May 22, 2015

Do we die when we die?

lies, lies, everywhere there's lies ...

I guess the words in the song is signs - the sign said you have to have a membership card to get inside. At LRC today - the lead story on COG just makes me wonder how much fiction our lives have been. The real lifestyle change from post world war two removed a lot of common philosophy from the taught records and replaced it with constructed drivel. If you believe one lie, you get sucked into the next. I prefer casual skepticism.

My friend Raz passed away last month - His novel and website News From a Parallel World has demonstrated to me that he knew more about the Kennedy assassination than any other person that i knew. I saw where he had not posted for a while - I am saddened for the entire bloggosphere that now has one less voice of true journalism. We all come to that time in life - so glad the book got done. I wish i could read his thoughts on this set of information.

I wonder if death is a pre-programed event in 'mericn culture. The typical merikn male works hard at a job for 45 years - retires and finds there is nothing to do, but hang out at home with the idiot box on. The depression of seeing the world for what it is, rather than the images provided would be enough to avoid death, but we can't get past the reality of unreality. I do not believe people die - they are removed from one set of worlds to be more fruitful in another set of words.

I follow Elliot's Many Worlds Theory. In the many worlds theory, every time we make a key decision, we split and create another individual world where the opposite decision has been made. If there is no real difference in outcome, the two worlds remerge, however occasionally, the path gives a tangent and we as an individual go off on a new tangent.  When this gets exciting, you tend to stay and never remerge back.

Something has to happen to all those old yous, because they are an integral part of your soul. If you die in a world that you have left, the people there are free to erase your presence and go on with their lives while you who have already left, gets to go on with your current adventures. The mechanisms startle the real you - i once had a semi truck move directly into the car i was driving, then my passenger and i were sitting in a stopped car on top of the hill - i wondered what happened because there was no weigh to avoid the crash - yet we did.

A year later, the same passenger was in a terrible accident where her rig was destroyed - she recovered, got married and began a completely different life. The people two stories removed will never give her another thought, except in memory, yet she lives and breathes and functions as a form of herself to this day.  I know that I will have a further role with her, because i now she survived accident 2 and accident 1 never happened - on this world.

We have been taught that we live on an isolated planet in a vast solar system. The truth is - not available at this thyme. The jury is still howdt on how we make this life work as we do - my belief is that we are all magicians and can mentally arrange our expectations to succeed in presenting the images that we wish to see. We all have free will, yet our actions in other peoples movies are instigated by their expectations and we are continually creating new realities through our mixing and matching.

Today is an isolated day in a long context of activity that is going on all around us. Doc has agreed to do a presentation on the Chemistry of Chemtrails on June 12 in Ashland Oregon. I do not like talking on topics where people really disagree about facts - but i also see the need to stop continuing programs that do we the people absolutely no good while empowering the waste of natural resources - so I feel i need to address the issue. Wish me luck!

Namaste' ... doc

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