January 27, 2011

Whatever became of theory

Lost and found
edge aloft on a
cutting room floor
dunno, inconsistency
reflects disarray
signifying nothing
off time relation
questioning soul's
encumbered intent
as dynamics rot
cluttered minds
tracking paper chits
as a function of life
missing frequency
dynamic interactions
comes from being
connected reflections
patterned symmetry
a mirror plain of mirrors
repeating again, again
so we look outside
to feel the breath
of eternity upon us
waiting diligently
for other shoe to drop
while hoping to find
theory in practice

2011 lemme howdt

January 22, 2011

Hey Yage

Hey Yage'
black glistening cat
embedded purr
signifying spirituality
off-worldly effervescent
posed in profile
an image of sphinx
she knows flows
supposing that all
common existence
operates solely
for the benefit of
feline kitty cats

2011 lemme howdt

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January 19, 2011

Fritz Springmeier - Half Way to Liberty

January 18, 2011 This was written last week and received by mail today. Ironic since Fritz is now back in the slammer. The Illuminati need not worry about Fritz's supporters since no one responded to my appeal for an organizer of "Fritz Springmeier Defense Committee." In this article, Fritz mentions that the development of a slave class has made great strides since his imprisonment in 2003.

from BC

by Fritz Springmeier
(for henrymakow.com)

People have questions for me...Is there life after prison? What's it like to leave American society in Feb. 2003 and pop back into it in Oct. 2010? What catches your attention? And finally, how do ex-felons in the USA re-enter mainstream life as productive people, and avoid re-cycling back to prison?

One of the mechanisms (a government program of course) in place for the transition from prison life to mainstream life is the half-way house.

So here are so of my reflections on those questions while I'm currently in a half-way house. Typically, the inmate upon release from prison relaxes, only to discover that the half-way house is no place to relax; in fact some of the rules are even stricter, and while the negative the negative head-trip is not as obvious, the same prison spirit of distrust and treatment as if one were an irresponsible two-year-old baby continues, with frequent property inspections, breath tests, urine tests given under watchful eye of staff, and pat-downs. These are on going.

In prison, one could have his or her own laundry soap in one's locker. In my half-way house, we're not trusted with laundry soap.

Federal half-way houses are seen by the Bureau of Prisons who contracts with various half-way houses to house released prisoners still in the B.o.P.'s jurisdiction. (BTW, the half-way house also houses people under the eye of the probation dept. )

It's not my desire to pass judgment on their policies; I haven't tried to run a half-way house. But I can simply relate what it feels like.

I decided the biggest head-trip was the illusion of freedom, which stumbles some of the half-way house residents. Some get returned to prison before they reach the streets. An example of the illusion of freedom....

One male half-way home resident fell in love and married a female resident. They were both violated, given new charge, and returned to prison. The analogy of this is the promise of freedom offered to Blacks during the American Civil War.

And then, this same ex-slaves saw their hopes dashed on the rocks discrimination. The slave went from serving his master as a slave to share crops, toiling under the same discrimination, doing the same tasks. (Perhaps this analogy will be lost on most readers, because few people know how the Civil War was lost during the Reconstruction Era by a guerrilla war spearheaded by the KKK to return Blacks to the place they had been. A hard working educated and successful black businessman in the South in a small town was likely to be hung; and the second "Civil War" is largely unknown.)

Likewise the same discriminatory prison-like attitudes hover over us in the half-way house. Many inmates are told that the jobs they have found are not acceptable. Nothing we say is believed; everything has to be verified by outside sources. Everything we do is assumed to be of criminal intent, unless proven otherwise.

Upon release, the biggest difference for me was how many people have a cell phone in their ears and can be in touch with almost anyone around the globe. And now personal cheques are being phased out in favor of digital transfers.

Yes, we are progressing right into a technocratic dictatorship, with a three-tiered hierarchy: the PTB who rule; technocrats running things, and the obedient slave class. The "Great Transition" (or "Shift") had developed rapidly while I was locked up.

It is sucking us all into its communication web like a spinning vortex of wind. And some day we'll realize we're trapped by this web. Our entire lives will be caught in it, and we won't have seen it coming.

And that brings me to a deeper reality. When Christ said he came to set the captives free and give them life, what did he mean? It wasn't a halfway house program he was proposing.

One doesn't have to be in prison to a be a captive. Think about it.

success, change

what is success - in what terms do we measure it - can we put aside the hafta dos and get our lives to the wanna dos, or does that never come? can we shift the approach for successful interpersonal relationships and relieve the stress of the non-personal interactions that we all have to deal with? when did kindness get off the social bus?

stop being mean. stop participating in things that you know3 in your heart are not the right things for you to be doing. Be simple and live life for the enjoyment of what we have, not the fear of what you will lose. Plan to lose it all. Then you will gain it all back and more. In different form, in different shape; but let go and it will all happen.

my team has left the stage - there will not be very many blogs in the future. Blogging is a dead artform, like eight-track cassettes. Everybody tweets and stuffs their facebook slogans out - the depth is provided by the group-think-tank media. My media is evolving daily - but i need to have wealth sharing capacity and get rid of the bills that tether us to the system. time to explore whether rent is a valid concept. Control systems shifting from vertical to horizontal - chaos requires dumping existing order while seeking true order.

as groucho says - order, order - i'll have two cheeseburgers and fries. enjoy your day!