April 14, 2014

Watch as Bizarre Begins a Roll

The world governance apparatus appears to have gone wonky this weekend.  The events of the media are generally lost on doc and lemme; keeping touch with how things have progressed since the last time we checked in is a function of reality that one must handle, as sovereignty depends on interpretation of space and time.  Since we have questioned the time sequence, the details of cause and effect may be showing results predicated on leakage - events have changed in the future that reflect back into this past.

The game rule is that causes on the radar screen prior to the personal transformation are still allowed on the radar screen, even though we get to ignore new news events.   Having had a career that included volunteer service with the BLM in the past, allowed doc to watch the great Nevada cattle rustle episode with bizarre delight.   The Klamath River debacle was up close and personal, and the natural resources of Gaia are involved.  So doc has interest.  (Gaia is a being, not the whirled nor a world)

Watch - the Nevada game is not over.  The shot across the bow is happening on many different levels of playing field and the media spin notwithstanding, it is hard to get good information unless you already have context of the depth of the story.  That independent sovereign type rural people believe deeply in the constitution and form of governance is unfortunate - the reality is not close to the myth.  When those people feel empowered, then things happen like Waco and Ruby Ridge - you may not stand up to these powers that used to be.

Unless, things are really changing.  The festivities in the Ukraine should not be the focus of Amerikan attention, except that the lame stream media is a bunch of rabid dogs attempting to stir the pot.  The history and geography of the region should tell a story.  It seems that it is a local concern.  In fact - everything ought to be a local concern.

Another issue that doc is following is the hell no, GMO! in Jackson County Oregon.  Seems the issue got on the ballot before the state of Oregon declared autonomy on the issue.  Seems like the issue is a total GMO ban, but that Syngenta and Monsanity have decided to buy the election to prove a point.  Another money in governance issue that allows people to do things that aren't right for their personal advantage.  The time has come to retire this system.

The concept of country is too big to remain.  The idea of fealty to idjits in DC that run around without remorse has ebbed, flowed and is gone.  The concept of states is also failed and gone, although some regions could still work within the bounds of existing statehood - if they so choose. The State of Jefferson type groups will have a role to play - the game is setting up for a most spectacular fall.  I generally do not wish to even know, but how does one avoid the splash of media glitz.  It pervades.

I have a few websites that i like to consult to see if the information that i get is accurate.  These sites feature wing nuts of various categories - people that think extremely far outside the box.  Every so often somebody makes a lucid observation and the people start to get that maybe what they have been told is just not the weigh it is.  Peeps are starting to wake up - keep watching and events will happen that enable the change that we know we all need.

Namaste'  ...  doc

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