May 12, 2015

Skill Sets

As we watch the game of 'run full blast into the brick wall' economics, we find that we can control the cosmic surfboard better when we take the time to develop a skill. Skills are unique things that we practice a lot to gain mastery of a technique or new weigh of doing things. By continually trying to push the limits of our ability, we find that we can gain more fluency with our chosen task.

In community, all skill sets are required. When we strip ourselves down to the bare necessities of life, we find that our unique skill can support us such that our acceptance into community is immediately granted. This skill can be to provide a service, complete a task or just to be inspiration - doesn't matter because you are accepted being in. Getting into a place where you are accepted for being you is extremely important.

Life is a dynamic process, where yin and yang counterbalance to provide the appearance of stasis. Thus, there is a large difference between dynamic equilibrium and static equilibrium. If you observe the situation and get a god read on the tea leaves, you can choose a place where you can be happy in a contibutionist environment. Huh - say what? Community is a local phenomena based on what you as an individual can contribute to the group.

Sovereignty is a matter of being an individual in control of self at all times. When you cede control of your sovereign self, you make a conscious decision to live under another sovereign's rules or system. You listen to them in exchange for a benefit that they gift to you as you gift the value of your labor effort. If the system works well, the exchange of value can be nearly equal, or favor the lessor partner.

Why is that? Because the stronger partner brings more juice to the table, she needs less value in return for completing the specific task. Value s earned by the use of your skill set - tracking that value and keeping it within the developing community is the key to affable growth. Groqth for the sake of growth is useless, but the community needs to be the proper size to fill all the niches that peeps wish to accomplish.

The organizers of the community have a vested interest in seeing that things develop according to the images that they envisioned. Broadening those images to include a new view carried in is an advantage to the community. Taking care of food, shelter and water is always necessary early on, but later requirements depend on the needs of the individuals that make up the community. Peeps all have different focus and a community does not have to be like-minded - just complementary to meet the organizational goals. It takes every kind of people, to make the world go round.

To be a community founder, you collect a group of friends and decide upon your common interests. The organization of family and tribe will come from associating with people that collect over common interests. There is a critical mass that comes about to accomplish goals - yet this takes support systems that are not directly involved in reaching those goals. Having an inventory of peeps with specific ideas and goals will allow communities to trade people, after the individual communities are established. Trade routes for exchange of goods and services will grow to meet needs, but only after the basic premises are established.

Work calls - enjoy the day.  Namaste' ... doc

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