May 11, 2015

Getting There

As we sat around discussing the development of new communities last night, there was reason for optimism that the route was becoming clearer. Due to circumstances beyond our control, humans are differentiating according to belief systems - there are a myriad of possibilities sorted by frequency range. For those of us who left the motor running, we find that we can do a lot more in significantly less time.

Think about it. The pace of life is getting faster and most peeps are caught in a down-shifted resonance, where they attract mire by playing n the muck. When i see an opportunity to do something that needs to be done, i wait until everybody is gone, then do it! When you know what to do and have the freedom to acquire what you need, you can set up and alter the weigh thyme works and the brownies come out and 'fix' things. Two thirds of the way through The Mote in God's Eye and i find myself rooting for the moties. Hmm

The approach dictates the format, yet has little effect on the results. The end goal is to get to the place where you end up after you quit searching for the there. Once you realize that you have been here all the time, then you can just be who you are and reach up for the stars. You do not have to announce what you are doing; common courtesy allows you to inform the people who are affected by your tasks to know that change will be implemented. Til you get through the task, you have an uncertainty of result - so a firm image of what you wish to accomplish is a necessity. Imagine that!

Information is a valuable resource when it is shared with people that can put the info to use. If you 'know' something, the source of knowledge is not really important. When you request action from other peeps however, your sources must be firm and have a second independent confirmation, lest you just recycle the meme. Doctor Who unplugged the recurring meme in episode two - the metaphor was completely creative and well worthy of Who tradition. Not every rose turns howdt to be a Bad Wolf.

The energy of the weekend was wonky. The Psychic Fair on Saturday had 13 vendors and constant business, yet at 2:30-3:00 when the CME *coronal mass ejection" from Sol hit Gaia - the energy deflated quicker than a popped balloon. I needed a quick puff and made a quick decision to step away, where i was joined by a second surfer who felt the same wavelengths and realized that cosmic surfboard thyme for riding the top of the wave was apparent. We are still coasting on that merry plain, rather than being part of the roller coaster of modern merkn life. As we are deaf to the death cult and they cannot affect our space; if we allow their rule to intrude, then we have a permanent unwelcome resident in our developing domicile. I know which choice lemme would make.

Namaste' ... doc

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