April 11, 2014

Looking at Scale

People are strange.  Nobody is more strange than the person looking at you in the mirror this morning.  Sometimes, we get all caught up in the mind set of that person and lose track of the simple idiosyncrasies that make us unique.  As you pass through the day, your mood swings and your focus ebbs and flows.  Your action flows as a function of being, and how that works for you is the only thing that should be cause of your concern.

I am lost, at the moment, in a quandary of depth of thought about the body I call me.  Last night, the body took control and the fever came and laid waste to the physical body.  As i shivered and sweated into the blankets and pillows, i began to wonder where the energy was coming from to raise the body temperature.  Metabolism is a fairly cut and dried process.  There was nothing different in the passage of the day - the body just turned in early.

This morning, however, the landscape is fine.  My foot is no longer in constant pain, although i do have to take care of some open wounds.  The nerve endings rub and the pain was constant.  Plus, the ball of the foot was bruised.  The entire debacle came up overnight, either the potential for gout or some inter-dimensional battle.   Who knows, but the physical presence brought pain and disrupted my ability to stand on my own two feet.

Perhaps, we could all use a good dosage of physical pain to wake us up to the reality of change.  The illusion is collapsing like a house of cards - the television tells the peeps all they need to know to remain tethered into the matrix.  Only none of it is true.  The framework of as above, so below involves comprehending symmetry as a part of form.  That fractals relate self-similarity, yet manifest in different form is a cue - we try to hold together diverse ideas that may not be related.

So, let's look at things this day with a new perspective that asks - where does the input come from and where does the output go?  If we watch how the molecules change form to get around, then perhaps we can leverage some ideas from a different place.  The sense of place is tied to a different scale - sometimes, the differences are because we imagine things to be different - not that they are.

I have been watching the weather patterns as the days grow longer.  The birds feast at the feeder more in the cold, move off to be active when the days get warm.  There is a crew of budgies that live here and a set of larger birds that seem to migrate through.  Having a weigh to watch nature be, without too much human interference, is a necessity for my peace and well-being.

When we detach from the illusion, the biggest jolt is the need to set up a new illusion.  The peeps all want to bring us back into their illusion form - i do not recognize most of the forms that i used to know.  The shadows hold many tricks of the trade, but the ethics of the shadows are shaky puddings.  The idea of transparency - the need to see the whole mechanism for what it is - is lost completely in the whirled and needs to be restored.

Something that doc has been trying to do is to get a finer grasp on the concept of scale.  When we change fractal dimension and start anew on a different scale, then we have to go back and define the ones.  This is something that we are good at when things get smaller and bad at when things expand.  To grok emergent behavior and envision better the mechanisms on a grand scale is a goal for this endeavor - life in larger form is far more sentient than what we assign to planets and stars.

If we assume Gaia theory holds, as Lovelock and Margulis set forth, then why can't we see past the rock form to hold forth beings at a larger scale?  The image of earth as a globe limits our vision, Gaia operates a metabolic ecosystem that supports life, as we know it.  Life is much more detailed and expansive than we know.

The key to the system of nature seems to be in the harmony of the spheres.  The frequency of energy is felt more so than it is measured.  Measurement provides a grounding that enables us to compare things on a somewhat equivalent basis.  The forms of measuring require tools that are appropriate to the size of the material being measured.  The way these concepts come together has been skewed by the need to package everything into the one system form of illusion.

To grasp this key and unlock the door to a currently inconceivable foundation of peace, we will have to reevaluate all forms that we hold knowledge.  Certain areas of knowledge have an independent factual basis created by the physics and chemistry of the illusion based reality.  If we hold these concepts to be true, then the basis of new belief can be compared to the old basis set for consistency of form.  We have to be open to change ... but not change just for change sake.

To proceed, unity arises from accepting diversity.  Each form of mass flows forth with power and love to sound off to the mind - the heart collates the information and searches the resonances for consistency, which provides the basis for truth.  Open to the light, the body of knowledge can be reconfigured to provide a better deal for all peeps involved.  Perspective comes from reflecting in the void.

The current forms of intellectual property protection within the legal system are ridiculous constraints on our human ability to function.  The all consuming economic nature of corporate existence has to end - it is our responsibility to change the weigh - to create measurement systems that actually evaluate the knowledge form, rather than the current contrived burdens of proof.   The cost of maintaining the illusion creates an illusion of too big to fail.  It has failed.  On to the new.

Namaste' ... doc

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