November 12, 2012

Para - Magnetics

     Step back and watch - attempt to remain howdt of the flow - too much swirl on the pastry.  The game is still running, the deck chairs are being rearranged once again and the sun slowly sinks in the west.  Paper and pen are the current tools - maybe they will see transference - maybe they will see flames.  One never knows - the data mining project extends throughout time and space for as long as space-time remains a concept.

     Doc swept howdt of the natural sphere and found himself the point in the circle of the yin/yang symbol.  The world is full of fruits and nuts - apples and oranges, cashews and pecans.  Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't - Almond Joys got nuts, Mounds don't.  I guess the coconut base really doesn't count as nut or we merikns will believe anything we are told.

     The keeping space project is really giving me time for deep thought.  The next game is following the prior game and the between the times ketchup is working to settle some key issues.  Free will and true will are different commodities - we have to do the best with the cards that we are dealt.  There will be a new deal, but as with FDR's New Deal, it may not be what it seems.

     I have some running around and about to do.  I will order items to conserve gas - just because the funds are so low that baseline is looking up.  Most people feel this weigh, it gets heavier with each new follicle that grows from the beard.  The thickening has come - global dimming in several dimensions have caught up and remain unaddressed as manifested.  The macro-sphere is indicative of the micro-sphere - the turmoil in most humans is 'earth-shattering'.

     So let it go.  It is not urgent, and barely important.  The scheme of things is such that all rotations will be dyssymetric until we reestablish basic symmetry within our group structure.  Home was supposed to be base, there is no home to call home.  Sunyatsen traveling to tomorrow wherever it will take hold.  This little lost child has hopes of seeing settlement after the event transpires; til then, voices carry us to the places we belong - to handle the helm of light in the final burst of darkness.

     Similarity of the future to the past is a fractal identity on a strange timeline.  Convergence of all time is coming to a point - the fibonacci spiral goes to one and then one again.  Spins and twists are natures weigh of clearing the air - the fluff that we breathe now requires a non-conventional nutrition - we watch everything that enters and leaves - mebbe too well.  More doc present in today's form.  Waves of change sweep clear, allow the flow and watch carefully - try to remain in the heart, not in the brain - conceptually, we will get there - it takes time.  Time is an illusion - it plays forth at a 'constant' rate that varies even though we think not.

     So think, but to confirm what the heart says to you - listen, talk to your higher self - calmly.  Direction is impossible when the compass needle is demagnetized.  

Namaste'     doc

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