April 19, 2014

A Morning on the Weigh with Annie

Moods are interesting thought patterns that cycle themselves into a feeling that brings our internal climate to the surface.  To set a mood involves having a sequence of events push in a vector - a directional force of measurable magnitude.  I like to choose a music piece and flow off of it - Eurythymic's Sweet Dreams is on now.  I'll now move to Medusa - a fab album from Annie Lennox - she does some really good cover on this.  Soft, sweet, female ...

It seems like a good time to bring love sounding into the picture.  The spin of the times can be likened to the movement of sand in an hour glass as the time approached. Fewer and fewer grains remain as they tumble toward the crimp; eventually the last piece falls.  Then somebody turns the timer over and we begin the process again.

What is it like being the first grain of sand dropped onto a clean plate?  How close does the next grain of sand have to be for you to notice it?  What if the crimp were made more complex and every grain of sand landed in isolation until a critical mass was reached?  Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade of Pale - Annie's cover - yum!  As long as we have something to set the stage, we can always keep ourselves entertained.

The music tells a story from an individual fractal perspective.  To see how behavior emerges as a function of scale in the size of a group, we have to set an algorithm for measurement and look at a rate that will indicate change over time.  We need a proxy for time to remove it from our rate equation - and to use time independent variables.

Here is where music can work- any given artist version of the same song has a slightly different beat -a rhythm and a flow.  Annie's Don't Let it Bring you Down runs different from Neil Young's original. Yet we can synchronize our actions to the rhythm and beat of the song and know that the time coordinate is fixed in the version.  After we all gather our karaoke skills - having certain songs that the group sings together will establish the beat harmony and pace for the collective action of the group as one.

Unity is growing.  A new person asked what was the point of the group and my answer was to learn to create personal interactive media.  Our group is an informal information exchange on a worldwide basis.  There are several key nodes of operation in Europe and the American continents - India is represented, and Australia.  There was a much larger group that held a different critical mass that exploded into fragments back toward the winter solstice - this portion of space-time has held its own through early functional development.

The yellow star game was setup to track unity growth - the gifting of the stars is a bottleneck arrangement just like the sands of the hourglass, as are the days of our lives.  Love and trust and commodities that we share freely - conflict is written away.  It snowballs behind the scenes if allowed to fester - so we check, no worries.  The vehicle is new, and raw, and sometimes dysfunctional.  The games our 'puters play.

Thin Line - Annie : i wonder, if paying attention to the individual is the real meal deal here.  We feel appreciated when greeted with love and encouraged to be part of something bigger than the individual I AM.  When we all share, we have so many world perspectives.  It also helps to see through different eyes.  Some videos are blacked out in different places.  Having access to information from secondary sources fills a real need.

When the group size in the room crosses a fibonacci number, it changes the flavor of the room contents.  The powers of eight and thirteen unified beings simultaneously in peaceful agreement to reset the world operating system feels awesome.  Those resonances are reset to one on a new fractal that sets forth - the variance holds until the group size crosses another threshold downward.  The idea of resetting the table with small numbers that represent the form of the bigger numbers allows the math to remain simple, while the magnitude grows in complexity.

Growth works in spurts. There are energy barriers that require an accumulation of force to cross the doorstep.  Once the mass is achieved, then reset of the calibration shifts the level of the floor. Each floor has the same pattern - the electron hotel.  Room service is based on love flowing and love sounding and love loving.  All the fractals can be, without having to worry that the group has dissolved - it always begins at one with you and at two with me. No matter who you are - you can be one when only you are there.

The initial burst sets the limit that enables the next fractal growth.  The growth can be greater or lesser than the previous growth or it can be the same.  The growth period is determined by measuring the differences in growth over a length of time - then setting that period and walking away to not measure until the set has played.  Use set here in a tennis sense. There is constant play from different fractals at different rates.   Patience is a virtue and the observer may not remain attached to the outcome.

The hour is up, Annie has played and this day has brought me to an empty coffee cup.  Enjoy !!

Namaste' ...  doc

April 18, 2014

A Wet Journey

Dissolve in the moisture of this hot water bath, set at 107 degrees - feel the warmth on your skin as you take the initial plunge into paradise.  Soak in the heat and allow the exchange of surface water.  Slowly, your pores open and the internal equilibrates with the external.  A warm glow ensues.  Bask in the envelope of constant pressure creating waves that resonate to the walls of the pool and back again.  Hot springs flow eternal - when you can be there in your mind at any time : welcome, this is home.

When there is a real place there, you can plant your being and leave here for a spell.  Gaia has these magnificent showcase spots chosen for us to eternalize into our water being and form the basis for our love, loving.  The blue pool, the waterfall, the dragon guardian, the monk and his island, amanita muscaria, water flowing down algae walls - all here - still there - always there, always here.

It is all about water.  Sacred space has a feel that tells you that it is what it is.  On the path to the creek, two giant guardian trees that provide a place to puff near enough to the start (or the end, upon leaving) to become acquainted with the feel of the day.  That I could be there all day, every day, this past summer was an attunement to Gaia that served as a personal apprenticeship.  Shamanic studies of the chemistry and metaphysics from the realm within.  Salt spheres with metal ions display color within, as throughout.

Doc has become a fungalinguist - speaking with matsutakes and chantrelles, shrimp russulas and agaricus.  Mushrooms are a life form that bridges the intellect between animal and vegetable forms.  They trade metals for sugars with the root systems of plants.  Plants are peeps too - even though they are not mobile and can not speak out tongues.  Water serves as a universal transmitter within life forms on different scales.  The form water takes serves as a bridge function - it congregates and distributes replacement parts for all of its own cellves.

Free flowing water forms the basis of the Gaian metabolic system, called nature, that is the essence of all that is.  Places like this sacred space that i share lovingly with you now, allow me to deal with the realities of everyday cognitive dissonance that pervades, through the eyes wide shut that keeps peeps from the good, by taking focus away from self sufficiency.  You matter! When matter takes the form of moving water - in trickles or in splashes, in waves that evolve into form, a swirling miasma of floating dreams.  Water is us - we are water.

Namaste' ...  doc

April 17, 2014

Go read 'The End of Employment'

The Arch Druid has an excellent post today on resources.  It makes sense in lemmeland.  

So if nobody has a job and everybody trades with everybody else on a reasonably even basis, then perhaps we can all find one thing to grow that will provide a food source that can be traded for other sustenance.   I still like the Mondragon model.

namaste'  ...  doc

April 16, 2014

Pi with Tea

The answers are all inside of ourselves.  As above, so below.  In context, the portals that are opening are throughways between harmonic dimensions.  When we look at where we are in perspective to the larger and smaller spheres of fractal interaction - we find that there is no escape from the muddle in the middle.  Scale takes a different form to flow love into being;  the bonds of attraction that hold us together are knitted from the electricity of love that resonates similar illusions together to provide us this common reality.

The eclipse serves as a mixing module model - a chamber that gathers frequencies from all scales and shuffles them up into a deck to be dealt anew to the players.  The tarot and the I-Ching each have their divinity enrapt by mystical illusion - the sacredness of space provides support for the substance that is extracted from the depth of riddle.  No blame.

Let's go deeper.  Start at any size sphere that you wish to imagine and illustrate a process in that dimension.  For instance, to make my morning tea, i went through several consistent steps that together leave me with the Brownian Motion of tea leaves in hot water as alkaloids are extracted into billions of individual water molecules to supply a tasty beverage on demand.  Acquisition of the tea from the store had to precede the process, else no tea would be here to be made.

What if we had to grow our own tea?  It would require a bit more planning, a different type of acquisition from a nursery, rather than a grocery.  We would have to look at the seasonal climate of this region and find a tea plant that was hearty and productive.  Many teas are blended with various herbs that grow around, like camomile and dandelion, which could be cultivated.   Plants have a secret life of their own according to Peter Thompkins - imagine yourself as a human being restricted, as a plant is, to a single location planted for the current lifetime.

Now take the organizational scale for growing tea to provide for all the tea drinkers in your local community.   Do we all grow out tea together in one place, or do we each have our separate tea plants interspersed in our garden?   Do we have access to several varieties of tea?  How long does it take a new tea plant to establish?  Can it be done from clippings or is tea grown from seed?  Is Bergamot available for those who like Earl and Lady Grey teas?  Is there enough caffeine in your tea?  Is there too much caffeine in your tea?  IS THERE?

Coffee doesn't grow in the local climate.  In the way back when chicory was used as a coffee substitute.  Tea drinkers and coffee drinkers are different cultural beasts - my guess is that the value of commodities that can not be grown local will be a function of the distance that the materials have to travel to get to your community.   Having material stashed for the long emergency is quite different than having to create it from scratch.  At one time, ten to twenty pounds of coffee were always on hand.  No longer ...  there is abundance in the world, not lack.

If we grow good tea, we can always trade tea for coffee.  Look how in depth just morning beverage can become and think about how many other things in life we take for granted as always gonna be there.  The things is - it is all gonna change.  The question is at what pace.  Time - time is an illusion, yet it governs our concept of rate.  per second - per hour - per annum - per millenia - forever...   

The rate of change depends on where we set the fractal of one.  To set the fractal of one is a function of quantum reality.  Every different scale has its absolute value of one.  In the Fibonacci sequence of the golden mean ratio - there are two ones.  This sets two scales simultaneously - as the limits of that fractal reality.  If the reality moves out over the limit, then one of the two ones has to be reset to one to define a new fractal within that reality.

This all flows harmonically within nature, without us having to do anything.  Large and small are relative to each other, on all scales.  However, when you deal with the fractal reality of very small numbers - the ratios are much more significant than when you get to larger number.  When you reset a scale to one to become a new fractal, it shifts the magnitude of the adjacent scales relative to the one that you are working on.

Fractal levels are isolated from each other by pi.   There is a net video - Powers of Ten - that uses a fractal of one tenth - this is a mathematical overlay on a natural system.  The concept still holds, but the model can never be as complex as the actual system, else it could not serve as a model.   We have a top/bottom contrast that doesn't resonate like a left/right contrast.  Yet dualities are all yin/yang in nature and revealing of the underlying symmetry that governs.

So my cup of tea is done and the point is - in order to reset the configuration, we have many different forms of tea to cultivate.  Tea is a drink with jam and bread and it brings us back to doe, a dear, a female deer.  Harmony within the spheres based on the music of love.

Namaste' ...  lemme and doc

April 14, 2014

Watch as Bizarre Begins a Roll

The world governance apparatus appears to have gone wonky this weekend.  The events of the media are generally lost on doc and lemme; keeping touch with how things have progressed since the last time we checked in is a function of reality that one must handle, as sovereignty depends on interpretation of space and time.  Since we have questioned the time sequence, the details of cause and effect may be showing results predicated on leakage - events have changed in the future that reflect back into this past.

The game rule is that causes on the radar screen prior to the personal transformation are still allowed on the radar screen, even though we get to ignore new news events.   Having had a career that included volunteer service with the BLM in the past, allowed doc to watch the great Nevada cattle rustle episode with bizarre delight.   The Klamath River debacle was up close and personal, and the natural resources of Gaia are involved.  So doc has interest.  (Gaia is a being, not the whirled nor a world)

Watch - the Nevada game is not over.  The shot across the bow is happening on many different levels of playing field and the media spin notwithstanding, it is hard to get good information unless you already have context of the depth of the story.  That independent sovereign type rural people believe deeply in the constitution and form of governance is unfortunate - the reality is not close to the myth.  When those people feel empowered, then things happen like Waco and Ruby Ridge - you may not stand up to these powers that used to be.

Unless, things are really changing.  The festivities in the Ukraine should not be the focus of Amerikan attention, except that the lame stream media is a bunch of rabid dogs attempting to stir the pot.  The history and geography of the region should tell a story.  It seems that it is a local concern.  In fact - everything ought to be a local concern.

Another issue that doc is following is the hell no, GMO! in Jackson County Oregon.  Seems the issue got on the ballot before the state of Oregon declared autonomy on the issue.  Seems like the issue is a total GMO ban, but that Syngenta and Monsanity have decided to buy the election to prove a point.  Another money in governance issue that allows people to do things that aren't right for their personal advantage.  The time has come to retire this system.

The concept of country is too big to remain.  The idea of fealty to idjits in DC that run around without remorse has ebbed, flowed and is gone.  The concept of states is also failed and gone, although some regions could still work within the bounds of existing statehood - if they so choose. The State of Jefferson type groups will have a role to play - the game is setting up for a most spectacular fall.  I generally do not wish to even know, but how does one avoid the splash of media glitz.  It pervades.

I have a few websites that i like to consult to see if the information that i get is accurate.  These sites feature wing nuts of various categories - people that think extremely far outside the box.  Every so often somebody makes a lucid observation and the people start to get that maybe what they have been told is just not the weigh it is.  Peeps are starting to wake up - keep watching and events will happen that enable the change that we know we all need.

Namaste'  ...  doc

April 13, 2014

My Foot Hurts

Pain is your body's weigh of keeping you connected to yourself.  When you compensate for one pain, you end up causing more pain.  Sometimes the body wishes to take time off from the pain - it generates endorphins and you go floating on the wave of pain.  Carly had it right.

Pain comes in many forms.  Physical pain due to injury is no fun;  the body needs time to make the repairs.  Biochemistry is a fascinating mechanism that takes into account many processes of life.  Pain is just one of them.  Working through the pain builds character.   Don't allow pain to stop a valid process.  

I feel better today having conquered the pain.  There will be more, there always is.  Thankfully, pain is balanced by joy.  In the long run ...

Namaste' ...  doc

April 11, 2014

Looking at Scale

People are strange.  Nobody is more strange than the person looking at you in the mirror this morning.  Sometimes, we get all caught up in the mind set of that person and lose track of the simple idiosyncrasies that make us unique.  As you pass through the day, your mood swings and your focus ebbs and flows.  Your action flows as a function of being, and how that works for you is the only thing that should be cause of your concern.

I am lost, at the moment, in a quandary of depth of thought about the body I call me.  Last night, the body took control and the fever came and laid waste to the physical body.  As i shivered and sweated into the blankets and pillows, i began to wonder where the energy was coming from to raise the body temperature.  Metabolism is a fairly cut and dried process.  There was nothing different in the passage of the day - the body just turned in early.

This morning, however, the landscape is fine.  My foot is no longer in constant pain, although i do have to take care of some open wounds.  The nerve endings rub and the pain was constant.  Plus, the ball of the foot was bruised.  The entire debacle came up overnight, either the potential for gout or some inter-dimensional battle.   Who knows, but the physical presence brought pain and disrupted my ability to stand on my own two feet.

Perhaps, we could all use a good dosage of physical pain to wake us up to the reality of change.  The illusion is collapsing like a house of cards - the television tells the peeps all they need to know to remain tethered into the matrix.  Only none of it is true.  The framework of as above, so below involves comprehending symmetry as a part of form.  That fractals relate self-similarity, yet manifest in different form is a cue - we try to hold together diverse ideas that may not be related.

So, let's look at things this day with a new perspective that asks - where does the input come from and where does the output go?  If we watch how the molecules change form to get around, then perhaps we can leverage some ideas from a different place.  The sense of place is tied to a different scale - sometimes, the differences are because we imagine things to be different - not that they are.

I have been watching the weather patterns as the days grow longer.  The birds feast at the feeder more in the cold, move off to be active when the days get warm.  There is a crew of budgies that live here and a set of larger birds that seem to migrate through.  Having a weigh to watch nature be, without too much human interference, is a necessity for my peace and well-being.

When we detach from the illusion, the biggest jolt is the need to set up a new illusion.  The peeps all want to bring us back into their illusion form - i do not recognize most of the forms that i used to know.  The shadows hold many tricks of the trade, but the ethics of the shadows are shaky puddings.  The idea of transparency - the need to see the whole mechanism for what it is - is lost completely in the whirled and needs to be restored.

Something that doc has been trying to do is to get a finer grasp on the concept of scale.  When we change fractal dimension and start anew on a different scale, then we have to go back and define the ones.  This is something that we are good at when things get smaller and bad at when things expand.  To grok emergent behavior and envision better the mechanisms on a grand scale is a goal for this endeavor - life in larger form is far more sentient than what we assign to planets and stars.

If we assume Gaia theory holds, as Lovelock and Margulis set forth, then why can't we see past the rock form to hold forth beings at a larger scale?  The image of earth as a globe limits our vision, Gaia operates a metabolic ecosystem that supports life, as we know it.  Life is much more detailed and expansive than we know.

The key to the system of nature seems to be in the harmony of the spheres.  The frequency of energy is felt more so than it is measured.  Measurement provides a grounding that enables us to compare things on a somewhat equivalent basis.  The forms of measuring require tools that are appropriate to the size of the material being measured.  The way these concepts come together has been skewed by the need to package everything into the one system form of illusion.

To grasp this key and unlock the door to a currently inconceivable foundation of peace, we will have to reevaluate all forms that we hold knowledge.  Certain areas of knowledge have an independent factual basis created by the physics and chemistry of the illusion based reality.  If we hold these concepts to be true, then the basis of new belief can be compared to the old basis set for consistency of form.  We have to be open to change ... but not change just for change sake.

To proceed, unity arises from accepting diversity.  Each form of mass flows forth with power and love to sound off to the mind - the heart collates the information and searches the resonances for consistency, which provides the basis for truth.  Open to the light, the body of knowledge can be reconfigured to provide a better deal for all peeps involved.  Perspective comes from reflecting in the void.

The current forms of intellectual property protection within the legal system are ridiculous constraints on our human ability to function.  The all consuming economic nature of corporate existence has to end - it is our responsibility to change the weigh - to create measurement systems that actually evaluate the knowledge form, rather than the current contrived burdens of proof.   The cost of maintaining the illusion creates an illusion of too big to fail.  It has failed.  On to the new.

Namaste' ... doc

April 09, 2014

Purple Blues

Tension builds up to where
Ya gotta let go of the steam
Else if burst forth in flow
Directed at someone else
Mediate the anger - let it go

Illusion is what others believe
What we know is our truth
Sometimes, perspective colludes
To make things seem to be
That which things are not

Pressure comes from internal source
Attempting to hold true past context
Without having proper information
On what has come to be obvious
When glancing from another scale

Buffeted by waves of all frequencies
Ground is beneath layers of junk
Embedded in the minds of sponges
Never released from the fiction
Rah Rah Sys Boom Bah - Hoopla

Control of the stage is open
The vacuum of leadership need not be
Local thinkers invent new weighs
By trying things that can work
As a function of love and diligence

lemme howdt   (cc 2014)

Group Theory VII : The Weight of 'me'

Leaps and bounds are often followed with a step back, to survey the new landscape and reevaluate the situation.   Our current logic has us treading water in a period of the fluidized timescape where great changes are coming through our senses.  The swirling miasma of what has been known from our historical underpinnings is a collectively garbled cognitive dissonance.

Each one of us is a valuable commodity in the old game - yet we find that the control mechanisms are broken and we have been sold into bondage to the capitalist system.   This system is corrupt, thus null and void. If you choose to accept it as the current playing field, then you must swim in the cesspools and get the filth of fear smeared upon you, for money to pay your way.  Outside the box is the cubicle, inside the box is the television.  All comfortably stacked to make action inconvenient.

That is the weigh that is not.  Here, you are a wave of light, resplendent in glory of yourself, I AM.  You may choose a frequency that is a colored hue, or become a collection of wavelengths that resonate together as pure white light.  Your aura is apparent to others, each of us sees through our own color filters and reflects the range of our depth of feeling.  To be in tune with the harmony of your own feelings is a good initial goal.

In the past, i have gone into depth on the treei calendar - today is my power loving day in the current cycle.   The force of the current quest is to become a part of a larger group of one, without losing the identity of the 'me' that I AM.  

A me is a set of social contingencies that we all learn to keep our personal alignment.  When you lose your me to a group, then you no longer have the sovereignty of an individual.  This is not acceptable moving forward.  If we can be of one at different fractal scale sets, then we will truly be addressing problems of greater scale than currently an individual can warrant.

To be part of a group, your me should be able to exchange your opinions, goods and services with the other members of the group without need for payments.  The entire economic basis of modern life is flawed by the desire to collect alone rather than share together.   We need to reorient our beings to see from each others point of view, to tell our stories to each other with sympathetic ear.  This will require a new sense of media - this is where Unity steps in.

Come listen to music, speak freely and vibrate at a higher frequency. Leave you fears at the door and just feel good in the vibratory harmonic of love.  Be I AM as you are - come at peace.  Learn how to play in a novel new media forum. 

Namaste' ...  doc

April 08, 2014

How to do without Time

How can we measure rate without a reference to time?  Time has become embedded into the landscape as an agent of control - it has little real value, other than to synchronize operations, which can be done through music.  The key is to have a unit that remains the same - a constant reference to measure against.  The time basis of texture is such that what we believe will remain is still here.  My hypothesis is that the same unit measure called a second can have vastly different time coordinates depending upon the scale of the observer.

Smaller than human peeps will have more time within a measured second than humans do.  Bugs are roughly three orders of magnitude smaller than humans and some have an entire life span of several days.  If those bugs age from say teen-age thru adult to geriatric (provided they don't become food for another individual), then we can compare the week of a bug's life to our average 75 year span.   Think about even smaller critters and their time constant.

To change the perception of time, one should stop using money.  This is made conveniently impossible in modern amerika, so most people remain a slave to the corporate clock and calendar.  The idea that things are scheduled to start exactly upon the hour is a routine tradition - nothing really ever gets started on time.  Time is an elaborate fiction.

What needs to be done to change has no time coordinate.  Just start changing.  It is hard, but as you work at it, you find the minutes roll by and you are entirely oblivious to them.  Focus of attention will allow you to become so entrenched in your minutiae that time just passes you by.  Either hours seem like minutes or minutes seem like hours, because you are in a different place altogether.  Doing change requires accumulating action over time.

The main thing that keeps us in this time frame is the need to schedule action.  If we want to ensure that we can work at the scale that we need to work on, then we have to allow people to arrange their time.  If I give a time for when the show will go on, then people will show up at that time and expect the show.  Quite often, we get bait and switch - something else happens at set time and we have to wait for the desired action.

To have units of non-time,  we must have something to substitute in for time that holds that place.  This is where i believe that music could become a time proxy.  When we listen to an artist perform a song on recorded media, the song flows in a consistent manner that we all come to learn.  The mechanism of learning is to have enough iterations played that we know the song by heart.  Then sequence of action can be set to period by specific song.

They did this in the movie Hudson Hawk.  A museum heist was set to tune and the simultaneous actions were taken to beat the electronic protection timing systems.  Such a system could be set to use harmony and beat in a whole different type of action forum.  

To enable a working community outside of time would be a fine scientific experiment.  Remove all clocks and we still would get time to play with as day and night.  So time would be there,  just not called time nor used as a driver for any condition. 

Of course, anything sequential can be used as a proxy for time.  Even without measurement, a human pregnancy will take 9 months - the day count may differ, but the process will not change.  What will change is our weigh of observing the things that we do, it will change significantly.  

Realize that whoever controls your time owns you.  As a sovereign, it is incumbent that you own you, as i own me.  Ownership is another in depth essay for another spacial coordinate.

Namaste' ... doc

April 07, 2014


One potentiality flowing past comes to grips with an entertaining future swirled about in molasses and covered by confetti.  Speaking against popular belief can be hazardous to your health.  Being odd is even money to getting you harassed by the local yahoos, who want conformity in every form.  As collective reality shatters, we will need a form of love to provide acceptance of the new weigh.

This fine piece of artwork is called The Beauty of Chaos by the artist Orchid.  Notice the use of symmetry to add complexity to the form, while providing an image that reflects itself.   So much of this work speaks directly to the heart.  It reflects a system that anesthetizes us to a natural frequency that feels good.  Bee well.

Namaste' ...  doc

April 06, 2014

Whim of Time

Odd.  Very odd.  Strange Magick.   There's something going on around here.  Step back and allow the wind to blow through the sails.  Come visit the Unity Chatroom tomorrow morning at 9:00 am PDT for Monday Morning Metaphysics.  Link is on the right.  It's about time.

My internal reflection tells me that time is a wave with reversible flow in all directions.  As a point source generates energy, the resonant frequency of the harmonic outpouring of wavelengths sets the stage for the interpretation of that event.  If at all times, it is now; then any time we are in would always necessarily be now to us in that time.  If now is not historically sequential, then everywhere on the timeline is now, simultaneously.  We can exist anywhere in time, past, present or future, only we happen to be here right now.  How many simultaneous nows are allowed?

Look at the treatment of time in the movie Groundhogs Day.  As time loops, Bill Murray takes advantage of all the tricks of being able to work people.  After a while, he just works himself and learns skills that make it easier to repeat the day, day after day, every day.  Note the accomplishment was spent by spending the same 24/7 over and over.  That accumulation over time is measured as experience, even if it is the same time again. Hence, taking piano lessons carries the skill back the next day.

Life is about experience.  I once held a theory that when we die, we are just removed from the lines of time where we no longer play a significant role.  This allows a person to disengage from all the activities that did not foster the accomplishment goal for that lifetime.  It sorta worked the way the Highlander series did - an immortal that doesn't age, pretends to die to periodically shift place and time, so as to continue another separate existence.  I am not certain that any of us ever really pass away - our essence changes form and recreates under a new set of circumstances.

Time is cyclic, with cycles buried in cycles over vast periods. Time is a function of scale.  A minute and month are congruent and parallel, at least by nature.  A second can take an eternity - only on human scale does the elapsed time equal a second.  Dogs and cats likely experience several seconds during the second that humans have, because of the size difference.  Some bugs live their entire lives in a single day.  We need a different form of time filter to sort some of this out.  A stitch in time saves nine.  Adopting a calendar in congruence with nature would help our dispositions immensely.

Time for Thyme to think about time.  If every decision launches a new time line on a different scale, in which the opposite decision has been made, then we would just keep generating new timelines and things would get confused in a hurry.  But if those timelines converged when the result proved trivial, then only new different lives would be worth changing times for.  This might happen to an individual once in a lifetime or mebbe several times.  I have had two vision quests that changed my life at that time.

I enjoyed the way Neal Stephenson dealt with time in his book Anathem. The scene where the dude walks up to the strange lock and just enters the right combination seemed amazing, until you think about how many times he missed, died and went thru it all again until he finally got the combination correct.  There is a good lesson in how the characters managed to be exactly where they needed to be, in the right place at the right time.  I wonder how many times it took to happen.

I do not have a solution for the end of this ramble.  Given time, we shall see what happens. We watch with baited breath, wondering when the change we know is happening will release us from this fear based illusion of Monsanity.  Mebbe tomorrow.  All in good time.

Namaste' ... doc

April 04, 2014

The Weigh It Can Be

The holographic projection of the current reality is a coincident phenomenon.  That each of us can project into the same basis set implies that we each are already connected uniquely in our own way.  The amount of perception specific to our individual cellve allows us to give and take from the fabric of the universe in our own succinct manner.

As the former illusion wanes, the context of continuity is going unravel for those that believe on that particular timeline.  There will be a split between several timelines - there may even be a sense of going back in time for some of us.  The weigh that we are going to operate will be manufactured by the environment that we create to live.  Our purpose for the weigh is to take the space where we are and shape it into the form that we wish it to be.

To be is to be as I am.  If each of us is as 'I am', then we have many tinted perspectives that illuminate the darkness in separate manners.  Think about the hue that you reflect as a hue-man being.  Doc is in the green zone, while lemme is most definitely St. Germaine purple.  Hari' is white light - the combination of all resonances available.  The inner child is bluish-violet, while the higher self is radiant yellow.

For this blog, color is part of the texture of thought.  The deeper thoughts come out in lighter shades, although dark colors are preferred for readability.  When i have time to edit, the essays roll forth in colors that impact the text.  The plan is to develop an interactive live video stream that takes issue with the issues via color and brings participation into the entertainment lattice.

One of the issues that i have concern with is the distribution of wealth.  After listening to many conversations on NESARA and other schemes like OPPT;  i have still not been able to grok where they/we are planning to get to yet.  There is absolutely no weigh that any portion of the current status quo can be inherited by the new system.

There are some game breakers, that i as a sovereign can not accept.  Nothing can be based on written legalese.  Full transparency at every step of scale is required with simple rules that all can follow.  No rewarding past behaviors by allowing any spoils to be brought forward.  Equity is required, but not equality - there must be some merit involved.

I would disassemble the entire banking and legal system structures, including governance, insurance, investment and every other fiscal game.  Cost accounting can be used as a simple basis for pricing - the process that the organization goes through to acquire, assemble and package a product for transfer should determine the price.  There is enough abundance to go around, to where nobody should need to buy basic life supports.  Chemistry could readily absorb this accounting function, since it already accounts for all atoms in each balanced equation that describes a reaction.

Let's take stock of all assets and liabilities, then assign responsibility to the endeavor that most relates.  To have a different system requires different assumptions and must accommodate everybody, although with the allowance of opting out for something else, if available.  The core should organize from the ground level and be built up; as opposed to assuming the 'collapse' scenario, which is falling apart on its own right now.  The Mondragon model is a reasonable place to begin.

We are still in the watch period.  Build your personal skill set with an eye toward having a unique service to offer.  As you teach your work, you will learn deeper about it.  Apprentice yourself to somebody that has a skill set that you wish to acquire and be of service to them while learning their art.   The economics should work themselves out by total system replacement - after the transformation of enlightenment occurs.  Be ready for anything, be open to change, and be flexible enough to see the path, as it opens for you.

Namaste' ... doc

April 03, 2014

The Weigh It Is

So much speaks toward the common assumption of professional competence in dealing with life's situations, that we are constantly being told that the solutions are coming from external sources.  The peeps who are idolized by the peeps are just everyday peeps like you or me.  The reason we all know about them is because they have made it part of their life to tell you their stories.  We all have stories to tell - not so many of us have access to listeners.

Very few peeps have a grip on what is happening in the world today.  We appear to be in a fractal reset - where something on a completely different scale is changing the nature of the game.  We are observing emergent behavior as part of an extinction curve that is set about by reaching the limited borders of Gaian metabolism.  Our earth is reconstituting itself, as the balance of oxidation and reduction has reached a tipping point.

There is an oort cloud that currently encompasses our galaxy has a higher background of hydrogen gas than our recent past.  This creates a higher combustion temperature for the sun, which is heating all six inner planets at similar increasing heat rates, dropping off as expected as a function of distance.  This appears to be a cyclical phenomena - astrophysicists can talk to the topic much better than this chemist; they seem to have a reasonable explanation that fits the observation.

To look for other parallels for this, via as above, so below, might give us enlightenment toward the actual physical mechanism of planetary respiration.  Gaia should breath in and out in a certain fixed period based upon the scale that her organs require.  When the holograph of the universe reflects self-similarity through symmetry, then the breaking of that symmetry is required for observation.  Otherwise - the negative and the positive would cancel each other out and we would be left with net zero.

This might be an explanation for why all our DNA is in a left-handed spiral.  The directionality of flow in the holograph is time forward - yet we have already recognized the discrepancy involved with the concept of time - it is a vector without a fixed direction.  Which really makes it a scalar, only we have befuddled the process by using time as always running in a forward direction.  No such criteria exists in physics.

Logic is based upon the use of reason, dispersed with a good grain of truth and some formerly common sense.   Today, when learning is a function of the schools keeping a myth enabled, nothing that is commonly believed can be held as truth without careful scrutiny.  Each of us has a basis set that we can refer to as context for the beliefs that we currently hold.  We tend to laugh at others who do not hold our beliefs, but we have to consider the fact that we indeed could have it all wrong.

Or we can have it right, and somebody else can have it a different right. Outcomes can be mutually exclusive, when they are not specifically linked to each other.  Probability suggests that the same set of structures can play out to a completely different ending as a function of allowable degrees of freedom.  Thus, two chess games are rarely identical, unless the moves form a sequence of a opening trap.  The more freedom, the less control.  When we live our lives, we are the only individuals who have control of our own time.

Now, what is time?  The passage of moments as reflected by the hands of a clock.  The tracking of patterns in sequence - as each season follows the next in a four play of change dictated by the relative position of the sun to our position coordinates on earth.  How does Gaia as a whole interpret a single day, when in context, both the moon and the sun are translating along with her at 74,000 mph?  Where does this number for our rate of flight come from?  The speed of light.

When we dissolve deeper into the particle vs wave anomaly, we find that the act of observation sets the field - the information is created to be reasonable in terms of our current belief system.  The cat is alive - feed and water it accordingly.  If it spent any time at all in a sealed box without proper loving care, the cat would not survive.  What did Schroedinger have against his cat, anyway?

Any weigh.  Measure.  The act of monitoring affects the system that you are measuring.  What you believe will always be the desired outcome for the experiment that you have designed.   You can prove any point that has a resolution - however,  just because you offer a valid proof, does not mean that it has to be.  Accept that illogic is not beyond belief.  

We are watching a paradigm change from ground zero.  How we set our belief system NOW is extremely important in creating the image of the place the world will be.   Each of us has the ability to create self-fulfilling prophecy and to create the space of things as we expect it to be.  We can reign on others parades, if we are not careful, and bring more drama into existence than there really has to be. 

Observe your personal weather - do you seem to always be living in a storm?  The eye of the hurricane is the calmest place around.  Create a zen for yourself to where you can conjure up this port in the storm at any time the wind blows strong and it allows a clarity of peace to perform your individual tasks.   The sun is shining, hills are rolling, all is going well for you and me ... so we can share together, time of life together, as best as best can be.

Namaste' ...  doc

April 01, 2014

Resonant Unity

wave field function flows
surrounding selves with cellves
peeps of all structural types
cats and dogs and crystals and plants
the scale reflects the waves
frequencies of higher vibration
encompass each other in form
love waves of resplendent energy
emerge from the bonds between
comfortably set individuals
intertwining daily existence
to bring forth a new weigh
actions alter possibility in time

cc 2014  lemme howdt

Coping Skills : Ground with Soft Music

Take a deep breath.  Exhale and release all your tensions.  Be at personal peace.  When we come back to our ground, we can simplify and sort and think through our current status.  Things are changing rapidly and we need to be settled into a system that feeds and nourishes us.  Today is Flow Loving - the mass has formed and we are learning to be, from a new beginning.

There are many things that need to be done;  it is not yet time to start the major undertaking.  The accounting system is ready, what needs to be counted has not been determined.  The form may come out different for the next iteration - for now, we can trust our own kind.  Being able to identify that form of person is work - one must know what makes one tick.

Belief systems need to be grounded to sometime.  The ground serves as the baseline, the set of items that we feel we know we can count upon.  People have changed faces nearly completely after three fractals of a single existence.  The time period for each fractal is a function of scale - the larger the scale, the greater the time it takes.  Scale is only one factor of many interweaving threads.

If we take each individual yin/yang pair as a potential issue perspective, then we can start easing duality back into a unity nature.   The top pairs with the bottom, different from the up and down.  You can see how many changes have the potential to be charmed or strange.  No simple yes or no answers allowed. 

There is a dichotomy between peeps and humans.  The spinning grid has two outcome designs and belief system is the discriminatory factor.  You will get the result that you believe you will get.  You can only act upon yourself and make your own choices, the results that you get will be contingent upon your outlook.  Try to imagine that what is real is simply a dream scape.  The patterns are generated internally and reflect your inner turmoil - weather is eye of the storm to those in the permanent love stream.

Just believe in yourself and do what you have to do.

Namaste' ...  doc