June 30, 2009

Sense: Love Forming

Was visiting the Treei site to develop a sense of where i am at meta-physically as i work toward changing my approach to life, the universe and everything. I am howdtdoors with the laptop, listening to the birds argue over ripe cherries. A peaceful summer day.

The irrigation water is on, so those thirsty plants in the lower garden will get their fill of a good root soak. The eleven days off, three days on schedule takes some getting used to but the plants seem to be growing well - especially in areas where care and love is spent. There has been much weeding and the planting of the beans, the third sister.

I grow weeds rather well, but other people have their space under their control. This is an experiment to observe how nature does things in contrast to how people do things - i work as an agent of chaos hybridizing what nature and people are doing. The tallest corn is the corn competing with the weeds. Interesting.

Community is the circle of friends that you hang out with - we haven't quite developed the concept of living in one space - everybody needs their own space while dealing with their personal ravages of time. Spend time chasing a dream - everybody has their own different approach. The landscape of life is changing rapidly - we need to be doing what we want to be doing when the specific changes come to pass. Nobody knows exactly what those changes are. All we have is our imagination of how we think it's supposed to be.

I think of myself as a member of the supporting cast in a huge scale movie of Gaia's Life. Time builds empires and then destroys them at every scale imaginable throughout the cosmos. Being able to sit outside and watch the squirrels play - it seems they have no problem with the sense of the term community. I wonder how fungi sense each other in their communities. Dr. Lenny harvested agraricus mushrooms from the lawn the other day and found that the largest one was a portobello. It pays to scatter the remnants of cleaning back into areas that support the colonization of spores. Just a minor role in the larger role play of life.

So sense love forming is Dr. Lenny getting back to ground by being in touch with nature and natural systems. Half the birds suddenly left the cherry feed fest, i clapped my hands thrice and another major pack left. They will return because the cherries are ready and the tree is vastly tall. An enjoyable balance, as we get to feast on cherries too. The trick is to learn how to put up some cherries now, so that we can enjoy them when we can't grow them next winter. Time calls to get on to other things.

June 29, 2009

How to Think Differently

Sometimes the treasures are deeply buried. The quote is a segment of a comment to a blog post by BS01 at James H. Kunstler's site Clusterfuck Nation. Today's story, The Man in the Mirror, has about 50 responses after the first three hours. (Another Michael Jackson piece - congress passed the cap and trade bill with nobody looking in the commotion last Friday)

"Have you been to your bookstore lately and looked around at all the gloom and doom? A mass extinction is a real possibility. The resources of this planet are getting used up and tapped out by a race too greedy and stupid to care. Resources that will take geological time to replenish, if ever. Whatever life comes after the human race will hopefully do a better job, after Mother Nature and Father Time hopefully have restored this planet to its primeval state."

Chemistry being what it is - there is a conservation of matter and energy law that applies here. All of the atoms (99.99%+) that are here now, have been here and will be here. The atoms change their bonding partners and gain or release energy from the system by forming stable molecules that store energy in the chemical bonds. The fact that we are using up reserves established on Gaia long ago has more to do with how we value our resources than anything else.

I have no doubt (node howdt) that our organic chemists have the skill to make any organic molecule that we desire. Petroleum is a feedstock that can be cracked and fractionally distilled to make a myriad of products that service our vanity. If we takes the time to look at the byproducts of natural processes, we find that Gaia uses just about everything she has in one capacity or another. The niche that we fall into is that we use combustion to produce energy that takes complex chemical bonds and simplifies them to an extreme. The key is the relative rate of storage - several million years - compared to the usage - 150 year industrial age. Time to look at our available catalysts to affect the rate constant of the process.

Ah, but there's a rub. The current monetary/education/research systems are rigged. What passes for research at higher educational institutes is at the discretion of the funding agents, not the scientists. Once a proposal is accepted, the focus of doing the science is restricted to the justifications spelled out in writing. You must presuppose conventional scientific wisdom. This doesn't work.

James Lovelock wrote an essay called Small Science in the late 80's that i have in an Anthology called Doing Science: The Reality Club. He suggests that we all individually take an interest in something and figure out how it works. Lots of small tests work a lot faster than large grandiose tests. Figure out how the parameters affect the system. If we take our by-products and reform them into starting materials for producing chemical energy storage, i am certain that we can come up with a cyclic fuel source to replace petroleum in a post peak oil world. Basically an agricultural weeds to fuel program, with analogical applications in other areas.

June 28, 2009

Existence Playtesters Wanted

Now that Dr. Lenny is back on-line - I decided to pursue the role playing game Existence through the free digital universe. If you have some time to spend in virtual community, drop in and look around.

June 27, 2009

An Adventure : The Rock

My friends have convinced me that you need to see the rock that met the old poet's head. There might be some broken bones near the eye orbits and the nasal septum. The forehead gash was also pretty ugly, use your imagination for that photo. The cosmic sailor stayed on-board the poet's boat, to care for the dude and see that business gets done. We have not received a report on what the m.d.'s say. The ER doctor was talking plastic surgery, but the old poet is a patch me up and I'll get along kinda guy.

lemme howdt has a soft spot for poets of all types. The whirled never allowed for poets to make an Existence, have to have another nomme de plume to get you by. Now it takes three incomes to support a family and people feel locked into our lives. We need a different vantage point to the current event horizon.

June 26, 2009

An Adventure : Packing Howdt

Part 4 of the series

The search and rescue came onto the scene about another hour later. Eight volunteers arrived to transfer the old poet to a wheeled stokes board and pack him over the narrow trails. The device acts like a cart, where the patient is strapped down and rolled/lifted to the destination. The steepness of the path made the crew shift the number of people carrying from time to time.

A decision was made to take an extra two mile hike rather than to try to cross the river at the parking area. Both the ambulance and the search & rescue rig were alerted to the move by walkie talkie. The old poet was sedated and the crew slowly made their way to the rigs.

At this point, lemme and the cosmic sailor took off down the road. About an hour into the drive, the ambulance flashed by, so that we were able to meet them at the hospital. The old poet was battered by the experience, a full six hours between the fall and getting to the care. They stabilized his condition, updated the meds and then began the wait for the medical doctors to do their part.

In all, there were 16 people involved professionally in the team that took the old poet off the mountain. The barriers to access caused a long delay by extending the packing time - if there was a way of crossing the river, the total time would have been four hours shorter. The crews that came out did their best, err on the side of caution was the motto as things were done totally by the book.

Wilderness rescue does not happen often enough to justify the costs of having all the necessary supplies on-hand locally. The time delays are part of the cost of doing business. By the time lemme got home at 11:00 pm, the events of the day had him tuckered howdt. The old poet seemed okay in his hospital bed - but that is a tale of a different adventure.

An Adventure: Immediate Aftermath

Part III of a serial

The old poet was bloody, but he was able to be who he is. He laid down on the bench with a tee-shirt compressed on his head as we waited for the first response. The biggest loss what that the old poet did not get to soak in the pool - he sat quietly waiting with what was likely a monster headache. About an hour later a 3-man team from the Diamond Lake Ranger District of the Forest Service arrived with medical gear.

The wrapping of bandages helped stop the bleeding, and the discussion came as to how to move the poet down the hill. A concussion and some upper spine soreness suggested that pack and carry would not work. The three paramedics were next to arrive. A national guard helicopter was considered, but the injuries were not life-threatening. A local search and rescue team with a carrier for bracing and transporting people were on their way to the scene. They added a neck brace and we continued waiting to depart.

An Adventure : The event

This is the second part of the serial. Part 1 is below

So the old poet and lemme howdt hike along the path going slowly over steep terrain. There are many ups and downs - a good walking stick is a useful tool. The river is at the base of this hillside on the right. The cosmic sailor went off to collect water from a waterfall on the other side of the river - he caught up to us about two thirds of the way.

We three elderly gents arrived at a crowded pool - a dad with two kids - a young couple - four women of varied ages. We stop at the crest of the hill, but the old poet doesn't stop. He stumbles forward picks up momentum and crashes headfirst into a rock. I think he was out before he hit, but after five minutes we were able to revive him. At 79, this could have been the old poet's last rites, but his son cosmic sailor revived him and got a coherent soul to respond. A six inch gash on the forehead, lacerations around the right eye and a scraped knee meant that the old poet was not walking out.

The guy in the pool with his kids was a first responder from a nearby area - he didn't have his tools, but he kept his head. The old poet was moved to the bench area while the person with the Verizon cell phone got a signal and dialed 911. Other nearby first responders were alerted and an ambulance took off from Roseburg - 45 minute drive and 20 minute hike away.

There is a path just across the river that would have been a 10 minute hike out, but the North Umpqua was flowing strong enough that it was dangerous to cross on foot. Carrying the poet across was an option, but we decided to allow the 'professionals' to deal with the matter of getting the old poet downhill - we made him comfortable. Being elderly, he was on coumarin, a blood thinner, so the clotting took some time. Tee-shirts and towels were placed in strategic places and time took her course.

An Adventure : Setting the Scene

This is the main pool at the Toketee Hot Springs on the North Umpqua River in Southern Oregon. On Wednesday, lemme howdt was there to share an adventure about the good-hearted people of Gaia and how we have to cope with an howdt of touch system that makes somewhat simple tasks difficult at best.

Toketee Hot Springs is in a remote area that required a four hour drive - lemme was riding with cosmic sailor and we picked up the old poet about two bours down the road. The old poet has been going to Toketee for 40 years, lemme and cosmic sailor for 20 years. The walk in is a steep grade three quarters of a mile - crossing the river on a series of planks nailed to a downed tree. There used to be a real nice bridge for public access, but the US Forest Circus decided not to replace it when it got taken out violently in a winter storm. The area has had two major forest fires this century (2002 Apple Fire and 2008). There is a major hydropower project that runs through the area, creating a series of lakes and waterfalls.

The hot springs are a real treat - a very sacred site where powerful energies come into play. Besides the hot springs, the Toketee area feature the blue pool - an ice cold small pool that has been carver by running water into rock. Dr. Lenny thinks that there is a buried pyramid in the area (shh) - it is optimal camping grounds for peace loving individuals. The walk in is worth the walk to sit in the pools and soak out the toxins of urban life.

Chemtrails Revisited

Holy smokes. Barium, Aluminum and Thorium. These are chemical elements that should not be widely distributed in our air streams. Dr. R. Michael Castle makes some serious claims that require people to verify the information presented. However, what he says in this article is consistent with the information that i have read on the topic. Dr. Lenny is most concerned about the micorrhizal toxicity - that these metal ions are interfering with the ability of fungi to serve as a transportation vector for nutrient metal ions. Scary stuff.

How can we stop this? By respecting natural systems and looking howdtside the box of current profit-chasing corporate industry. Let's start by looking closely at what we teach people through our current media. The media is the solvent of life : time to change gears. The time has come to introduce existence as a concept that needs to be active rather than passive. More on this later.

June 25, 2009

Time Play

Time is a participant in space, operating as a control vector based on scale. While generally assumed to be linear, it seems exponential or logarithmic when viewed from a different vantage point than the immediate now. Time progresses faster as we approach the inside of the golden mean spiral that represents current flowing on the path that our current civilization follows. The replacement of the old paradigm is not smooth; it follows a fractal flow that requires change to occur in short spurts of progress, followed by slipping back into the accepted norm (which can no longer hold the center).

A lot has happened in a very short time span. I need to take some time to figure out what nature seems to be saying. I hope it is not saying Ouch - though that seems to be the drift that i am receiving lately.

June 19, 2009

Water we waiting for - post from Dec 2006

The substance that is all over the place is all over the place. Water is not terribly complex chemically, so we tend to overlook the real utility of the substance. Water is the anomaly that makes things tick - because it can use itself to create different forms, like snowflakes - and because it can hitch a ride on many other items. Water molecules gather in packets small and large - but if you think that the world might be overpopulated with people, calculate how many individual water molecules there must be in the world.

Eitch two oh. Really, the medium, the carrier and the substance, all in one. Carbon provides the framework for life, but the integration with water is the mojo rising. Small quantity trace elements reside in water - it might be interesting to walk thru a dilution visually. Water maintains a temperature dependent equilibrium - movement of exchange occurs continually, but with reversibility - as one attaches, another one lets go. Rate - how fast it happens - is the bothersome feature - because we just assume time in constant forward units.

One of the fallacies that has me thinking is the difference between molecular properties and bulk properties. Emergent properties are things that arise out of a bulk material that just don't exist on a smaller level - one water molecule is not wet, one hundred water molecules are not wet, nor a million. But at some point the water becomes wet, so wetness is an emerging property. The sum seems greater than the parts by the additional value of the emergent property, unless there is a counterbalancing force that reenforces the conservation of matter and energy - the first law.
In the vast continuum of fractal life, perhaps there is another force to be identified - the one that enables water to produce electrical continuuity that enables thought in a carbon structure lattice.

June 18, 2009

Uh - Oh

I made the drastic mistake of clicking the yes link to upgrading the look and feel of The Zone. It has knocked the poet sox off of me. However, I think i will be able to get used to it. I plan some other modification besides the new counting widget.

But first - a short poem

Get the ducks in a row
Thyme to move forward
Rapidly shifting course
Developing functional models

Live Water

While we are on the water topic, I plan to virtually attend the LiveH2O concert this weekend. This is a worldwide mega-concert at thirty venues around the globe. I know Scott Huckaby and he puts on an excellent show - appearing live from Paisley Oregon. That's somewhere near here. Go drink a glass of water, your body will appreciate you. Dr. Lenny will be viewing the band Hotqua live at the Wild Rose Vineyard in Dillard Oregon. The Wild Rose features a pinot gris port that is to die for. Sweet water.

Water Physics and Metaphysics

Water alignment changes form - as reflected by the bond angle between the two hydrogen atoms attached to the central oxygen atom. The bond distances change continually depending on the vibrational mode - the orientation is not symmetric, though we might pretend it to be. Water molecules remain bound into position to provide connectivity between the folds of proteins. I wonder what is the rate of exchange between free and bound water particles. Does the water replaced move on to become yet another replacement or does it remain in the flow of the bloodstream?

Ions affect water - both in the hydration sphere and in the activation energy. The charge and the spacial arrangement are portals into the depth of what is real, on another scale of space and time. How does time relate to water? There seems to be a backdrop of universal connectivity associated with water flow, a positive vibratory emission. The world is in constant flux, a balance of repulsion and attraction. We share our water just as we share our air, only on a much slower time frame. All is one, love is the currency, water is the carrier and it all comes out in the wash.

June 16, 2009

Dizzy Thinking

I have been having some problems with a recent equilibrium shift. Sometimes when i stand vertical, I feel that my plane is skewed off center. This causes me to be a little bit dizzy, so i prefer not to drive a vehicle or operate machinery. It does not effect my ability to think, therefore i have been exploring some new directions of application.

My focus has been on the science of natural resources. In doing science, we like to hold as many of the variable constant as we can, such that we can observe the interactions between the forces that we wish to see. The problem with this is that by holding a variable constant, we affect the dynamics of the system in an unusual manner - variables are never constant in nature.

By spending time out with nature, we can observe a myriad of ways that nature addresses different challenges. The garden grows differently when there is major weed competition as opposed to when time is spent to control the overgrowth. The amount of water is not constant - flood irrigation makes it very wet then when the water is off, very dry. We can look at places where things grow and see that there are many differences between the outcomes. Good record keeping is essential.

This philosophy is addressed separately in an essay by Butler Shaffer - the cows are producing too much methane and need to be controlled by the people pushers. A highly interesting concept indeed. The environmentalists do not own the science; they cannot pick and choose the facts that they wish to observe. The time has come to recheck our facts and our approach to control

June 13, 2009

Skill Share : Local Driven Education

Just got back from skill-share at the Belleview Grange. I attended Barnyard's presentation on compost, while Nina held a program on quilting. I took photos of both event - hopefully they will be good enough to post here.

The skill share is a basic unit of community sustainability - each person that has hands on skills should find a way of developing apprentices to carry on the tasks after we are no longer viable at doing it ourselves. Having been a composter for many years and serving on the board of the Compost Council of Oregon, i can say that this was a reasonable beginning of a long process - to convert education away from state control back into the hands of the local populace. In this form, we build our own communities in the image that we, the people, desire them. For more on this topic, try this

June 11, 2009

Cottage Industry - Build Tools

Okay - we can see the bulldozer coming at us, wiping away half of all that has been created in the past century. Let's guess that oil prices will get back over the four dollar mark like last summer, before the election. What happens when the trucks stop shipping and each location is left to fend for itself. How well will your community do?

The regions that will do best are the ones that can make products for trade. As manufacturing has left the country, people will need to develop the skills to feed and clothe themselves from virtual scratch. The skills necessary to operate equipment are not available through the current education system, but will be necessary in the short term future. Time will come to pull out the designs of old equipment from 150-200 years ago and start recreating self-sufficiency from the bottom up. Lawns to gardens, cob and adobe housing, flow-form wetland fountains, water catchments, food storage - it takes only moments for you to think of other low-tech, widely necessary village tools and skills.

My friend Catie is right on top of this idea. Her proposal for a sustainable support services center combines the underutilized talents of eight community members at a single location for exchanging information, building and recycling goods and providing technical services. Access to tools will require that we build the tools ourselves - a true apprentice program that is an exchange of time for training is one of the keys to viability. (We could use angels and investors)

However, the politicos don't seem to be getting the message - Obama stimulus funds are directed to fixing highways, not lifestyles. If you have some ideas, share them with your neighbors and see if you can get people together in your own location. Develop an idea of the local talents that people might be willing to share and establish a place to be able to develop the methods of making the items we need to get by. The Walmarts will disappear fast once they no longer can get goods to sell. Be ready to establish trade route with neighbors in a theatre near you by being able to build something people need. A venue will arrive shortly to widely distribute available knowledge - start collecting yout thoughts, blueprints and mechanisms.

June 10, 2009

Six County Community Action

Attended a meeting yesterday of Oregon Solutions Southern Oregon Renewable Energy Project. There were 22 people at the library in Roseburg discussing options available for a regional coordinated strategy. Solar, Ocean and Wind Power are all potential alternatives.

One of the biggest focus areas is biomass utility. There is a lot of fuel load on the forests in the region. The federal government controls about half the space and has a bio-fuel phobia. The depth of the problem is immense - we have seen several large forest fires this past decade that demonstrates the need for a different management style. Balancing the environmental concerns with the economics is quite a task - but at least there is movement in exploring several options.

The committee is fairly high-powered with county commissioners and industry well represented. As a freelance scientist, I feel honored to be included. There is a need for better education about what can be done - but too many vested interests that can get in the way. Pacific Power presented their western energy strategy - our current regional power comes mostly from burning coal in Montana. Not quite a local system. My personal preference would be to develop a local grid off the national grid.

June 07, 2009

Way to go - Big Grin

Happy personal day for me - in an hour i will be attending my son's high school graduation. I am a proud papa - this is a good excuse to visit with family. My parents flew in from back east and some of our good friends will also be in attendance. Everybody deserves a totally happy day on occasion - this is one of those days for our family. Feels good to have this event take place.

June 06, 2009

Building Community

As we get closer to the point where we fend for ourselves, learning green building techniques comes to the forefront of the radar screen. Locally, we are getting ready to work with papercrete. The machine for preparing the slurry is on hand, but it requires somebody to work on the motor. This is a soft process that produces a product that resembles dry-wall. A different process that I've seen produces bricks that are much harder and weather resistant.

Some friends of mine are looking at building a cob house. Cob is a mixture of straw, clay and sand that sets up much like adobe. Combine this with rocket stoves and water catchments and we may have the ability to set up low-cost housing units that are functional for new community building. I know as a kid that i enjoyed playing in the mud ... is this much different?

June 05, 2009

Science III

To account for
All materials
Transformation of
Organic form
By enzymatic

Natural systems
Use what is
Work better
With optimum
Just enough
Not too much
Demonized by
Polo ponies
Remains a
Mineral for

June 04, 2009

New School of Thought

I am at one of those stages where transcendence seems possible. It has become clearer in its imagery - a new form of putting together the pieces is necessary to demonstrating another pathway. This stems from Einstein's theory that you can not solve a problem in the same mode of thought as the problem was generated. The group of people that i am working with has the potential of explaining the unified field.

The current conceptual model is skewed as life forms have to adapt to continuous change, yet our science insists on holding the variables constant, for the purpose of modeling. Life force ebbs and flows - continually transforming energy and matter from one form to another, creating power and influence within a specific harmonal sphere through reciprocal relationships.

Gaia is in trouble partly because of the neglect of the physical biosphere in the mode of thought used during the last century. The other part is buried in the physics of solar flares and sunspots that has heat varying as it reaches earth. Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant - but it is an indicator of pollution because we can map out the physical ratios between atmospheric pollutants using our computers. Gaia needs humanity, but humanity cannot exist without a fully functional chemical eco-sphere.

The duality concept provides for balance between yin and yang. Life is a singularity that plays itself out on the grid of 64. The I-Ching, the chess board, Vaastu, Treei, are examples that demonstrate the complexity of diversity presented conceptually. I am working on a project called Gaia Villages. I am looking to build a team that can think through a new paradigm to boldly go where no man has gone before. (Thanks Gene)

This school of thought - as yet unnamed, but we shall have a contest soon - has a philosophy that as molecules migrate, so do people. As above, so below. We reflect what we are in the emotion of vibrations sent at different frequencies; molecules reflect in the emissions of vibrations cause by electrons jumping between orbitals of similar energies. Let us take the images of nature, looking through the eyes of our children prior to the baggage of modern lifestyle as an everyday consumer. We seek to minimize the impacts of the human footprint on Gaia by looking at flow streams of spirit, matter and energy.

To volunteer thinking time - just respond to this post. Or any other post that you think has general positive or negative impact. We have to check our premises and reestablish the validity of all accepted data. Current sustainability theory and environmentalism both miss the point - we need to build physical models to test theories and establish the relative value of quality, quantity and relative cost. This area has been the domain of beancounters and bureaucrats with little thought toward social or environmental implications as significant to the bottom line. The three legged stool has two very short legs and one elongated monstrocity. Time to redefine reality by checking our facts and verifying our assumptions.

More on this topic later. For now, I am thinking aloud howdtside the box. The first major topic to swim in will be water. Enjoy.

Dr. Lenny Thyme

Science II

How nature
Compared to
Ideas sprout
From genesis
Chaotic pathways
Developed as
Outlets for
Blowing off steam

To single channel
(Control feature)
Science investigates
Compares methods
Evaluates data
Real productivity
Use entire flux
Mass balance
To engage
In bio-cyclic
Assembly and

June 03, 2009

Science I

Alteration –
The way
Is done by
Working on
Small scale,
Not big scale
Rural skills
Have critical

Need be met
To learn to
Grow food
Start building
Seed stock
Look at methods
For ground
Flow of nutrients
From soils
To plants
Through fungi
Of inoculations
Of natural

June 02, 2009

Singularity University

Enjoying myself while catching up with information technology. Listened to a pair of TED talks on the status of education. Ray Kurzwell has a good 9 minute talk on the advances of civilized society, while Liz Coleman opines on the direction that liberal arts institutions should choose to morph in focus - creating more knowledgeable generalists rather than multitudes of specialists.

Dr. Lenny believes that we need to be more open about our education system. We are currently indocrinating people into beliefs based on creative stretches of imagination. It would be highly useful to start rechecking all of our assumptions and verifying the data that we rely on. The understanding of a singularity arising from the current duality is a paradigm shift that most people are not ready to accept.

For anyone wishing to delve deeper into the topic, feel free to find Dr. Lenny Thyme's ONRRI classroom at www.yourclassroom.com . My current plan is to cover natural resources issues this summer while building a fall chemistry curricula that can be followed by students and teachers at any level. The basics of chemistry appear to be true, but some of the details seem to be contra to the explanations given. Chemistry action is based in geometry, at least at the physical level. I hope to explore the meta-physical level as well, which is likely based in sacred geometry as well as Euclidian geometry.

Significant Advantage

Return to instant internet access. It has been a while since i had a signal in a place where i live. This will allow more contact with an entire area of interactive thought. However - I am not sure that blogger is the ultimate answer. There are many social networks that serve the same function - getting the word howdt - that have a lot more stimulus/response interaction. I did enjoy several you-tube videos this morning - and i can attach back to some things that require networkability. I hope to grok this forum a lot more in the near term future.