May 28, 2007

You are welcome to a healing gathering of our United Church of the Living Earth that will take place at the Toketee Hot Springs at 3:30 p.m.12:00, May 31, 2007.

The ceremony is to celebrate the healing powers of the Blue Moon. The evening will consist of a pot-luck and many meditations – please do not bring alcohol or non-hallucinatory drugs. All methods of divination are welcome: Spiritual, Energy and Material beings will join to help comprehend the new weigh, methods of learning measurement based on sacred geometry and the number system of base eight. Be at PEACE

a Shout for Memorial Day

Time to oppose the wars and rediscover liberalism as a force rather than a reaction. We, the people, need to be allowed to live withhowdt the need to be allowed anything. We are sovereign people - we can. The constitution restricts the government - not we, the people.

How do we know
when no means no

when no means yes
and yes means no

and nobody really
knows nuthing ?

be with PEACE - people enacting a ceasefire - ENOUGH!


May 27, 2007

More Photos

It is Hannah's birthday - help her enjoy her flowers.

May 26, 2007

Church of the Living Earth

When you get to the Rev.Doc's site - Scroll down to the You-Tube on May 20th. It will be on the right. Then enjoy the rest of the site and the links.

Tunnel Vision Knotthink

tunnel vision knotthink
soaking horizon of couch
bouncing bubba balls
with large round aeroles
and firm tipped nips
so nothing interfaces
beyond tongue down low
gossip about persons about gossip
not paris' fault - born blonde
distractions keep folks out
while the players backdoor bids
bribe the cashier, bribe the dealer
money flows like water falls
aeration of brains in fast times
melt down when faced with T & A
like a duck unto water
she is as her pleasure does her
while bombs burst in air
scattered psyche overload
interpolated, extricated
generally worn down, worn howdt
will they give or will they stress
given any reason to be undressed
sapphic joys just make the pain less
due to pressures overwhelming
of tunnel vision knotthink.

(c) 2007 lemme howdt


What is normal - a commonly accepted phenomena that 'happens to everyone'? When we normalize in science, it is a means for setting the scales equivalent, when the items differ in size and content. Normalization is a tranformation which is an artificial construct, which allows a false dichotemy, which allows comparison in relative terms, not in absolute terms. Normal is an application of reducing complexity through the application of symmetry. A unit output normalized up is nonsense, but a large output normalized down can be used to project a logical mean. The mean average is a basis point for a comparison of metrix - the better we normalize diverse data, the more we can understand.

Essence has moved beyond duality, there no longer is essence. This coercive society consists of employment where people get their work by creating more work for other people. The objective seems to be to keep minds occupied, distracted away from the real work that has to be done. Cleansing and healing the earth will not generate a profit for the immediate time - it is just the necessary precondition for moving forward withhowdt moving backward - a dance of time, space and consciousness. Be here now - for there are only a few more days before the nadir and apex of the last 5600 years become apparent.

Face your calling this weekend and decide what it is that you wish. Wishes, like fishes, come true if you make them with a steady heart and a knowledge of the limits. Man has the ability to integrate and differentiate reality, but at this point we are much too busy practicing division and multiplication. Perhaps the word division needs to be change to splice - six splice three equals two. Multiplication already has times - three times two is six. Life uses exponential powers, anything to the power of one looks exactly like self. Whether it is self or just another facet of self remains to be seen.

The theory of 64 now says that there are 64 x 64 dimentional interaction between two adjacent conceptions of the way it is. In my world of chemistry, matter and energy are defined very succinctly - we have atoms that form molecules defined by a periodic table. since we humans are substance of the earth and the rules of molecular chemistry should hold that every human bonding interaction should follow the symmetry rules of group theory in chemistry. Thus the family, a stable small bonded molecule is much better than government, a soul eating polymer. Bucky balls are stable - the largest known functional organic group at the moment. Small molecules take shapes dependent on their consistency of being and their electron orbital structure - large molecules run long and thin and tangle like spaghetti.

If we remove the six essential elements of life (PS HONC) from the seventy element found naturally in living beings, we are left with sixty-four elements. There are also 64 distinct codons in the DNA genetic code. The junk DNA or nonsense DNA that is between the genes ubiquitous in the code is the same within an individual, but varies across members of all species - you get one of the 64 codes as a primary. This contains life assumptions that are common between those sharing the code - an intuition doorway for like minded souls to communicate information faster, by not needing to cover old ground.

There are also two sets of seven life forms related in crossed reality with half your common base. You relate to them and feel comfortable, but you still need to work to grasp their meaning when they speak. This forms a basis for sanctuary and sanctity - the deep religious experience we get as a sense of place - we feel at home when like dissolves like and our 64th type friends gather in their group beings. We would not mate within our 64 - because genes that mate with self form recessive characteristics that do not enhance species. It may be why we deny and dislike people most like ourselves - we must forgive ourselves of that self-immolation and move on.

The dogs are barking - the pack is accumulating as we move toward convergence. The earth flow is calling me off - thus i shall slip off into lemme mode and end in poem.

May 25, 2007


Believe your heart, after you believe your cognitive abilities. Then ask your soul. If it is right - do it. question authority and don't take no for an answer. speak truth to power and demand reason. It all works together at every scale, when nothing is broken. Healing the hurt comes first. Nutrients come from the earth - give thanks.

Is this science or gauging

Mike Rozeff is right on target again.

'Representative Wu noted that "Today's hearing is premature. Neither the Members nor the staff has received sufficient, substantive materials on the Nunn-McCurdy decision that would allow us to exercise real oversight; to do our job and be accountable for tax-payer dollars. The result is that the witnesses before us today can pretty much tell us anything they want and we can’t sort out the hard facts from the hopeful scenarios." '

May 24, 2007

The Blue Moon

My cool weekend blended in with continuing adventure as i connected to the healing systems of the earth. While meditating with new friends at the Peace House, healing the family tree, i began to see karmic energy as functions of colors of the rainbow. Being very nearsighted, i had taken off my glasses and was looking at a flame at a distance. The blue was cold while the red represented hot, strong flow. It was better than any hour ever spent in front of a television or computer screen. We performed a constellation where i represented space-time - a concept i feel is broken. The final result was a crop circle shaped like the flower of life.

The Mayan calendar has a much deeper story that i have pursued thus far. Astral projections of the stars and heavens into reality of life has always happened thru-howdt the ages. Having two full moons within a calendar month is a very rare occurance - yet on May 30, this will be the second full moon this may. The funny thing is that last May, May also had two full moons. So this is the second consecutive year that this rare phenoma has happened. Once in a blue moon - the second second May moon, the fourth moon in the sequence is the blue moon. The lowest energy point for the earth - the bluest place of the tree. Consciousness is perpendicular to matter and energy.

There are other stories of the blue moon, including at least one that involves nuclear radiation. I do not believe that DNA needs any form of nuclear enhancement to catalyze morphing and mutation - as long as we can provide variety to allow the dance of genes. With time to exchange value for value - i visited with a series of amazing motivated people who each have something to share with folks that are willing to learn. My rabbit exchange - Inky for Fibro, black satin for red siamese satin broken - should produce some blended strands of rabbit from two highly inbred herds. I would enjoy being able to cheaply fingerprint the rabbit DNA and use that to double-check my breeding records - to update whom is with whom. A whole field has opened up to follow the footsteps of Brother Gregor and see how genes dance in recessive pairs.

Time to assess the situation and set up the ability to assay. Knowing how to count is as important as knowing what to count. My guess is that one of the embedded vastly wrongs is the Crick/Watson model of how DNA works as a double helix. It does, but it is only one form of DNA - which likely has eight - the same as the number of dimentions. That is, if spaghetti theory holds - which incorporates most of the valid string theory and expands it. The key to a valid theory is how well prediction fits practice. Ridley's Genome book is giving me insight - because there are so many flaws in his anecdotes that i recognize - perhaps we can get some collaborations to help think this thru.

May 21, 2007

Odd yet Cool Weekend

Searching for meaning in a topsy-turvy world? Me, too. I have opened myself up to some new concepts and find that the themes are repeating themselves in different shape, forms, colors and textures. A toss of the cards and a sudden inspiration, led me to the healing waters and a meeting with one of my dopplegangers. Andre' also caught a pairing and there was Sunshine all about. Ethan has an interesting view of life - that of a four year old. The wonders of thought that come from learning how to put three or four sentences into a response to a question is fascinating. I tried to get him to super-impose his hands onto each other - then i told him to take off his thumb and move it. The answer took about five seconds and the lecture on removable thumbs being impossible was hilarious.

The story of how the naked monk led to my receipt of a 1967 Muhammad Ali metal collectors card - buried junk from a past age - will have to be published in short story form. Further investigation of the card reveals a 1995 copyright and a made in china imprint - yet still - how odd to be found along a road in the woods in the middle of knowwhere. (My camera connection does not wish to work today - picture of card will be forthcoming.)

This followed a saturday day at Wild Rose Vinyard - in a festival set as a fund raiser for the local community college. The bands were awesome, the wine was superb, the food could have been better: this event had the culinary arts students raising funds for their program. Now why this is a college program - here where available cooking jobs are flipping burgers is beyond me. The weather was nice and the turn-out was - well wasn't. It was like a private rock concert for 100 people. This speaks volumes about the value of the local community college to the local community. Time to give up on government funded mass public education all together. And do something else, not quit learning.

god's rock

i took a wander down
to a fast fresh running
umpqua stream
and gathered a rock

the face of this rock
held a caddisfly home
a smaller rock enclave
twice the size of the bug
hidden in the middle
rushing waters flow
delivering food and shelter

occular magnification revealed
a stonefly crawling the surface
and a beetle and two tiny
flea type specs so small, so small
that now five fates were
in my hands as i held this rock

i placed my rock down gently
in a pool carved by a riffle
returning my little friends
to their fast flowing livelihoods

(c) 2007 lemme howdt

May 20, 2007


As the going gets tough, the weird turn pro. HST

You cannot get much more high theatre than watching the spectre of the world turning. Reality is nothing like the political jungle. It makes me think that in ages past, people had gotten to an advanced point of knowledge. Conflict is produced by the generation of psyche energy with no viable vent and the society, insane, crumbles and melts down. Truths may become self-evident for a period of time, then the illusion takes hold until the reality can no longer mesh with the fiction. One thing we know about a few ancient empires is that they understood the mathematics of form, the sacred geometry. The pyramids demonstrate this lucidity.

Help me welcome Bruce Rawles to the crosslinks and our sector of the bloggosphere. Bruce is heavily into this Sacred Geometry, at which i am but a novice. Yet as a chemist, i have grown and photographed crystals of enzyme active site analogue that we bio-mimic-ed in a lab thirty years ago. The hottest topics published in Science magazine today are not up to where we were back them. Using group theory, the geometry of chemistry is predictable. It is the same geometry as the pyramids and the other facets of sacred geometry. So Cool.

I ripped the last post on scale from Bruce - so this is my way of giving credit where credit is due.


The magnitude of large numbers is so vast that it boggles most people. We like to imagine that we know how to count, but it is a skill that we master at age four and never put much more time into it after that. We can count with small number and magnify to bigger numbers, but most of us do not really dive deep enough to understand the math. Check out this visualization of scale - but realize that i take the picture out of context. Imagine a collection of anything - an this artist can assemble a scope of scale that provides the visual. The task becomes using these resources more effectively without the need for degradative resource extraction.

May 19, 2007

Very Short Parable

This story is based on an eight card sacred geometry tarot toss, written prior to reading the actual messages in the cards. It was followed by an I-Ching toss and a single daily tarot card. Contextually - editing was done while blogging to allow the story to flow with effort made to keep all the verbal images.

It starts with a seed. The idea once set gets to nagging - it returns in facets and odd forms and gradually changes the approach to life itself. As the seed germinates, we begin to find the puzzle, a three dimensional shape of perpendiculars.

Our current comprehension of yin and yang leaves out the third essential directional perpendicular. Perhaps the clue is at the interface, another term that belongs in the Heisenberg uncertainty equation. Somehow, this relates to Einstein's observer and alternative fields of consciousness. Hopefully, there are enough clues in the sacred geometry to lead toward an understanding of something that we currently barely acknowledge.

Now look internally to the things that can be done on a local basis. Do not bother to distribute the fruits of the effort prematurely, nor take any time to roam outside in the vast ranges of space. Get it together to be able to do in the here and now - or the soon to be future here and now. Even though we seem many people, all are one - unity and infinity convey the same emotions.

As events come to a crux, the flux of change will increase rapidly and flush away the existing paradigm. The winds whistling and screaming past will seemingly destroy what has been built. This will allow the chaos necessary to support a different philosophical approach - perhaps one that recognizes natural energy sources and uses them for what they are, rather than what they can be made to do.

Alas, this may be an invitation to leave behind the worldly concerns of the existing age and travel through space/time to the place where the mind is found - the engines turned off and breath lightly encumbered on a flow formed crystal lattice. Water holds the elemental keys that unlock a very different new reality - let it breathe free and it can heal many things - squeeze it to tightly and it might not cooperate.

Governance by Sound Byte

The political system is gone. I support the effort that Ron Paul is making to give people an option; unless we change the approach, the system will eat us all alive before we get to the point of change. I was planning to post the index to the amnesty bill currently scheduled for senate floor vote on Monday. How are checks and balances to be applied when the bill is written to specifically not be read before the vote. Rather than take up the space here - the first comment will be the text of the index of the bill. How many senators will read beyond the sound bites? None.

May 18, 2007

Defining the Box

We bring our own trouble in the way we track ourselves. Current accountability mechanisms, supposedly used to keep track of what is going on, appear to be bass-ackwards. How does accounting sit on a fulcrum, when all the jokers do is follow the shuffle of where the beans go. Budgets are fictional number targets and generally accepted accounting practice is licensed good ol boy theft. I would never dream of firing my accountant, but having to track money so tightly to the exclusion of measuring value in any other terms is ludicrous. In reality, accountants work more for the benefit of the government (to ensure that revenue stream runs smooth) than they do for their clients, the businesses that hire and pay them. Read a CAFR - Comprehensive Annual Financial Report - of any government entity: it will tell you more about the real holdings and spendings of the organization than any fictional budget.

The need for educational entertainment without travel is becoming apparent. Dr. Lenny is entirely self-entertaining - part of that is the ability to turn every action into a game. If you assume a character and role-play the part in the proper context, then you can gain context toward other points of view. Since other people assume a false consistency in your individual actions, there is no reason why we shouldn't explore other positions in a docile and easily discarded manner, like role-play. True learning requires interaction and hands-on ability - so group congregations built around events will have special significance. Intercontinental travel has made local travel look cheap and easy - interpersonal interactions are more frequent and less telling. But as gas climbs over $3.50 with no end in sight, there will be less general mobility.

The trick may be to create an internet based game that involves personal accountability, role-playing and rewards for proper interaction in real life circumstance. The Geo-Cache phenomena is starting to get people moving - perhaps adding DaVinci code like clues that lead to local cooperative network events - sort of like the traditional pow-wow or the non-traditional rock concert. Or maybe just access to another level of the game. To measure performance and reward the work that goes into excellence is a sports type thing that would have major implications if applied in other learning environments. Economics and real life has become bloated with the goal of money as the only outcome - the old ways of gather and hoard are running out, because the only thing left to make money with is access to money. Time to cash in these chips and move onto the next paradigm.

May 16, 2007

Eh, what's up Doc

Could not resist the urge to put a four day old bunny rabbit picture up on the net. These are satin rabbits - full size is 9 to 11 pounds. These kits are copper and red colored - both mom and dad are solid copper, so red must be a recessive gene. I got my fingertips into the picture as a size reference. Dr. Lenny will be teaching a summer camp group how to use photo points to describe restoration projects.

Chasing Funding

'Forced by the existing grant system to follow such an approach, Pollack (2005) argues that scientists have defaulted into becoming a culture of believers without rethinking the fundamentals.'

Dr. Donald Miller does his homework to explain how science has been corralled by orthodoxy. The homogeneity of the models may not be questioned, or there will be no funding. The article was excellent, but his solutions are vague and non-illuminating. I wonder exactly how much science has been purchased through the rigged patent system and has been taken off the shelf - out of sight, out of mind. Government can only fund work within the established paradigm.

Perhaps the world economy will collapse tomorrow and set all the funding mechanisms back to ground zero - everybody on their own. It would help science, but not the populations of the world. But maybe we should rethink the fundamental term 'help'. Help is one of the words that can mean anything that Alice sees in her lookingglass and wants it to mean.

May 15, 2007


The artist developes a sense of time that allows the freedom to fit the work into the alloted time/space for accomplishment. If you know you have an hour to complete a task, the task itself will fill the hour and at the end of the time frame, whatever is finished is what the final product becomes. There is always a new canvas to work on and getting it right is an arbitrary value - whatever is created is still art.

On the other end of the spectrum, the scientist/engineer gets to work in a more timeless dimensional frame - because getting the task correct and to exact specification is much more important to the working system than being timely. The problems that come about in the design of novel process arise from experience of working the system; improvements in efficiency contribute very little, compared to the 'aha' of how to do something completely different and better, which accomplishes the same task at lower cost, time or energy. When the science misses - the objective doesn't happen correctly. Shuttle O-rings for instance.

Criteria of thinking is quite different, depending on what it is you think you will acomplish by thinking. Changing the way people think is not difficult - just about any story can convince people of its message, if it is well presented. Patterns of thought require internal consistency, when this breaks down we have to discard the idea that brought us off - and find out how the other pieces can be repackaged to create a logical whole. Too often we don't follow this through deep enough.

Sometimes, there is not enough information available, so we create imaginary information to fill the gap. Brains are funny critters - when we fail to invalidate an assumption, we just continue to use it. If it works in one area, we assume it valid to extrapolate to other areas. Soon, we no longer assume, we take it as a point of knowledge - especially if it keeps the internal consistency of the big picture working in a streamlined fashion.

The time has come to check our premises and abandon some of the old assumptions that really do not fit into the world today. These are carry-overs from the world of yesterday, which seems like the world of today but has changed as we have changed. (My change is eighty-one cents - three quartes a nickel and a penny.) Balancing the resources that we have, both input and output, while decreasing the rate of flux of the system - the turnover of ideas that replace each other within a lifetime - seems to be a worthy balance check on all the scales that we work with. Identifying the assumptions as assumption will be more difficult that searching for the correct answers - there are too many poisoned needles in our current haystack of life.


off-line life holds challenge
as reality imposes limit bounds
cartoon physics no longer valid
segregating mind from body
yin-yang quantum impossibility

(c) 2007 lemme howdt

May 14, 2007

What the Bleep? - Movie Revue

When it comes to quantum physics, there are few people that can accurately describe what happens - and even then, they guess. The current search for the Higgs' Boson is supposed to lead to cheap free energy. When you look at all the attention applied to ethanol and celluslose ethanol, one wonders what might happen if there were no predecided favorite in the energy field. Multiple groups working on different approaches to the same set of goals seems like it would produce a much better outcome than everybody attempting to be the first one to patent the magic enzyme that big oil will purchase and place on a shelf.

As a chemist, Dr. Lenny has thought about the production of energy by chemical means, using electrochemical potential differences between materials. But, some of the most important elements on the periodic table are no longer available to the general public and are heavily regulated by the EPA. The thrill of rolling balls of Mercury into each other to make bigger balls is a game never experienced by children learning chemistry - so the concept of surface tension never quite makes sense. How many of us understand how ore can yield metal? My first chemistry set had little blue bottles of all sorts of dangerous crap - never once did i attempt to make a meal of them. Dr. Lenny learned to taste chemicals - the tongue is a much more sensitive detector than the nose.

As i listened to the theorists discussing science and theology in the movie What the #$*! do we know, i realized that it was a completely different film from the first time i had seen it in the theatre. The 'experts' discussion was much more in tune with the comprehension that Dr. Lenny has developed by digging deeper into sacred geometry - and opening the thought pattern to input collated with less than rigorous scientific methods. Reproducibility is so intrinsic to science that if phenomena cannot be repeated, it does not exist. Formal science misses a lot of reality, usually by denial. When we can see what we expect to see, rather than what is there, then we really cannot be impartial observers. From Einstein's view, the observer must get outside the picture, yet the picture comes from continuity inside our brain. We can do only what we can do.

As the paradigm that we current accept falls apart - some of the objective lessons from this movie may be useful in rebuilding spirit within human communities. The need to control our own emotions in a manner that does not include popping pills and running ourselves ragged is the key point that came from this second viewing. Make peace with yourself. Watch this movie again, if you feel like thinking about life, the universe, and everything.

May 12, 2007

General Strike?

Okay - the time has come where we have to stop playing the politix the game. The government belongs to the people and if capital has taken the capitol, then we can no longer be bound to the laws that treat us all as chattel. The problem is explained in great depth by Ralph Nader using the media as an example. I already have no respect for the media, so i can't say that i'm surprised in the least, except at how blatant and self-serving. David Brownlow is on the other side of the political spectrum. Here is what he has to say.

When the far left and the far right are in agreement - what is wrong with the muddle in the middle?

2007 Oregon Envirothon

Watching Nature is a hobby that give both entertainment and educational values. As part of the Redile program, Dr. Lenny became an advisor to the Douglas High School Envirothon teams. The competition took place yesterday at the Oregon Gardens in Silverton.

Nineteen team took 25 minute group tests in Aquatics, Forestry, Soils, Wildlife and Energy. There is also a 10 minute video presentation turned in in advance - with the top three test teams giving on-stage presentations for all the marbles. The 2007 Canon Envirothon National competition will take place in upstate New York this July. The Newburgh FFA team won the competition by one tenth of a point in roughly 270. Good luck at Nationals!

The primary DHS team took fourth place - just missing out on giving their presentation (top 3). This position came with wooden wall plaques and prize money. More pictures of the events can be found at the ONRRI gallery.

May 11, 2007


Amerikan media is a hopeless source of disinformation. People tend to be interested in the prurient details of other people's lives and the big five mega-media conglomerates use that fact to keep the muddled masses distracted and entertained. Information worth having comes from the assessment of useful facts that fit together into pieces that can be applied in creative manners.

Form is the key to function. Symmetry tends to save time and can be used to advantage, when wielded properly. Breaking of symmetry leads to loss of form entirely - a different or rebuilt approach is necessary. You do not get some useful parts, because those parts act like square pegs in round holes - forced to supply structure, but of no real utility or value. Molding these items like clay can provide new shape and substance, but consider fallen pieces as new raw materials, rather than attempting to make the current form fit the function.

If we start with valid information, our public decision making process should get better and dealing with current reality may become possible.

May 10, 2007

contact: love

blue eyes sparkle brown
as rotating brain cells collide
on chocolate waves of glimmer
mobile surfboard ride pattern
extends the presence of one
beyond the only, to another one
where all contiguous lines meet
in the realizations of each other

Net Notes

The drones are taking the nectar : Retta Fontana goes into depth on the bees that control the distribution of effort. There are only two groups allowed : the group of 300,000,000 million like-(non)-thinking drones - or the individual group of one. Anything in between these limits is a conspiracy.

What would be the reaction if we had to write a check every month to pay taxes, rather than having it auto-withdrawn before we see our paycheck?

One more note: as gas prices climb - think about picking up hitchhikers. Every mile counts when you are on foot. Community bicycle programs sound like a real good idea with gas approaching $3.50/gallon . Have towel, will travel.

May 09, 2007

Photo Opportunity

For anyone looking for a reasonably cheap outdoor vacation spot - consider visiting Southern Oregon this summer. Dr. Lenny would be more than pleased to show people around the Umpqua Basin. There is a great deal of science to be done - but learning systems are breaking down in requiring the diligence of task. So in order to do things differently - Dr. Lenny will sponsor a Geo-Cache tour that takes people howdt into the awesomeness of the Pacific Northwest, instills a sense of environmental propriety and then sends people home with the connections to appreciate rural values.

Oregon has a different type of deforestation problem - the growth is so dense that there is disturbance ecology - fires and bugs and invasive species threats. Plus a totally mismanaged federal forest system that cannot seem to get the idea that fire is one of many necessary tools in the toolbox. Come visit our trees : here are a few pix of the S. Umpqua River near Myrtle Creek.

I-5 is the road running along the river.

We might actually wish to consider this the state of Jefferson - quite a world of difference from the Portland metro area.

May 08, 2007

Mixed Metaphors

The stars align at this point of time to make waves in the ocean of being. Sacred geometry appears in so many forms to the watchful eye that the spirits appear to resonate with natural resources. Movement time has come and Dr. Lenny has to decide whether to step up to the plate and be the change he needs to be, or send a pinch hitter into the game of guts and glory. Personally, i'd rather pass, but the connotation that something must be done begs to differ with the patient wait and see approach that the world requires. Timing is not everything. Enthusiasm for doing is another thing all of its own - the time says the game begins. So i'll take the first pitch and deal with ball one.

Science - Take two

Looks like Dr. Lenny's last post is not the only one on the topic of science today. Here is Robert Higgs piece for LRC. Unless QM tunnelling between like minded brain exist, there is something going on - the sentiment is exactly the same. I could rag on peer review, but it is already accepted as an awful means of advancing the state of the art - just ask Pons or Fleishman.

May 07, 2007

What is wrong with the paradigm

The inputs from the field are extremely strong today - as though i can feel the energy rising within my loins. Glen Alport gives more thought to the paradigm shift that we face.

'A paradigm is a framework for understanding, constructed from widely-shared assumptions, theories, examples, and beliefs. Paradigms give meaning to diverse sets of data, guiding action in useful ways – or in less-useful ways, depending on the accuracy of the paradigm.'

Science is a very limited paradigm that has shifted focus away from what the nature of science ought to be. Inquiry, curiosity and wonder are features of science that are key to the understanding conceptually, but no longer have a real place in the funding structure of what has developed. The nature of reality is subjected to the force of an artificial science, that looks to exploit items, rather than have intra-convertible forms that allow energy to be extracted from and placed toward other forms of materials that retain a usefulness in their product. A key concept - recycling - is not at all implemented in a form that actually recycles.

Science today is hard, cold and calculating. It is often built from common misconception and is stunted by the economic overlayer that reqires any venture to create 'profit' in only the economic sense. There is no room for mysticism, religion or love - just a cruel desolate galaxy of hot stars warming rocks. Love, intuition and emotion are all denied by the current science status, which has set the arbitrary goal of improving nature. Rather than taking in the forms that nature creates, we must reinvent them, or suppress them with the creation of artificial actors that disrupt a process. Current chemical industry is based on this exploitation of nature, with the Monsanto's of the world working in tandem with the General Electric's and the Halliburton's. This profit-at-any-cost science effort has betrayed the potential developed at the turn of the last century (1900), when the tesla's could not compete with the j.p. morgan's and the heisenberg's were distracted from their interests to feed the world-at-war paradigm that we now share.

Love and Freedom as yin/yang. I don't know. Relationships are based on too many parsings of definitions - english has literally become a towel-of-babel language. If i mean to say what i wish to say, choosing the proper words is very important - but if my well chosen words have different connotations to the persons listening, then naturally i will be mis-understood. Freedom is such a nebulous concept - lack of coercion is just one interpretation. How many people have attempted to define love. Ghandi sort of got it - but the time of his life was such that he did what he could do. The next player on stage that comes from the spiritual direction will need to have a fluency in both science and religion to demonstrate that yin/yang relationship, which has an aura of uncertainty feel about it.

What is our purpose? Who can say? Start with truth for its own sake and move on from there. Time to question all answers rather than answer all questions based on this current collective science thought pattern. If pro-freedom folks do what they do, that has to be good enough to fit with the explanations based on the truth as we connect to our consciousness level. I talk in terms of science, because that is what i know to talk from, but if you have a different field than science, just substitute your chosen area and you can think of parallel examples. Life comes in facets of the same design.

May 06, 2007

Advice, for what its worth

What does it take to get the aha! that changes the manner in which we surf through life. Taking in the routine has always been about doing the things we have been taught to do and making small improvements that give us more time to spend on the things we wish to accomplish in the time we have to do things.

So much time is spent waiting in anticipation of something happening, and yet the future is totally unpredictible in the coarse view. The fine view is that we attune ourselves to take advantage of good fortune when it comes our way, and the bigger picture is developed by a series of factors that allow us to resolve conflicts and accomplish goals.

Some people get so used to playing by the system, that they can't recognize system failure - the time is now to act upon individual needs and symbiotically mold them into a bigger picture that increases the abilities of all the participants in our spheres of influence. Those skill will be important in teaching the means of travel. One cannot teach properly if one has stopped learning. The journey doesn't stop while we wait to see what happened. Hold onto your hat, and carry your towel.

To the Webs

'I understand you've been running from the man who goes by the name of the sandman.' Since the sandman plays an important role in Spidey III - off we go to another fabulous fiction of Hollywood. I tried to stay away from reviews and plot description - but if we don't make it there today, i will not be able to avoid the Monday discussionary.

On a different web note - turn six of Utopia Starweb arrived this morning - last turn our group merchant missed, this turn it was the group's pirate that missed. I really had no time to put in and barely got coordinated with the main Berzerker - and we messed up a world capture too. So i will likely play an average game with an average score and not pull in a door prize. I got too used to anonymous and the self-reliance that it brings. Good practice for life though.

May 05, 2007

Ginger Snaps

Little tweaks grind into flux

As pressure of income

Rather than outcome versus

Doing the ‘proper’ thing

Begets frustration, always

Finding the shuttle back to

Where we run from as escape

Needs not fulfilled at base level

Foster anger, hurt and fear

Which span the range of emotion

Neither allowing tranquil peace

Nor settling of the tandems of

Interrelated thought process

Life requires Dylan-esque calm

Shelter from the storm as geometric

Cards envelope self-actualization

‘You can’t take it personally’

She says as she digs … deeper

Engraining monoculture lies while

Wasting community circles of equity

Equity? Tough concept for a

Me-only world where selfish

Acquisition appears the end game

For why else would one foul

A nest but for fear of whatever

It is that we happen to fear

Shitting bricks, fanning flames

Then running away to hide

From too many gory details

Forces unleashed by attitudes

Of come what may and que sera’

Retire all plans of temporal order

One can never plan for the whimsical

Chaos of scorched Gaia, who wants

Yet cannot nurture, cannot give

Given the present constraints of space

Given the present shackles on time

© 2007 lemme howdt

Games to play

Received a new deck to play with. A set of sixty-four sacred geometry tarot cards. As i get comfortable with the feel, i can read golden mean spirals in fibronacci series. The first cutting of the deck produced a field of eight that began with metatron's cube and ended in infinity. Perhaps that's just a commentary on lemme's poetry.

I also have the opportunity to apply games theory on an experimental basis. If anybody knows any neat five dice games, i would be very interested in exchange. I know the rules to ship-captain-crew.

Roll the dice three times. On the first role, if there is a six, set it aside as your ship. If not roll the second roll. If there is a ship
, look for a five to be captain. If not, roll four dice as the second roll, saving the ship. If there is a ship and a captain, then look for a four to be the crew. If no crew, roll the three remaining dice. If there is a ship, a captain and a crew, then the remaining two dice are the complement of the crew - maximum twelve. Each player gets three roles, order is important. Must have ship first, then captain, then crew - all can be gathered on the same roll in sequence.

Now you know the rules too. Enjoy Cinco de Mayo

May 04, 2007

Bright Times

Another Day in the Sun. Looking forward to being outdoors so much that i'll head howdt as soon as i finish this blog. With tomorrow being Cinco De Mayo - everybody should be looking forward to a joyful weekendfest doing whatever it is we do when we do. My brain is still rocking from starting a new Tzolk'in Cycle. Much is going on and there is much to do, so us busy beavers need to be working rather than blooging. But the sun calls.

May 03, 2007


science eyes in back of head
looking internally at external focus

think hard, let go, think harder
imagine a solution, my chemist friend
which contains the scaffolds of
building blocks comfined to
set combination dictated by
natural law and order

time comes and settles
quakes and rattles,
congregates the group
into pockets of
homogenous entertainment
metals find metals
like dissolves like
people in harmony with
people who look like them
before the industrial revolution
raw materials lived in pockets,
people lived in pockets
where their comfort then was drawn

soon mining dug
our pockets of ore
dispersed a catalytic seed
across the earth
fertility growth enhanced
nature flourished and ripened
all used the bounty to
support and multitude
diversity gained to receive
many wavelengths of our new found
sources of potential energy,
stored over the centuries

rapidly dissipating into
all is one, one is all
use, use, as the cycle flux enhances
catalysts increase the rate
the pocket supplies diminished and dispersed
the people pockets diminsh and disperse
the earth flourishes today
at the cost of many tomorrows
when they buy into
zero sum thought games

so to increase the dispersion
industry goes to task
a newer fresher set of
catalyst stirred into the pot
shaken, waken dispersed
through means to supply
more energy into the field
to sustain unsustainable growth
and the population grows
feeds it's cause, such the earth
turns to service of the growth

the forms of the mass are
different on the back side
of the henderson hassleback curve
old catalysts no longer
catalyze material forms
new means vested to
manipulate the form
heed not the diverse
approaches to nature
fade off is as entropy
dominates enthalpy
the spring requires a new reset

thus will our nature
by our nature
enlighten a new dei
so much random energy
buzzing in the lights
thumping in the day
inputing into brains
some excitation energy
requires burning off mass
activity to maintain shape
and score and timbre and form
but our forms turn to mush
on artificial food,
on artificial light,
on artificial knowledge
provided by the complex illusion
that cohabitates in the resounds
of our brains which wish to
understand that which cannot
make sense cause consistency
embedded by true application
has become subservient
to pursuit of fame and fortune

something has to explode
the collective human psyche?
what's the matter is what's the matter
energy is matter, matter is form,
but evolution takes part of the mix
scrambles the eggs into
new combinations, seemingly
build into only the same parts
until we envision
the form of the grace
is that one is all
form is substance
that which have been
differentiated simultaneous
must be treated as
continuum and no long apart

that when werner and albert refocused
grand unity became a pipe dream again
until now, the revisitation of
our impetuousness directs
serious contemplation of where
in the embedded thought of time
the contradictory argument arose
to co-opt the display of chaos into
a current broken order where
no forest exists in the trees
no trees exist in the forest

so back to the book of linus
to rediscover all he could C.

2006 lemme howdt

Channelling Father Gaia

i am now convinced that evolution is occuring in humans in real time. our gaian system shares this movement - being the change we wish to see is incredibly easier today than when ghandi first coined the phrase. despite the hubris of superiority, warming on other planet, mars and venus demonstrate that climate change is also part of this evolution and not in man's domain to control, though it would be nice if we found a way to conserve our resources and lower our contribution, currently 365 of 190,000.

why must everybody work to live, when it makes us live to work? our current problem exists because our economics is mass produced and forced in order. what if we all stop cooperating and recreate the division of labor within community to locally produce the entire set of material forms set that we need.

This is where my work with Redile and also the R-Cubed Pod come in - teaching and learning are two different skills - all teachers should be learners, but all learners need not be teachers. The key to learning is the desire to learn. Skuls that compel book learning chase youth away from literature, because they see learning as a job and their experience learning without pay as slave labor. Today youth want to walk in and start at the top.

Conceptually invert the societal pyramid, the hierarchy needs to support the system so the flat plain of grass roots has ample fertilization, and the service provided by the infrastructure support is drawn for the curious to discover, rather than the PTB to hide away or use as weapons. The earth is constipated with humans in the intestine plugging the bowels and not allowing accomplishment outside the current forced order. Our extention of life into functionality past age 80s has left the transfer pipelines of power plugged and the mechanism is shutting down. This is why we will have chaos. To get to the next order, we will have to wait : how will become apparent only when there is enough chaos to break out of the existing improper order.

May 02, 2007

lemme talk 2U

This post is from the forum board at scheming mind - click the box on the right to go there and play chess games that are not chess. And to talk metaphysics. For my SM friends - lemme howdt never speaks here - he poetizes and let's dr. lenny do all the yapping. same difference. dl

The mathematics of the golden mean spiral are kind of spooky at first, but degenerate into a field called sacred geometry. As a chemist, i have always been facinated with crystal symmetry and chemical group theory. both apply here.

There is a concept relationship between size and time that fits the heisenberg principle. The challenge is one of scale - and i do not think we have the concept down as well as we may think. If we did, that is the direction where we might find sentient life forms - not in parellel to where we are, but in series. Like the community of gut fungi, bacteria, mosses, lichen and other strange ubiquitous creatures that we see on our scale, but which function at a different enough metabolic rate that we don't find sentience.

Remember the time tunnel episode where Doug and Tony came back and were 10x faster than anyone normally on earth. They had to leave, just as we may have to check out of life on earth - unless this environmental crisis has a physical limit due to the borders of the universe.

Continuing a Sunni Thread

Uh-oh. The political system wants total control. The police agencies are willing to go to any lengths to discredit critics. The PTB control all the money and feel that they should control us becuz of it. The e-gold and liberty dollar controversies concern who controls the money supply - the constitution calls for states to mint coin in only gold or silver. My constitution calls for colloidal gold and silver.

Health is a misunderstood item. Health involves nutrition. Big Pharma buys politicians to control access to our health. Lemmings believe in their little pills for everything, yet there was an age in life not too long ago where the medications were actually effective. The fallout from mass production is quality control - the other half was supposed to be quality assurance. How do you get food assurance when there is uncertainty. You can't, yet the command and control government demands it. This is a paradox - it requires lemmings to knot think.

Pro-freedom literacy and self-sufficient food production are addressible through the redile science camp system. The systems thinking requires that the inputs and outputs of the system are realistic to the demands and stresses built into the location. To have freedom means to take responsibility for actions that are taken by using rights. To play the game means to agree to follow the rules of the game. The current game is currently playing us. Pro-freedom folks should develop better methods to communicate, the last gasps of a dying system are struggling to maintain their control as they watch their influence dwindle. As the game is being played out, more and more of the participants are onto the rigged nature and the blatant dishonest that imagines a fictional world and denies the truth of reality. Slow and steady wins the race.

Now i need to work back down to work stuff without letting this tinder box set off.

May 01, 2007

public entertainment

tunnel vision knot think
soaking horizon of couch
vast bouncing bubba balls
with large round aeroles

brown round form tipped nips
so nothing interfaces
beyond tongue down to toes
gossip bout persons bout gossip
not paris' fault : born blonde

distractions keep folks out
while reel players backdoor bids
bribe the cashier, bribe the dealer
money flows like water falls

aeration of brain in fast times
melt down when faced with tea and eh
like a duck unto water
she is as her pleasure does her

with bombs bursting in air
scattered psychic overload
interpolated, extricated
generally worn down and out
will we give or will we stress

given any reason, be undressed
sapphic joys make pain less
due to pressures overwhelming
tunnel vision knot think

(c) 2007 lemme howdt

Solving Mysteries

You wonder how much of this story is disinformation.

Brain Clouds

Why is it that when i get too many inputs in areas that i am familiar with, that i suddenly experience overload and confusion and start babbling ideas until i literally have to shut down and work my way back up through thought clarity to figure out the initial question was that i started thinking about before i went off on the tangent? Once that light breaks through the cloud - the power is exceptionally illuminating in advancing the composite areas that were previously disrelated, through the input of the equivalent of solar energy on the karma scale. Peace fountains are deoxygenators of a rust consumed society.

Hot reads for Chaos fans

'It is important to understand the difference between control and influence.' Mark Davis goes all over the place, but settles into a demonstration of the global warming effect and truth-saying. Butler Shaffer all has decide that 'Our civilization is experiencing more than a “slow social suicide,” but is more in a state of free-fall.' mostly because truth is whatever somebody tells us it is. Chaos theory suggests that order pressed too hard will collapse into more universal chaos than order that desists orderly.

Life jumps in and out of chaotic turmoil; personal chaos is a process that each of us must undertake to be able to understand how the order developing from the massive chaos works. We get both, order and chaos; the depths can vary quite a bit and have major influence across scales. Twuz a good reading morning.