April 18, 2014

A Wet Journey

Dissolve in the moisture of this hot water bath, set at 107 degrees - feel the warmth on your skin as you take the initial plunge into paradise.  Soak in the heat and allow the exchange of surface water.  Slowly, your pores open and the internal equilibrates with the external.  A warm glow ensues.  Bask in the envelope of constant pressure creating waves that resonate to the walls of the pool and back again.  Hot springs flow eternal - when you can be there in your mind at any time : welcome, this is home.

When there is a real place there, you can plant your being and leave here for a spell.  Gaia has these magnificent showcase spots chosen for us to eternalize into our water being and form the basis for our love, loving.  The blue pool, the waterfall, the dragon guardian, the monk and his island, amanita muscaria, water flowing down algae walls - all here - still there - always there, always here.

It is all about water.  Sacred space has a feel that tells you that it is what it is.  On the path to the creek, two giant guardian trees that provide a place to puff near enough to the start (or the end, upon leaving) to become acquainted with the feel of the day.  That I could be there all day, every day, this past summer was an attunement to Gaia that served as a personal apprenticeship.  Shamanic studies of the chemistry and metaphysics from the realm within.  Salt spheres with metal ions display color within, as throughout.

Doc has become a fungalinguist - speaking with matsutakes and chantrelles, shrimp russulas and agaricus.  Mushrooms are a life form that bridges the intellect between animal and vegetable forms.  They trade metals for sugars with the root systems of plants.  Plants are peeps too - even though they are not mobile and can not speak out tongues.  Water serves as a universal transmitter within life forms on different scales.  The form water takes serves as a bridge function - it congregates and distributes replacement parts for all of its own cellves.

Free flowing water forms the basis of the Gaian metabolic system, called nature, that is the essence of all that is.  Places like this sacred space that i share lovingly with you now, allow me to deal with the realities of everyday cognitive dissonance that pervades, through the eyes wide shut that keeps peeps from the good, by taking focus away from self sufficiency.  You matter! When matter takes the form of moving water - in trickles or in splashes, in waves that evolve into form, a swirling miasma of floating dreams.  Water is us - we are water.

Namaste' ...  doc

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