August 19, 2014

A Meditation to Create Love Bombs

Thyme to knot bee very Sirius.  The powers that used to be that think they run the whirled are playing a game where breaking the rules is rewarded and following the rules is punished.  By removing the consent of the governed and declaring Sovereignty, we can change the weigh, starting now.  The war is in our own minds, between fear and hatred or love and peace.  The drones are set to fly, let the bombing begin.

Love Bombs from Divinity Infinity.  The game of catching love bombs is different than anything you have played before.  Super Mario has some insight, but the key is the unexpected - you have to throw love bombs to receive them.  So, in order to play: get very quiet and find a space where you can be with yourself.  Quiet your vibrations and then focus on your breathing.  Inhale deeply, exhale through your mouth at the same rate as the inhale. 

The love bomb opening cycle is greetings and introduction - focus on love for the entire greetings breath.  The next six breaths are clearing - each of us has a merkaba field that allows us movement through timespace, but we have to clear the field to use it properly.  Your merkaba runs on love (surprised?) and is like a hyper-dimensional space ship.  Perhaps like Space Invaders - but you wish to be in the field rather than avoiding it.  So, think of your merkaba as a pyramid suspended inverted within a pyramid - six points sticking out.  Each point needs its nose blown before you assemble your love bombs.

The seventh breath establishes the love field within your merkaba.  Your next five breaths may add any substance that you wish to conceive, but only as a single word concept - like peace, or joy or harmony.  The focus of your first love bomb strike will be you - so load it up with things that you would like for yourself, like compassion or wisdom.  You only get six total, the first is always love.  I sometimes fill my bomb with all six points of love.  It depends on the target of my affections.

The fourteenth breath begins the closing phase of the meditation, the personal preparation of the mixture of substance.  Love, peace, joy; joy peace love: mix the combinations of each point with love and care and intention - while focusing mentally on your breath and repeating your mantras as it circulates within the Merkaba.  Vemora Spardu was a character in a D&D role play game, who developed the mixing of love bombs vis this short meditation.  She was a priestess, her power was in preparing love bombs that could stun an entire battlefield.  Three mixing breaths, with a focus on adding love onto each of your other chosen attributes, continues the cycle.

The final seventeenth breath is the closing of the shell, with love, gratitude and thanks.  This breath is the culmination of all the effort infused into your love bob, so use creative intention to prepare your arsenal.  The higher vibrational package that you can attain, the better off your love bomb victim will be.  It is imperative that you be in love with your target, unconditionally, and that you mean only the best of all worlds for them.  They will each see things their own weigh and the effort that you place into your package is a major benefit for you, when you play the game.

We can adapt new love games.  Think about love bomb Pong.  Early computer games were quite imaginative, without being too complicated.  Games are a kicked back weigh of learning and the pressures of the real world can be escaped from by redirecting effort.  You can get lost in a game and forget who or where you are, for the duration of the play time. We all need play time.  The whirled is too serious - we are more Sirius and meditating by preparing love bombs - and spraying multiple targets with good will, peace and joy can only help things get better.

Namaste' ... lemme

August 18, 2014

Love Vibrations in Chemistry

Consciousness changes pendent upon focus.  The vibrational levels that we can reach are functions of clarity of mind, body and soul together:  each realm has its own space and time which can be physically different from anything we think we know.  We can find the place by going inside, vast and deep; it requires having the time to be rather than being what others expect us to be.

What is in our mind's eye is what appears to be real on the surface.  What is in our hearts is the pathway to get to the soul, which answers to our gut as the main decider.  When each form approaches zero, no thought, no feeling, no urge - the you that you are becomes readily apparent.  Finding yourself and being is the first place that transformation sets.  That which is within is all around. Gil

Each of us vibrates on many specific frequencies - based upon the dimensional space of the arrangement of atoms.  These atoms find the lowest energy of comfort and establish a base level called the ground state.  Each change that moves an atom out of its comfort zone requires an energy input.  When it returns home, to the ground state, it emits a vibration.  Atoms have vibrations and molecules, collections of atoms, have vibrations in a different range.  Macromolecules have repetitive geometry that enhances signal- creates more amplitude at the same wavelength.  DNA has a light force that speaks within each cell.

The games of three dee corporation people is complete nonsense.  The legal system is a construct, the educational system is in service to ensure a common fiction, which is dissolving as we continue to disbelieve.  To watch and laugh and not get caught up in any minutae of the day - the requirement that we pay attention is the construct that they need to hold our low vibration thought.  Every thought of three dee is coupled to underlying assumption of what we were taught in school.  We have to unlearn some things in order to advance beyond where we are - that is what the vibrational shift is about.

Love is the basis of chemical bonding.  Each vibration has an amplitude and a period.  When we think about sine waves, we think about a unidirectional flow of up and down in equivalent height, spaced at a regular distance.  Change the thought to a point source radiating in all directions, where the interaction of waves changes each of the waves, ad the combination has new character.  Group theory provides for the mathematics of the origin of frequency based on molecular geometry.  The high or low frequency depends on the amount of energy that can be emitted as light, where the more love contained, the more pent in energy effectively moving toward higher light.

Energy is harmonic.  Each vibration builds upon prior vibration.  The point source of origin is inside all of us, as each of us is part of one. Division is a perceived lowering of energy - regrouping can help us create a chaos that dissolves into a higher apparent order.  Peace induces love, let's get back into heartspace and clear the headspace for some new beginnings.  Chemists have the solutions, let's look at the whirled from a molecular point of view.

Namaste' ...  doc

August 13, 2014

Point Source

A point source and a star have the same resolution - both are round spheres of one.  The course structure leads to overall generality while fine structure resolves itself into the immediacy of being.  As a philosopher, consciousness is generated by the interaction of thought with space.  As a scientist, consciousness is the interaction of water with the components of cells.  Imagination is everything: the pictures that we paint of current reality become that reality.

Five dimensional space is based on higher frequency thoughts and love.  The physical space that we have now is three dimensional.  To bridge the gap one must let go of the consciousness of learned behavior and achieve a self-formed bliss state.  To lose the anger, the stress and the inner turmoil, one needs to give up the attachment to the world of tangible things.  It's not that they're not there; it that they're not there to manipulate us into believing we can affect their illusion.  We can ignore it and build our own illusions that work just as well.

To learn requires a different mechanism than school.  To unlearn, one should start to observe things that are the weigh they are without the need for us to change them.  Nature is not a battle grounds f live and death; it is a metamorphosis of opera in many different fractal realms.  The flowers and the trees provide a mechanism of exchange, a metabolism, for a large planetary entity Gaia, that we can only imagine as a large round globe.  Another form of point source.

People are a manifestation of the need for like to like like.  The mega-transformation of time coupled to space created a knowledge leap that delinked the keys to the mechanisms of life - only it opened a single pathway for each specific field of endeavor.  The complications of life made it so that trust in a system of subsystems depended on each one functioning independently and consistently within it's own realm.  Can you image if your colon shut down because of an argument with your stomach?

In political reality, some subsets have over-consumed their realms and placed monkey wrenches in front of us all, to keep this real alive for no good reason. The wars will not happen in this reality that i exist in, because i do not recognize the ability of others to create the weigh that i believe.  I am not part of the common consensus - i am a point source of new guidance.  The laws of man are superseded by the laws of nature - natural law trumps the robed mystics of the mythic monetary system.

Things take time to change, yet every mechanism has a single transition state.  This is the point where reversibility is lost.  Once actions are set in motion to release energy from the construct, the energy builds until a crescendo of blunt force meeting immobile object takes place.  We have all been here before.  

The game stops with us, because we no longer believe in the fealty of the operation.  The illusion that anyone knows more than anyone else is an aspect of their focus.  You have your own weigh of thinking - unique to everyone n your sphere, except mebbe one confidant.  Mathematics of probability say it can be done with 256 types - four shades of 64.

Thirteen is a magic number, a Fibonacci bridge between eight and twenty-one.  Frequency is measures in some form of cycles per unit time - for convenience think cycles per second.  Think sine waves radiating outward from a point source, with a varying state of density.  Some waves are squished together, other waves are stretched rather thin and elongated.  All waves vibrate.  Emissions are exhales of energy, absorption is the means of acquisition.  Solid particles emit waves of a variety of frequencies - each resonating on a pattern that sets forth from a lattice.

Water forms that lattice... more later

Namaste' ...  doc

August 08, 2014

Form Loving

The individual collective and the collective individual are both oxymoronic phrases that symbolize today's dysfunctional interpersonal state.  To think as an individual means to be excluded from the swoosh that represents the corporate collective.  Thyme to go width in and attempt to regroup the current picture by mapping fibonacci golden means onto current spirals.  Detachment from the results is an obtuse representation of science embedded in old think.  What we do does matter to us, or else we wouldn't do it.

As times change, watch for the development of spiritual ego - leaders who have notoriety amongst the commoners (as we are all commoners) seem to be stepping up into their perceived leadership vacuum, when in fact the vacuum is caused by lack of faith in the current FORM of leadership.  You don't lead by telling people, you lead by action and being - doing the things that need to get done to empower your peeps.

Some peeps have really stepped up to the plate. My personal self feels motivated when i listen to Matt Kahn and Mooji.  These two gentlemen talk from a passion of love for peeps - their experiences are developed as stories that make us feel good about ourselves.  

It is important that when i teach, i am learning as i teach and listening to the others relate back what they are learning from me.  The experience from the past has to be taken in context, this is a whole new ballgame as far as the world is concerned.  Vibration is a force where unity enhances participants.

In an hour and a half, Deepak Chopra plans to set a vanity record for collective meditation.  The timing is carefully chosen, as there are other things happening in realms where meditation would occur at this time anyway - this is a ride on a large wavicle.  

A wavicle is a mixture of a wave and a particle that has no duality - it is both and neither and always self.  It can subsume self to be part of something larger, and that is what regrouping is.  It is setting a group number back to one by sharing a resonant frequency.  I will participate, aboard my cosmic surfboard, riding the crest of the wave and observing the collective love ratio of the participants.  Unconditional Love should be the common focus; we shall soon hear what the focus turns out to be.  I hold no expectations, I will observe as a chaotic neutral.

To be a leader, you have to be on the cutting edge of somewhere.  To step howdt into your own fields of interest and harvest a bounty of wealth of being, it requires being in tune with the vibrations of self, your particle form and your wave form.  We are sine waves - each of us resonating in heartbeats per minute.  Our water carries information through barriers called membranes - into individual cells that form a collective consciousness. Humans have many different muddled wavelengths over a broad region - cats and dogs have many narrow bands in different regions.  Bond with your pet and grok their wavicle patterns. They are attuned with nature, Gaia, and they don't have internet or television to tell them; they interpret for themselves.

Higher vibrations are available to conscious minds. I am thinking about thinking, how we process our information, via brains and hearts and guts. Feelings come from the senses and knowledge comes from building structures that fit familiar patterns. To step away from comfortable is difficult; when comfort steps away from you - the results are hard to accept.  It is based on expectation value, except we no longer know what to expect.  Expect change, and embrace it with LOVE.

Patterns develop from habits.  Institutions have failed today because custom has changed.  We each have a tribe - a group of peeps that resonate directly at our specific frequency.  Pets know how to alter their frequency to adopt the human tribe that they feel comfort within.  Trust their character judgement; they know how to read emotion in the faces of the people that they interact with.  They are tunable resonance forms - for instance, purr therapy will always bring you up, out of a minor depression.  Birds are also worthwhile, though they are not on my personal wavicle. Yet.

Namaste'  ...   lemme/doc

August 05, 2014

Building Foundations

There is another there out there. Today might just be the day that we encounter there. Have your cosmic surfboard ready and listen to your gut - the decision that you make on your own consciousness may in fact be setting the path of your future - lift your frequency and enjoy the world, even if the rose colored glasses alter the visual appearance.

The universe is electrical - discharge of energy in various forms alters the landscape of dimensional reality. The idea that opposites attract is balance by the observation that like likes like. As more energy dissipates into valueless resolution, the time has come to alter the fiction to become more real. Everything we do is caused by everything we do.

Love to DKS - happy 20th. Hope that all is well in your whirled world : find Andrew the Wizard thru Mystic Earth to achieve a portal to dadspace. Love to yer mom too - take good care of her as she needs you : we all need you, but all in due time. Each of us has our own role, depending on the frequency of absorption of wavicles.

There is an urgent need for regrouping. The frustration level of peeps trapped in the limbo of modern holliwood catastrophe arises from the variance between observed and true. Our senses are created to discern relevant information from a given situation, and to integrate it into the present now. Our visual observation of actors in their roles as the standard for behavior has led to complete misalignment of fact and fiction. What we really believe is what we get, yet the form of how we get it is never the form that we expect. Ease up on yourself and enjoy whatever comes.

Shift your thinking into detachment mode. Let it all go thru, as though you are a sieve. Take control of your immediate circumstance and be present to observe - what you see is not what you will get. The image that you portray to yourself when you are alone is the important one that matters first. This should be a combination of your higher self and your inner child, mixed with your personality and self-image to create a single point of collective water consciousness. This is your baseline for creating thoughts that you hold responsibility for birthing. The raw input is adjusted by outside circumstance to create an image that is rationalized in context to what we know, or think we know.

Each one of us collects hours of time that we spend in cognitive realms.  After thousands of hours of experience, we relate to what we have been taught, when we lived in a different world. Today's Gaia is not the land of the Brady Bunch - but it could be the garden of Eden, if we take light to our thoughts and change the weigh things are. We can do it, by clustering with our like tribes and working things out in each point of view, from scratch. A daunting task, but Hari Seldon was fictional only after his creation in Isaac Asimov's minds eye.

Namaste' ... doc

Solfeggio and Fibonacci

August 03, 2014

Knew Skew

Beginning at one, we are all point sources of consciousness, in human form. The attitude that we assume gives rise to our altitude, with our aptitude enlightened.  The ideas that we hold need to be evaluated in context of what is - what we were taught in school is not necessarily valid any longer.  Change comes from gathering new information and applying it differently.  There are people who know, seek them out for what they are willing to share.

We have to comprehend what we think we know.  When we build our thought patterns, we base our ideas on complexity.  Simple points of knowledge embrace other new facts with positive or negative connotation.  We have a basis set of facts - these facts differ from person to person.  World view, which is supposed to be common, is absolutely unique to your own perspective.

Our chakras are sources of exchange values for our spiritual beings.  Each one is all present and functions to control a facet of our life.  The sum of the whole is greater than the parts, as emergent behavior arises from the interactions.  To know yourself, you should attempt to touch base individually with each of them.  Ask both your inner child and your higher self for guidance.

Wavicles are waves and particles at the same time without duality.  When we discuss matter and energy, we get tricked into thinking that they are two different things, not forms of the same self.  The assumption that we are alone and individual is drilled into us from the time we toddle; new born children are way more conscious of the world that is - we teach ourselves out of reality into the illusion.  Now we have to reevaluate everything, to decide whether we believe, or not.

At the size of the molecules that act as building blocks of matter, energy is stabilized by the distribution of electrons around the non hydrogen atoms.  Bonds are made of electron pairs, with a release of energy that stabilizes the pairing relative to the separation.  Bond strength is a measure of love between two atoms.  There are many tables in reference books that relate to the field strengths of different bonds - molecular spectroscopy uses excitation frequencies to identify compounds.  When you crunch the proper numbers, things fall into place.

On the next level, molecules interact together to form living entities.  Proteins and enzymes, lipids and carbohydrates, water and water and more water all combine to produce basic metabolism.  Cell structure in biology happens based on molecular chemistry in a format called mechanism.  This relies on sacred geometry, with concepts of symmetry and directionality becoming vastly important.  A thermal mechanism causes bonds to vibrate: when the heat is on, all organs respond in their own unique way and everything speeds up.  Light and sound induced mechanisms are vector dependent, the rate and frequency are both factors.

Plants are the domain of the field of botany.  The growth mechanism depends on a seed getting water in the dark and triggering a transformation where cells begin division.  As the root grows, it begins the process of exchanging nutrients with the ground.  This exchange enables the plant to magically spring forth from Gaia, enabled by the fungi, a spore based form that is neither plant  nor animal, yet fully sentient and good at its role, nature's banker.  When a plant can pay so much carbon in the form of carbohydrate, it gets metal catalysts in return.  The symbiotic nature of a Douglas Fir forest contains salal, madrone and oak along with chantrelles, morels and oysters.  The entire micro-community plays a role in developing each stand, each woodlot.  Love adds a dimension that you can feel, when you quietly share meditative time outside.

We are what we eat.  I am going to evaluate Forks Over Knives and may be giving up dairy.  It depends on whether the arguments are based on fact or squeemishness.  If they make me uncomfortable about enjoying my food, then i will not use their diet.  Yet, if they sell me on the value of the change, then i am ready to pass on ice cream, cheese, meats, and certain fats and oils.  As a chemist i can make a detached decision, as a carnivore i enjoy my dinner. Vegan is the best weigh to go for direct nutrient exchange - the metal ions catalysts come with our food system.  Which, when you think about it, is the motive energy source.

Healing power comes from integrating many forms of molecular biology.  Plants provide the source for natural products.  The organic molecules can be extracted into solvents and isolated, then duplicated in an organic chemistry laboratory.  The isolation process has been used by big pharma to create many potent drugs, which have been isolated from the related alkaloids that temper the basic effects.  Our health is our own responsibility.

Doc feels the need to explore - a school of depth of consciousness is required.  Music is to biology as light is to chemistry.  There are some observations of impossible biology that beg for mechanistic explanation.  If there is interest, this fall might be the time to fly.  We need to connect, yet our hermits (inner child and higher self) wish to remain detached.  Our water is the seat of consciousness and the new weigh is becoming apparent.  Community is developing in many forms, from point sources of humanity: as our water is speaking to us.

Thyme to figure howdt how to listen.  Namaste' ... doc

July 31, 2014

Theological Science

lemme plays chess online with a Christian theologian - the following is a dialogue that is create to stir up a change in thinking, to get at the essence of how a different form of being can be constructed from diverse pieces.  The working premise here is that everybody believes that what they think is true, and every query must be falsifiable - questions are not rhetorical and require at least one pathway to find an answer.

lemme howdt: I have been thinking in depth in the area of bridging science and spirituality. Science has become as much of a religion as Christianity - a belief system that excludes all other dissimilar beliefs.lemme howdt: It seems that we need an urgent change of perspective in this world today, and that it is coming rapidly. Some of our concept are outmoded, others are just plain incorrect. I believe that the universe is holographic in nature and electro-magnetic in mechanism. Energy is light and sound and motion. There is no real conflict between Christianity and science - each enjoys a separate distinct reality.lemme howdt: What if spirit is orthogonal to both electricity and magnetism, but at a fractal lower field strength - to where the other two axes have to be near zero to allow the spirit to actually have tangible mass? lemme howdt: Sorry if i got too complex, but the nature of consciousness is the challenge that i am working on at this point. Ask questions and i can simplify concepts - we may be on to something.  The invitation is open - doc can attempt to answer factual questions of science in depth, to the best of his ability, and can pass along queries of Christianity from science perspective to the theologian.  This whole topic came up from an Archdruid post on climate change.  His premise on climate change deniers is that they can go elsewhere to argue; anthropomorphic climate change exists and has destroyed Gaian metabolism to the point of chaos in the future.  Of course, he believes that what he says is true, given the caveat and he is entitled to his opinion.   The discussion is very useful for all folks on the business-as-usual timeline with the avoidance of Armageddon.  The garden path is disallowed and physics must be Newtonian based forever.  No idea as to how chaos works in conjunction with order when a strange attractor coalesces.  Yet - the entire discussion is thoughtful and useful.  Doc recognizes that anthropogenic climate change is orders of magnitude less than the energy emitted from our star, Sol, the sun.  While fouling ones nest is always horrid - corporate bad behavior is just not the driver here.  When chaos gets spinning really really good, a higher order becomes apparent that self-assembles - the solution will become obvious as events play out.  The question is on the order of thinking - we cannot conceive of being a little part of a very big life form. If we can step back from the issue of who is right and who is wrong, we can look at things in many different lights.  There can be several forms of governance on the same patch of land - follow any of the Chinese menu approach options. Iff, which stand for if and only if, iff we can accept diversity of thought based upon different assumptions of how things actually work and check our basic premises, across the board and in many fields, then maybe, we can come up with a new world view based on positive emotion and natural abundance.  Namaste' ...  doc  

July 30, 2014


Sometimes i wonder why i try to keep up at all.  The whirled war drums are beating and the channel vision Armageddon mindset dominates the timeline.  Putin this and Putin that - you do know that the Russians love their children too.  The songs that dominated the end of the cold war included Sting and Al Stewart singing about the way that people, Russians and Americans, all over are just people.  The imagery placed in front of us by the media today fans the flames. 

Interesting to note that recently, with globalization upon us, nation-states are getting broken up and smaller - returning life decisions to the people in their local areas.  After the CCCP became Russia and Ukraine and the many 'stans, Yugoslavia became Slovenia, Croatia, et al, and all sorts of new nations sprouted from the modern ruins.  That will happen here too, y'know.  It's just a matter of belief and time frame.  Allow me to vision howdt a possible scenario.

There are four timelines interwoven that each have their own convergence and divergences points.  The neck of the hourglass brings these timelines together to a single point in time/space - where they are superimposed upon each other in the conservation of events.  There is no reason to think that time can only run forward, but the human brain will shut down rather than accept time running backwards. All mechanisms of life share microscopic reversibility on a mechanistic scale - but once the energy balance tips over to release, you cannot go back again.

Our time has two components - first that keeps track of the moon sequence about the earth and a second that tracks earth sequence about the sun.  Mayan time has 13 components, more cycles embedded in cycles that return over various time periods.  The milky way motion about the great central sun is a 26,000 year cycle - which ends in this time period now.  It is the same as it ever was and vastly different both at the same time.  How can we hold these two opposite notions to both be true?

We get exactly what we ask for coming at us, as to how we believe. The universe is capable of giving us everything that we can imagine, but never quite in the form we imagine it.  We have choices and decisions to make - based on the belief system that we carry forth and hold to be true.  We may share truth or we may disagree - what is is what we perceive is to be.

Can i be two places at once?  Physically, absolutely not.  When i sleep, i am present in my bed, acting human enough to discharge water in the middle of the night, without really waking the person under the snooze.  But where is he?  If i believe that i am on the space ship - then many people will lose confidence in the reality that i present, because they do not grok spaceship in the current reality.  Their current reality - on a different timeline than my current reality - is sharing the same space.  What happens is in our own mind's eye.

I have traveled through multiple vision quests, where i have seen glimpses of the future.  This i know because some of the scenarios have played themselves out already.  I envisioned a rainbow courtroom - the new earth nation's use of rainbow symbolism in their developing sovereignty issue discussions reenforces my belief.  The physical change will come when enough of us make the decision of which timeline we are on and start the process of divergence.

There has been rumor of a 72-hour 'white out' in time - as part of an event that still is yet to take place.  After much rumination on the cud of today's news, i believe that this period of time will be when our time travels backward.  Common education will not allow peeps to believe that time running backward is possible, so the white out will be their own form of shutdown.  Perhaps this can be rationalized as a CME - cosmic meteoric event - that quells the internet and changes perception, for those willing to wake up and smell the qophy. (Note: qophy=coffee)  

Whatever will be, will be. How you believe will dictate which timeline you end up on.  You can take a loving approach to all and become a higher frequency light being.  You can be afraid of WW IV and be blown to smithereens (a nice place somewhere out near Kansas, Dorothy).  You can grok the concept of being beamed up by Scotty in your new nifty federation uniform.  Or as Stevie Nicks once said, you can pick up the pieces and go home.

Enforcing your belief system on somebody who is a non-believer just doesn't work.  The idea that we are unique beings needs to be investigated on a much deeper basis than what we currently know. That spirituality and science can co-exist is a known fact - we do this in our daily lives. We are water on every scale alive, yet our perception of life goes out as SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) on a scale where distances are vast.  If only our telescopes were as informative as our microscopes - yet, as above, so below.  So something is different from our perception perspective.  We are being effected by something bigger, outside our space of reality, as we have it formed.

So - remain detached from all timelines, except the one that you wish to be on.  Hold that space as sacred and be there as the shift transforms the world through an event that will truly be once in a lifetime.  If you gather at higher frequency, you are divine and can control the happenings of your world with just a thought.  Imagine what you believe to be true, and so it becomes.  For you, not for others, that believe differently.  Only you can become your own point source, by embracing who you are and detaching from all illusions that you are not.

Namaste' ...  doc

July 25, 2014

Day Out of Time

Calenders are funny - today on the Law of Time 13 moon 365 day calendar.  Four goes into 364 evenly, so the extra day has to be accounted for to keep the week days on their set 7 day per week pattern for a 28 day month.  This calendar uses the same glyphs as the 260 day Tzolkin calendar - the relationship between the two calendars has a 56 year cycle.  The Treei 64 day calendar operated independently on a different set of glyphs.

The measurement of a period of time correlates with the size of the scale.  Rate is a measurement of distance over time.  The units can be in miles per hour or centimeters per second or anything that can be assigned to the physical phenomena.  That rate includes time gives us an impression of directionality - the vector arrow of time is always pointed forward for life process - in the form that we grok it.  The concept of microscopic reversibility is a function of both thermodynamics and kinetics.

Too many big words.  Doc needs to be able to parse the language and make the concept simpler, so that more peeps can get it.  Okay - we measure time with a calendar - or a clock - or a watch.  Depending on the scale, we use units of seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, centuries etc.  

How old is the madrone tree in this photo?  You can see why even in Treei years (64 per human years), this tree has been around for a while.  The kids in the photo measured the volume of the tree, as part of a science class in natural resources.  Makes me wonder - the tree is located at Wonder Earth - a carbon accumulating wildlife sanctuary.  I wonder how long the water in the core of the tree has been sequestered.

Thermodynamics has to do with the arrangement of materials and kinetics has to do with the rate that the material react.  Space fits are important and having the proper geometry makes all the difference.  The rate of growth for the madrone is related to the surface area and the root structure.  So many things go into the natural process - but the net reaction is always the same - water plus carbon dioxide makes tree.  Or human.

Namaste'  ...  doc

July 23, 2014

Scale Jumping

lemme asked doc a question and the common mind drifted off into the nether-space of imagination...

Positive thoughts bring positive results, while negative thoughts bring negative results, in the fashion of like attracts like.  At the smallest molecular level, the water molecule is polar.  This means that there is a region of negative charge on the oxygen atom that attracts hydrogen atoms and a region of positive charge on the hydrogen end that attracts oxygen atoms.  The molecule is a dipole because the charge is separated.

In aqueous (water) chemistry - a positive charged cation and a negative charged anion come together to form a salt.  The salt takes crystalline form because a lattice stack is formed and as water is excluded by evaporation, the atoms can shift to spread out into the space at a slow enough pace that these charge interactions govern the geometry.  Physical chemistry is the measurement of atoms in stable geometries.  Group theory provides tables of mathematical relationships based on molecular symmetry ...

Susicious 0bserver provides a daily weather report of the earth linked directly to the solar activity of the day. Climate change, on a grand scale can be linked directly to solar activity, and if the magnitude of the size ratio of sun to earth is taken into account, then 98 % of our heating and cooling is dependent upon what is going on on the sun.  The surface often has sunspots and filaments that 'erupt' and send streams of energy our way.

Charge contrast video shows the sunspots with positive blue and negative red.  The classification of how well mixed the charges are get more complex as we move from beta to gamma to delta class - the latter like to shoot off cosmic rays and electron streams.  I can help but think that watching sunspots is like seeing a slow motion episode of crystal formation ...

In setting the stage for a thought - the assumptions made govern the limits to which that thought can effectively grow. The fewer assumptions, the better the theory, or so it goes.  Occam's razor states that the simplest explanation is most likely true.  However, life is not simple and human drama creates an illusion that is present only at this particular scale.  Quantum physics and Astronomy agree mathematically with each other, but not with Newtonian physics or life as we think we know it.

Gaia Theory based on Lovelock and Margulis entertains the notion that the earth Gaia is a living entity.  This would suggest that weather is a function of Gaian metabolism.  As planets are alive on their scale, so would our star, the sun, old Sol, be alive on his scale.  So too the galaxy and the cosmos, as above so below ...

Water is common to all life.  Pollack and Ho make the case that supports Beneviste's work on homeopathy.  Water has memory.  In a sense, water can sense.  Just look at the crystals grown by Emoto with joy and love and thanks.  Human composition and ocean compositon are too similar to have happened by chance ...

I was playing with the cat the other day and she got distracted by a grasshopper.  The little kitten in her being came out and swatted the air with pounce and no persuation - just nature enjoying nature in natural surrounds. I noticed a bush of aphids and a colony of ants and thought - i wonder what life is about on their scale of being. Life becomes simpler as the entity becomes less complex - where are the limits?  

The aphids feed on tardegrades - i once had the good fortune of having a microscope and a botanist in the same room with a bunch of kids. The topic was bugs and the tardegrade looked like a cross between a teddy bear and a michelin man. They were all over the leaves that the apids were swarming. The food chain suddenly came to life ...

Somewhere between the size of Gaia and the size of human - elephant, hippo, tree, dragon - there have to be other scales of life.  What do they look like - how can they be?  Do they have a genetic code - is it the one we share with plants and animals on earth - or do other Gaia's have other codes with different amino acids?  Do they depend on pi and phi, or are the mathematics set on a different basis than sacred geometry?  Numbers mean different things and can provide non-quantitative infomation, if removed from the constraints of formal mathematicians ...

The concept of regrouping is nature's weigh of reestablishing the one.  At any part of the growth sequence, the entire structure can transfer energy to a new function in the metabolic cycle.  The reaching of a goal of minimum necessary to establish a new way only happens in nature when it reaches the next Fibonacci number - a nautilus building its shell doesn't expand until the room is complete.  How does the chrysalis morph into a flutterbye?

This crop circle says it all.  Gaia writes the crop circles.  Got your cosmic surfboard ready?

Namaste' ... doc

July 18, 2014

Conceptualization Through Imagination Required

And a new day shall dawn, for those who go on, cause they're climbing a stairway ... to heaven.  Led Zep

Today is the last day of Treei day 323 - a void voiding.  It is the day to collate the past 64 day cycle and construct the plan and theme for Treei day 324.  My first Treei year is now well into Void Massing - the culmination of the time happens when you turn 64 - as the Beatles knew.  You get to start again at Mass Massing : so let's show similar reverence to babies and retirees.

The cognitive dissonance level has exceeded the ability to deal with reality.  The spin spins so well, over so long, that peeps have forgotten that life was not always easy for peeps.  The horrors that we perpetrate upon each other are self-inflicted wounds.  Listen to your heart and take control of your personal space, between your ears. Detach from myth and hold yourself responsible for the weigh, shape and form of your life.

Okay - you can look in the mirror at you and know that come what be, you will be okay.  No matter how crazy the cognitive dissonance spins the story, if you do not absorb yourself into the matrix, the story is not your story.  The idea of being on the Treei calendar for me is to have a logical pace that gives me a repetitive order that has nothing to do with weeks, months or other standard measures of time.  When my flow is forming, i look at the project for the month and get ready to let it roll tomorrow, when flow flows.

By withdrawing from contact, hermits lose the ability to interact with peeps in the normal peep expectancy mode.  Each group of peeps uses different forms of communication to relate to their own type.  The traditional family is being replaced by the tribal familee - a form of coming together to share light and jubilee, so to speak.  In a sense, my current bonds are tethered to people that i have never met in flesh, but have built a sense of trust, through love.

Chemistry and life have similar fractal patterns, when you look through a certain window of time and space.  The field of life is governed by water, which appears to us as a ubiquitous liquid.  That water can be used in many forms makes it dominant in our criteria of need.  It comes ahead of food, but follows air - we breathe without water; a few days is all we get without water.  It carries many things around and around (and around).

The golden mean spiral gives chemistry the geometry to hold together in space.  Bonds are made of love - protons and electrons commingle as matter is formed.  Water loves water at all scales.  Time shifts in form and is scale dependent.  The entire lifetime of an ant colony simulates the lifetime of a society, on a relative scale because they have the same fractal form.  Fractals are exponential power series function with non integer values.  You do not have to understand any mathematics to get that this is how things work - nature can't even count.

Probability governs everyday life.  It sets an expectation value, then plays along as we go through the encounters of every day.  The need for consistency places us in an environment that appears to be the sum of the previous moments.  What if it's not? 

Each of us has built a unique life around a set of common beliefs that have been drilled into us from the time we were small.  Babies come into the world with telepathy and a resonance with nature.  By the time we teach them to walk and talk, and then badger them to sit down and shut up, they move into their minds and accept the paradigm of skule.

To change, there needs to be an allowance to think differently.  One size fits all fits absolutely no one.  We are each unique - yet we are all the same, only different.  Like facets of a crystal... never the same face twice - yet over 7 billion and growing.  Like weeds.  To change is to shift to a different fractal scale, with new rules, new forms, new structures.  To return to local in a global world, while global influence is shared amongst all life.  Not just human life.  Life happens at all scales and the only consistent thing is its inconsistency.  And the water.

Book draft one is done - the goal for Treei year 324 will be to set up an infrastructure such that when everything gets to press, we can make it so.  The star trek next generation holodeck is the model for what we can achieve. Every existing institution has to be removed from all its turf - only people at local level, doing life are eligible to be part of nature.  The game is immersible - there has to be relief from all current systems - regulatory, monetary and governmental.  Peeps can choose their tribe - even to the point where there is a null tribe for independents that wish to be left alone.  To try to originate different from a point source is easy - you are already unique.  Tribes provide lattice frameworks for sets of rules - which can take any form, at the whim of the tribal elders (not age related). The math form for tracking will be numeronomic rather than accounting.  Numeronomy derives from Bob Marshall's work with Buckminster Fuller - book edited by doc is due out early 2015 from OAK Press.

I feel better now, thyme to get with the purpose of void voiding and tie up the last loose ends of the current Treei day.

Namaste' ... doc

July 10, 2014

Got Life?

I am not the exception
I AM the rule
If it does not work for me
It does not work
When it works for you
Then you know it works,
Still does not work for me
And that's totally okay.

We can live in alternate realities
Without imposing congruence
Upon each others thoughts
I know you know differently
So let's each let us be.

Fair is never really fair
Listen as you approach
Reflect through love,
Ever harsh reality
Of what you need
To have happen ...
Act with confidence
Act swift, right now.

lemme howdt  cc 2013