November 30, 2012

What in the world?

   Allow me to defer today's blog to Dane Wiggington and a discussion on geo-engineering.  He is correct - the chemistry of Monsanity is awful - also check out Farm Wars for more real on-the-ground information on our food supply.

November 29, 2012

Changing Games

   All current institutions are suspect - their agendas are built to conserve the status quo by preventing change.  The terms conservation implies keeping what once worked - it no longer means what the term says.  The ideas of all people need open airing, not some overpaid individual designated as leader telling people how to do things when they already know how to do.  We need help on the what to do, not the how to do it.  This is a big picture change proposition - we cannot simply rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic once again.
   To enable a new society to function, we need to move away from the basis set that has invalid assumptions embedded like ruts on a soft road.  We should question significant theories of how things seem to be, but really are not.  Most of our current theory on politics, law, economics, medicine, education and science are DOA - dead on arrival.  These philosophies do not work to unite, they divide such that a new group cannot advance a more rational theory.  Try this blog on for size.
   Mathematics is an overlay that explains life in highly certain terms.  We start with counting and geometry and algebra and work our way into calculus and analytical geometry - each building on proofs that are absolute.  Science knows the limits of measurement based on Heisenberg's uncertainty principle - perhaps it is time to figure out the absolute limits on Gaian metabolism and work to establish a moderate mean value between the extremes.  
   Every field can be looked at from a different perspective.  All fields tend to operate in the same manner - expression is a fractal field on another scale. Let's do some glossary work.  A fractal is a unit of measure where the smallest item is designated as one and cannot be subdivided further, without creating a new fractal.  Adjacent fractals must be similar to each other, and flow with continuity.  Fractals work differently as a function of scale (size).
   Symmetry is a construct where groups align with similar structures, so as to increase the efficiency of all related groups by using a proper economy of scale.  The application of chemical group theory to the development of social groups can provide insight into achieving 'proper' function - producing a stable, harmonious set of working and living conditions.
   To do, you must just do.  Develop an idea of who you are and what you wish to be and develop the role.  Life provides many role models, then forces us to step beyond the role model through the levers of change and growth.  In Doc's new game, players start by developing avatars with attributes that reflect the mission of the player.  After the avatar has been constructed and 'trained', the person role-plays his avatar to learn the mechanism of the game.  The initial game will be developing agricultural communities and larger groups (new institutions) will emerge on a fractal scale when they need to come into play.  Events will define the 'work effort'.
   The role of bard is terribly important - technical writing and data mining will be important tools in learning from what is being done in the present.  Good science requires enough iterations of the event to be able to predict the emergent behavior and allocate resources to development.  We need to re-invent relationships between people, with items like justice not being usurped by redefining corporations as people without social responsibility to the real human species.  The sense of fairness no longer exists when banksters print the money and give it to themselves first.
   Doc will step into any role to help develop the role to the level that it needs to be to play the game well.  The game overlays the Fibonacci series onto crop growth and senses nature in nature's terms.  Mathematics is a separate distinct overlay that does not need to be used, as long as we have consistency of measurement in another form.  All we need then is transit.
   A routine doubling function can be used to map the span and scale of the development - it means that the different systems will remain different and nothing crosses directly through from one set to the other without transformation.  Laplace and Fourier transformations have been used by science to translate raw data to an interpretive form - the task of translating chemistry into sociology can provide a new model for life - welcome to the game.
   Namaste'    doc

November 28, 2012

Nodding In

   All over the whirled, bringing you a constant variety of spots - the thrill of victory and the agony of thee feet (post-marathon) - the human drama of authentic competition splayed across a cooperative network - this is doc's whyde whirled of life.  Sentiments to the family of our dear friend mountain, who passed away the day after Thanksgiving in the warmth and comfort of his own home, with friends and family around.  Much better than the sterile environment of our current  mersa centers.
   So, what does a fairy's tail actually look like?  The game is to hold the tongue and not respond to the imbecility that dominates the culture.  Manifest all good things for all good people and stay in the light - we be well, when we need be well.  So , Be well.  Namaste'   doc

November 22, 2012

Red Leaf

Michelle, my belle, gifted me this photo of lichen surrounding the rocks.

Thanksgiving: Group Theory

   Doc has been traveling and working on group theory.  His form for the eight member working group is stable - it involves one producer, one director, three 'stars' and three support persons.  The shining star generates the bulk material, the rest of the group resonates and revolves and makes the form flow.  One key will be translation - moving from the plain where the concept is developed to other symmetric plains based upon valid observation and measurement.
   Probability and statistics are the bastard children of mathematics departments everywhere.  Allow me to relieve them of responsibility and accept Prob & Stat as a tool of all trades - a simple way of using numbers and ratios to evaluate process.  The simple ratios form comparitors - numerical markers that signal a change of fractal form.  This allows us amplification of the subtle into the visible.  It would be equivalent to using a jeweler's loupe to expand your vision of a crystal lattice.
   The new game generates the forms, the forms serve as a wave guide to the game.  Just like Bob Marshall's work with Buckminster Fuller - each group works on a task and achieves a value that can be compared to an average - mean, median or mode - to tell a relationship.  Only after n>30 will there be enough meaningful iterations to develop a basis set of expectations.
   The eight players on a team have a domain that fits a quarter chess board - one of four groups in a grid of 64.  These groups are related as a family, but independent in action to form a single entity in the next larger fractal sphere.  If the group can generate $40K in three months, then the ration of support is 40/13 = 3.08 - a ratio very close to pi.  At this level of play, the numbers fit sacred geometry and not the mathematics of current science.  They also support a person for their nut at 20 hours per work week - enough time to do other things besides work.
   Doc's agriculture league will be formatted to develop the metrix of food growth measurement in real time over a whole growing season in many locations.  By collating proper data, following established protocols and logging differences in journals and lab notebooks, gardens and fields of crops will confirm or deny what we think we already know about the applied field of agronomy.  When we look at dissimilar approaches within the same framework, we can tease new information from the lattice that might lead to predicting emergent behavior.  The guidance of the Marshall numerology should reveal which current truths are true and which are legends or myths.
   Life plays funny, but at least it plays.  This game is designed to deemphasize the rigidity of mathematics while developing new, real concepts in each of 16 game forms. Ambitious, but here and there are not materially different, it is just the weigh of looking at the task.  Question all knowledge in every field with the best people available and mebbe, just mebbe, we can get there, without coming from the current flux here, a broken economic and political system that no longer serves 'We, the people'.
   Happy Thanksgiving to all in the states and happy Thursday to everyone else.  The countdown to the end of the whirled is under a month - big party on the 22nd of December, be there wherever you are.  Then we begin, one fractal at a time, emerging as the first fresh daisy on a field of green.  Share the love.
   Namaste'   doc

November 15, 2012

Assume nothing

     Sometimes things are not what they appear to be - at other times, they are just what they are.  If you take everything personal, you find that you misinterpret intent based on what you project into other people's consciousness.  Since we do not have direct telepathy, the interpretation of posture and body language serve to signal intention.  People read this and make assumptions on what they believe - guess what?  It is all a house of cards.
      The assumption that we all have the same backgrounds and abilities is fabricated nonsense.  We are all unique and have perspectives shaped by our ability to do things in the past.  There are things that doc does really well and things that doc avoids because other people do them much better.  Better is a relative term and requires a means of measurement.
     It is convenient for me to think that somebody who uses the net to get primary information on a daily basis would be more suited to a find the factoid micro-task than me - a generalist who gleans information and projects it into a thought pattern.  I am not impressed when i take four hours for a 15 minute task than a secretary can do in 20 minutes.  This nonsense of doing it all myself is a waste of my valuable time.
     Does a paycheck affect this process?  Would being paid for my time make things happen any better or quicker?  No, it would only make me feel better about wasting the time on the task, if i was interested at all in the money.  I am not, but i realize that money is grease and this economy has no lubrication, except for the hoard of the 1%.  How many of the 1% are corporations made into people by a very dubious supreme court decision?  Is the SCOTUS even legitimate?  
     If we have a document that sets rules that are not enforced, is the document worth the parchment it was printed upon?  Doc calls for a general strike against all forms of economy until we get a system worked out that is somewhat equitable and not based on the existing nonsense.  Until then, we reserve the right to disagree with all current assumption and doc will be based in a world of supportable fact - as soon as he extracts himself from the fear concentrate being cauldroned up in the Muddled East to stir the pot.
namaste'     doc

November 14, 2012

Amp Vamp is an Energy Zombie

Not enough juice
To go around
Everyone wanting
Familiar scenarios
Pretending tube
Emulates life while
Knowing full well
Wire conducts

She doesn't know
She doesn't care
She doesn't care to know
She doesn't know to care
She just wants hers
Because she is
Not because you are
Because you are there

2012   lemme howdt

General Distress : Love Rescue

     One of the features of being howdt inda whirled (out in the world) is that i now get to see the idiot box.  I wouldn't have believed it if they hadn't told me it was so.  I feel bad for the man named general petraeus because he is being skewered in a feeding frenzy.  There is a person in there who has been doing what he has been doing for years on end with the same results and now, suddenly - it is over.  The lame stream media uses the word paparazzi arrogantly to describe themselves while giving themselves a pass to walk all over people's personal affairs.  The shock waves of the skeletons in everybody's closets reverberating all at once creates fear, a discordant resonance.
     My last post was entirely fear based and this post is not much better.  Light work in the dark world is a metaphor for being the change - Gandhi would be proud of the recognition.  The eternal battle of light and dark is a yin within a yang within a yin within a yang.  A fractal dementia. The call of the heart.  It doesn't really matter - anyone can see, nothing really matters, nothing really matters to me ... any way the wind blows free.
     The in your face style of Freddie Mercury was necessary for the civil rights extension to all people regardless of race, color or creed.  Abolishing economics and working to develop a new system based on cooperation and trust is a 'cannot get there from here' proposal.  The old ways no longer bring the same results and General David is fighting a hoard of Goliaths who are seeing their old ways melt into a crock feeding a fan (think Leslie Nielsen and Airplane).  In virtual seconds - peace on earth.
     What could you do if nothing was yours and everything was yours.  Could you look at yourself in love and ask, can love mean more than love.  What can you say to describe love without using the term love in the sentence?  Ah - the wordplay is intriguing.  A quick 16 built about love

     ________   Love  .  1st 4 are puppy love - true love - my love and crazy love
     Love _________ .  2nd four   Love Boat - love connection -  love songs - love sonnets
     Love Multiples    3rd four  Love, Love Me Do -  love me tender -  old fashioned love songs -  gotta whole lotta love  final four --   love is a battlefield -- love at first sight  -  love is a many splendored thing - Loves Labours Lost. 

     I guess i drift into music city because i enjoy having a recall that allows me playback without the sound.  I really could base my recollection on which songs were playing in the background of different events and you know i just love to quote the music when i can.  Make your own list and see how many unique loves you can make and how many common loves we all choose on our lists.  I know i missed a few.  Rules are - first quarter and second quarters have one word answers - third and fourth quarters are free association.
     Now that we are in reality of calm knowledge based on a peaceable world - no swirling miasma, no rushed deadlines.  Doncha hate to go back to work - but 8:30 dawned and i have things to do.

love     doc

Not Again

     I have an observation of the mechanism that tells exactly why business as usual will never work again.  I have been working as an editor on a series of agriculture books while building a working team for the author in the background.  The idea is to blend the talents of people coming on board and evenly distribute the workload, so that products are available for sale - in this case books.
     We recently brought a person onto the team with publishing experience - somebody who understands the game to take us from the assembly process into print.  The group is diversified and lives in many locations scattered around the states - coordinating over distance is like herding cats.  Especially when the group is tethered by air - there is no cash flow and the production of the first few items is supposed to pay us back later down the road.  We finally get people to agree on one time and date (and four time zones).
     So, because of technical glitches on the net, the communications portal starts knocking people out of the room - as people plug in devices and change browsers to find the best working system.  After a half an hour, the six people left in the room run the meeting and have a full hour to meet and greet over a skype type line - but with only four active and two passive - determined at random by the computer server.  We start to take care of the little chits of business, avoiding the elephant - no cash flow to anyone currently working hard.  
     We are currently 'invoicing' hours - a process made up by a beancounter somewhere that tells me that 20 hours of up front work per week is all i can afford - the rest of my time belongs to thyme.  I never know when to pursue an idea - so i commingle my time working on this with other time - to leverage my work by symmetry. Those of you who read this blog here know the depth at which i produce.
     Well we get to distribution and the new person says, well thank you for the time that you put in, but the cash flow only starts when the cash flows and past time doesn't count.  And doc says - oh - oh - i have heard this before, i am not going to get paid for work already pumped into the trough.  Nor are the people that i brought on board who have not been invoicing their time for pay, but have been accounting for it.  And I say Oh - No - not again - if i am not going to be reimbursed, I'm outta here.  And everything breaks down.
    This is not the way to run an operation and it will not come to pass by the usual means.  All accounted for time at 20 hours per week for x weeks has to be paid at the full rate - not discounted once cash flows - or the system collapses on the shoulders of the people who already did the base work for gratis or severe under compensation.  Because the work needed to be done.  Before the money was flowing.  
     Yet, current way to do things for peeps is to be paid first or not do the work.  Or to skate in when the work is mostly done and change the rules.  So, tell me again why i should ever put work out up front to get anything done, if nobody really ever compensates me on the back end.  And why should i get competent people to help me gratis, when once the money flows it gets directed to the newcomers who will not work until paid, and the pioneers go off to their same always broke lifestyle.  We are difficult, because we wish to be paid for time invested and are not on-board with the new latest and greatest.
     Easy people get taken advantage of in this system - all the time.  I came back to work to help a friend and now i have to worry about equity distribution and money shit.  Not what i signed up for.  I am not playing.  This team will be back compensated, because the change in approach will work, once we get the word howdt into people's vocabularies.  The old way is transformed to the new weigh and nothing, nothing is owned by the beancounters and currency printers.  And pay follows work at adequate compensation and past work in development gets recognized as such.
     Doc will finish the current book editing commitments and reassess the situation when the time comes in december to launch the game portal.  He is not happy about the way things are turning out and is likely to return to the monastery, rather than try to play in this stacked house of cards that we usta call a country.  The Faux News slogan says it all - Fair and Balanced.  Yeah, right.

namaste'     doc

November 12, 2012

Para - Magnetics

     Step back and watch - attempt to remain howdt of the flow - too much swirl on the pastry.  The game is still running, the deck chairs are being rearranged once again and the sun slowly sinks in the west.  Paper and pen are the current tools - maybe they will see transference - maybe they will see flames.  One never knows - the data mining project extends throughout time and space for as long as space-time remains a concept.

     Doc swept howdt of the natural sphere and found himself the point in the circle of the yin/yang symbol.  The world is full of fruits and nuts - apples and oranges, cashews and pecans.  Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't - Almond Joys got nuts, Mounds don't.  I guess the coconut base really doesn't count as nut or we merikns will believe anything we are told.

     The keeping space project is really giving me time for deep thought.  The next game is following the prior game and the between the times ketchup is working to settle some key issues.  Free will and true will are different commodities - we have to do the best with the cards that we are dealt.  There will be a new deal, but as with FDR's New Deal, it may not be what it seems.

     I have some running around and about to do.  I will order items to conserve gas - just because the funds are so low that baseline is looking up.  Most people feel this weigh, it gets heavier with each new follicle that grows from the beard.  The thickening has come - global dimming in several dimensions have caught up and remain unaddressed as manifested.  The macro-sphere is indicative of the micro-sphere - the turmoil in most humans is 'earth-shattering'.

     So let it go.  It is not urgent, and barely important.  The scheme of things is such that all rotations will be dyssymetric until we reestablish basic symmetry within our group structure.  Home was supposed to be base, there is no home to call home.  Sunyatsen traveling to tomorrow wherever it will take hold.  This little lost child has hopes of seeing settlement after the event transpires; til then, voices carry us to the places we belong - to handle the helm of light in the final burst of darkness.

     Similarity of the future to the past is a fractal identity on a strange timeline.  Convergence of all time is coming to a point - the fibonacci spiral goes to one and then one again.  Spins and twists are natures weigh of clearing the air - the fluff that we breathe now requires a non-conventional nutrition - we watch everything that enters and leaves - mebbe too well.  More doc present in today's form.  Waves of change sweep clear, allow the flow and watch carefully - try to remain in the heart, not in the brain - conceptually, we will get there - it takes time.  Time is an illusion - it plays forth at a 'constant' rate that varies even though we think not.

     So think, but to confirm what the heart says to you - listen, talk to your higher self - calmly.  Direction is impossible when the compass needle is demagnetized.  

Namaste'     doc

November 11, 2012

We are - now we can change.

     We are no longer what we eat, now, it is whom we feed - Richard Alan Miller.  

     It seems like Thyme to focus on grokking the changes that we are experiencing.  The physical plane that we live on is simple a mirage - things happen at a multitude of scales simultaneously based on the desired response.  The change in planetary alignments is not isolated - the roles of each planet mirror internally the arrangement of nucleii in the cells of our bodies.
     Our bodies are made up of little critters that are the essence of what we are.  We are the sum of bacteria, viruses, and small critters that each function in their own limited environment.  Each of these is also the sum of smaller things - getting down to the structures of biochemistry - enzymes and proteins.  These are alive in their own way, being coded by DNA and RNA.  These structures in turn are build from water and carbon, oxygen and hydrogen.  Nitrogen, Sulfur and Phosphorus all also play major roles, which many smaller elements have important parts.
     Each of us is affected by eating Genetically Modified Organisms.  These materials have been created by modification of the building block process - changing things that are natural into other things that are somewhat natural.  We need to understand what the term natural means - words keep changing meaning depending on what the powers that advertise want us to believe.
     If i get this correct, the people of the state of California accepted $36 million of pro-GMO ad bullsh*t to allow themselves to be poisoned.  The $4 million spent against was buried in the cacophony of lies and made-up costs. All corporate money is printed by the banksters - fair is a concept that does not play out in the current scheme.  We have to change focus and there is no leadership above the local level.
    The team is coming together to bring Critical Decision Making Tools out to the public.  We will be forming a multi-level membership organization that is based on playing games and learning knew things - skills and abilities.  Each of us becomes an apprentice and personal assistant to another person - where the exchange of value is equivalent, but not equal.  We all come from different places and we need to credit each other for our intelligence.
    The rules and laws that are set up to govern have been applied to we the people instead of the federal and state grubbermints.  If the Constitution is not followed by the people who are responsible for our ethics and morality, then the document needs to be tossed in the trash.  A complete reboot is necessary - the economic system is failed and allowing the money to be printed and spent by the same people is inane and insane.  Yes, that is where this society is at - inane and insane.
     Fortunately - this is Sunday and today that means football.  Something so important that we merikn males shut out everything until the games are decided.  The performance measures do actually tell us who plays the game well - statistics describe performance.  It is time to reformat our systems to reward merit, as demonstrated by application of the principle.  We are going to teach to learn and to learn to teach.  We have to drop insanity as a premise - i.e. big pharma drugs are way more dangerous that illegal street drugs like marijuana.  Let's define the drug war by defining what drugs are.  In fact - defining all terms is absolutely necessary to grokking the change.

      We are what we place in our bodies - air, water, then food.  Thyme to look deeper.  Namaste'     doc

November 10, 2012

They tried to prevent this post

      Interesting energetics are in play today on a nearly binary day 11/10/12 - two computer monitors blown down by resonant frequency mismatch.  The promotion of group over outside is incumbent upon the group being tight and feeling good about themselves.  To be in said group, we must feel good about ourself.  I am resonating on a peace framework in a fear based society.  I didn't drop the act this thyme and now the system refuses to recognize the matrix.  Tinychat may be a tip-off at to where the go is, doc is ready to drift anyweigh and this is all the more awareness that the olde way is over, forever.
     To do this, we can do only what we do and let others do what they do.  I scribe very well and can accept the role without engagement.  Each role is played by the self-actor to the best ability of the construct of role - the role morphs with interpretation of each individual.  The protocols are used to keep people on page - each movie is another revision of fractal reality.  We be the us that we need be - always in the now.
     Cannot write long - there is too much to work howdt.  Re-invention is something that people avoid, but the wheel no longer spins true.  Dropping off the face of fear and swimming in pools of love - change is transparent, flowing in several directions where the time converges into information.  When we get there, we will be here, same as it ever was.
     Namaste'     doc

November 09, 2012

Landing Where?

     How do you present time upon a different axis?  The change in relative position from here to there is a directional shift perpendicular to the mean axis.  The internal hyperbolic function has hit a new octave and suddenly - we know more than we thought we knew.  Osmosis, or 100th monkey - we can debate how; shaking off the cobwebs of a journey has revealed a different landscape than the one that i encountered in the recent past.
     My guides took me off the net and suspended me from my usual contemporary interface which now has me positioned in a holding pattern.  Yes, Joseph, i have to agree that Rand's hero Rearden the industrialist is another failed icon, but Randian field spin has not been kind when taken out of the context of time that she wrote in.  Glad to rekindle a fractal of past light with our mutual friends.
     Doc has now completed the 64-day game begun in September and is no longer bound by the rules of that particular experiment.  He is at peace with the role that was developed and knows exactly who the replacement module is - however, once again - where are the funds?  There has been no spending on anything not government or election related since my game began - the amplitude of pace has increased while the amplitude of peace has decreased.
     I have a major download that is required - it requires the proper format to keep from having to do this too many times.  We shall see - i think i have an angel.

namaste'     doc

November 02, 2012

How it works

     Life is a gigantic poker game, where the cards get shuffled and dealt from time to time and you play the hand you get dealt.  If you fold immediately, you get to play one of the sheeple during the procession;  eventually the cards get dealt again and you get to pick up a fractal of your former life.  Your attitude determines your aptitude and just because you do well does not mean that the next deal isn't something completely different.
     The idea of fractal connection is a nature thing - as nature changes sizes and scales, each scale has to be self consistent and also has to be adjacent to the before and the after.  An example of a disconnect would be if we all woke up to find ourselves in star trek uniforms on an enterprise where we all knew our role to operate the ship.  It's a nice dream, but no director can get us there from here within the here and now.
     The presentation of is, is not what is is.  We have enough information to know that the current political debacle of occupy! concern is a make believe land of the rich and powerful, where they govern the laws because of leverage acquired by playing an unfair game on a tilted playing field.  The hero story keeps many of us going - but there is no win in the game here and everybody really should throw their hands back into the kitty for a new deal.
     Complexity and Simplicity are yin/yang parameters.  If we start to shuffle and play again, perhaps we should step the game back from poker to solitaire.  I think that is what is coming anyway.  You have responsibility for you and I have responsibility for me and nobody has any responsibility for everything.  If we all do what we do the weigh we do it measures how well off we become.  Nobody is well off when everybody is cranky and working to hard spinning their wheels.
     Reality check - go buy Raz's book.  He speaks truth and is stressing over the hand that he hasn't quite folded - if i operated in the monetary system, i would buy his book.  But now, doc works as an editor for Richard Alan Miller and we have a lot of books that you absolutely are going to need if you don't already have.  The game will be agriculture - if you don't grow food, you might not eat.  A lot depends on how the fractal shuffles in the next new game of life.
     Life is a cereal, life is a serial and LIFE is a game, with plastic pegs in plastic cars, on a plastic board with a plastic spinner.  Oil is the key ingredient in plastic and last time i looked, it was over 100$ a barrel - don't even try to calculate oil company profit margins based on a 24 gallon tank.  I wonder what the molarity of oil is - water is 55.5 molar.  This means something to us chemists - moles are the central apples in the chemistry measurement system so that atoms in molecules end up on a one to one basis.  When we see what we have to work with, then we will grok the expression necessary to teach what we know.
     Peeps are not ready yet - Sandy is a wake-up call - turn off the tv and tune in the radio - turn off the mass media and create the micro-media.  Listen to your heart and turn down the cognitive dissonance of ego driven emotional fragility.  Cause otherwise, you wont be able to enjoy the high theater involved in the Dust of Empire show.  New cards will be dealt soon - if you already folded your hand, all you can do is watch the game.  I like to watch the cartoon overlay myself - eh, what's up doc will always be associated with a wascaly wabbit.

Namaste'     doc