February 16, 2015

Don't Let it Bring you Down

The life that we have assumes your active participation. When we withdraw our consent from the common illusion, we weaken the forces that hold us in limbo. By negating undesired thoughts, we can clear our mental spheres to be capable of seeing things as they really are. To live in light and love is a choice, similar to living in the dark and fearing everything.

To withdraw, the simple method is to run away. The beings that we are trained in fight or flight, yet there is a neutral influence that also must be considered. We can play ourselves as actors in the role of what people expect us to be. Our awareness of going through the motions of expectation, while showing self-initiative to address the focus of our intention should allow us to work on development of new ways to deal with old issues.

The change has come, yet it has yet to manifest in real time. Our ability to see clearly is fogged by the programming. Nature dissipates illusions by observing different limits than space and time. The game is not at all what we think, it includes what we feel. If we base life on love, our vibration rises. Gaia resonates, catch the wave and be outside the sphere of influence of the prior fractal of life.

Namaste' ... lemme

February 15, 2015

Serious System Down

Been a while - perhaps watch this video. Nope - too big for blogger. Doc moved to no access ville - so blog will be intermittent at best for a while. Books to write on water and on social permaculture. So much to do, so many places to go and people to meet. Will likely post lightly for the rest of the quarter and then ramp it up when there is more clarity from the confusion. Namaste' ... lemme

February 03, 2015

Postus Interruptus

Red Rhythmic Dragon : Mass Minding

People are strange, when you are stranger, faces turn ugly when your alone. You are both strange and charmed - just quarks of your personality shining through.  To embrace the different parts of oneself and accept ourselves for what we are can be difficult - especially when we do things that we know we are not supposed to do. Sometimes, individual resident ethics are really strange and some peeps truly believe that they should run your life for you. You should run away.

Now let me talk to the stranger that is you. For this, you might take a moment and lapse yourself back into your middle childhood - 

nothing like a systems crash to make our day. Lost track of this post 12:00 - anudder thyme

namaste'... lemme

February 02, 2015

Model Redial System - Start by Starting

Mass Sounding : Yellow Overtone Sun

Everything's all right yes, everything's fine. The whirled as we know it spins on a vertical axis, the left hand is at war with the right hand and everything in the middle is muddled and skewed. Nothing that makes cents makes sense. If you listen to the lame stream delusion, your boat can't float on a love based Gaia. We need to let it all go and begin again, in a sequence that mirrors the descending paradigm with ascension performance.

To experiment is to design weighs to learn. Research directed learning asks questions that require depth to find the answers. To grok something at a deeper level, we often have to cut through the myths of the present level of thinking. The ideas of being a common people are meant to keep us off kilter - the common bonds of society are shriveling up, because they no longer follow the chemical bonds the weigh nature uses them.

Dried mushrooms are pretty awesome - so if we get a bit shriveled, we can always rehydrate with structured water and improve our lot. It is thyme to be in nature again and learn the weighs of measurement direct from source. To begin a sovereign existence in a Mondragon model with a collective of Ringing Cedars. Using social permaculture to develop cottage industry based on support structures for entrepeneurial behavior is the current plan. To do this requires clarity, diligence and a willingness to forgo the benefits of the descending order. When chaos increases, it causes turbulence in the ranks and a strange attractor can really remove the excess energy and land us on the piece of land in peace.

Doc needs to go into depth - he has been buffeted upon the surface enough. The cosmic surfboard caught the wave and the higher vibrational frequency kicked in - as Jim Long always said, start by starting. I am excited to be working with Jim once again and stepping back into the past, to where i once belonged. I can work the fractals and reset the clocks - to before i was ever here in the main life, since we have all been here before.

We have the USLE scoring system and we have a land base. To have the individuals capable of seeing the weigh through is a bonus - i can step into any role and play the part to a tee. We all can become the lead actor in our own movie and assign the supporting cast to roles that they are comfortable playing as themselves, rather than acting. To build games to teach experiential learning will be one of the first lessons - to increment the value of the lesson requires more peeps in attendance - which can be done via some of the new internet technology that is flowing. 

Our own alternative media will keep performance statistics on ourselves - to accurately know what each of us is capable of doing. There is no success and no failure - we can deal with whatever comes our weigh with a smile on our face and love in our heat. I project starting from an open mike and ascending to troupe players and live skits. To create our own entertainment with embedded learning of new forms of flow is more natural for the rhythms of the day. Smoke-easys are coming. The morels are a month away, they wish to communicate on behalf of the fungi and i am pleased to become the ambassador.

I need a driver - a person who is validly licensed to port around peeps that have outside business. This is a listening and learning position for a post high school youth.  Living arrangements to be negotiated - apprenticing should include, room and board. Position is not formally open yet, but inquire within. 

How many domes do we need?  I want the aquaponics dome to work, but the last fractal didn't make it happen. We can use small home domes - i have to negotiate with Pacific Domes and set a realistic potential. I wonder if there is a business opportunity in training dome assemblers? There will be training opportunities of all sorts, as biochar becomes the answer to the pH problems in the middle of Middle creek. I seem to remember setting logs into the stream as buffers for fish against flow - why not use burnt trees for buffers to neutralize acid mine drainage? Comment due by Thursday.

The system has a weigh of holding things up. If we use our magickal abilities to provide the picture of expectation, then we can move diligently amidst the invisible haze and get our work done. The idea is to clean the creek for fish. The secondary value is to repair and repatriate the land - for Gaia. If we can exchange value for value, it can ease our hearts and our souls and generate revenue to pay for the upkeep of all those peeps involved in the process. This is how we start - by learning how to do the things that need to be done. We can ReDiLe the system, by teaching peeps what they want to learn, through Research Directed Learning.

Namaste' ... doc

music references 1 jesus christ superstar stageplay 2 get back beatles 3 deja vu CSNY

February 01, 2015

Weird Crazees

Blue Self-Existent Storm : Mass Loving

By the weigh doc talks, you would think that he hates everything. The inanimate objects of life take much verbal abuse, because they do not respond back when doc chastises them. Doc is annoyed at the computer cords today - the alternate keyboard cord has tangled and got under the keyboard itself, so typing was bouncing and there is just too much shit on the table. Doc needs his own place to work, that is coming very soon. 

Peeps have to be dealt with more gently that computers and cords. Peeps get easily confused by what doc says and misinterpret his ramblings to be about them and take offense. Thus doc has to meter what he says and be careful to avoid buzz words - because peeps only hear the buzzword and then lose their ability to listen. When you spend your time thinking about how to respond to a buzzword rather than listening, you miss the real point of the verbiage. Words have meaning, but when peeps don't listen and understand the words, the meaning is lost and the dialogue becomes nonsense.

Active listening is a learned skill. Doc has found that few people say what they mean, because they don't follow through their own train of thought. The result is that people who have group think ability and fit in to the society at large do not resonate on doc's wavelength. Doc needs weird crazee people to get along. It is partly a function of Asberger's Syndrome and partially a matter of stubbornness.

Doc is a chemist playing with sociology. He has no real grasp of biology or psychology. He says what he thinks and shoots from the hip. He confides in everyone and no one - honesty is the policy because he can't remember what he said to who, so he stays consistent in what he is, because he thinks in doc world. But his closest confidants are people who are as crazee as doc is, because they all tend to speak their own truths.

The education system is about indoctrination, rather than learning. The inconsistency of the information is ignored as rote memorization is rewarded. The ability to follow the rules is demonstrated by social interaction - the people that play the game exclude all the difficult people. Those who don't even know there is a game going on are living in their own Truman Show and act oblivious to the flow of the societal stream.  These folks are my folks - the weird crazees that inhabit the worlds created in their own minds.

To whit, the old system is now howdt of hand. The difficult people, have no real inkling of what is going on in that whirled because the real world is not connected to the 'merikn myth. We grok the concept of 'on our own' and believe in what we see, as framed against what we know. And we know that the house of cards is stacked against living in unreality, yet that seems to be just where the current lame stream delusion arrives.

So ... doc needs to write. Lemme has taken on the writing work-load while doc structures the two immediate books that need attention. The publishing of the new weigh has to take a back seat - the money generation did not occur because there is no real economy in the exchanges going on that involve FRNs. It is just the excessive cost of doing business that keeps everything in the status quo - as the rats churn their wheels and get more pissed off at the weird crazees of the world who are free of the chains that they bind themselves with.

Local economics is where the whole juncture will be, as the road winds down. Frost described the path less taken; doc found that path and wandered through, looking for the eye of the storm in the eye of the needle in the proverbial haystack that leads to the clinch of the hourglass, where you drop through alone, once. To take the journey and get back to where you once belonged was jojo's quest - each of us will have to learn that alone is not to be feared and we are responsible for our own self at all times. 

If we cannot love the person who we are, then we have to change in order to have the proper relationship with the person responsible for caring for us. Otherwise, you become dependent and are not really a sovereign i.am individual. I read a book about Gurdjieff over the past two days, to find that somebody else brought him up in the discussion yesterday. Walter Russell and Victor Schauberger are also prominent characters and Tesla is the new poster boy. Why is it that our science texts make no mention of any of these folks, except to deride them?

To go into fractals with Mendlebrot was a real joy for doc. Sacred geometry has been the basis of understanding that presupposes mathematical geometry and builds via the use of symmetry and structure. To look at art as a form of expression, requires us to imply meaning from the symbolism. The weigh is designed to allow each of us to walk a path, to design a new civilization based upon walking the walk and learning about how we do the things we do. 

Things that once worked, are no longer necessarily valid in this fractal that surpassed the fractal that was. That Fibonacci governs the fractal realm is not a truth - it only provides a limit to growth in a certain set of spheres - there is a second limit that borders the other side of numbers. When numbers get excessively large, the golden mean exceeds the value of the doubling function, and that takes over as the limit to organic growth. That we as chemists deal with very small whole number ratios in the formation of molecules with atoms, provides a gateway for vision of truth. This happens because we can see real in different forms - it is not how we got there, but rather that we did all get there.

There will be 16 civilization possibilities for sovereign entities to join the game - yet that overlay will not begin until the first phase of the game is collated. The beginning has to be evaluated in terms of the Treei status - the start rate is dependent upon the initial conditions and the set hasn't been set yet. Though in reality it has, via intention. Doc has journals to data mine and miles to go before he sleeps.

Namaste' ... lemme

PS - the thyme machine brings you records of the past. Thank you anonymous back surfer.

January 29, 2015

Moving Deeper Inside Howdt

Mass Forming : Yellow Magnetic Warrior

On the fly reporting today - nothing is ever as it seems. The game is to catch people in the game. Nobody knows who is the player and who is being played. The flat earth makes more sense than the round earth - yet no earth makes an even more convincing argument. Back to string theory - all strings tangle when not being watched.

Movement is coming - the comfort zone defined by the present condition has narrowed to a discomfort zone. While going through the motions, i find that emotions run rampant when belief systems are questioned. I get lots of you can'ts and i won'ts, but very few let's try it and see. The emotion of belief runs deep - i think the locals are scared to think that what always has been never was. There are mean people, but in general, most people are over stressed, yet not mean.

The questions roll in and we see that we need a novel ground state to deal with novel problems. What we find is that the motor is humming with insanity - people are trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle where the pieces don't fit into each other. They have an illusion of a picture that they expect to see, yet square holes will always fit round pegs - as long as the diameters are matched.

The basis set is the stripped down vehicle that we can use as a frame of reference. Nature sets those frames in a certain weigh - the ecosystem evolves daily as the encumbrance of plants and animals unite via fungi, bacteria and virus - all connected through water. The water flows through us and seeps away many things - there are often drifts where the water stays to do its work.

Water is conscious. There are only so many modes of vibration allowed in a set of three atoms. However, water structured with water has a close packed tetrahedral structure that envelopes all the beings into a unity - as long as water is as water does. If too much stuff is in the water - the excess concentration causes loss of focus. The question is about creating order from the chaos and breaking the order via the chaos.

I get the drift that mebbe i need to spend my spring in hibernation - creating a new basis set for my own predilections. I need to feel love - not having a pet and being in confined space has cause me to alter my patterns and i know now what i need. A stove and shelter - quiet with a net connection. Or do i even need the net? For this one, i think perhaps not - although the personal social permaculture will take a hit, if the social is excluded. I had plans go poof - now i wonder if the poof is maybe a sign of the times - peas and hominy in domain one require a different set of actual circumstance.

Where can we be, where we do not sense the pressure of the mindless evaporation of the current illusion? Belief is such a funny thing - we can convince ourselves of anything if we restrict our factual intake to only what we wish to believe. When others break into our delusions with their illusions, we must compromise our belief to take their belief at face value - yet they don't see this as conflict. The net connection has been a lifeline to like thinking people - we get stranded in a whirled of different, when we disconnect this umbilical cord. 

Yet we must detach - to be real with what we need to be real with. The current reel ends badly only when we believe it will end badly.  I see good things coming - i need to be light and let go of many of my preconceived notions. To go to where i need to be is a function of how the universe speaks to me - i know what i know and have to act upon my knowledge as only i know how. To be with others learning again for the first time.

Thyme to think, quietly and dissolve in the solutions of the day.

Namaste' ... lemme

January 28, 2015

Teasing Howdt Truth

Blue Cosmic Eagle : Mass Massing

So much depends on being able to construct models to portray how things can go. Back when, Einstein used to conduct thought experiments to see if he could imagine his theories to be true. Einstein was a Swiss patent attorney who got to be a funnel of knowledge – everything that went thought his thought process was resurrected in a time/space continuum that captured the imagination of a generation or three. The limits of our universe changed – the glorification of Einstein came at the price of all the other good thinking that was going on at the time. 

Time and space are both going into Doc's flux box – with caveats that were set forth yesterday. Time is allowed as clock measurement to affix the standard reference to appointments and reciprocation. Calendar time can be either Treei or Mayan – or any other calendar that one wishes to place forth. History is common fiction – anything that the delusion brings in 3D is a subset that is not with-in the construct of this weigh. You may have your own weigh, in your own space.

The caveats on the concept of space are enormous. The internet has redefined confined space to where all I need is access and I can be with my people in any instant. That telepathy serves the same purpose is within my belief system – cats know exactly how to read the person that they adopt as theirs. Once a cat draws blood, they create 'ownership' of the human that they lovingly pierce. The dialect of meow is as broad as the english language – nuance is a learned trait. Cats take on the personality of their primary peeps – they function on narrow frequencies with sharp distinct interest – or total ignorance. To be a cat is something that each human should imagine – it gives you a secondary perspective of the rituals that we follow.

So, your personal space is governed by the aura that you throw and the physical confines of the room that you are in. Outside has indefinite room and outside space contains vibrational frequencies from the sun that cater to the process of life. This space is the space where you have physical interaction with all of being – you have a body to take care of and love to create. 

Outer space is inner space and as above, so below. Duality is such that we define space in terms of length, width, and breadth; dimensional analysis helps us grasp concepts such as derivatives and integrals. This is all construct and other than personal space – only exists by common agreement. That we have planets and geography and other descriptive sciences make it real – if we pretend that we didn't know any of that – would we be any better or worse off in our daily focus?

So, space is just the physical community where you locate and the virtual community that you create on the net. If each of us has a broadcast media that related our personal space to each other's personal space – then we are networked with different neural inputs than we formerly have had. 

I had a conversation with a civil engineer in Britain today – discussing Schauberger's implosion energy devices. That we have free energy in an open system rather than harnessed energy in a closed system is a belief that I hold to – yet few 'scientists' have thought about the question in depth. They just tell me it cannot be – when they haven't even bothered to delve past their technical training on their personal topic of interest. Academia has little to offer us – except the resources that they extracted from us for indoctrination. Is school really the only place to learn?

Escape is only an imagination away. By getting smaller and more local we can be the people who we are. We are responsible for more than we know. Our pets know as much about their sphere as we know about ours. They do not foul their nests or pollute their own waters. If we, as a collective, do not stop the constant radiation of Fukushima – then we have no chance of remaining here, on Gaia. With Gaia. 

We presuppose Gaia theory by Lovelock and Margulus – no room to argue. You may choose any set of facts that you wish to presuppose on your world, if you choose to play this game. As today is a mass massing for me – I will collate the game information from the last tree day and assign values to the worlds that have been created. The players involved have given me numbers for their domains – and I will fill in some of the gory details while continuing on my own fractal.

Now – a bit of water science. I have been looking at devices that structure water and chemicals that dissolve in water as salts. I would like to take Pollack/Ho theory and explore it at a greater depth that has been done in the past. I once taught an on-line course called the many Faucets of water – I believe that these concepts need to be rekindled. The mass for this quarter is to write the outline for a textbook on water – the weigh it is. I would like to have people transcribe lectures, similar to the methods that Dick Feynmann used to work out the physics of QED. I also need a source expert on Walter Russell. Manifestation of desire is put forth for the universe – now I have to put forth my specific effort on some other challenges of the day.

Namaste' … doc

January 27, 2015

What Do We Know?

Red Spectral Sky-Walker: Void Voiding

The last day of the current endeavor, where the void voids and I personally assess the value of the prior 64 day period. One Treei day. From 11/24, when I knew I was to go – now I think I know where to land, though I don't know, for now this will do. The entire travel adventure and reaccommodation to southern Oregon is an illusion build within a delusion. Schizophrenic me no longer believes anything – the game of proof of real is such that we don't have to accept anything that we cannot derive first hand from our knowledge base. I know that in real thyme, I have the same insecurities as anyone else and the less I focus on the reel story, the more I think about the Donaldson sci-fi series that begins with The Real Story and travels through the same events from a variety of points of view.

I have heard too many people here tell me either what I hafta do or what I can't do. I am tired of hearing both. The people who see the world their way have no consideration for the fact that I see the world differently from my own perspective. The things that I watch and remember are things that are important to my personal growth and comprehension of what I call truth. I tease out the facts as I can and attempt to get deeper into the weave of fabric of the multiverse, grokking that I am amazed at the things that I learn when I keep an open mind. I can see through your eyes as an emotive, and I reflect the serenity or chaos of your present condition in my accounts and actions in time spent with you.

The concepts of time and space have to be teased away from the common basis set; these are arcane limits that keep us in narrow perspective. Time and distance are subsets of each other and as such are both subject to different measurement constraints – a box inside a box inside a box. For time – I reserve the right to use clocks to set time for meetings, appointments and scheduling purposes. For 3D – when we act in a role, we keep track of that time in a separate category. The reward for the role is down time.

There is a definite correlation between time and money. People that pay you money expect to buy your time to work on their agenda. That all food, shelter and entertainment has costs, and that advantage is taken by the first people in a new place, are all the more reasons to start fresh with a horizontal power structure within our local environment. The person who is best equipped to make the call is the person empowered to make the call. Authority is accepted as a sovereign weigh – do what you have to do. The council of elders will always be there to advise, however, we definitely need to calculate a different measure for the term elder than chronological age.

Space also has its confinements, because we have deceived ourselves into believing that space is vast. It is not – it is totally dependent on scale. I need my own personal space to think and write – the community that I live in has to respect my privacy. The idea of love and being love in a space of love is a function of living differently, beyond the accepted mores of current society. That other people worry about what I do and have control enough to stop me from doing is insanity – I refuse to recognize any rights that impinge on my personal sovereign rights. But I follow the laws enough in order to avoid the whack a mole game.

The game is changing. We have an ecosystem of life support that is run by the death support industry. Life has been quenched and sprouted in forms that will change the weighs that we look at the world. Gaia is alive – and water is more than anyone ever thought about – because it is all over and we are our water. Water, water everywhere and all the board did shrink – ancient mariner rhymes.

Let's ask questions. Each question has to have a falsifiable answer – we have to be able to measure something that can give us a tangible answer. I have a mine clean-up that I have been following - the Formosa Mine in Riddle OR. The acid mine drainage is being addressed in a long slow process – Superfund is now involved. The video has details – our goal in the next short term is to bring the picture into focus – as the time to fix has come. To stop the existing flow is the first game – the BLM has a weigh that is separate and will provide some context. The video has two phases – one is the local Watershed Council Meeting – the second, public testimony at a federally scheduled meeting.

All life in 3D is local. The people you deal with are dealing with similar issues to your issues – like attracts like. We have the ability to change – but only if we grow away from the paradigm that caused the effects that we seek to remedy. Gaia can handle herself at her scale – I wonder of we are capable of meeting the challenge on the surface scale. We can start by stopping, then start by starting anew. Thyme to unlearn all that we learned in order to verify truth from fiction – what do we know?

Namaste' … lemme

January 26, 2015

Glyphs of the Basis Set

Yellow Planetary Human : Void Minding

I am. I am intangible and operate by the seat of my pants. As the extreme nature of the world condenses back into the solitaire of being, we can group ourselves back into the local weigh, where everything that we do is conditional. The images that we set forth for ourselves are routed in the preconditions of what we believe we know. To know that we know something requires us to believe in the truth. What is true?

I believe that water is true. Water is water on many different fractal levels. The being that is a water molecule shares most of its life in a continuum of water molecules. The nearest neighbor is bonded by a lattice to self – water likes water and is comfortable in its own skin. What do you get when you peel away the onion skin; why more onion skin. Water works that weigh too – from a gallon to a glass to a drop, water is as water does. It remains true to itself, it is always water.

Water comes to us in phases. We are very familiar with ice and steam. The energy that can be stored in water is a function of the temperature of the water – a water based extraction takes place in my presence every morning, as I boil the water for java – coffee or tea and the java and me – a cup, a cup , a cup , a cup , a cup... Water beings are all over at every scale imaginable.

To becomes one with our water can be a transcendental meditation. To realize that life is water and water is life is to change the base conception of our universal being. I am water, manifesting what is best for water. My sister Gaia is water at a different scale of the accordion, manifesting what is best for water. That water is a part of Gaia and also a part of me at the same time, includes me as a part of Gaia and Gaia as a part of me. I am you and you are me and we are all together … I am the walrus ( I am the water !).

I apologize for yesterday as a malfunction of tomorrow. The combination of Asberger's and Alzheimer's has left me forgetting what it was that I was trying to remember – comes with the times – a good dose of Alzberger's. (Seems better than Assheimer's). To whit, when I am one alone, I can do many things without being seen by the people who are not watching. As I interact with people that increase my number, I find that my actions take on some of their expectations, and that I can no longer control the direction of the image that I portray. I can remain 'in character' to meet the expectation, or I can arise from my I am presence and cause a conflict. That I can see this choice as it appears is a function of watching, over an elongated period of thyme.

Let's pick up on the glyph from yesterday's conversation. There are eight glyphs that resonate harmony in the Treei system. The Treei system is a limbic brain construct from Armando Busick – the subworld that I live in has a recurring theme built about philosophy: Armando worked with Alan Watts and designed a book cover for Ram Dass – in a different fractal of his life. I come from the tree of Pauling – via the land grant uni versity called oregano state. That we need multiversity thought on a small scale to set aside all we know and learn all over again is a function of who and what we are. We've come too far to give up who we are, so let's raise the bar and we'll shoot for the stars.

Eight glyphs segment every fractal into harmonic regions. As applied to a calendar, the rotation of eight by eight, creates a calendar tree day consisting of 64 human days. So by layering this ordered construct upon itself, we find that every eight years of life, we pass through another glyph period – somewhat like time, but not quite in the same form of measurement. There are no seconds or hours on this scale – those functions are a necessary overlay in order to make meetings and interact with other people in their own time frames.

The order of glyphs resembles the action of water in nature – Armando designed the system from the perspective of the tree – each set of 64 is a tree day and when we turn 64, we start again at the beginning. First – we Mass. Mass is the art of assembly and before we come to anything, we just have to get ourselves together. Once we Mass, then we Form, as things that we have massed begin to take shape. Then we Flow and get with the program as the Form that we modeled is actuated. The Power of being is express in the action, with Love resulting from accomplishment of everything coming together. Sound brings joy of announcing and Mind congruently sets  the stage together the display. Then we rest on our accomplishment as Void appreciates and allows us to be ready to Mass again.

So, very soon I advance to 57 years of age as a human being – this is over 320 cycles of 64; not terribly far into the Void of my personal Existence. That I can now become an actor in a role and slip comfortably into any role that I am requested to portray, is a character benefit that I have earned by playing the role of me in too many scenarios. Today I can watch and play, I no longer have To Be or Not to Be because I am. 

Just that simple. Today, you can be who you are too, just by being there for other people who feel they need you to be something you're not. Be there for them and play that role to the fullest. Your cat is watching. Your dog is watching too. Your government is watching. Your friendly neighborhood lemme is watching, as well as doc. Oh, The Places You Can Go.

Namaste' … lemme and doc

January 25, 2015

On Group Theory

Red Resonant Moon : Void Powering : On Group Theory

Magick is the ability to do your own work when nobody is watching you. We should value our time alone, when we get to be with the one person who knows us best. Some of us are schizophrenic – we have more than one personality that we deal with within ourselves. This is a function of the cogdis we discussed yesterday – we create a person to befriend our self in order to chase away the loneliness that we bring to ourselves when we believe we are on our own. Each of us has to be able to be alone with ourselves, in order to be able to function at a high vibrational frequency.

I was watching a video on Assene's theory of everything – which undertakes a bold goal. I was watching and agreeing and then we got to the point where God is in the neurons. Neurons are the vessels that connect to each other to form the nervous system network that physically controls the body – a function within the science of biology. That was as deep as he got – never went down smaller to chemistry – but jumped to unifying his metaphysics and physics. He missed the conclusion. God is in the neurons, and in the water and in the electrons – god is everywhere – we are all divine.

Before we allow our divinity to go to our heads, let's wrap it into our hearts. Water is the common denominator for all of life. Chemistry is the proton and neutron and electron being together in very close quarters, but close is a function of scale – a fractal reality. Every fractal brings it own reality. Mendelbrot recognized that iterations of the same applied over and over generated patterns that were self-similar. Symmetry is a function that allows us to simplify complexity by repeating a pattern any number of times.

If we accept that biomimicry is a copying of the natural process on a different scale, then part of nature's built in redundancy is the ability to save time and energy by mimicking itself. Copying is not theft (thanks NP) – yet our illogical, self-imposed borders have copyright laws rather than free universal access to information. That we already know everything and need to be taught nothing is what children know, but adults learn out of them at very young ages. Sometimes, I wonder how we don't get stifled at our age of frustration.

The theory would go like this – five year old lemme is watching a game show on television in November 1963 and the scene breaks away to a parade in Dallas. There is a motorcade with five people and then hysterics erupt. Welcome to instant adulthood. The lessons that we learned are framed in the reference of how old we were when we had our first life crisis and how we dealt with it. If we took control of the situation, rather than watching careful and interpreting against what we already knew, then we froze our emotional state at the age where we first got our weigh.

Organic growth is a fibonacci function – where at any given fibonacci number, we can reset the group size back to a group of one, then hold that group in a dynamic equilibrium known as stasis, until another group of similar size is ready to interact. Each individual in the reset group is always set at one, because the definition of one in the first order is self. When one grows to one, then adds to another one to make two – the two can agree to act as one for the duration of the unity, or can interact as each one and not be the paired two until they together interact with another person or group. If a person is a group of one, then our language clears up. If we define a person as a living entity that contains water – then corporations made of people do contain water and are alive just like the supreme idjits say. So is everything else, except maybe plastics.

The red queen once said to alice that words mean exactly what I think they mean. Everybody knows that. We talk and argue over the semantics of the meaning of words – much easier to start a glossary and note what the words mean when we use them. I just made an exchange with my first formal student in the new weigh – a 13 year old who is seven of eight and doesn't get valued for the beautiful person that I know he is. So he will be my friend, and spokesman to tell me when my words get too big for peeps like him to understand. Actually – Daniel and Tilly are both now mostly grown and served in the same role before the system even got neurally connected. History is the experience we draw from personal contact with the hologram and our morphogenic fields resonate differently in every instant of now. What we know is a function of what we believe and I believe that we know what we know from before we were taught how to know.

So, we as humans, for the benefit of all life, containing water as the criteria for life, need to actively reassess our knowledge base from the point of view of all peeps that never learned how to speak the language, but can rationalize the concepts from a different observational basis. To do this, we need intelligent 13 year old humans – who are sponges for knowledge and haven't been broken into the mass think.

A group always begins at self and adds based on the number of visible peeps in active contact in the room. A group of one, two or three always works. These group sizes are all fibonacci numbers – we can increase our group of two humans instantly to three peeps by including a pet dog or cat in our count, if they are present in the room with us. Other animals may also be included, as long as they actively interact with the participants. The goal is to create groups at as large a fibonacci number as you can legitimately congregate – to increase the value of the conversations.

That value is also a function of time – but time is not real – it is only a count of the minutes that the group was together. These groups are for The New Weigh game – and these concepts form the basis set for all characters to advance their stature in the first phase of the game, which will last about two years. There is no membership charge for this phase of the game – but the value that is accumulated during the time spent on Thyme related materials within the game will create your NPC as a sovereign with privilege in phase two of the game.

Remember, this is a mental construct – if you want to play and you already know lemme or doc – just lemme know. However – you have your own realm always. I am working on metrics for the scoring systems, which change as a function of glyph. What is glyph? Why. Glyph is a topic for another day.

Namaste' … doc

By the weigh, love is defined as the chemical bond shared between two elements.

January 23, 2015

On Being: First Game Notes

Rhythmic Yellow Star : Void Flowing

Today, I am. The adventure of the past few days took me into the fading construct that we call three dee 3D. This is a convention that stands for three dimensional space-time, a construct that limits us into the constricted box of media and academia. Their persistent illusion is broadcast constantly into a framework that stood together for a great deal of time – however, the common fabrication has eroded badly and we all really know that the people in charge have no real clue and certainly no capacity to change.

To change what? To change their imagination and their thinking pattern to allow more light into their tunnel vision. The construct that we have is limited to the reality of the borders that we accept upon it. The common illusion was weaved together after world war two, but the basis of the thought began well before that. History is drilled into each one of us as part of our education – but it is also learned from routine conversation between the people that we meet upon our journey though life. When someone thinks differently, they act as a magnet for chaos – as they attract like minds and repel inside the box thought.

Chaos is the opposite of order. Our New World Order government in the 3D world has created a concept called globalization to govern the human workings of the rules and regulations imposed on humanity. That white colored people are all racist is utter nonsense – that human people are all humanist is a learned concept of the current system that is obviously as not true as the previous statement. All life is connected in intimate form and humans may not Monsanitize it. That our courts consider corporate humanity to have 'human' rights as they spray round up in the grass is pure cognitive dissonance – us trying to grasp two opposite thoughts to be true simultaneously.

Duality is a construct that is set to keep people in 3D confused. The concept of eugenics underlies a vast cogdis stream – and the negative pole of an Alex Jones world gives people hope that they can catch on and stop it before they die. Three dee is not real and we never die. That too is part of the illusion. People that you see die really do die on this world, in this illusion, but the I am presence of me is not of this world or this illusion. So that gives me more latitude in my belief system than you have in yours. I am not personally bound by the concepts of space and time because I don't believe in them.

However since you do, I can use them to speak to you about your beliefs. And since that is a small subset of my beliefs, which were similar to your current beliefs eight years ago, if you are an adult, then you can catch up to me rather rapidly – quicker the younger you are. I am collecting young people. And old people. And all people, including all the non human people that I know and love. Like my dog. And the neighbors cat. And the crystal sitting on the table next to me. They are all alive, they all speak to me and we are brethren because we are all made of water.

When I was young i'd listen to the radio, listening for my favorite song … and I collected baseball cards. Today, my baseball cards are called hour cards. If you spend an hour of your time with me, I will issue you a card that allows you to multiply the value of that card, based on your performance at learning what I have had to say. I will bring in guest and determine their multiplyer value, so that if you listen to them, then your hour of value can be multiplied by their factor. Each of us has 24 hours in the day and each hour of the day is currently recognized as equivalent to every other hour. No hour takes more than 60 minutes. No hour takes less than 60 seconds sixty times.

If you spend three hours in my classroom, that entitles you to three hours of my 'field time', because of the multiplier that you use for leverage, that you earn by scoring well in the quizzes I give to see how well the class learned the material. Since my classroom is in My Classroom – everybody on the internet worldwide has the same opportunity to join my classes and earn value in my 5D world by leveraging their 3D time. Wait – new term – 5D – what is he talking about.

Well, five dimensional space – a place where I am that allows me more latitude with my beliefs of how the world works. The world works because my I am presence believes it works this weigh. Your I am presence does not yet know what it believes, because I caused it some chaos this morning by introducing cogdis. My intention is to help you define time and space in a new weigh, by thinking more about what we were all taught, in common, by our public schools. This is a bold faced lie and if we do not accept it, we are free, but lost. Well, I always liked the lost and found part of three dee life – never knew what to expect, but always scored some good finds.

Must go for now. Remember, I love you. You have to love you too. Love is the answer – let's see what we can do to chat more about love and chemistry in the next lesson.

Namaste' … doc

PS – have fun with back reading on the Thyme Howdt blog. Use the Crosslynx too.

January 17, 2015

No Weigh

Simplicity and complexity are standing side by side chatting about their different viewpoints of the world we live in. The common vision is shared by a multitude of groups that have arranged the complexity of life into neat little stacks of simple things to think about and do. The stacks have been piled higher and deeper and have developed a complexity of their own, such that the initial complexity is simple compared to the structure that has been assembled.

To return to simplicity is not to become simple minded. The ideas that we have have to be thought out better - to allow true to be teased away from embedded theory. To carry forward nonsense as true belief is to add nonsense onto the existing nonsense and what is generated is cognitive dissonance. For example - Clooney's new movie paints a completely false picture of what was going on at CBS - history is rewritten for the masses that believe exactly what they wish to believe.

We all do that - when we become part of the masses. However, we are always part of the whole. There is a difference. The whole holograph is enabled by a morphogenic field - our specific intention is what makes it so. When we withdraw our consent, and fail to believe in the common illusion that we have had drilled into every waking hour of our lives, we can see that nothing is real and there is nothing to get hung about. We create our own drama in order to entertain ourselves and now is the time to stop playing that game. The movie changes in the first person - i can take you on an adventure to a place that you can go, but you cannot be there, unless you let go of all the previous packaging, including the illusion of security.

Back in junior high school, we created the game of free fall. It was not a good game, it took o great toll on us physically because the game consisted of leaning your chair back against the wall at as steep an angle as possible. The physics of the situation is that the chair can tip back over 45 degrees, as long as the legs don't slide on the floor. Well, when you hit free fall in physics class, the resounding crash alerts the entire classroom, and hurts the faller. It also has a lot to do with reality, especially physics.

But - is physics as we know it applicable over other scales?  Astrophysics at the largest scale, quantum physics at the smallest scale and meta physics of the far East all agree on the nature of the physics of the illusion, but somehow our newtonian physics is unique. How does that work? It consists of having a common agreed upon illusion that engenders the entire field that contains the population within the limits of growth. The outside place of time and space is nothing like the internal place embedded here in this illusion, a common illusion which has held a long period of time - ever since you were born!

Think about that. You were born into this illusion, you didn't create it and you didn't agree to it. You learned how to play the game taught to you by your parents, who learned from their parents, who learned ... But what if this game really starts at the moment you were born and the history is just the collective of what the current group remembers. If we are born in cycles, where we come back and deal with that same souls - then the people around would be the same people around that we are already familiar with, so we believe what they tell us. What if none of it was true? How would we know?

Somehow - there has to be something bigger, something closer alive than Gaia. When we look into our microscopes, we see an enormous wealth of biodiversity and many built in redundancies that make life happen without human control. Try to hold your breath forever. No can do. But some critters can go into stasis and be reconstituted with water many 'years' later. (brine shrimp). So - how come when we turn our microscopes around and call them telescopes, all we get are rocks and stars.

Namaste' ... Doc

January 15, 2015

January 14, 2015

Two thoughts

First - Nobody really has a clue, second - Everybody gets it right, sometimes. Let's explore the wisdom and ask ourselves, what is it that we really know? 

When we watch the events taking place in the world today, we distinctly get the feeling that there is something wrong with the fundamental framework of our current beliefs. The illusion that was weaved together for our benefit is actually controlled by a morphogenic field - which resonates at a harmonic frequency with other residents of Gaia. The concepts of time/space is welded into our construct and the Geek Gods Einstein and Newton are more revered than the Greek Philosophers Aristotle and Plato. Of course geek is the new dope - and so put your glasses on, get out your cosmic surfboard and ride a vibrational wave at high frequency - get beyond the drama.

I created and solved my own drama today and it isn't even ten in the morning yet. In slumber awakening, i put the coffee water on and the gas went out, enough to kill the flame and equalize the internal atmosphere with gas. Mercaptans smell lovely - added to natural gas, we can tell when a threshold is reached - i walked a mile for my cup of joe and aired out the place - enjoying a pink and baby blue sunrise in slightly freezing temperature.

When darkness turned to light, i changed the gas tank and all is well in the whirled once again, charlie hebdo excluded. So i got to thinking, what do i know that i know i know and don't have to think deep to correlate? So many things that i have spent time with, that i know to the point where i know who to ask what i don't know in that field. Related fields are intrinsically the same, with adjacent fractals requiring self-similarity. Biomimicry fits as a model of social permaculture - we are creating a future that needs to link back to the height of the pre-oil past.

So many concepts, so many buzzwords to set people off against each other by controlling the definition of what is right. If everybody is right, then nobody is wrong. If we can agree to disagree and see the weigh through the eyes of others sharing a different component of being, doing what they do differently from how we do the same things that we all do, then maybe we have found the key to sharing love as the driving force to replace the feerstate. Once met a carpenter dude ...

Namaste' ... lemme