the budgie flock is back.  Bird seed feeders are a cool investment.

lemme planted a garlic clove that had sprouted into a plastic pot.  The garlic that he planted a month ago is barely holding on - it was premature of us to plant at that time, but the bulb suggested that we give it a try.  Some peeps have green thumbs - doc has a brown one.  I guess its just my inorganic nature to think on a different harmonic. 

The moods are swaying deep - events are happening that bear watching - be ready for anything.  Our Unity Community is now stationed at Divinity Infinity .  At 11:00 am PST daily;  we congregated for a meditation and a musical reprise.  It is a peaceful weigh to thyme howdt for an hour.   Since the locations of persons span the globe, there is always a chance of finding someone there at any hour.  Every Monday morning 7:00 am PST, lemme goes on cam and discusses some aspect of metaphysics.

One of the goal here is to develop personal interactive media for every individual on the planet.  As we contribute to each other, we are developing polite methods of introducing information over the entire span of the planet, rather than just local media.  The merikn lame stream media puts forth a set of dissociated fear and we have no real outlet to question either the presentation or the presenter.  

As an educator, i feel a need to develop student based learning on a two weigh feed.  The give and take of question and answer in real time is of multiplicative value in learning.  The best group size is four - a master and three acolytes.  This breaks into a pair of one-on-ones where a student can have individual attention while the other pair is working together on some aspect of the project.  Each person in a small group matters significantly and the group together can accomplish well more than any individual, when everybody does their own work.

We each have interest in different aspects of things.  Doc is a math junkie who thinks in numbers and always has to be counting something or other.  lemme is a poet who deals in less tangible aspects of space and time and time and space.  Together, they are a package of yang and yin in one persona - who really needs a different outlet to convey the impression that when you take your own power under personal control, you can achieve anything.  

We just have to start by being nice to each other. Then, we can be real with each other and know that our heads will not be bitten off when there is disagreement.   Somehow - this interpersonal network will create a geographically independent united mind set that resonates love and has no cadence for the frequency of fear.  It is coming, got your cosmic surf-boards ready?  Come visit.

namaste' ... doc

April 25, 2014

A Compost Story

Life abounds at every scale - taking a form that is slightly more complex at each larger fractal.  Humans perceive on a human scale and make adjustments that allow us to grok the happenings of things on smaller scales relative to human size.  We like to animate things and assign them human thought patterns - as if they didn't already exist in their own form with their own motives.  Consciousness begins with water, the basic medium for exchange.

Imagine that we could walk through scale as though we were the same size as things on another scale.  The need for form to take the same shape as in human existence is just not there - the complexities that we have developed by being human sized are not even a dream in a simpler, less complex animated society.  By animated, i mean focused or self-directed, not a cartoon character.

We have 7 billion human peeps on earth.  This cluster of population has a history of all the time that we record and a mystery of how long things have really been this way.  Social Darwinism is the current bio-card - but Darwin was about a lot more than survival of the fittest.  In fact, a reading Darwin's Origin of the Species about finches doesn't dwell on survival of the fittest at all - that is just the forced application by the general myth.  Let's imagine a compost pile with 7 billion microorganisms and look for parallels and anomalies.

Compost piles are the foundation for research by Soil Food Web researcher Elaine Ingham.   Her story of how bacteria, fungi, nematodes, and other critters interact is supported independently by the compost research at Cornell University - which publishes the best textbook in the field.   By understanding the mechanism for the transfer of nutrients between different components of life breaking back down to peat in accelerated fashion; maybe we can see an analogy on how to respond to the resizing of scale as we lose the current operating system.

When starting a fresh compost pile - there is a need for both green and brown materials and lots of water.  The mixing takes place by pitchfork - green materials are kitchen scraps, plant inedibles like the stalks and cleanings, grass and tree clippings.  Brown material is horse or cow manure.  Owning a five acre farm with both left doc with many choices - a pitchfork and a wheelbarrow and two hours time was generally enough to start a good pile.  Add water and stir, on a daily basis and monitor the temperature with a long probe thermometer.  I have notebooks full of gleanable data for future investigation.

There is a hierarchy of being in a fresh compost pile.  The manure provides the initial reagents to break down organic component, generating heat from the breaking of chemical bonds. As the pile slowly warms, thermophilic bacteria and other species activated by the heat start feeding on the raw materials, breaking different bonds and generating more heat.   Some bacteria start to swell and explode, spewing forth enzymes and micro-nutrients from an internal package to an outside exposure.

Turning the pile and adding water gives everything a good mix and a blast of oxygen on the surface.  This change from anaerobic to aerobic condition - enhanced by pitchfork, water and human energy is a major energy input from outside source - creates an opportunity for more thermophiles to come in and eat and cause more heat.  A viscous cycle ensues until ...

All of the chemical bonds that can provide easy energy are broken.  The pile is hot enough to cook most every living critter that started off the process and further turning with air exposure no longer provide higher temperatures - the peak metabolic production has been achieved and the resource has run out.  The mix cools down to earthly temperature and the bugs start coming back. 

The pile contains bare nutrients and organics and starting materials for plant life - the centipedes and nematodes and things with fragile external skins return and life goes from frantic to docile as the scale changes from micro micro to just simple micro to barely visible to worms and beetles.

So you give the pile one last good stir, load it into the wheelbarrow and pile it into your garden patch.  Creating a living soil enhances the ability of plants, animals and fungi to exchange metabolites throughout the system.  None of the original 7 billion living critters has survived, but the generational interchange of life has created a system that enhances life by producing life, in cyclical form.

Emergent growth happens after the mixing process has broken things down to the point where plants can reform the materials into edible food.  Both the compost pile and the human being run with a water-based internal solvent system - the water catalyzes the making and breaking of chemical bonds that provide the energy which is given off as heat - then the reconstruction is fueled by the metabolic demand of the live parties involved.  

Can we internalize this story, and repeat it at another fractal down.  Place yourself as an early bacteria in the pile, or as a nematode that has come into the mother lode of food after the pile has crashed and burned.  You could see how the two stories would be vastly different based on the perspective of where in the time life of the compost pile you chose your sentient critter to be.  What actions would you take to respond to the symptoms of the changes - without knowing the ultimate fate - based on where in the time of the compost pile lifetime that you chose to materialize.

Season here is spring - a great time to start a new compost pile.

Namaste' ... doc

April 24, 2014

Telling Seems from Is

What is the difference between seems and is?  The way things seem is based on context to the grand illusion, while the weigh things are is a measured absolute.  The jar is made of glass is a cut and dried statement of fact - the glass is silicon dioxide - the chemical properties of glass are known.  That the glass is a liquid and flows slowly downward due to gravity may not be as well known a fact, yet it is a fact none-the-less.  Take a calipers and measure the top and bottom of a window pane sometime to confirm this fact.

In fact, one should always confirm facts. With the wealth of resources at the click of a mouse, there is no good reason not to look up the details.  Well maybe, one - most of what you read on the net is seems and not is.  You can find whatever information that you want to support any opinion that you have.  Look for consistency.

Sources need to be cross checked - when the info all originates at the same place, it is likely bad info.  There are many people willing to share bad info.  The quality of the information generated depends on the quality of the materials used in the process.  When the sequence of information is stacked against itself, it has to make logical sense in the proper order.

Doc left the process grinder in 2007, then again in 2012. The fractal length of contraction should take us through the epicenter of the hour glass as one alone and land us in the field of rebuilding from scratch, one at a time, at different rates.  Being comfortable in your own skin is a matter of having a basis set to fall back upon that sets boundaries between seems and is.

Validate your own assumptions at every opportunity and always look for contrasts.  A contrast occurs when something thrives when out of place in a dead scenario, or dies when in place in a live scenario.  We tend to like absolutes, but life is variable.  There is a probability involved and the same result is not always derived from similar situations.  The more iterations of the scenario - the greater the odds set into the law of averages.

There are three basic averages that i look at - the mean, the median and the mode.  The mean is the standard average - add up all the numbers and divide by the total count.  The median is the middle number in the set - string the numbers by rank, divide in half and take the number at the center of the grid.  The mode is the most frequent number in the score set.  If 9 people score 10 and one person scores 100 - the mean is 19, the median and mode are both 10.  When grading tests in chemistry class - these indicators allow me to assign proper grades to different scores, and to remove outliers.

The removal of outliers is one of the largest bugaboos in modern science.  All scientists ought to be clearly trained in probability and statistics and all data tested for confidence level, accuracy and precision.  The protocols demand this.  Yet the popular reporting of science information does not cover the process - it cherry picks results for the attraction of an audience.  The believe of seems makes more money for corporations than the actuality of is.  The entire system is a stack of cards built on a myth that seems is more important than is.  Or so it seems.

I am watching the implosion of a system that is doomed to fail,  and feeling great joy at seeing the end of some pretty bad things.  That the illusion is dissolving is a good thing - the fear and panic caused by the resistance to change is artificial and driven by a mindset that never have had control of themselves, and they are in full panic.  The hallowed institutions are hollow and we, the people, realize that we are sovereign to ourselves and need not kowtow to our current myth of governance.  Time has come to see is for is and dissolve all the peksy seems.

We need to be real and deal with true, while watching the myth dissolve and starting to rebuild based on different premises.  The reset of the financial order, the establishment of an equitable system of exchange and the leveling of playing fields are all necessary.  Self - governance, without institutional advantage built through the leverage of corruption over time, is required.  A legal system in common words with simple concepts that everyone can grok would be a major benefit.  Let's create a rainbow courtroom,  where all aspects of information are investigated, in our search for truth and quest for peace.

Namaste' ... doc

April 23, 2014

Energy Matters

Something in the nothing of all that is
Beckons one to file past trash away
Looking beyond all that pertains of matter
Into fractal dimensions of wave nature
Background hum measured in decibels of hertz
Provides resiliency to structural form
Portending atoms as discrete entities
Jumping beans of molecular frequency
Electronic mind games with low pitch squeal
While water walks her walk n talks her talk
The rest of us make do for the coming fall
Squirreling away our energy acorns
While vibrating with love in harmonic resonance

© 2008, 2014  lemme howdt

Consistency within Change

In order to fabricate a universal construct, one must take the time to work out the details of self-consistency amongst the intricate mechanisms that pervade the thought form.   Things that do not matter in the early development, reappear later in a context where they are out of sequence with the rhythm and flow developed.  Disharmony is created in the form, so the system accommodates with a novel mechanism to enable itself to work, though not at peak potential.

Sometimes a lateral shift is involved.  The cost of physically moving an operation to a different location would be a factor in the initial decision to get started on the process.  Factors of scale change with growth, so space might be a luxury today, while at a premium tomorrow.  The project length depends on many factors and starting prematurely can add to the work load without affecting the final results.  You do what you have to do, and have contingencies that allow changes of venue as a potential outcome of the process.

So, I AM here as a result of things that placed me where i need to be at the crucial time for me to be here.  As a sovereign in a whirled where rulers have God complexes, begs the question of what this existence is in the first place.  We are all here now to be part of the change that we are witnessing, on a grand scale.  Since as above, so below;  these changes manifest in ways that we either believe or ignore.  Our choice is what enables our perception. 

I watched a documentary on life in the universe this morning.  The entire video missed most of life in the universe while speculating on SETI - the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence finding life on this scale, in the vast cosmos.  It sounded scientific to the uninformed - j4 and lemme rotfl'd their way through while picking apart the narrative.  How can peeps believe such nonsense?

We believe the weigh we were conditioned to think.  You have to discriminate between better choices and most people do not hold a requirement for self-consistency in their thought.  My greatest challenges come when i learn some new fact based truths and then have to integrate them into my current belief structure.  I often have to toss old outmoded beliefs.  When this runs across science lines, i become very careful and often return to one question - does the chemistry make sense?.

In nature, functions of scale are rarely linear.  You just don't see fine lines and sharp corners in form.  We have curves and odd angles - chemistry has a valence shell electron pair repulsion theory that explains how the geometry takes form on a molecular and atomic basis.  That inter-atomic bonding takes place on a base eight system with love energy exuding to make up the slight difference in stability of atoms vs molecules: but is denied by conventional science - because the word love cannot be recognized within the scientific vocabulary.

Yet ask any woman to tell you about love and she will have an endless stream of feelings released depending on the context of the conversation.  The direct parallel between the life of a human and the life of a water molecule is obvious to me just a factor of fractal scale.   The challenge is to think outside the enveloping fractal and use both integration and differentiation to test the knowledge in the thought form, over many fractal scales.  

Emergent behavior flows in both directions - complexity reigns with larger size - simplicity reigns with smaller size.  This is based on spacial considerations - the more atoms to accommodate - the simpler the task must become to encompass the all.  Each one has a role in the whole one - so one is not the only one.   We can reset the group of atoms to a single whole number one molecule, where the rule of reset contains a stable group of atoms.  The symmetry is define through matrix algebra in the form of tabular irreversible representations.

Only stable structures may be reset to one.  When that new one is achieved on a different fractal scale, then it becomes stable for as long as its function is necessary.  It can grow, shrink, or remain in fractal order.  The time period for this is a function of the size of the group.  Each one is always one and a self cannot unexist once it exists, until it ends.  When you die, it ends (as far as we know - we may actually never die).

Such is life - always changing.  Namaste' ... doc

April 22, 2014

Thyme on Time

  If ... a year is defined as the period that it takes for Gaia to complete one precess around Sol and a day is defined as the period that it takes the moon to precess around Gaia, then ... we have a correlation of time with the realm of the physical.  The seasons of the year repeat climatically over the years, such that spring is always growing season, though the length may vary.  Solstice and equinox also provide markers as our perception of long term time is seemingly accurate.

  When we get to the overlays called calendars and clocks, we set deeper references to our perception of how time passes.   When we walk away from the overlay, the natural time takes over and we still go through our patterns of sleep, eat, entertain, eat and sleep - sometimes substituting work for entertainment.  Hopefully, our work motivates us and keeps us entertained, but work is a different topic from time.

  As we age, we perceive time differently as a function of our size and our surroundings.  We get conditioned to follow bells and buzzers - to treat time as block segments for our attention span.  I remember growing up in front of a television - the dash for a meal during the three minutes of commercials.  Morning cartoons on saturday and davy and goliath on sunday - slow talking dog.  After a while, the input fades into the background, then gradually fades away.  My last tv was owned in 1993.

  Watching is not a passive activity .  To observe properly takes time - collected over the course of years as practice.  For the first thousand hours that you spend watching and learning about something, you are in continual awe at the diversity of knowledge within the topic.  As a child, it comes so fast, simultaneously, that you don't even notice it.  Once you start to truly study, time evaporates.

  Humans age at different rates and we used annual birthdays as a marker of age.  Some people have wisdom beyond their years; others have a mental capacity slightly greater than a doorknob.  Each of us has a story, a personal history, that we find worth sharing with people we value.  The time we spend with family and friends adds up cumulatively to form our experience.  These are the values that we bring to the table.

  History has many useful lessons, told in the tales of the people.  Movies, television and music videos have absorbed the role of story telling and placed it into a neat tangible box.  You get told a story, it doesn't interact with you personally - just another perspective to take into your space.  In a fixed time block, to condition you.  No rounding - must follow the schedule and follow the process.   And still the commercials flow .. buy ... buy ... buy ... bye ... bye.

  We, the collective group in the unity of one love, have a lot to learn to create the space of love that we wish to live within.  The endeavor to learn about each other first, and then the things of common interest will take a different form as the size of the group grows.  The metric measurements change as a function of scale - the periods of time that we choose to overlay are not the periods of time that it takes for emergent growth.  The timing is always longer than we hope, but shorter than eventually as we add it up cumulatively,  Slowly over time, we will listen to our stories.

   My instinct says put in time now in deep thought as a group of one - develop a comfort zone with yourself that allows you to go to the places you like to be for solace and meditation.  Invest a few hours of deep quiet to think about what things you like and how they come to be when you feel grounded and in comfortable space.  Build your comfort zone.  Look at your body of knowledge and evaluate how sound it is - what you built the foundation upon - how you set your flow of thought.  Are you logical or emotional or both?

  After you engage other people, notice how much time you spent and the value that you exchanged.  Measure value in any form that you wish, just be consistent in form and function, so that there is a relative scale of value based on some absolute.  What are those absolutes?  

  Depends on who you are.  I know what motivates me - it is not what motivates you.  Once we collect and exchange information amongst enough people in unity - then i will begin to evaluate the information in secondary form.  For now - i just enjoy listening to the music and discussing the metaphysical truths of the current reality, cause too many physical truths remain to be revealed.

  Namaste' ...  doc

April 21, 2014

And the Beat Goes On ...

Monday morning is the moment when most of the working world goes through the 'oh shit' rigamarole and gets started on the make work project of the week.  Marching orders pass down amongst the ranks and people approach the work as gotta get it done. That there is no urgency never strikes us;  if it takes more time than a week to do the work, so be it.

Generally by Wednesday, the work is all done.  The middle of the day on Wednesday is the apex of the week - the target points for finishing are all laid out and suddenly next weekend is in sight.  That the seven day treadmill is always five on and two off is a simple complexity that can always be counted on. The capitalist system does not allow change readily.

I tried to buck that system once.  I was working at a zoo designing math and science programs for teenage youth.  Since school covered my subjects on weekdays, i arranged to have weekend science at the zoo - monitoring water quality, animal health and getting to meet the kids.  I had Monday and Tuesday scheduled off - but dang if the zoo management didn't keep scheduling mandatory meetings to keep me there on days off too.  Their system did not work for me.

So the only thing to do is to leave the system and strike out toward a new system - that is the Weigh.  The most difficult part to deal with, is that people in the system cannot see any other system and do not let you do your own thing.  They keep pushing you back into their system by the inflexibility of getting anything done. The realization is - in their system, you are not supposed to get anything done.  The system operates by churning itself.  So in order to not conform, one must drop out (or drop acid).  When i get told, the flow goes in one ear and out the other.  No telling.

One of the problems with all systems is that work takes place upon the system,  The people who work the system for their own benefit have a large advantage over the people who are worked by the system.  Not having the group ethic means that they can parse niches to get what they want.   That action here causes an effect there is completely lost - if it works for me, then it works and i do it.  I believe that Ayn Rand saw this as the virtue of selfishness.  All for one and one for one.

To some extent, that form works if everyone plays it as such.   Unfortunately, the system wonks have embedded myths within that keep individuals separated from each other - by competition for limited resources.   That all of everything was given freely originally is not a concern - ownership and payment are the capital of the system.  Ooh the games they play to keep the wool in everyone's eyes.  It requires multiple perspectives to sort it all out - monoculture leads to group-think leads to continuance of this failed system rather than the new weigh.

History is written in the short term by the people that won the last battle.  The cost of getting the word out was limited to those who could afford to publish their work.  The gatekeepers placed a huge barrier in front of the collective information source - the education system.  In order to indoctrinate everybody to the same orientation, the schools controlled the access to information.  Critical thinking was restricted to only certain quadrants and the answers to the questions were known to the teacher before the student was even in the information loop.

To break this pattern requires research directed learning.  As a scientist, i use this train of thought to investigate whether the myth holds true or not.  The myth is the collection of stories that we are told to keep us independent of each other - spinning our wheels alone rather than building to a scale that can have an effect.   We are taught to play our hand close to the vest and to keep good information to ourselves for future advantage in working the system.  It is time to question our pattern of questioning and belief.  A teacher cannot validly teach, if not learning;  while a learner is better formed in his weigh by teaching.

Let's start by asking, who am I?  Where did i come from?  We are the collection of our individual experiences, mitigated by interaction with other people and their experiences.  When something happens to us alone as an individual, we can feel the experience for what it is and interpret it though our eyes and our past.  We can selectively remember the parts we like, to embellish, and forget the parts that didn't make a note.  We can sometimes even question whether it really happened.

When a second person shares our experience, then we can relate to each other and discuss what happened from the difference of perspectives.  We come up with the story that consistently explains what we both saw and felt, in context to the happening with respect to each other.  Have you ever had somebody deny an experience that you shared in common?  The immediate feeling is betrayal.  But there are some things that happen off-time - and two can share and keep a secret, so to speak.

When three or more people occupy the space to witness an event, the context that they take away is part of something that is beyond the individual to frame.   The record of what happened is set in a different form, where the witnessing of the happening ensures that the happening did in fact happen.  Yet just like the game of telephone, each person has a part of the whole but not the entire whole and little things didn't all get noticed by everyone along the way.  The myth grows different from what actually happened.

Now consider this query - if things are not observed, do they happen?  The Akashic Records, held in trust by the cetaceans, have a complete description of everything that has happened on this time line - via an independent observer.  How is this possible?  If we consider a holographic universe, where every decision that is made has a significance, then each choice that we make leads to a different outcome in the possibilities over time.  Let's imagine that all the variables are set that the key decision comes down to one individual making a true decision.

What if - the decision gets made both ways and two universes are set off in different scales to where they can both run concurrently without ever having to bump into itself?  If the decision turns out to be not critical, then the two timelines merge back later and nothing changes.  If the change is key - the new pattern is birthed and both scenarios work themselves out on separate timelines in different dimensional universes.  

At one point, i came up with a 13 concurrent world scenario within a grid of 64.  My guess is that somebody digging thru the zone archives could find this information.  Permutations of two and three lead to different segmentation of similar grids.  It is all about simplification through symmetry.   Small number ratios are a chemical phenomena.  To reset a group to one changes the fractal scale of the order, and hence the fractal scale of the chaos.  Order and chaos are yin and yang and neither can be absolute.  Similar light and dark, black and white, strange and charmed.

Enough writing - to Unity Space to work this through.  Namaste' ...  doc

April 19, 2014

A Morning on the Weigh with Annie

Moods are interesting thought patterns that cycle themselves into a feeling that brings our internal climate to the surface.  To set a mood involves having a sequence of events push in a vector - a directional force of measurable magnitude.  I like to choose a music piece and flow off of it - Eurythymic's Sweet Dreams is on now.  I'll now move to Medusa - a fab album from Annie Lennox - she does some really good cover on this.  Soft, sweet, female ...

It seems like a good time to bring love sounding into the picture.  The spin of the times can be likened to the movement of sand in an hour glass as the time approached. Fewer and fewer grains remain as they tumble toward the crimp; eventually the last piece falls.  Then somebody turns the timer over and we begin the process again.

What is it like being the first grain of sand dropped onto a clean plate?  How close does the next grain of sand have to be for you to notice it?  What if the crimp were made more complex and every grain of sand landed in isolation until a critical mass was reached?  Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade of Pale - Annie's cover - yum!  As long as we have something to set the stage, we can always keep ourselves entertained.

The music tells a story from an individual fractal perspective.  To see how behavior emerges as a function of scale in the size of a group, we have to set an algorithm for measurement and look at a rate that will indicate change over time.  We need a proxy for time to remove it from our rate equation - and to use time independent variables.

Here is where music can work- any given artist version of the same song has a slightly different beat -a rhythm and a flow.  Annie's Don't Let it Bring you Down runs different from Neil Young's original. Yet we can synchronize our actions to the rhythm and beat of the song and know that the time coordinate is fixed in the version.  After we all gather our karaoke skills - having certain songs that the group sings together will establish the beat harmony and pace for the collective action of the group as one.

Unity is growing.  A new person asked what was the point of the group and my answer was to learn to create personal interactive media.  Our group is an informal information exchange on a worldwide basis.  There are several key nodes of operation in Europe and the American continents - India is represented, and Australia.  There was a much larger group that held a different critical mass that exploded into fragments back toward the winter solstice - this portion of space-time has held its own through early functional development.

The yellow star game was setup to track unity growth - the gifting of the stars is a bottleneck arrangement just like the sands of the hourglass, as are the days of our lives.  Love and trust and commodities that we share freely - conflict is written away.  It snowballs behind the scenes if allowed to fester - so we check, no worries.  The vehicle is new, and raw, and sometimes dysfunctional.  The games our 'puters play.

Thin Line - Annie : i wonder, if paying attention to the individual is the real meal deal here.  We feel appreciated when greeted with love and encouraged to be part of something bigger than the individual I AM.  When we all share, we have so many world perspectives.  It also helps to see through different eyes.  Some videos are blacked out in different places.  Having access to information from secondary sources fills a real need.

When the group size in the room crosses a fibonacci number, it changes the flavor of the room contents.  The powers of eight and thirteen unified beings simultaneously in peaceful agreement to reset the world operating system feels awesome.  Those resonances are reset to one on a new fractal that sets forth - the variance holds until the group size crosses another threshold downward.  The idea of resetting the table with small numbers that represent the form of the bigger numbers allows the math to remain simple, while the magnitude grows in complexity.

Growth works in spurts. There are energy barriers that require an accumulation of force to cross the doorstep.  Once the mass is achieved, then reset of the calibration shifts the level of the floor. Each floor has the same pattern - the electron hotel.  Room service is based on love flowing and love sounding and love loving.  All the fractals can be, without having to worry that the group has dissolved - it always begins at one with you and at two with me. No matter who you are - you can be one when only you are there.

The initial burst sets the limit that enables the next fractal growth.  The growth can be greater or lesser than the previous growth or it can be the same.  The growth period is determined by measuring the differences in growth over a length of time - then setting that period and walking away to not measure until the set has played.  Use set here in a tennis sense. There is constant play from different fractals at different rates.   Patience is a virtue and the observer may not remain attached to the outcome.

The hour is up, Annie has played and this day has brought me to an empty coffee cup.  Enjoy !!

Namaste' ...  doc

April 18, 2014

A Wet Journey

Dissolve in the moisture of this hot water bath, set at 107 degrees - feel the warmth on your skin as you take the initial plunge into paradise.  Soak in the heat and allow the exchange of surface water.  Slowly, your pores open and the internal equilibrates with the external.  A warm glow ensues.  Bask in the envelope of constant pressure creating waves that resonate to the walls of the pool and back again.  Hot springs flow eternal - when you can be there in your mind at any time : welcome, this is home.

When there is a real place there, you can plant your being and leave here for a spell.  Gaia has these magnificent showcase spots chosen for us to eternalize into our water being and form the basis for our love, loving.  The blue pool, the waterfall, the dragon guardian, the monk and his island, amanita muscaria, water flowing down algae walls - all here - still there - always there, always here.

It is all about water.  Sacred space has a feel that tells you that it is what it is.  On the path to the creek, two giant guardian trees that provide a place to puff near enough to the start (or the end, upon leaving) to become acquainted with the feel of the day.  That I could be there all day, every day, this past summer was an attunement to Gaia that served as a personal apprenticeship.  Shamanic studies of the chemistry and metaphysics from the realm within.  Salt spheres with metal ions display color within, as throughout.

Doc has become a fungalinguist - speaking with matsutakes and chantrelles, shrimp russulas and agaricus.  Mushrooms are a life form that bridges the intellect between animal and vegetable forms.  They trade metals for sugars with the root systems of plants.  Plants are peeps too - even though they are not mobile and can not speak out tongues.  Water serves as a universal transmitter within life forms on different scales.  The form water takes serves as a bridge function - it congregates and distributes replacement parts for all of its own cellves.

Free flowing water forms the basis of the Gaian metabolic system, called nature, that is the essence of all that is.  Places like this sacred space that i share lovingly with you now, allow me to deal with the realities of everyday cognitive dissonance that pervades, through the eyes wide shut that keeps peeps from the good, by taking focus away from self sufficiency.  You matter! When matter takes the form of moving water - in trickles or in splashes, in waves that evolve into form, a swirling miasma of floating dreams.  Water is us - we are water.

Namaste' ...  doc

April 17, 2014

Go read 'The End of Employment'

The Arch Druid has an excellent post today on resources.  It makes sense in lemmeland.  

So if nobody has a job and everybody trades with everybody else on a reasonably even basis, then perhaps we can all find one thing to grow that will provide a food source that can be traded for other sustenance.   I still like the Mondragon model.

namaste'  ...  doc

April 16, 2014

Pi with Tea

The answers are all inside of ourselves.  As above, so below.  In context, the portals that are opening are throughways between harmonic dimensions.  When we look at where we are in perspective to the larger and smaller spheres of fractal interaction - we find that there is no escape from the muddle in the middle.  Scale takes a different form to flow love into being;  the bonds of attraction that hold us together are knitted from the electricity of love that resonates similar illusions together to provide us this common reality.

The eclipse serves as a mixing module model - a chamber that gathers frequencies from all scales and shuffles them up into a deck to be dealt anew to the players.  The tarot and the I-Ching each have their divinity enrapt by mystical illusion - the sacredness of space provides support for the substance that is extracted from the depth of riddle.  No blame.

Let's go deeper.  Start at any size sphere that you wish to imagine and illustrate a process in that dimension.  For instance, to make my morning tea, i went through several consistent steps that together leave me with the Brownian Motion of tea leaves in hot water as alkaloids are extracted into billions of individual water molecules to supply a tasty beverage on demand.  Acquisition of the tea from the store had to precede the process, else no tea would be here to be made.

What if we had to grow our own tea?  It would require a bit more planning, a different type of acquisition from a nursery, rather than a grocery.  We would have to look at the seasonal climate of this region and find a tea plant that was hearty and productive.  Many teas are blended with various herbs that grow around, like camomile and dandelion, which could be cultivated.   Plants have a secret life of their own according to Peter Thompkins - imagine yourself as a human being restricted, as a plant is, to a single location planted for the current lifetime.

Now take the organizational scale for growing tea to provide for all the tea drinkers in your local community.   Do we all grow out tea together in one place, or do we each have our separate tea plants interspersed in our garden?   Do we have access to several varieties of tea?  How long does it take a new tea plant to establish?  Can it be done from clippings or is tea grown from seed?  Is Bergamot available for those who like Earl and Lady Grey teas?  Is there enough caffeine in your tea?  Is there too much caffeine in your tea?  IS THERE?

Coffee doesn't grow in the local climate.  In the way back when chicory was used as a coffee substitute.  Tea drinkers and coffee drinkers are different cultural beasts - my guess is that the value of commodities that can not be grown local will be a function of the distance that the materials have to travel to get to your community.   Having material stashed for the long emergency is quite different than having to create it from scratch.  At one time, ten to twenty pounds of coffee were always on hand.  No longer ...  there is abundance in the world, not lack.

If we grow good tea, we can always trade tea for coffee.  Look how in depth just morning beverage can become and think about how many other things in life we take for granted as always gonna be there.  The things is - it is all gonna change.  The question is at what pace.  Time - time is an illusion, yet it governs our concept of rate.  per second - per hour - per annum - per millenia - forever...   

The rate of change depends on where we set the fractal of one.  To set the fractal of one is a function of quantum reality.  Every different scale has its absolute value of one.  In the Fibonacci sequence of the golden mean ratio - there are two ones.  This sets two scales simultaneously - as the limits of that fractal reality.  If the reality moves out over the limit, then one of the two ones has to be reset to one to define a new fractal within that reality.

This all flows harmonically within nature, without us having to do anything.  Large and small are relative to each other, on all scales.  However, when you deal with the fractal reality of very small numbers - the ratios are much more significant than when you get to larger number.  When you reset a scale to one to become a new fractal, it shifts the magnitude of the adjacent scales relative to the one that you are working on.

Fractal levels are isolated from each other by pi.   There is a net video - Powers of Ten - that uses a fractal of one tenth - this is a mathematical overlay on a natural system.  The concept still holds, but the model can never be as complex as the actual system, else it could not serve as a model.   We have a top/bottom contrast that doesn't resonate like a left/right contrast.  Yet dualities are all yin/yang in nature and revealing of the underlying symmetry that governs.

So my cup of tea is done and the point is - in order to reset the configuration, we have many different forms of tea to cultivate.  Tea is a drink with jam and bread and it brings us back to doe, a dear, a female deer.  Harmony within the spheres based on the music of love.

Namaste' ...  lemme and doc

April 14, 2014

Watch as Bizarre Begins a Roll

The world governance apparatus appears to have gone wonky this weekend.  The events of the media are generally lost on doc and lemme; keeping touch with how things have progressed since the last time we checked in is a function of reality that one must handle, as sovereignty depends on interpretation of space and time.  Since we have questioned the time sequence, the details of cause and effect may be showing results predicated on leakage - events have changed in the future that reflect back into this past.

The game rule is that causes on the radar screen prior to the personal transformation are still allowed on the radar screen, even though we get to ignore new news events.   Having had a career that included volunteer service with the BLM in the past, allowed doc to watch the great Nevada cattle rustle episode with bizarre delight.   The Klamath River debacle was up close and personal, and the natural resources of Gaia are involved.  So doc has interest.  (Gaia is a being, not the whirled nor a world)

Watch - the Nevada game is not over.  The shot across the bow is happening on many different levels of playing field and the media spin notwithstanding, it is hard to get good information unless you already have context of the depth of the story.  That independent sovereign type rural people believe deeply in the constitution and form of governance is unfortunate - the reality is not close to the myth.  When those people feel empowered, then things happen like Waco and Ruby Ridge - you may not stand up to these powers that used to be.

Unless, things are really changing.  The festivities in the Ukraine should not be the focus of Amerikan attention, except that the lame stream media is a bunch of rabid dogs attempting to stir the pot.  The history and geography of the region should tell a story.  It seems that it is a local concern.  In fact - everything ought to be a local concern.

Another issue that doc is following is the hell no, GMO! in Jackson County Oregon.  Seems the issue got on the ballot before the state of Oregon declared autonomy on the issue.  Seems like the issue is a total GMO ban, but that Syngenta and Monsanity have decided to buy the election to prove a point.  Another money in governance issue that allows people to do things that aren't right for their personal advantage.  The time has come to retire this system.

The concept of country is too big to remain.  The idea of fealty to idjits in DC that run around without remorse has ebbed, flowed and is gone.  The concept of states is also failed and gone, although some regions could still work within the bounds of existing statehood - if they so choose. The State of Jefferson type groups will have a role to play - the game is setting up for a most spectacular fall.  I generally do not wish to even know, but how does one avoid the splash of media glitz.  It pervades.

I have a few websites that i like to consult to see if the information that i get is accurate.  These sites feature wing nuts of various categories - people that think extremely far outside the box.  Every so often somebody makes a lucid observation and the people start to get that maybe what they have been told is just not the weigh it is.  Peeps are starting to wake up - keep watching and events will happen that enable the change that we know we all need.

Namaste'  ...  doc