May 31, 2006

Granny D

the problems of the carbon age are not based on innate self-destructiveness, they are based on addiction, and all the enabling supports of that addiction are unsustainable and are now teetering. We who lose more environmental battles than we win are now about to win the war. We must become ready to keep that victory from turning into a new kind of hell.
Granny D is an amazing lady that proves the adage, you are only as young as you feel. This woman was over 80 when she walked across the country during the Reform Party era of the late 90s. There is a new book out on that topic - i will wait for the insider reviews before i decide whether it is blather or worth reading.
Granny D spoke to a gathering in West Virginia yesterday and you could hear the motor running here in Oregon. I disagree that the Democratic Party is the savior of our nation, bost most of the rest is wise wisdom from a sage veteran of many past eras. Go Granny D!

May 30, 2006

EH - 110 : Fundamentalism

"there are two places we have gone, with reckless abandon, where we had no business going -- into the atom and into the cell."

Robert Jensen give a well-thought out description of the fundamentalist nature of modern day thought. A current science-based Luddite, overwhelmed by the profusion of technological 'progress', can understand the point of view completely. Though turning back the clock is not an option, but reducing imperial hubris and recognizing that we can implement change an idividual at a time are good options. Live to be what you expect yourself to be. Right, Hamlet?

May 29, 2006

fairness and equity?

why are we blessed with an attorney general, when there is not a counterpart for other professions? Who is the chemist general, or the banker general, or the burger flipper general? how come only attorneys and the military get generals? at least poets get lariates. perhaps a chemist lauriate is needed. we have a baccus lauriate - chief wine grower(?) - and a cowboy lariat. why can't grub'mint just leave us alone instead of making generals??

May 28, 2006

Fire Starter

When camping (which generally starts on the M day weekend, but cannot this time due to events beyond my ken), we play a game where people have to come up with topical songs that fit the criteria. Fire songs is one of my favorites, and when we play this year in July at the 6th UW youth campout, i need to come armed with some new fire songs to impress the regulars.

Here is my list - please feel free to tack a few more on. The rule is that you must sing the pertinant verse that includes the word fire, such that it can be identified by another different team. Any genre.

she got the fire down below - bob seger
but when we kiss, ooh - fire -
we didn't start the fire - billy joel
50-50 fire and ice (be cool) - joni mitchell
fire on the mountain - charlie daniels band
cause fire is the devils only friend (american pie) - don mclean
i see the fire in your eyes (winter wonderland) - perry como
burning down the house - talkin heads (does this count?)
fire lake - bob seger
great balls of fire - jerry lee lewis
my heart is on fire - peter frampton (yuk)
but the fires so delightful - let it snow
on a pony named wildfire
keep the fire burning - kenny loggins
baby come and light my fire - jim morrison and the doors
i've seen fire and i've seen rain - james taylor

The nerve of you twig

as i was camping
perched high in thought
fire burning strong
coffee nearly perked

looked up to find
a twig had fallen
was burning bright
under handle of pot

rage at vile handle
melting plastic
ghastly smell
ruined meal

simply reached over
removed said twig
disaster unhappened
simple solution

monuments need
not be constructed
from mole hills
on mountains

(c) 2004 lemme howdt

May 27, 2006

EH - 109 : Education

Raymond Garcia assesses the problems of public education in terms of the action endorsed by Michigan gubnator Granholm. From the Oregon perspective - he is dead on accurate - opportunity goes to the very few that can get the favored slots at the favored institutions, on the basis of their parents income or their athletic ability. Just a different form of magnet school. Skills are for industry to build, not schools - but wherefore art thou industry?


brain is to jellyfish
as trickle forms flow
spew water 4th violently
unable 2 avoid nevitable
melt down knot howdt

Nature of the Chemical Bond III (NCB3) : Lattice Water

A lattice is a structure that is used to support other structures. Typically the term is used for the gridwork that roses climb or that holds glassware in position in a chemistry laboratory. The structural lattice we are most comfortable with is the earth - which serves as a lattice by planting post holes to hold a fence, or planting a foundation to hold a building. Thinking about water as a lattice solvent probably never crossed your imagination until dr. lenny proposed it now.

Lattice water is arranged to store small amounts of energy. That is small amounts compared to electrical power generation needed for human industrial maintenance. As we get smaller in size and scale of the picture - the relative energy stored in water gets bigger. And when we amplify this effect by all the water molecules on earth - water contains substantial amounts of stored energy. But how does it store energy in a tiny molecule consisting of only three atoms; two hydrogen, one oxygen; H2O?

It doesn't. Our molecular picture of water is not cogent. This may be a fundamental error in scientific thinking, or it may be a deliberate attempt by the people pointed at by conspiracy theorists to deceive the entire population. Lemmings can believe what they want, but dr. lenny believes what he finds that doesn't conflict with what he already knows. Lattice water does not conflict with known chemistry, but it expands the concept beyond how we normally think of chemistry. We look at reactions, chemical transformations that occur by switching molecular bonding partners in hard static bonds. What about all the soft squishy non-static bonds governed and mediated by the attacheents of water to proteins and enzymes?

Individual water molecules are likely as diverse as people are - in fact aren't people mostly made up of water molecules? But the water molecules that are attached structurally to the proteins and enzymes that constitute our bodies behave differently from the water molecules that are sitting in the glass of cold water that i keep by the computer. And these in turn behave differently from the similar solvent water molecules in my coffee cup, that have been extracted through a fresh grind of dark roast african coffee bean. My system now has water that spent recent history on the other side of the world. Imagine what that does for my global memory?

The colder the water, the more energy it stores in the liquid phase, down to a limit at the triple point, slightly higher that the ice/water interface. Water density is maximized at 4.2 degrees F. Water we going to do about all this? At this point, experiment with forms of water. Rainwater seems to have some properties that enhance growth of plants and microwave water can kill healthy plants dead in less than a week. Energy is related to chaos and order in the solvent, which is highly temperature dependent. But first we have to address the misconception that water is a simple molecule - it is not! The team of three, one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms is really a team of five, and it is in constant flux as long as it remains free with other water molecules - the dance can be interpreted by art students, through the mechanism of flowform. Symmetry holds the key and there is more than meets the eye.

What is symmetry? Try to place your left hand onto your right hand so that it directly overlaps. Your will note that you have mirror image hands that cannot be superimposed on each other. When this happens at a molecular level, the atom involved in the choice of symmetry is said to be chiral. (Kai - ral). We generally think of carbon atoms this way, but i would propose that water is four co-ordinate and chiral around oxygen based on charge dislocation from anything that happens to be in the aqueous solution. Imagine a glass of pure water.

If there are no ions at all, there is no charge delocalization and hence an entropy governed random system with no firm oxygen-hydrogen pairings. But at very low concentration of metal ion (below Ksp), the net dipole aligns the oxygen of the nearest water molecules to the individual metal ion. This makes the oxygen chiral to the charge and other water molecules in the solvent must align their array such that they all face the same direction as the initial water near the ion. These forces get weaker with distance, but at low water temperature, the energy barriers toward alignment fall off and water forms stable arrays that can store energy, temporarily for immediate use.

Every bound water molecule has different chemical propeties from unbound solution based water molecules. The dielectric constant is inverted and water helps mediate charge flow, rather than resist it when bound to a protein or enzyme molecule within a cell system. This would represent the other extreme - where the water has no control over its shape, orientation or individuality - it is playing a role as a cog in a structure that is of vital importance to a greater being. This subservance is enacted at the price of freedon - it cannot be a free unbound water molecule again until the cell owner dies, decays and frees the water to another life.

Like the lattice water in the structure of the coffee beans that set in my rapidly cooling cup, these water atoms that shared common experience as coffee are relocated into my body system, where most of them will hop a ride into my urine and get back to the water system where they start another journey. My contention is that the water molecules remember who, where and in which lattice they have been. Enjoy the thought and the day. dr. lenny.

Green words are scientific terms used in science context - if you would like the definition spelled howdt, please ask. If you want to learn science methods - stay tuned.


Time Passages - Rolling Rock RIP

PENNSYLVANIA TOWN SHAKEN AS ITS MAINSTAY SLIPS AWAY By Daniel Lovering By Associated Press May 20, 2006 (abridged)
PITTSBURGH --- The departure of Rolling Rock beer from the tiny Pennsylvania town it has come to symbolize has left the future of local brewery workers --- and the town's identity --- in question. The owner of the Rolling Rock brand, a U.S. subsidiary of the Belgium-based brewing giant InBev SA, announced Friday that it had sold the brand to Anheuser-Busch Cos. for $82 million.

But the Latrobe Brewing Co., which has churned out the beer since 1939, is not part of the deal. It will be sold and Anheuser-Busch will begin making Rolling Rock and Rock Green Light elsewhere in August. This news that Rolling Rock will be leaving Latrobe, a town of about 9,000 people, spells trouble for the local economy and has upset residents who have seen generations of local people go to work at the brewery. Tom Marflak, Latrobe's mayor, called the move "an injustice for the city. It goes without saying how disappointing it is to hear the news that Rolling Rock will no longer be brewed in Latrobe," Rolling Rock and Latrobe, they go together.

Having gone to school in Washington, PA, dr. lenny is well familiar with Rolling Rock Beer and Latrobe PA. It was my favorite beer from 1976-1987. The latter seven years it had to be acquire in Oregon, which took some real tricks, until a friendly tavern owner started stocking (or not be able to keep up with the demand of trying to stock) for me. Smooth taste - mmm!! Now its going to be just another form of Clydesdale piss. Fortunately, dr. lenny doesn't drink beer any more - just good dark coffee and lots of lattice water. Still - we note the passing. When my friends were drinking iron city, my cheap local beer of choice was Rolling Rock!

May 26, 2006

slope of the curve - zero

where is the midway point of individual life from the perspective of that individual? we cannot tell when we pass through the midpoint because the concept has no value until we reach the end-point and then return back in retrospect. rather than succomb to the inanity of today, i prefer to honor the midpoint of my life - which now means that come what may, i'll be checking things howdt when i'm 96. HBD - time to smell the flowers. anyone have a computer chip aroma generator yet - otherwise - you'll have to look at the rose and take my word for how good it smells.

May 25, 2006

Paradise by the dashboard light

Meatloaf says it best when he hands the mike off to Phil Rizzuto for a tasty endeavor into teenage sexuality - ya gotta do what ya can and let mother nature do the rest. So since i haven't put up photos in a while - here are a few from mother nature and her paradise.

This is the outdoor land laboratory at the Alder Creek Children's Forest - an 80 acre woodlot where students learn a myriad of hands on skills. The bridge was constructed by youth two years ago. The rest of the pictures demonstrate the REDILE outdoor classroom - research directed learning environment

May 24, 2006


how are people's emotional needs met when interpersonal relationships are disintegrating, due to the pressure of intensity of keeping the facade in place?

May 23, 2006

EH - 108 : Forest Management

The RG in Eugene weighs in and misrepresents the entire debate completely. It is interesting that the RG gets national play on the truthout internet website. The salvage bill proposed by Walden is a disaster, but the matter is about getting into an area while the fire damage is immediate and doing incrementally no additional damage to extract value from a recently torched forest vs going in after three years of recovery like at Biscuit now and doing eco damage for wood that has lost most of its value.

There are so many rules and conflicting agency opinions, that special interest enviros embedded in government stop things by not meeting the conditions of the law. Survey and manage would work fine, if left to local people to protect local property owners who had an economic investment off of keeping the land productive. Why not allow unlimited logging from the end of the fire to the beginning of the rainy season in matrix lands only. There wouldn't be enough time to take significant volume, but you could remove hazards and set up decks for an planned logging operation the following year on very eco-friendly foresting terms. Local people are able to make able decisons when present with clear information - our BLM RAC empowered $2.1M in projects yesterday by consensus in half a day - rewarding 31 of 37 projects. All employ people, locally.

In Douglas County - 50% of the land is federally owner and off the local tax base. Mostly unmanageable forest - because the economics has been quashed completely as a message that ground zero battles can create zero return. timber and real Enviro are close enough to manage the land well, if the rules makers and economic vultures are both left out of the equation. Communities can manage themselves very well, thank you, without the need to send half of our collective incomes to the government as taxes to return the same money through congressional pork allocation. Let us just keep our resource management here and we can make what we need and sustain the resource to be livable to the standards of our communities.

May 22, 2006

Mondays and Thursdays

i have come to the conclusion that mondays and thursdays should be switched in order - that way you can have things dumped on you at the beginning of the week and get a jump start on clearing the desk later in the week. for six months, dr lenny took tuesday and wednesday as off days and started the week on thursday - but too many meetings and business things took place on tuesday and wednesday that i ended up having no days off. We could put thursdays on a need to know basis, and really, with current work week thursdays - i have no need to know.

today is the day where dr lenny gets to help align the stars in the sky. with the breaking news that pyramids are celestial based farming calendars, perhaps the shifts of fate will unbury a few more clues that our ancestors were not the clueless dolts that modern history makes them out to be. perhaps they too got to deal with things like earthquakes, volcanoes and climate change after their leaders took actions that ignored the scientific reality of the day. star based calendars - they invented astrology before they invented religion - hmmmm

May 20, 2006

creating tomorrow

what would you like
from your world tomorrow
ethics and morality
have individual
common definition
dude on shoulder
generally speaking sense
after damage is done
people pay by being
caged in worlds of words
with lies as bars that
isolate good from right
moral ambivalence to
laissez faire emotion
must drum beats be so even
must pressure rise outside
push interest yin-yang
evil-good until blind as though
we cannot see what
we cannot see
XXX take the blinders off
XXX step out of the shell
never empower yourself
to commit to a reality
that you wish you had
never created by
ignoring what you know
to be truth

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

Time Theft

Terry Pratchett wrote a wonderful book Thief of Time, which is an entertaining piece of absurdity fiction. But there is a concept that bothers me economically about the value of time with money that is a serious disconnect within the system. Normally, I would journalize this, but i've decided to blog the essay on the fly - and deal with the debates from the original thoughts rather from the bowdlerized version that would be edited between journal and blog.

As the economy has shed many jobs to the evolutionary progress of machinery, there has been enough to do that required more man-hours, so that mechanical progress was innovation to give more time to accomplish more goals of the business at hand. But now with cheap labor available from many other sources, the manufacturing work has been farmed out and higher level work (via job retraining) created for those displaced workers. Recently, the job shedding at the white collar worker level has caused major middle class aungst and one of the major reasons seems to be time theft.

Time theft is defined as allowing somebody to do significant work under the assumption that they will get paid when the goods are delivered, then receiving the goods and discounting the time already spent. This happens often when new money arrives at the same time as the product is delivered - costs must be matched to get the new money and stuff already spent is treated as 'in-kind' donation for the match. Hence people who have the goods win, people who get the goods win and people who develop or produce the goods lose big time - they never get paid what the time spent was worth. They get only what has been made available by the kind folks who didn't use the convenient memory hole.

As a scientist, this has happened to dr lenny careerwise at every turn in the game. grad school work got published by a reviewer. post doc boss received a $2M grant and walking papers in the same week (denied tenure). first innovation pattented by bosses. another job where boss wanted relocation without more than a 6 month work guarentee (job lasted six months to the day of hire). job loss due to NAFTA GATT plant closure. unpaid year of volunteer work to get on, only to find grant reallocations from above. The common plan is to dust off, get up and find something else to do. Well this has got to stop.

Other people in related fields who do this type of work, also have difficulties, so it's not just me and my award winning personality (dr. lenny doesn't march to drumbeats - in his band the drummer plays the clarinet). Systemically, there is no money for grant writing and getting awards requires bringing multiple partners onto the team. So when grant is awarded and it comes time to do the job, one of the other partners always seems to have the work slot and the creative position goes out the window in 'rebudgetinging'. Dr. Lenny has many ideas developed on paper, but they can't be implemented because there is no control on the ethics of the operator - and ethics doesn't function in an economic driven world. They sit ready on-the-shelf.

So where am i going with this. I dunno. Perhaps to Galt's Gulch. Recently, dr lenny spent six months working part-time to develop an idea for weeds to fuel into a working model for a group, only to have the group democratically vote to redirect the mission away from the generation of innovative material substance to purchase and resale of fuel that already exists.

The need for matching funds for every government grant forces the dollars into non-productive uses like accounting and management. Very little is left for anything else - just minimize the cost of production and run from there. My time needs to be paid for up front - but people who could pay me up-front are not interested in changing the mechanism of the system, they benefit.

Perhaps, maybe dr lenny should take a position where he cannot do any chemistry at all, like holding political office. In congress, there is no intellectual property theft involved - haven't met very many thinking politicians (Ron Paul, Susan Morgan, Doug Robertson, Pat Buchanan(!)). Must be an oxymoron, like a little bigger.

Feedback appreciated on style and content. TY

May 19, 2006

Boomer Lemmings

Boomer lemmings are frustrating sometimes - they just don't get it. Piling on with more like minded boomer lemmings that agree does not change the reality of the facts about a situation. But facts be damned - they can gather more boomer lemmings to see things things their way, so they must be right. So boomer lemmings will continue to ignore obvious reality because they think they can.

Sometimes dr. lenny is at a loss at the volume of golden geese slain by boomer lemmings in recent times. Boomer lemmings demand something for nothing, with an added discount. Investing time and energy has already been done, so boomer lemmings are entitled to dictate how resources can be utilized, whether they can be delivered in proper form or not (and they can't here because, in reality, there is no productive manufacturing industry here, labor and resource costs are both too high.)

Education may work for the under fifty generations, but boomer lemmings are set in their ways. Many adult sheeple can recover their senses to become cognizant people, but boomer lemmings refuse to identify with reality at all. To them, money is everything and money is object - to us, it is a means to an end, not an end in and of itself. Boomer lemmings see it as the end - but they can't tell a forest from the trees.

EH - 107 : Forest Management

"we have initiated the checks and balances provided by the third branch of government, by filing suit in U.S. District Court, in order to hold the Forest Service accountable and make sure that this government agency follows the law"

Jeff Juel once again takes a controversial issue out of the hands of the people and into the hands of the rule reworders - judge michael hogan would have a feast on this puppy. expect more delays and less dialogue and a good hot fire before the issue is resolved.

Please look at the approach of the Partnership for the Umpqua Rivers and check out the information gathering process that we have developed at the Umpqua Basin Explorer. Come visit the Reedsport High School virtual fish seining class. Makes more sense to allow the locals to manage their resource with fedgov support and real education, than rhetoric and legal decrees.

May 18, 2006

Worker Motivation

Most innovation, he wrote, is the cumulative effect of lots of incremental process improvements. And the people most qualified to identify opportunities for such improvements are, obviously, those involved in the process. In the hierarchical corporation, those most aware of what would improve efficiency have the least power to do anything about it. And, frankly, they also have very little incentive, since any productivity increases resulting from their improvements will surely be followed by layoffs, soaring stock prices, and senior management awarding itself a huge bonus for “cutting costs.”

Kevin Carson at the Mutualist blog quotes Barry Stein in discussing whether the inmates run the asylum at Harvard University. The lawrence Summers fiasco is a lot of hot air - but it basically comes down to - why do we beleive at all in verticle hierarchical structures? Who gave these bloviates the economic power to run roughshod over everybody else's rights in this enslavement racket called the 40 hour work week. Going up it seems like an 80 hour week minimum and really, dr. Lenny believes in the 144 hour week less time spent sleeping. If you are up you are thinking and if you are thinking you are working - ewxpending energy. Why do we need to draw pay to churn a resources base for economic purpose, when the only interests served are the elite powers that be?

Mebbe because we want stuff. It's okay to want stuff. But you don't need to work hard for peanuts to get the stuff you want, unless you buy into the verticle hierarchy system. Time for me to start the real day and become a slave to the time clock.

May 17, 2006

Tom's Dispatch

"The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States… He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance. He has kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies without the Consent of our legislatures. He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil Power… He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation… For depriving us in many cases, of the benefit of Trial by Jury: For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offences... For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever."

Reflecting Hubris is currently the lead essay at one of the most informative essay sites on the web Tom's Dispatch. If you want to read a rock solid opinion on topical world events from people who know their fields - this is the place. Today's essay is awesome and the quote above is from the essay, in addition to the original source that i'm certain you, the reader, recognize. The essay in question concerns the hubris involved in the 9/11 memorial - a topic that dr lenny would generally have no interest in whatsoever, but because of the circumstance of having a colleague working in the building - hit a little too close to home.

May 16, 2006

EH - 106 : Chaos in Societies

Nobility is a choice, not a birthright. Politeness, dignity and decency are personal lifestyle choices as are baseness, disrespect, and contempt.

Mark Davis goes deep into chaos and order in this pitch for self determination of trustworthyness. It depends on the level of the individual in his own self as to the level of ethics and morality in the rules of how to play the game. Since we all define our own games - we have option to hold ourselves to whatever standards we determine. If we cannot meet those standards, we become disappointed with ourselves and vow to do better next time. But if we consistently do not meet our own standards of behavior, then maybe those really aren't our standards of behavior - they are imaginary perfect us worlds when we are in fact not perfect at all. It is okay to admit that you live to lower standards and then consciously decide to hold yourself to the standards of your own action. This is the first step to desheepleizing.

Trust absolutely nothing that you don't know first hand. Then add the second hand information from the sources that you trust for good information. Mix well and establish an overall idea of what makes sense and what doesn't make sense within your personal sphere of influence. You are the expert on your life - determine the level that you wish to understand and ask how things there got to be. Reason out how they came to be there.

If you do not understand - make something up! Be creative - the rule is that you explain using logic how what came to be there, got there. Do all your assumptions fit? Can you look up information in a book, on the net, or by talking to someone that could verify your theory or shed light on the topic. Modify your reasoning to make your explaination viable - no a giant bug could not have taken a bite out of the earth, decided he didn't like it and spit it out as the moon. We can say this didn't happen this way because the bugs we have do not manufacture moon cheese. Except once in a bleu moon.

Oh wait, this is what four year olds do - perhaps they haven't learned to be bound by society and understand inherently the concept of freedom. Do. Think. Do better. Most readers here have already gotten this concept - start actively desheeplizing sheeple your know by making them think using reason, even if you have to regress them back to age four! (Four was a great age to be - when your vocabulary caught up with your thoughts.)

May 15, 2006

Dissociating from altered reality

i am personally sovereign and i declare such because jomama told me so and yo always listen to jomama. anything that goes on in the name of doctor lenny without my expressed consent is prohibited, unless i know nothing of the act, in which case it didn't really happen and the outcome has yet to be determined.

however - there are times when people should consent to being governed and choose people that can be wise enough to see all points of view and skillfull enough to to keep the yin balance to the yang. now the ying can get howdt of control and press forth away from the yang on a temporary basis - but the net energy transfer in the universe is zero and the net mass balance on earth is constant. this means that we are not a closed system and that matter and energy while related are not necessarily always equivalent.

odd for chaos, even for order - double an odd and it gets you even. the deeper the chaos, the higher the order that follows. how does order decay? at what rate? is rate a concept without time? is time even or odd?

i also agree highly with jomama movin fast now on the time getting wierd and Hunter S. Thompson's guidence comes to mind - 'When the going gets wierd, the wierd turn pro.'

May 14, 2006

welcome to the crosslynx

Just added sunni and the consprators and sam at ettaroville to the crosslynx section on the right. The bloggosphere has so many cool ideas that are being generated by people that have learned to follow the flow. One of the sciences in the back of the package has to do with flowforms - and the artistry designed in water flow kinetics is unbeleivable rich in power and healing capacity. If the waterfall that is my current blog-photo can be summarized in a livingroom artpiece - then mood transference can be designed for the times when other people's blogs get your ideas cooking.

Nature of the Chemical Bond NCB-2 howdt edition

When we hear the term bonds, we think of Barry Bonds attempt to pass the Babe or about collecting stocks and bonds in an attempt to gain value. But chemical bonds - the type that store energy never come up in common conversation. The strength of chemical bonds - the bond order - is a measure of the tightness of covalency.

A single bond has a bond order of one, a double bond has a bond order of two and a triple bond, well those store lots of energy at bond order three. A broken bond releases energy all at once and other bonds form to tie up some of the loose energy, while some is released as either heat or work. The net energy released or gained during the reaction decided whether the process require net energy input - endothermic - or produced a net output - exothermic. Generally there is a required activation energy, which must be accumulated before the reaction can start.

Life works in a very similar way. The degree of bonding with acquaintences can be likened to a single bond, while friends and family form a doubole bond. You would like to be triple bonded with your mate and your children, but the third bond is very tough to form and you slip into a partial state of flux between bond orders two and three that may have a serious degree of range. Physical proximity is required for stronger bonds - they don't hold at long distance.

Water has a bond order of one half - and is an amazing compound for its solvent properties, if nothing else. The dielectric constant of water will change depending on the solute concentration, and so bonded water has completely different properties from 'not-bonded' water. In proteins and enzymes, the attached hydrated water should really be considered to be part of the formula weight for the entity.

Polymers are chains of repeat units of organic molecules that are bonded together permanently by a chemical reaction. Polymers can be unidimentional like metal wires or planar sheets like plastics. They can be molded and set, and will retain their shape. You can crunch down a milk jug, but you can also blow air into it and it will reform its remembered shape. Biopolymers are units that link similar types of organic molecules like amino acids in proteins and enzymes or base pairs in DNA and RNA.

It takes energy to make chemical bonds, which release energy once set, such that it takes more energy to break an existing chemical bond than to let it remain, unless the destruction of the bond is part of the combustion process. Combustion uses high energy via spark or flame to ignite chemicals and reap or harvest their bond energy. No matter how much energy the bonds have stored, it is all used in the process of complete combustion, with the result being carbon dioxide and water. The less efficient combustions put dust and soot into the air in the form of partially burnt, unstable organic chemicals, which then must create new bonds to become stable, causing a disruption on the local environment.

The analogy to people still holds. Combustible people flame out and burn their relationships, breaking the bonds that they will later need in their personal support network. So many individuals have developed triple bonds with themselves, that they form a hardened shell and disrupt everything they touch while looking for a means to lose some of that mental energy resonating within by sharing with another soul. But the fear of everything planted by modern social society, along with the random enforcement that makes an instant lifestyle alteration an awkward unchosed option for too many people, means that we need a new chaos to usher in a new order. Hence - we have the meltdown of the political entity and the fiscal entity in situ - and we will have to work at creating bond energy at a person basis to feed ourselves when the wave hits.


May 13, 2006

EH - 105 : Kids

"over-worked teachers are under enormous pressure to maintain discipline in class so they can do their job"

So the choice are smacking heads or feeding kids ritilin? Joel Turtel goes into quite a bit more on the choices - but part of the problem is that people are not willing to spend the time that it takes for due diligence in learning. If they don't know the answer, they make something up. We all live in too much make believe - and this article points out some of the fallacies of our schools.

I will also take the time to remind the reader that this series - Extending Horizons - puts forth viewpoints from all sectors and may not reflect the belief system share by Dr. Lenny and Lemme, who are the same actor. Recall Shakespeare once said, All the World's a Stage. Time to allow kids to act like kids and not be tiny little programmed adults.

EH - 104 : Mothers

"The task for all of us committed to these social-change movements is to see that we are one coalition in the larger politics of reconceptualization. Together we must demystify today's counterfeit priesthood of "puppet" leaders, and map and align our own energies with these larger-field forces and the energies that, in reality, drive our planet: the daily solar flux, which in turn drives our planetary weather system, the cycles of oxygen, of nitrogen, and of hydrogen, and plant photosynthesis that is our primary economic system."

This sounds like something Dr. Lenny might say, but the insight comes from Hazel Henderson in 1978. Kelpie Wilson describes the economic value of mother in an essay readying us for the greatest Hallmark holiday of them all, this sunday. My mother will be giving her regards to Broadway - we talked yesterday. Jan and Catarina suggested no drive Sunday's, like they had in the Netherlands. Drive to your mother's home, pick her up and drive to grandma's, then stay put. Even better - go today and return home monday and leave your car parked on Sunday.

May 12, 2006

time again

hours knot to reason why
hours but to do then die
so we watch de-evolution
as carbon flux normalizes
jump starts nuclear chaos
present order to universe
large disfavored by small
quick lighter next generation
giants of the earthfall
dinosaur herds in snowstorm
ice as likely as fire
lubricant drainage erodes
techtonic plate shifts
rocking volcanic belches
carbon dioxide interaction
in novel combinations when
nanomolecular catalysis starts
populations on lesser scale
sentience finds means to work
with less reproductive self
near the limits we discover
larger order exists in time
to reorgainze chaos as
has apparently been before.

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

May 11, 2006

semi truth

This is an interesting story and it starts on a grain of truth. But is has been mystefied for the masses and internally discredits itself by the end of the blather. Note the interesting use of the word argue in the last sentence.


Catalysts are chemicals that return to their original state after they are done doing the chemistry of the process. The catalyst is not involved in the net reaction, but it makes things run smoother. It requires energy, grease, oil, fuel, and payment to make things happen - every car has a catalytic converter that greases the combustion process to produce 'cleaner air'.

The modern business infrastructure at the prodding of government has downsized all their human catalysts and chased them to manufacturing industries in the far east. We have scattered remnants visiting gulch communities, but the initiative to create on behalf of the system is nil, because there is nobody left to catalyze the sheeple into any workable form, other than sheeple.

Internet bloggers are catalysts in altering the reality that we had come to believe and now that we are faced with absurdity, simple minds cannot handle the contradictions without new ideas, that incubate over catalysts that are not there. If you would like to learn more about the catalysis process, in order to make workable fuels in the absence of oils - enroll in ONRRI at yourclassroom dot com and open a direct communication channel to Dr. Lenny. There will be a cost to take courses once the system gets running for real in October, but this summer is piloting thru chaos and making certain the mechanisms work to support the physical dynamics. It would help to have a few volunteer beta testers in each of the following categories. Please note the number of all categories that apply, not just one.

1) middle school math or science teachers
2) seventh/eighth grade science interested kids
3) recently retired people that like working with youth
4) people that have project ideas that youth could accomplish
5) educators looking for an alternative format
6) curious people
7) people who have a skill that is presently undervalued
8) people who have friends that don't ever use the internet
9) high school age youth that have spent time with 'nature'

The learning system, REDILE, is net based for the distance learning, but requires the discipline of the student to pursue their interest on their own. The final evaluation of knowledge will be a real interaction at a physical location where the student and mentor demonstrate that the knowledge base shared has met the standards of rigor that allow for expertise to trust the judgement of the data collector. The advantage that Dr. Lenny has is well apparent if you have looked at the pictures on this site. I would gladly entertain visitors to hike trails, identify biologicals and demonstrate extended learning on a 3-month basis - if there were 32 pieces of a 64 grid matrix that were to be tested on all at once. Of course, this is college degree level work, not middle school.

Dr. Lenny does math and science, but the system can be adapted - as any living system - to other areas - history, economics, arts. The math language is spoken in powers of two, such that decending symmetry in the structural arrangement allows serious economy of scale, but each branch from the symmetry point is unique and curiosity driven. If anyone wishes to arrange a trip to Oregon this august / september - Dr. Lenny will ensure that you have a vacation to remember. If there is enough interest - an 'elderhostel' type event can be formally scheduled.

EH - 103 : Chaos

"The eagerness of so many people to accept superficial answers to complex problems, is what keeps the political rackets in business."

"... politics functions the way much of traditional medicine does: to repress troublesome symptoms with remedies that produce exponential increases in other symptoms requiring additional medications."

"human society functions better when it is organized horizontally rather than vertically. In words that have become increasingly familiar to us, “nothing grows from the top down.”

Butler Shafer is one of the people i want to see on the team to reassemble the dissembled words. When you find a good blog quote in an article, you are happy. When you read a Shafer article, you have a quote in every paragraph. A law degree and a complex understanding of chaotic phenomena - this is where leadership can learn.

"learning occurs only when we are uncomfortable with not knowing something we would like to know"

May 10, 2006

What is an asset?

As a scientist, Dr. Lenny is used to precise definitions to define terms, so that when people are speaking, we (the global hypothetitical we) are on the same page as to what we (you and i) are talking about. I have seen the economists use this term asset in so many different ways that i am having discomfort trying to put my hands around this rapidly growing beastie of a term.

Physical assets are things like property. They tend to have a value. Is knowledge an asset? Does knowledge have any real value, or is it freely available to pick up off the TV or internet and thus of no value. Do assets have to have monetary value to be real assets? Or just to get a bank to loan against them?

While we are at it - how do you build equity if you have to keep spending assets to maintain the status quo? And why does sweat equity to get something going get undervalued after the fact when the monetary interests seek to take advantage of an asset discount situation? Doesn't this directly discourage risk and innovation? Wouldn't you call this theft, if time were considered an asset with value that could be recovered after it has been spent? Is it productive to keep spending our assets in this country working to maintain a status quo that nobody really likes to deal with (except maybe a few vogons that enjoy shouting)?

Perhaps it is time to look at equity we (global) hold in the resource base and ask ourselves if churning the economy to produce very little productive work is a value to be spending our asset base - when the results are warfare and extremes welfare (elite and poor) and a tightening of all belts in every other area. Do we need all the cost of the paperwork justifications of our existances, when there is nothing to show for most people's work of a 40 hour week? There is so much verbage clutter in our work, that we barely have enough energy to melt down into couch potato form when we get home. Is this any way to run a lifestyle? What assets are we building? Family? Is family an asset by our definitions? What is an asset?

May 09, 2006

EH - 102 : Enough What-Ifs

"We are usually stuck in the "is" or "ought" – but wish to avoid the "do." It is rather obvious that we need a good strategy to get to there from here, i.e. to "ought" from "is." "

Per Bylund follows through with some discussion on vertical and horizontal structures and the creation of new marketplaces. This is especially relevant for our local energy co-operative now forming - energy manifests itself in multiple forms - there is no light efficiency gained by becoming monochromatic. So why do we strive for a single best method rather than a diversity of multiple approaches. Per here has a legitimate answer.

EH - 101 : Real Education

"Why not simply pursue your own interests, degree plans be damned, outside of training credentials?"

Having never met Ira Katz - i already like him. His taste for applied philosophy matches Dr. Lenny's passion and he seems to have similar life experiences. His take on education matches the REDILE philosophy and fits the on-line learning philosophy manifest in the lecturehall and How you apply knowledge in form and function - using symmetry to simplify tasks - is essentially what learning is about. Taking a core interest and looking at the ramifications from a variety of points of view should lead to the same core appearance from every perspective. When these differ, there you have what to question why.

Of course - doing this takes you completely out of the political circus of power, influence and control. IMHO - that is a very good place to be (or not to be, eh, Ira).

May 08, 2006

Good Intention by Citizens and Government!

When you sit on a 15 member citizen's committee to work with a federal agency, you can expect trouble of all sorts. But when committee members are empowered with the ability to represent themselves rather than their organization labels, the good intention of the members and their ability to cooperate based on mutual trust enable our group to effectively cooperate to make the day informational rather than adversarial.

Kudos go to the US Bureau of Land Management on creating an environment where people feel comfortable asking and answering tough questions. Personal integrity of the committee members to be themselves and ask their questions from the point of view of really wishing to hear the answer allowed the string of presenters to feel comfortable with the process.

There are solomons in every community that will represent people well when allowed to work in their mutual best interests - well beyond the politicized judicial system. Perhaps reforming government by allowing citizens to debate issues and decide strategy and the public servants willing to play in the fair process - everybody wins. This committee has no political labels - every voice is respected and the job is attacked rather than the people doing the jobs.

Government empowering people to decide the function of government. Awesome concept! Let we the people streamline the functions of government by operating a real local budget - and telling congress what agencies to eliminate - keep only agencies where the jurisdiction level rises to national need. Bottoms up rather than top down. Give it 3 years and you would see the meriken malaise disappear.

And congress of course will now budget cut the rural schools act that allowed this to happen. But at least they got it right once. Thanks Jay and Jake, Becky - Cary, E.Lynn and many others - at least we seem to be functional at this point in time. It also helps to have more good projects than funding available.

My anarchist self says the whole thing should just go away. But the practical scientist says that we can not elimate government entirely. But really - there is so much superfluous government these days, with disinformation to boot, that we could spend the next decade reeducating everyone and not lose any productive work. But not with government skuls.

Point well taken

This article out of Australia just struck a chord with me and y'now the information clicked. I never understood how PETA seemed to be on the opposite side of every issue from me - as a farmer, wildsman and chemist. This makes sense.

May 07, 2006

lemme hears jackie say

the major self-absorbed media
urinates howdt political DNA
do not acknowledge them
ordinary citizens taking
political control of destiny
developing a serious look
at the varmint in power while
assuming responsibility for life

credit rises from the bottom up
hard work cannot be found
via a tour inside the beltway where
disappointment universally abounds
creativity of ordinary mericans
can do simple complex transformations
which can only take place initiated
by we the people making it be

decentralized, locally based
common theme principles
from common man principals
rank and file democracy
grass rooted local control
self organization 2 living systems
creative on the ground bring
people created solutions.

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

EH - 100 : Heroes

Attention does more for kids with "attention deficit disorder" than does Ritalin.

Fred Gardner writes a memorium to Steve Howe - the former Dodger rookie of the year. Growing up on a steady diet of baseball, Steve Howe was one of my favorite non-Mets - always good for a laugh, but a gamer who brought it in the clutch. The story talks more about social problems and causes and is a worthy read, even though the content is non appropriate for youthful readers. Or maybe it is, if you get right down to it.

May 06, 2006

Kanipe Work Party

This morning i travelled to the Kanipe Ranch - where our work crew of six volunteers burnt brush. The ranch is a county owned park - where the plan is to build a museum that is a working ranch, turn of the 19th century style, complete with one room school. The building pictured is historic old schoolhouse which was recently reroofed and straightened. Dr. Lenny will be the first schoolmarm in the new school. Check howdt these pixtures!

The Nature of the Chemical Bond - howdt edition

Chemistry defines two types of chemical bonds - ionic and covalent. A ionic bond is a bond where one player gives a unit to another that links the two players through a tethered charge interaction. The more electonic currency units passed, the more bonding and the more difficult to separate the units. In water solution, however, the rules of ionic bonding are mediated by the polarity, concentration and charge-mediating properties of the solution. In fact - ionic compounds called salts dissolve in water and do not affect pH - the hydrogen ion potential.

The second type of bond is called the covalent bond which is constituted by mutual sharing of electronic toys. Each player has an optimum goal of eight and by putting forth the units in an order where everybody gets to use eight electronic toys - some held on own, some commonly shared - each player can create his tune, build his bridge, get his work done. Breaking these bonds requires more energy than solvation of ionic bonds, and the fragments form new covalent bonds and get on with their eight toys and another comfortable space. Cluster size creates specific know geometry in space.

The two types of bonds can exist in the same compound - as any sulfate or nitrate salt has the oxygen covalent bonds and the attraction of ions to contribute the free extra toys, as long as they can hang on the outside for a ride. The riders switch readily in solution, whereas the entity with covalency conducts the units business to the exclusion of the riders. The riders tend to be positive charged units - known as metal ions, and they have various roles in biological systems. They hop on and get off the negative charge bus, that was collateralized by the donation of electrons by an original molecular entity.

Original molecular entity is a strange term - it connotes a bias of being there before the change occurred. If chemistry is the operational state of life, the universe and everything, then it stands to reason that these original molecular entities are really a dream state thate we hypothesize exists to give us the basis of an explanation that can be grasped in reasonable common terms. {Science uses big words to mean simple things to scare people off - this is a drawing of a picture in terms people can explain, but it does not really work this way - it just can be explained this way so you see how it works. Then you can work it through yourself and either get it, or not - but try again some other time in some other fashion, because the more people that get it, the better off we will be.}

So the elemental state - where an element is assigned its number of electrons, the original playing set of toys, distributed a fixed number of toys based on proton count, which also happens to be atomic number. {If this is confusing - you need the electron hotel. Jump to *}

These break down into metals, which ditch their biggest electronic toys for a comfortable existence, or non-metals, which interact, share and occupy lots of trading space and require extra toys. The cost of the extra toys is the mobility system for the metal ions. These big extra toys that get ditched by the metals are the necessary capital required to create the units of stability that are required to create the clusters of non-metals. In chemistry terms - metals make cations, non-metals make anions and both have the same set of stability - eight toys on their playing field.

* None of this argument here presupposes any life - in fact the element essential to life carbon has an entire game of its own that is not germane to this course of explanation. Understand that cations are metals that have a positive charge, anions are non-metals and non-metal clusters that have a negative charge and that ionic bonds are where the positive and negative charges come to balance. All compounds make of cations and anions are called salts, unless the cation is hydrogen, in which case the compounds are called acids. Cations and Anions form Ionic Bonds - The cations are the riders, the anions are the factories that create the rides.

Covalent bonds mean that everybody gets eight toys - the toys are electrons and if you have your eight, you are closed and the entity does not need any changing - it remains together until there is energy placed into the system to bust it apart. Polyatomic anions - ones that have multiple sharing partners - have chemical propeties that allow them to provide big amounts of chemical energy to combustive processes, but the activation energy required for release is large.

Society of people seemed to operate by this system too - where families were ionic bonded entities and jobs were small covalent groups where people could team up to make a better living for all. But the social elements kept growing larger and larger and the rules governing the big molecules with the f orbitals are many many essays away from here, the first essay of the adventure (altho some of my prewritten essays to now will be edited and brought back to vogue). Biology can be explained by chemistry and chemistry by physics and physics described by math. But there are some physics realities that are incorrect in their manifestation into chemistry and dr. lenny requests your assistence in ferreting out the anomalies and setting us back on the course of understanding the nature of nature.

EH - 99 : Goverment Disfunction

"H.R. 5253 is the latest indictment of republican – not to mention Republican – government. The House passed this bill only one day after it was introduced, under a "suspension of the rules," thus precluding any opportunity for debate or dissent. The bill punishes an undefined non-crime and empowers an unconstitutional body of unelected lawyers to impose unlimited price controls on a key sector of the economy. The House didn't even bother to impose checks on the FTC's powers, because legislators apparently have unbounded faith in the ability of antitrust lawyers to "run" the economy, the lack of any supporting evidence notwithstanding."

Rules, rules, but who enforces the rules on the rulemakers. Why do these people have any legal jurisdiction at all, when an unconstitutional law is null and void. S.M. Oliva demonstrates how the use of illegal government action to bypass rules puts power in the hands of unelected bureaucrats, with sheepskins and little common sense. Normally this would also call for some self-depreciating humor for balance, but no longer am i going to play those p.c. games.

May 04, 2006

EH - 98 : Home School

There’s every reason to home school, and only one reason not to: Unless you’re an extremely energetic parent who needs little sleep, home-schooling requires a two-parent, one-income household. Many adults are simply unwilling to give up the second income, either because they can’t do without the additional material goods they can buy, or because neither parent is willing to give up his/her career for the lowly station of homemaker/caregiver.

Brad Edmonds discusses the demographics of who home schools. Doctor Lenny will be launching an on-line math/science support structure with middle school focus at on October 1st. This summer will be spent assembling the lessons in an 8 x 8 matrix format - a total of 64 in the first run. If you might be interested - view this OINK. OINKs are sequential, 12 and 13 are informative for what they talk to - which is very narrow in the scope, deep in the breadth. But that is what us theorists are for - to get esoteric on the common folks with big words that mean exactly what they say they mean. Right Alice.

May 03, 2006


Sometimes, what you believe is much more important than what is - because of the dynamics of the way the world doesn't work until you notice that it works. Makes you wonder if there are parellel realities and we can jump on a different thread by changing our mental outlook on how we view the world.

If we do change outlook, does that cause a physiological change that manifests itself in our dna and causes our emission / absorption frequencies to change? If so, our personal energy field is tunable and we need to rethink the process of liquid phase crystalization. perhaps our understanding of phase change is perceptually wrong.

I dunno, but i am hitting the descriptive books of the first half of the 20th century searching for where our unknown incongruity began. it is fun to divide the gamers from the pretenders and realize that both theories (reality and the diverted misassumed reality we now have with improper order) have honest intellegent proponents. It just that they were working from a wrong basis set. If you wish to be helpful, take your favorite scientist and trace through her/his history the points where she/he published theory and determine who's theory their theory is derived from. This will classify two houses, once i can identify where the split was made.

If we have enough participants, i can offer a classroom to discuss some obscure information in real time. But the key is to work independently without the discussion to the point of definition without cross-bias, so that the sorting hat can really sort well and errors can be corrected, rather than identified and further ignored. The blog thread is a totally different dynamic of communication that can be used to tease out thought in longer time frame than the instathink of a chatroom type atmosphere. How many different form of communication can we use to transmit the same information? How many do not require electrical power?

mixed bag

some days the bear will eat you and some days you eat the bear. when you find that the people you count on for setting your bearings are all away at the same time - it becomes easy to drift away from areas you are supposed to be to areas where you feel more comfortable. People are people and getting them in short doses is fine, but when the long conversations go nowhere - it is time to find other people to spend the time with. Although people do not have to be people - london kept company all afternoon while i was cleaning the library.
Nervous energy goes to cleaning, especially when avoiding the prospects of getting something accomplished for real. But when you finally do address the undertaking and dive in, the work really is not bad at all - especially if it's what you enjoy doing. It's just that it takes a release of other endeavors to really dive in and do it well, and when there are other responsibilities to be addressed, you just can't go there, get the work finished and get back - but you also can't start something, not finish and ever get back to the same point. so you waffle, and avoid and put off things, hoping for a better time window and then eventually hope that one exists, but it never does. long term stabilized yesterday while short term disintegrated. a few more days like that and i'll be jello.
sometimes we just need to accept not understanding, but the more we rely on reason, the tougher it is to allow it. Truth exists, and always surfaces, but the path of percolation is unique unto the truth - the light sometimes never shines, but the participants know what happened. If we do not make a decision, indecision becomes the decision - it is still a choice.

May 02, 2006

Cartoon Physics

This is so appropriate that i had to steal it. Wile E. is right up their with Taz and Bugs as the characters that influence dreamscapes (and marvin martian too!) But somehow cartoon physics laws suspend animation reality - notice that he won't fall until he notices that he is not on steady ground. If we could think about how the Jetson's would solve the energy crisis, perhaps we can find something more fun and entertaining than cars and combustion powered motors. If we can make one for Tom Cruise to use in Mission Impossible III - then why can't we make millions of them and widely distribute them to people that turn over their car keys. magnetics creates electricity - light properties are included in magnetic forms.