May 19, 2015

Dare to Be Different

The illusion draws upon us as we attempt to work with peeps that are caught up in the system. Easy of flow is more important than following artificial rules, but the peeps are busy jumping through hoops to attempt to play by the ever changing rules. Ah banksterism...

To be away from peeps is a goal for today. We've got to get ourselves back to the garden ... we are stardust. Things that are mundane have to be worked through again differently. Every task has to be covered in a distinct order, yet that order is dependent on the release of information and resources. At this point, there is no flow, so whetting the blade and preparing for anything leaves all options open.

The waves ebb and flow and we have to mass enough resources to be able to sidestep the weighs of the establishment as it consumes every particle of itself. The compost that is created will be useful to rebuild in weighs that we cannot envision because we have no idea of what it is that we have to replace. If the power stays on, there is a whole different mechanism than if the grid goes down.

The play for contributionism - ubuntu - that is taking place in the world is not a well developed idea here in the states. We know something of what to expect, but the game of isolation in front of a talking box has led us to stop thinking about the topics that might get more of us past the wake-up stage. There are so many weighs to approach the problems ... it would be nice if we could change the behaviors that cause the problem in the first place.

I spent a couple hours with the archdruid's report yesterday. The history that he evolves in a series of posts demonstrates that the current condition is not unique. The are so many falsehoods embedded in our education structure that arming ourselves with knowledge will not work - we need to create a different knowledge base. There are some things that we truly believe that are not so - doc's encounters with water demonstrate an emotional bond that has no spectroscopic resonance. The act of measurement changes the system being measured - intention sets results. We are all connected through our water - all being greater than the humans on Gaia - all water beings in all existences everywhere.

So - we really need to know what we know and how we know it. Science was once built on verification of phenomena - now it is embedded discourse on the record. But the failures do not ever get explained as only original successes are published by the gatekeeper journals. If you succeed in getting a patent, the rules shut down all others that have expertise in that area, based on a lawyer's filing. What we know is buried in the archives of corporations, who buy up competition to shelve the alternatives in a one size fits all delivery mode. Advertising is ice cream made of shaving cream - not worth the sense.

Only weigh to change is by enveloping yourself in something different and not supporting the system by participation. Whet your own whistle, and withdraw from anything that is not directly within your ability to contribute effort. Use you effort to be the change you wish to see. And keep asking questions until you get an answer that satisfies your concerns.

Namaste ... doc

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