April 29, 2014

Honor the Sky

Thinking back ...
to when things were different
before urgency to accomplish
was quenched by 
mass suppression
of individual thought

Once upon a time ...
we thought that we 
could step howdtside the box
and do something, 
before we saw 
the is for what it is

Being in the now ...
allows us to change 
the course of history
to pull the plug 
on modern myth 
both necessary and crucial 

The question then becomes ...
what to replace 
current myth with?
We can imagine
beauty unfolding
on display in real time 

As we have a natural system ...
fractals embedded in fractals,
our conception of beauty forms
by looking at places 
where is once was
Heaven is one of those places

Dream with me ...
as we view photos 
of heavens above  
to serve as our model
for grounds below
as we change form ...

Namaste' ... lemme howdt  cc 2014   photos by lemme  please copy with attribution

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