March 18, 2011

Edjutainer of the Year?

Dr. Lenny is going to go viral - so hang onto your hats and start watching my videos.

This first vid is one of my favorites - Venus explains the atom. Now the second vid is Dr. Lenny elaborating.

Comments accepted - enjoy!!!

March 14, 2011

Preparation: Mind like Water

This is from Wandering Sage Wisdom blog site: I found it in the comments of JHK's Monday morning essay. Since i comment on water frequently, this seems to make sense with the idea that water is sentient - and our minds are made up mostly of water. Getting mentally prepared is so key to what is coming - do not allow the stress of the day to blur judgment. DLT

Mind Like Water

In traditional martial arts the concept of Mind Like Water is used to define the state of perfect readiness in preparation for executing a response to any given situation. Imagine a pool of water. If you throw a pebble into the center of the pool, the water ripples out in a totally appropriate response in relation to the force and mass of the input. The water’s reaction is in exact proportion to the size of the pebble. If we toss a big rock into the pool, we get a large splash and bigger ripples. Each and every time the response is exactly as it should be, given what we throw into the pool. The water doesn’t overreact with a huge splash when a small pebble is thrown in. Nor does it under react with a small splash when a boulder is dropped into it. When applied, this concept can be very useful for anyone in the process of navigating through the distractions of daily life.
Water is shapeless. If you put water into a glass it becomes the glass. If you pour it into a bucket it becomes the bucket. It reacts to any situation just as it needs by following the path of least resistance. If you place a large rock in a mountain stream, the water will find a way to flow around the rock and continue on.

March 09, 2011

Broke? Create Money!

This is where i like to say things that are better left unsaid at the Existence portal. If you track both sites, you will find that sometimes i just need to blow off a little steam - not complaining, mind you, but expressing deep frustration with the lack of obvious effort on the part of some people. The idea is to just do it - but some of us are stuck in the rat race and still think that others have to be coerced into accepting some very lame rules of life.

So i owe everybody a story about why i busted my laptop computer. I just got frustrated once again by the fact that i could type in deep thoughts and then in two keystrokes have them vanish back into the aether. I understand that this is the universe in a very perverse way telling me it's not quite there yet, be patient. I am ready, the whirled is not.

The crux of it is, that i have to either shit or get off the pot. I am tapped howdt in the monetary system and must do something to play the game of rents and obligations, because Sprint isn't very comforting when you can't pay their bill. So i am going to actual place a for money class up on the internet - called The Many Faucets of Water. It will be located at the Northwest Education and Training Institute. I hope to have a section on things you can do by yourself outdoors locally, perhaps with the sponsorship of local community organizations like the Grange or the YMCA.

The idea is that my latest quantum jump will create another entertainer, an actor in a role. I hope to make a few videos and talk a few deep concepts - this isn't going to be your grandpa's water course. Motivated students are required - although the effort will be controlled by the interests of the enrolled students. As I figure things out, I will post more information.

March 07, 2011

Strange Whirled

Sometimes things work differently than we expect. Suddenly we are faced with something that was never part and parcel to our expectation - we just have to roll with the punches and do what has to be done. Don't look at the price of metals (Au,Ag) today - the market manipulation battle determines the point of reality for many persons. To us, it does not matter.

What is matter and how does it interact with energy and spirit? There are too many theories that do not conform to basic reality. We must test our assumptions - even my favorite law, the second law of thermodynamics may not hold. Get something for nothing - looks like the banksters have shown us how. Who sets the paradigm? Is it like setting the table? Racking the balls before the break? Maybe that's our cue.

The burden of proof in today's world is either monumental or negligible, depending on which side of the table that you start upon. I have been responding to several data streams on the abovetopsecret website - going back to my video appearance in the movie What in the World are they Spraying. If people do not believe you, they bombard you with evidence that is too convoluted to make it through sanely, then shout you down. It shows me that social networks must evolve - it looks like ATS will air a radio show on the topic on saturday - will post a link here if it all comes thru properly. Somebody even looked me up and posted my EQ connect profile. If they want real creds - why do they think the internet will provide them?

The science gate-keepers maintain a presence at all times. The only creditable publications are peer reviewed for continuity of thought - meaning no new idea shall be promulgated unless they give their sanction. Edison - yes, Tesla - no. Schauberger - no, no, no. Reich - no. Einstein? - god status - can do no wrong. But didn't Albert believe in a God that didn't roll dice? Not quite politically correct. We're so sorry, Uncle Albert - were so sorry if we caused you any pain... but there's no one left at home and i believe... (pardon the song).

So what do we really believe and what is just part of the farce? Let's explore this question here so that the lines of Existence don't get too murky as we drift.

March 06, 2011

Duality ?

Water spray steam supplies sprinkles
Twinkling thru a myriad of rainbows
Back lit sunshine providing grace
Lawn greening grinning appreciation
Life converges upon the golden mean
As misaligned systems return to norm
Status quo will never be quite the same
Void is self - prisms indicate thought
Sentient water in crystal lattice
Resonates healing frequency distribution
Carbon silica framework regulates flow
Electron streams supply sprinkles
Twinkling thru a myriad of rainbows

2009 lemme howdt