April 29, 2008

Time to Change Gears

Outflow excedes income, so savings evaporate in order to keep this economic system going. As more individuals break step and standards of living fade, the social safety net develops holes that are beyond repair. Depression is real in several senses of the term - and regulations stifle our ability to deal with it. Between taxes and inflation, there is no there there. Black markets thrive as danger lurks. While doers keep on doing, the logistics required to get materials in hand are becoming impossible.

The time has come to change gears. There is no joy in Mudville, because everybody feels the tension and stress of trying to keep growing more, when we have depleted the resources beyond our ability to sustain that growth. Doing more with less is a foreign concept, but one that needs to be taken to heart to accomplish the major task - survival. If we treat things like a video game, then maybe the next generation will comprehend - the joystick seems to be the only motivations of today's youth. Music can carry a message, but dispersing the tunes intergenerationally may be a tough task. A new mindset is required - time to think howdtside da baax.

Science has become a religion that manipulates reality into smaller bites of comprehension - but the inserts never quite fit together to explain the big picture. The models that predict are not realistic when it comes to duplicating reality. It seems the basic assumption of space/time is howdt of whack. The real question should be can we reduce the human footprint to allow the earth metabolism to build redundant methods of accomplishing the production of sustanence - clean water, fresh soil, nutrients, etc. Perhaps we can become stewards of the earth, but it requires a desire on our part to do so. Grasping the concept of sovereignty and taking care of what you can do, on your own, is the first step toward reaching the goal of keeping a mutually supportive ecosystem for humans on earth.

The current postings will attempt to provide some mechanisms for how we can get things done - by working with what we currently have and building with an eye toward the future. Universal Sovereigns of a Living Earth is a multi-dimentional conception - believe what you will, but do what you can. Rely on yourself first, with a major intent of stopping the self-sabotage that we bring with the current mindset of growth conquers all.

Be well and at peace with yourself and your compatriots.

April 28, 2008

future community

The keys are to build through intention and preparation. The mechanisms for providing clean air and clean water are in our own hands. Change in behavior is difficult, but necessary to produce items of ultimate value. We as people must rely on ourselves, rather than the values of the corporate kleptocracy - our toys should be derived from nature rather than created from technocracy. Built in obsolescence is not a path to harmonic sustainability.

Economy needs to be based on the manufacture of food and fiber, directed at meeting the needs of the local population. Transportation should be simple - most people will not be able to get very far away from home. Intercommunity exchange of people will accompany the trade of material goods - education on a hands-on basis will be the means of transfer of knowledge. Simple joys and common entertainment may lead to building a common intelligence - but land stewardship will be the priority. Service oriented focus on remediation of disturbed earth, using mycelium, phytomining and other intrinsically soft footprints will provide a healthier place than initially found.

Personal integrity will be the driver of what can be done. Mutual cooperation requires sharing leadership roles and playing each role with dignity and respect. As time progresses from today into tomorrow, there can be a turning of the page of reality from what we have to what we want. My current goal is to be of service as a catalyst for change - hopefully i can blog mechanisms of how to get there from here.

we know too much that is not true
no longer discern truth when we hear it
in order to create our path every day
we must turn to the science of spirit


now is the time of action
perform the tasks for today
that when tomorrow arrives
yesterday no longer dominates
thoughts combine with preparation
planting seeds and sharing bread
commitment across divided lines
universal sovereignty reigns

(c) 2008 lemme howdt

April 26, 2008

reality check

looking at life, what time we create
in application to our interests
sometimes struggling to land the flow
swirling miasma spirals throughout
cutting against the grain to find seed
ready to plant to create paradise
get your head set into proper mind frame
get your body set into a healthy collective
earth charges coming to recalibrate
nobody knows the depth of recreation
setting the plate to alter awareness
ostriches prefer to ignore signs, head in sand
followers become leaders become bodies
Gaia will be active no matter what the cost
breathing while constructing mechanism of breadth
dreaming while constructing mechanism of depth
countryside yearns for filtration - clean water and air
diverse mixtures carrying the waste of human excess
choking the lifeblood out of natural process
by providing dead end routes to nowhere in particular
thus the current machine reaches its final destination
the bang overcome by a whimper - no notice given
like a hyperspace byway constructed through the galaxy
life will find itself looking at completely new circumstances
who is this life? what is its purpose?
stewardship of planetary substance appears the route
mitigating the causes of particle exchange
trying to catalyze the rate of flux to a lower steady state
grounding out the excess energy
relieving tension and stress

by eliminating the population
driving process at slower speed

separating time from space into unity - they are all the same
the way we look at life must change
life will not look back for us

once the process is running to generate the future
people become a convenience
potential path of ready change

we did not work the natural exchange
to enable the earth to breathe

change of pace will diminish human influence
as Gaia restores her breadth and depth
prepares to get on with life

(c) 2008 lemme howdt

Travel thoughts

Got the chance to drive my rig a few hundred miles this weekend. The costs of gas and food is beyond absurd. I learned to deal with a flat tire, then made the contacts necessary to get business done. It seems that my energy is way down from where it used to be - driving gets me very tired. Of course, changing the flat helped increase the work load, now i will have to locate a replacement spare. As rosanne rosannadanna said - it's always something.

When you read this, take the time to think about something. Life has been dealing the cards fast and furious lately, sometimes we forget about all the good things that happen. It was very good to catch up with old friends and family - taking the time off to get howdt of town is something we often put off until it becomes too late. Hug your kids and smile. Be good to you, so that others can too.

More thoughts about intentional community - it takes time to get people on the same page. Perhaps we need a game of survival at an internet site to get people prepared for the coming storm. If each person starts a garden and sets aside 10% for seed stock, then we might have a chance beyond this year. As it looks now, smoke and mirrors are the major phenomena - and the money is not keeping its value. Find people that you can share with, because that's the only way were gonna make it - in groups of 10-20 conscious folks pulling in the same direction. Food and fiber, housing and water. Clear clean water!!

April 17, 2008

I'm still here

Wow - it has been awhile. I just got net access - we shall see if we can post with some frequency. Life has been hard - bet it's gonna get harder. If there is anyone out there working on building intentional community - i'd like to know. It seems like a fiber based economy - flax and hemp - might be the only solution to maintain local rural economy. Grow your own food and clothing. It also may be necessary to grow your own housing unit. I have been working with several folks - will try to put some more ideas out.

Also - started reading the anastasia books - the ringing cedars series. Seems fantastic, but it addresses the same issues as i have been looking at. The economy has not treated me well and so i feel like i am at the cutting edge of the system collapse. Looking for work, but not sure that i have the proper skill set. Better get back to life - if you are not paying attention, somebody is taking advantage of you. The system will eat everyone eventually - so try to stay well.