May 31, 2005

Book Tag

Everybody else is doing it, which is one reason to not do it? But it does sound like a cool idea and it gives us pause to think. I was tagged by the Jim Wilson at Independent County to answer these questions:

# of Books I own: Nearly 10K – I acquire 2-3 books per week.
Last book I bought: The Construction of Modern Science – Richard Westfall.
Last book I read: A Sand County Almanac – Aldo Leopold My weekend camping breeze through book.
Five Books That Mean A Lot to Me:
1. The Nature of the Chemical Bond – Linus Pauling I once spent an hour in leisurely chat with Pauling in my laboratory as a grad student.
2. Consilience – E.O. Wilson The current biological philosophy that puts it all together

3. Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand Have read it three times and still fall in love with Dagny Taggert every time. I know John Galt!
4. Lord of the Rings – J.R.R. Tolkien Frodo and company are always welcome in anecdotal form. I enjoy the poetry.
5. The Cardinal in the Kremlin – Tom Clancy Had to note my favorite author – this one is not as well known as the others but the intrigue is to die for.

The last question is to "tag" five other bloggers so that they answer these questions: Must pass on the tag through – however readers are welcome to submit:

Doctor Lenny's Super Bean Grow

As a chemist, Doctor Lenny has always been fascinated by the molecular scaffolding that keeps the reagent chemicals in proximity of the active site. There are 70 different metals that are active in biological systems and some have to travel an awful long distance. Either there is a successional order to process chemistry, or the raw materials have to accumulate until a service is provided. There is much redundancy in nature - many means to accomplish the same action.

Doctor Lenny's interest has led to the use of compost as a solvent for delivery of trace micronutrients to garden soils, placing them in proper chemical form so that the microbes can transform these metals into a readily metabolizable substrate for the fungi that share a symbiotic relationship with the plant species. Since plants grow by adding carbon from carbon dioxide and water, adding the proper catalyst that is the rate determining factor should increase plant growth until another absent reagent governs the process.

Most fertilization processes assume that the limiting reagant is either Nitrogen, Phosphorus or Potassium, and on a macroscale, it is. But the process is governed by nature's ability to convey the proper goods to the proper place along the organic architecture of enzymes. Add to this the concept of scale - orders of magnitude below what the eye can see and is is obvious that both rate and mass presence each play a role in optimizing agriculture.

To this end - we have for sale a fertilizer additive - Doctor Lenny's Super Bean Grow. Batch number 27 has been cured this spring and Doctor Lenny has a cubic yard to spare. This is a compost/fertilizer additive and should be used in low quantity, evenly distributed by broadcast in normal process machinery. Super Bean Grow comes in compost form. Super Bean Grow starter is also available as a chemical additive for your own compost pile. This is a garden item, though we may be able to make a deal for a small farm.

Super Bean Grow $10/lb + s&h
Super Bean Grow Chemical Starter - $150/g + s&h

May 27, 2005

Why wood?

ReadInstream placement of large wood is a key to developing aquatic habitat. Changing the water flow pattern by deflating the force of the flow created pools and eddys where gravel deposits. This gravel washes downstream continually, but the better we can trap the cobble near the top - the better the refugia created for the fish that do make it back to spawn. This is why we manage lands, so that our best science can be used to help find out what nature already knows - multiple small scale redundencies protect against disasters.

Deceleration Full Throttle

"The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity." W.B. Yeats

LaTulippe hits several nails on the head - thought is taking place in many places and the paradigm shift from order to chaos has begun - not a moment too soon. Watch the rate for the indicators of personal action and be prepared.

May 26, 2005


ReadIn the past calendar week, Doctor Lenny has been outside visiting habitat restoration projects with the Umpqua Basin Watershed Council, the Roseburg Bureau of Land Management and the Umpqua National Forest. The resource professionals are courteous and informative. These on-the-ground action projects provide significant habitat for salmonid fish and benefit other wildlife by producing ancillary benefits like clean air and clean water for local communities. i enjoy playing the land management game on a professional level and feel that agencies and communities benefit by my direct interaction in the decision making process.
ThisI also have attended several regulatory agency presentations and been frustrated by the lack of respect for the local indigenous populations. I use the term indigenous to mean the resident community - people who have been local for 10 years or longer and have a vested interest in community well-being. The term native is reserved for the tribes and other fellow landwalkers.
StuffCommunity representatives need to be included in the process of regulating their own communities. The regulatory agencies seem to have forgotten that knowledge resides in many forms. The disrespect for the rural lifestyle is causing a monumental friction - i am personally saddened by the performance of the Formosa Mine clean-up effort. What I viewed yesterday was about NEPA and what is in store for the Elliot State Forest is certainly forboding. We need to scrutenize the support science for the regulatory agencies - especially methodology that introduces biases via the rigid quality control system that rejects low probability data in the field.

Information Gathering

ReadFor those of you who enjoy outside the box (howdtside the baax) commentary - this is one of the most awesome newsletters that I have found.

AUDREYS MISSILES: A weekly newsletter dedicated to the peaceful reform of the United States government.
Audrey's Missiles is an moderated mail list about government reform.
To join or leave send e-mail to
Subject: (un)subscribe audreys-missiles


Consultants dream
Rules, laws, rules, regs
Fear, fear run away
… But we cannot leave
This land is ours
Our forests are family
Who runs this show
Not We da people
Who says we go
Not We da people
Laws, rules, laws, regs
Tell us what to say
We cannot listen
Show issues, alternatives
We must do our work
Science asks queries
Honestly seeking truth
Economix crossfire
With emotional hue
Hug a tree as it falls
Regs, laws, regs, rules
Time evaporates in
Studies of fictional harmonization
Of data, of people, of values
Community leadership required
From We da people

ReadPoem arose from public comment on the Elliot State Forest, offered in Roseburg, OR on May 24th. Fifteen local citizens were met by an equal number of ‘the gang’; the collection of federal and state agency representatives and their Portland consultants, prepared to do ‘the work’ of NEPA – the National Environmental Policy Act - and spend nearly half-a-million dollars of ‘accountability’ outside the region before allowing the local community and public schools to make a small profit by cutting state forest land.

May 25, 2005

Upstream Media - here

ReadIf I were an American manufacturer, I would rather employ a team of scientists and engineers that individually graduated from American colleges and whose members are entrepreneurial. Progress in commercial product development is not just a matter of individual competence in surviving formal education, based mainly on skill in mathematics. Gary North
ThisONRRI applies small science to building community through the development of youth. The mind-numbing dog and pony approach to edjutainment is incapable of producing mass reasoned people. Research directed learning environments provide hands-on opportunity to put thought back into the learning process - survival skills are quite motivational. Small science requires involvement, involvement creates interest, interest begets query, questions generate hypotheses (which are usually wrong!) and what happens happens, is observed and dutifully recorded with no intentional bias. A new hypothesis is generated and - Truth rules ... Novel concept.

May 24, 2005

Violet Warfare Analysis

ReadOne of the major disconnects between rural and urban lifestyles is the credit for knowledge gap. Urban areas insist that education comes from elite ivy league schools, while rural inhabitants know that learning centers about the school of hard knocks. Every rural landowner has the equivalent smarts to a current college degree, at a minimum, yet gets little recognition for his life experience. (If he didn't, could he really manage and keep the property?) When shared, youth feast on these excursions with real salt of the earth people. A good raconteur is worth her weight in gold in a classroom setting.
ThisKids learn by doing, and a tale teller makes listening into an active experience. She involves the class in a participatory effort and demonstrates the ability to laugh in the face of adversity. In other words, a real role model/mentor arrangement that demonstrates that all adults are not disciplinarians. If the edutocracy would value the contribution, rather than continue the bias that holds such people in contempt and scorn, then our youth education would be better served by the general community at large.

Fish People

People for fish for people
STEP into our flowing river
promote restoration
tax on fishing wishing
people fish fish people
fish rarely comment
at public meetings
propogate, educate
while nutrients migrate
ocean value returns
to the headwaters
carcasses scattered on
fertile grounds enhancing
another forest generation
each new fish in a way
multiplied day by day
by thousand projects
hundred thousand people
million dollars
hundred million fry
billion benefits
STEP up to the plate
people for fish for people
our river appreciates
terminal fisheries
recreational values
and tasty dinner
fish people people fish

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

This poem was conceived at a Salmon/Trout Enhancement Program presentation at the Umpqua Discovery Center in May 2005.

May 22, 2005

OINK #11

The Envirothon at the Oregon Gardens and the Umpqua Basin Watershed Council's Myrtle Creek tour are featured with pictures at this weeks OINK - available at 6:45 am and pm most days, or upon request!

May 21, 2005

Rethinking Grubbermint

The primitive caveman approach

Hubris v Humility

ReadLocal politicians and civic leaders would be well served to read Charley Reese and remember their roots. As an action prone citizen, i continually have to justify and rejustify myself in every action for funding, but look for validation through other metrics toward personal goals. My goals not only are measured in terms of my performance, but also in the performance of the individuals upon whom i have significant impact. Leadership develops from people having confidence in me, and requesting my leadership abilities. In a world where people hesitate to stand up, for fear of being mowed down, effective leadership draws on the talents of the people that surround the perimeter of life.
ThisImpact cannot be measured on an immediate basis. Impatience is not a virtue. Because too many individuals focus solely on the minutae of daily life, 'we the people' fell asleep at the wheel. The people in real leadership positions within a community will not even consider a roll in the slime that our current political system offers. So it's time to stop whining, sit down and figure out how there can be full representation of 'we the people', rather than a system legalesed all the way from here to China with little representation of any profession beyond business, law or to a lesser extent now, medicine, at the upper levels.

May 19, 2005

More on data

ReadWhen you use three different methods that measure and all give you the same results, you can take those results to the bank. If you have agreement between two different methods, you still have good assurance; but when only a single protocol is used, the frame of reference can be skewed. Even with accurate calibration, there is no tangible substance by which to compare the numbers to, so you introduce absolute error that may not be relative.
ThisNature uses a myriad of means to achieve the same goals - which we call biodiversity. Why is it that in the cause for efficiency, we as humans narrow down all choice to a single best tried and true method without even bothering to hold the controls constant and take the measurements that validate the theory. The current big science system requires too much vesting in unproven theories in order to acquire funds, then penalizes finding the null theory, the demonstration that theory is invalid. Many scientists have lost their funding by being politically incorrect in their dissemination methods (ie Pons and Fleischman).
NowJames Lovelock of gaia fame wrote a 1993 essay titled Small Science. Dr. Lenny wrote a similar essay 10 years later - so eerily similar that he didn't publish for it because it duplicated most of Lovelock points (read the lovelock essay right within a day of enunciating views).

Normal People

ReadWhile lemme howdt has been visiting the Independent Country blog (cool links) and commenting on lost causes, he cracked a joke about not being a normal person. Taking this in a more serious vein, what is normal? It certainly is not the values and mechanisms that I grew up with. They are no longer normal.
ThisIn science, normalizing a function is setting it equal to 1. No matter what scale you work on, grand or small (see powers of ten blog below), science always tries to normalize things back to our real world reality of one. Or at least we did in the past. Physics things like quantum mechanical tunneling have no real meaning to the general public at all - they barely have meaning to literate educated members of the non-physics scientific community.
ReadInformation can either be freely shared, or kept totally proprietary. But when government and the university system use their power and bulk to administrate proprietary systems to handle information management in rural communities and compete with the private sector in our communities for the limited grant funding available using the proprietary bells and whistles as advantage - how can we develop a rural economy independent of the imposed land grant system. And how can we be assured that the information will be kept available, or that our rural data remains under local control? Public grant money cannot develop proprietary models for public institutes!
ThisI also have a gripe concerning general acceptibility of data. The QA/QC process for rejecting outlyers means that irregular phenomena observed require a highly unlikely repeat experience to be acceptible. But every situation is different in the detail and no one size fits all. If we constantly reject data that doesn't make immediate sense in the field and keep it out of the data base, how can we ever recognize trends when these one time occurrances repeat themselves in different temporal time and place. Big science perpetuates itself by stomping on competition by the requirement of artificial field rigor. The honest collector of data should never be the sole analyst of the data and certainly should never reject any collected data for any reason before the entire analytical set is evaluated and normalized! Then statistical rejection of the data can take place. Having data rejection done in the field by the data collector just invalidates the real science value of the data set.
Now Raw data was always provided before science became proprietary. Students: To properly reject mistaken field data, draw a single line through the data in error. Never erase from a notebook or obliterate and always look for meta-data.

May 18, 2005

Too Cute

I couldn't resist putting this photo up - and also a wilderness shot at the outlet of Falls Creek, a tributary of the North Umpqua River.


The Umpqua Basin Watershed Council meeting was in Reedsport at the Umpqua Discovery Center on Tuesday. Laura Jackson of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife discussing the Salmon/Trout Enhancement Program and led a tour of the Gardiner STEP 'raceway' facilities. Sam and Bill of ODFW show off a lamprey caught in the fish ladder at Smith River Falls. Small mouth bass introduced for sport fishing take a toll on the salmonids and the lamprey - but hatcheries pick up the slack on the coho and steelhead. The lamprey, an eel-like fish, has no such additional protection.

Powers of Ten

This link is to one of my all-time favorite websites!

May 17, 2005

Science and Religion

SpaceScience can describe vibrations and neural responses but not the "mysterious reality of music." It cannot tell us what we get from a painting or other work of art. Beauty remains mysterious but is very real. The physical world that scientists discover may just exist, may just be there, but it is in the understanding of it by man that its meaning, value and beauty lie. Something real is seen, an insight into the way things are. George Crispin
TimeScience and Religion both require that the structure be taken on a degree of faith. What we learn are approximations, that continually break down as you look closer and closer at them; but when you take them on faith, work most of the time. That should be good enough for most people. Reality is a perception and modern science is a religion. The burden of proof is unattainable, the honesty of the approach lies in the integrity of the individual. Believe what you wish - but something real is seen, an insight into the way things are. Dr. Lenny

May 16, 2005

ode 2 ms mitchell

when i'm low
her music infiltrates
rocking 2 a beat
gets juices flowin
changing perspective
from this rotted
poison atmosphere
clearing mental debris
thru sound, upbeat
crazy ketchy rockin
rollin with the rhythm
mood maps da music
ready 2 face anudda day
swingin as Joni crones

(c) 2005 howdt

May 15, 2005

howdt dot com

ReadWhat does your website sell? My website sells fun. My goal is to have people doing science on all issues and running it like a game where people receive points toward individual, team and league scores - science modeled on sports. I'm not sure exactly where i'll go with it, but for the time being - i can accept earmarked donations through Tall-P - Touch a Life Learning Partnership - visit my office for details. Time donations are as important as monetary donations

ThisDoctor Lenny's plan is teach science through YC.C and do Carbon Banking and Carbon Accounting via Wonder Earth Partners, while consulting by applying general chemistry to all sorts of resource issues. I expect to be involved in land stewardship, science education, sports and peace and local politics. (When i'm not busy blogging) If you want to talk to a real scientist (PhD OSU '87) to take a look at your business with unjaundiced eyes - you may be surprised at the many applications of inorganic chemistry.

rotisserie addicts - comment here.

May 14, 2005


ReadA friend from Thailand inquired about the location of the islands that we live on - a Blogger choice in about me section. The island metaphor refers to the Violet Umpqua - an island of rural reality where fish can be fish. A place where consensus process gets footstomped by politics, but we are too stubborn not to keep acting while negotiating. Our Umpqua Basin Watershed Council focuses on replacing culverts that are fish passage barriers. (we accept donations - see cool link - Dr. Lenny is very active in the council)
ThisThe state of Oregon has 3,000,000, but rural Douglas County has 100,000 on an area the size of the state of Connecticut. Most of the state pop is north, centered around Portland - 3 hours drive away. The centerpiece are our Umpqua Watersheds - a three river system (NU, SU, U) that engulfs the entire county - from sources - springs or snowpack, through estuary. Half our land is locked up from harvest due to timber politics and we are now a poor indigenous people (as different from native people, who's original homeland is there - i use the term indigenous to be 10 year residents or longer.)

Photo Showcase

Shroom Howdtdoors and Rosie Indoors

Shingle Up - Need Consulting Work

ReadDoctor Lenny's Record Keeping Package – If you own agricultural land, Dr. Lenny can assist you with setting up record keeping systems to qualify for Conservation Rewards programs (like CREP) coming down the pike for environmentally friendly land management practices. Drop me a note here - I would look at the operational cycle from a science perspective (green chemistry) and see if process changes can save or attract money.

May 13, 2005

Imperfect Nobodies

Nobody’s perfect
Yet truth denial
Universally ubiquitous
Inquisitional stress magnet
Disintegrating meltdown
Simultaneously denying
Animal nature
On constant display

Cannot quash miasma
Make music or art
But not true science
Deterministic pickle
Unavailable uncertainty
Subsistence materials
Converted to unwholly
Insubstantial utility

Changing attitude
Based on altitude
Displaying aptitude
Invoking solitude
Pending responsibility
By non-perfect

© 2005 lemme howdt

Jim's and Laura's

ReadIt seems that throughout my life, the people that have the most impact in my sphere of interpersonal relationships are named Jim and Laura. They never come in the pair, but from time to time, the person with the influence in the random chance encounter, always ends up in the capable hands of either a Jim or a Laura. So for all the Jim's and Laura's of my world - thank you for the karma. This karma seems to chase away the dogma.

May 12, 2005

Culture War 5:5

Sports scores reflect
Metaphoric value
To the approach toward
Land management
Railroad shipping
Total volume
Converting value to money
Guardians enacting
Gaia’s 300-year plan
Process rot to au natural
Requesting all persons
Chinese menu time
Column A or Column B
Forest policy choice
Elective choice
Any choice
Legislated, regulated
Railroaded and guardianed
Who runs the show?
Why choose this script?
Where lies the value?
Who holds the cards?
Why bother?

© 2005 lemme howdt

May 11, 2005

Culture War 4:5

Guardians railroads chugging
Pretend fiscal engineers
Have answers to queries
Requiring magic wands to fix
While the wizards wearing robes
Punish thought crimes
Illucidate sins around rhetoric
Absolving by dissolving
With underlying assumption
There is value in money
Waiter, the check
Premises are no longer valid
When natural law deviates
From railroad legislation
Guardian regulation
My mommy protects me
My daddy defends me
My dog bites me
His humanity offended
By my current attitude
Oblivious to feeding hand
Who runs the show?
Why choose this script?
Where lies the value?
Who holds the cards?

© 2005 lemme howdt

May 10, 2005



(c) 2005 father gaia

Carbon Counting

ReadWhen it all comes down to it, using carbon as the world currency after the monetary system breaks down makes too much sense. Already the mechanism is in action for the bankers to scurry quickly into the marketplace to rig the system before most people get there. As essay in working mathematics, i will calculate the value of carbon in a 200 pound human being and see what it costs on the open market.
ThisThe back of the envelope answer is that we are 75% water 50 lb and 40% of the remainder is carbon 20 lb /2000 ton = .01 tons x 73cents = just less than a penny. Bout right in worth , eh? How much do organs sell for?
NowOoops - the carbon to carbon dioxide equivalents fudge factor x 3.67 gets up up to 4 cents a person.

Culture War 3:5

Klinton’s is is not is
Orwell’s minitrue connection
Keepers of the gears of thought
Creepers of the wheels of justice
Reepers of the wealth of knaves
Peepers through the bars from truth
Railroad numbers perpetrate
Wrest aweigh chips of granite
Weedle right of weigh into
Sacrificial purge of reality
Manifest reflection mirrors
Templated guardian order
Calling forth chaos
On the international stage
Lennon imagined whirled peas
Who runs the show?
Why choose this script?
Where lies the value?
Who holds the cards?

© 2005 lemme howdt

May 09, 2005

Culture War 2:5

Sited upon a radar screen
Crosshairs triangulate
Leaders become wormfood
A call for unleavened bread?
Railroads circle wagons
Guardians loathe bridges
Cede no conquest litely
To railriders ever ever
If the shoe fits, legislate the size
Shape, color, width, height
Dispute existance
Howdtside parametric bounds
Preconceived perceptions
Perscriptive percolations
Coffee for the mind
Empty orders for the soul
Guardians miseducate heathen
Who runs the show?
Why choose this script?
Where lies the value?
Who holds the cards?

© 2005 lemme howdt

May 08, 2005

Hallmark Holiday

Happy mothers day Louise, GG, Jo and moms everywhere

Culture War 1:5

Equitably distributed
Immorally via dogma
Railroad religious
Big Science guardians
Creating yeast
Popping bubbles
Arising against
Machine status quo
Who runs the show?
Why choose this script?
Where lies the value?
Who holds the cards?
© 2005 lemme howdt

Follow-up Vent

ReadThe RR right (rural religious) is equitably balanced ethically and immorally against the BS left - and when the two gang up against interlopers, it means yeast - a rise too high on the radar screen - at that point, an individual becomes a target rather than a leader. (unleavened bread,hmm.)
ThisThe BS left hates people that attempt to bridge the divide - they cannot cede any points to the rural lifestyle for understanding and using methods that don't fit with their preconcieved perception of how perscriptive science functions. The BS left feels they must educate the heathen. The BS left has the dominance over the location where government is housed. The schools and the legal system. The RR right has taken over elective office and feels it has the right to purge the bureaucracy.
NowThe driving force is fiscal and guess what - there is no value in money. There is value in resources. Natural Resources. Hmmm. Which team will convert the valuable resource into nothing - cut it all and the exchange it for money team or the no management, let nature take 300 years to rot things back to natural team. Do we the people get to make that choice? Why bother?

May 07, 2005

Rage vs the Machine

ReadPeople get lost in believing what we 'know', rather than validating the assumptions and finding that we don't know. We believe propoganda and fancy glitz, rather than thinking because it is easier. We ignore history and take Big Science (BS) on faith as we do a religion.
ThisTwice in one two-hour session last week, BS literate people from the Umpqua Basin asked an Oregon State University (OSU) team (looking to glom onto other people's grant money) for services that are already provided locally. In addition, this OSU team, which has fancier bells and whistles available (like a tie-in to OSU library), would replace a perfectly good local contractor that already provides capable on-demand service. And the OSU folks couldn't give us the price tag either.
ReadHistorically - OSU just ended a similar data management grant that got a $6M award from congress to create a land exchange model ULEP that has never been publicly released and has not resulted in a single land exchange. And OSU has a highly visible BS project going on in conjunction with Roseburg Forest Products at Hinkle Creek.
ThisOSU is a land grant school that teaches agriculture and land use. It is heavily vested in BS chemical solutions to problems - Dr. Lenny has a chemistry degree from Beaverland, the proper BS pedigree and some inside insight. Perhaps they could work with us to keep this money local in Douglas County, rather than repositioning the revenue via partnership to Benton County. Then perhaps these economic development schemes might invest in the communities they are set up to serve and it wouldn't appear that we have mono-vision OSU Big Science being imposed upon us.
ReadThe term mono-vision is not meant as a dig at OSU specific, but at the education culture - mono-vision is the style of teaching today - but rural communities need total-vision (a wholistic approach), that involves the diversity of many stakeholder voices from the local community representing themselves as people and making decisions. We are familiar with the trial and tribulation of the indiginous local people - We who live here now ! And We represent the groups We belong to, not the other way around !
ReadLook at the statistics for per capita income by county in the USA - look at the natural resource base here locally and ask - What is really going on? Who are the real decision makers locally? Why must we have BS forced upon us instead of growing our own local science and math programs like Redile?

May 06, 2005


total inconvenience
built into our nest
of creature comfort
isolates from
responsibility to a
productive society;
barriers of distraction
soak time into
mindless infotainment
as infrastructure
consumed by maggots
insistant life follow
arbitrary rule of law

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

Fern Rescue Redux

ReadFor people that wish to return to their roots as gatherers - Grandma Treetoad is going on another run of the fern rescue brigade at the Elliot State Forest in Ash Valley next Tuesday. We have a permit to remove native plants from a 70-acre spring regenerative harvest, which will benefit Oregon schools. Oregon Department of Forestry has graciously shared Amelia Dexter's time to explain the process to educators and youth and expedite the learning partnership.

Bugging Howdt

ReadSpent time with students from Douglas High School and resident bug lady Donna Helms collecting macro-invertebrates at O.C. Brown Park in Dixonville. Aquatic ecology in a hands on learning - with this set of high school kids - the original Bug Zone program high school graduation rate is 100%.

May 05, 2005

Discarding Rose Colored Vision


Germany - 20s/30s

'government is very effective at lying, because ordinary people willingly cooperate with lies from “tribal leaders" '

i will have an extended interactive blog on the topic at my office.

May 03, 2005

your gone

how rapidly
we become
when state
we R not
really here
thru shadows
yet opaque
4 action
role howdt
roll dauwn
roal eraund
2 get back
2 where
u began

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

Kemikl Whirled

ReadAssume we own our bodies - how much would that be worth in carbon, in the new Kyoto world. Not that I believe in Kyoto – but if we need a new currency – every owns some carbon – we are made of it. The carbon standard instead of the gold standard – hmmm.

May 02, 2005

Same bunnies

These are the bunnies from the baby pix

May 01, 2005

Doctor Lenny's May Day Observations

There is no grand conspiracy, just a summation of small inconsistencies multiplied by a whole lot of entities.

Lemmingness is defined by the number of magnets visible on the rear and sides of the vehicle.

Quality and Quantity are subject to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

Mitigation value accrues from building capacity.

Measuring value in terms of carbon would shift the economic playing field and give a rationality to the accumulation of wealth. However - the values need be measured in carbon directly and not by the artificial construct called carbon dioxide equivalents.

Measurement is a straight forward concept that should be readily understood by the average 10-year-old.