April 27, 2014

lemme's whirled

Quietude in the morning - watching the birds play outside the window.  They have been gone for several days - due to high winds, cold temperatures and the cardinal cross.  Even though we had snow over night, the winds are gone and the budgie flock is back.  Bird seed feeders are a cool investment.

lemme planted a garlic clove that had sprouted into a plastic pot.  The garlic that he planted a month ago is barely holding on - it was premature of us to plant at that time, but the bulb suggested that we give it a try.  Some peeps have green thumbs - doc has a brown one.  I guess its just my inorganic nature to think on a different harmonic. 

The moods are swaying deep - events are happening that bear watching - be ready for anything.  Our Unity Community is now stationed at Divinity Infinity .  At 11:00 am PST daily;  we congregated for a meditation and a musical reprise.  It is a peaceful weigh to thyme howdt for an hour.   Since the locations of persons span the globe, there is always a chance of finding someone there at any hour.  Every Monday morning 7:00 am PST, lemme goes on cam and discusses some aspect of metaphysics.

One of the goal here is to develop personal interactive media for every individual on the planet.  As we contribute to each other, we are developing polite methods of introducing information over the entire span of the planet, rather than just local media.  The merikn lame stream media puts forth a set of dissociated fear and we have no real outlet to question either the presentation or the presenter.  

As an educator, i feel a need to develop student based learning on a two weigh feed.  The give and take of question and answer in real time is of multiplicative value in learning.  The best group size is four - a master and three acolytes.  This breaks into a pair of one-on-ones where a student can have individual attention while the other pair is working together on some aspect of the project.  Each person in a small group matters significantly and the group together can accomplish well more than any individual, when everybody does their own work.

We each have interest in different aspects of things.  Doc is a math junkie who thinks in numbers and always has to be counting something or other.  lemme is a poet who deals in less tangible aspects of space and time and time and space.  Together, they are a package of yang and yin in one persona - who really needs a different outlet to convey the impression that when you take your own power under personal control, you can achieve anything.  

We just have to start by being nice to each other. Then, we can be real with each other and know that our heads will not be bitten off when there is disagreement.   Somehow - this interpersonal network will create a geographically independent united mind set that resonates love and has no cadence for the frequency of fear.  It is coming, got your cosmic surf-boards ready?  Come visit.

namaste' ... doc

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