December 28, 2014

from Shaman Bridgette

The 3rd annual Global alter is up!

This years alter is a bit simple but I have been traveling so much this last year with my healing work, shamanism work. The most important part is always intention and prayer setting, it is everything. Last year people from 12 countries sent me intentions and maybe close to 300 intents came in and were put on the alter.

This year the symbol is in honor of Marshall Jack and his work. It is for water.

The numbers activated again for the 3rd year are 3 and 7.
spirit picked these numbers............

I put up the alter for everyone to send intentions by email or comment on fb or fb message to me and I will place on the alter for you.

I give about 3 days. From right now until December 30th by midnight to get your intent in.

From January 1 to the 7th I will clean, smudge, bless and activate the alter for the best possible outcomes.

Please limit your intentions to one or two words. 
You may share this with anyone who may want to add an intention about the New Year, Their New Year. You may add for someone you know who May need healing but may not be open to it. When submitting your word and submitting someone else;s let me know who is who, please use a first name. No need to go into the story, will will let spirit manage it for us. I know some of us had people pass on this year you may add an intent in behalf of them as well.  Dr. Emoto the king of water left us this year so let's be mindful and grateful to him and his work. He has lead many of us into a new system of consciousness with his work with water.

The Earth and her life blood(water) needs us to heal ourselves, when I heal my cancer the Earth Mother Heals her cancer. She is our Mother so of course our sickness would also be hers. Depression, hate, anger, fear, cancer, MS and the like. Heal yourself. May you find what you need this next year to do so and for those who have may you find your heart beat and listen!

I am intending the first intention of what i want from 2014 for myself and everyone else!

I will send out photos of all the intentions, will send out a final word about the closing of the alter and burning of the intentions.

Peace and Love to all, grow food and Earth, Water matters!

December 25, 2014

Spinninng Thyme

Fuzzy logic allows leaps of intuition where no science can ever go. As the links are broken, the collective sum of the parts is disintegrating to either magnetic or cosmic - the timelines simultaneously occupying simulspace are leaving each other's perspective. Bid a hasty adieu, we shall see what tomorrow brings only from the perspective of Now - thanks, Eck.

Your basis set is whatever you make it - the holographic delusion has precipitated and the game will change faster now that the spiral has been defined by the golden mean ratio. My sense of wonderment grows as the possibilities expand - growth is an organic function of inorganic elements. To dig deeper, one must unschool the mind and get off the train of thought. Blank yourself, return to ground zero and ask if what you know and what you believe are concurrent. You are your water - enjoy the egg nog of the day.

namaste'... lemme

December 23, 2014

How Quantum 'One' Works

Suddenly, there is resistance to everything. The personal energy reserve dipped and the forces ebbed in conjunction with the new moon and the solstice. Everything went wonky and my sources of being left me without a cat in a different place than where i expected to be. People who i reach out to have other things going on during this artificial holiday season - it just does not excite me as it did in the near past. No real reason to be festive with the lame stream delusion peaking.

Taking stock, i have a feel for what it is that i wish to manifest. Peace will come as a function of separation of timelines - the node of interaction has passed the point of splitting. In a Fibonacci sense, the time it takes to create something from nothing is the amount of time that it takes to go from zero to one. From one, the next stop is one. By the time you are done with one again, you might be ready for a change. If you go back to zero - then you start all over again - that is not this path. 

Let's name the one and the one to keep track of them both. The first one will be named Me. I AM. Me is you. You have a choice to be who you are and the whirled can give you two distinct paths - which we shall call Charmed and Strange. Kinda quarky, i know. Specifically, the quantum field of one can be either charmed or strange, but not both at the same time. When you move away from the first one, the Me and move to the second one, the We, nothing really changes other than perspective. We is all inclusive of sentient life force. The scale is all that here is or ever was and we each have our role in the all.

So there are two ones, we and me; each of us is part of both of them simultaneously. The one that we start with does not matter - the we and me serve as limits to the scale of the experience. The human condition is gone - all beings of every sort that have respiration ability and can interact with water are sentient considerations. We incorporate more being each time we share love - however we can also poison the pot with inverse love - which comes from control imagery. If you love something, let it go, and it will return your love to you if it was meant to be. 

Expansion occurs in incremental steps, called quanta. Each quanta is an all or nothing packet of energy. If you take a photon of light, you can create an image of a single quanta of energy at a specific wavelength value that sets a trigger for a cascade of energy to be released at the tipping point of the transition state - where the equilibrium shifts from what was to what will be. That has happened for some of us, at different times. We all had to get comfortable with both our ones, as we did not want to be sucked backwards by LSD - Lame Stream Delusion.

Counting becomes a different experience when you know that the golden mean ratio governs a limit that cannot be exceeded. The alternation of flux (direction) as the numbers converge makes it very open at low counts - more specified at higher counts. One group that I AM is almost at 34 - the sequence goes 0   1   1   2   3   5   8   13   21   34 . That would be a tenth level quanta - inclusive of all the previous nine levels. When counting, your choice is Up or Down, but also lateral at one - such that when two goes to one - it may be either the charmed one or the strange one and then you remain at one as the ping-pong game goes on indefinitely.

Rate is also a factor. Just because things happen fast, does not mean that they happen without thinking about what happened. The art of using the mind to discern true from not so true is a unique ability to have - if we use it. The brain is conditioned to think, the heart is conditioned to love. Logic and Love intermix to allow imagination to roam through possibility - when you believe in the big lie, you presuppose control of your illusion to somebody else.  You lose your ability to appreciate the one and the one, because now you are not the origin of your one. In Fibonacci life - you are one, i am one, we are one - no getting to two until we master how to be all the ones.

Namaste' ... lemme

December 22, 2014

Rainbow Clouds and New Realities

Slow - reset for another configuration. Y'know, like those funny contraptions that the ophthalmologist uses to tune in on your eyesight- where she flip the glass and everything smudges, then comes into focus. We see the dense fog and our internal fog resonates. When we feel 'under the weather', we should return to a state of love, rather than lashing out at the whirled, where our loved ones are close. The weather is not what it seems, as the patterns have been changed.

Let's talk about rainbow clouds. The chemistry involves the reflection of light by water particles, causing a shift in the visible spectrum of light. The appearance of such clouds to me is a sign of divinity - the trip two weeks ago revealed four spectacular rainbow clouds when the sun came out from behind the mountain - a function of two incident angles and a prism generator - a phenomenon that bends space such that each set of waves travels a different distance. Motion - riding a bus - was not a component of the event - yet it gave me a surrealistic sense of feeling well; my angels were traveling with me. 

Now today, somebody claims that geo-engineering is behind the rainbow and they are signs of particulate in the air. Nonsense. Peeps just like to poop on other peeps because it is a 3d way of doing things - i disagree. I love rainbows and always show them proper respect. Chemistry requires a spectrometer to detect light - eyes can do the same thing in a limited range. We are much better detectors than anything science can build - we just have to change the weigh we fell when we sense things. I feel love - rainbows. sunshine and lollypops notwithstanding.

above picture is from Libra, in Norway, today

Behavior is a characteristic of being. How you interact with others is a reflection of your upbringing - nurture - and the weigh you sense the physical presence of being - nature. To discern truth, we take what we sense and filter it back through what we have learned, through experience at the school of hard knocks as well as book learning the wisdom of others. To think for oneself is a simple joy, that requires questioning the old as well as the new. I can only act upon the information that i believe to be true: true for me does not have to coincide with true for you. However, once you know something to be untrue, nothing you can do can ever make it true again. Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny really do exist, but only when the magic of belief is added to the scenario.

Love is difficult, because it takes setting our internal beliefs to allow for magick to happen. We have been taught by science to disregard magick - that everything has an explanation and a mechanistic process that can be studied and learned. And then we fall in love. But love is nothing like what we ever have been taught in school - yet we know love inherently and how to engage in love. If you are down and lonely, a love interest immediately changes your spin state. If you can take on love as a frame of reference, then you see a whole different world than the current whirled of cash and mistrust. That whirled is gone - the new weigh awaits. We just have to finsd the love frequency to resonate with. The rainbow reminds you of the choices - all the different frequencies that you can obtain.

If you wish to unlearn what you know, you have to have something to grasp that you know you know. Babies and animals sense love as a weigh and skoolz of fools seem to teach logic as an opposite. The golden rule is a great place to begin with what you do know, do unto others as you would do unto you. The golden mean is nature's limit of expression - seems nature has adopted it's own golden rule and nurture has learned it out of us. Get back to where we once belonged Jojo - think for yourself and find an anchor of belief that you can base your thoughts upon. Then take your new perspective and build your world back up, knowing that you as one person have an insight on how you wish to be - just be you. No hate, no wars, no fear - just a realization that beginning now, you do have a structural integrity that allows you to believe in yourself - all the time, no matter who says what.

All because rainbows are angels - don't ever allow anyone to convince you otherwise.

Namaste' ... lemme

December 21, 2014

Always a kitten to me.

Cats really have it together, much more than they lead us to think. They have sharp frequency ranges where they notice everything and major gaps where there is no attunement whatsoever. If a cat deems to notice you, the attention span depends upon the input to the particular kitty involved. Cats feel through their claws - ownership comes with blood and purrs. In fact, purr therapy is a great joy, because the vibration can bring a hueman back to ground state.

Cats walk in a fractal reality different from humans, yet with significant overlap. The exchange of hunting for processed cat food did not work in the cats favor - but they put up with us because ... because ... well, because we feed them. And keep them entertained. I wonder sometimes, if cats are not unique like humans; or if the same cat has materialized in several dozen (million?) different households. It sure seems like the same cats are at every place that i am. They change names, don't know how they travel, except mebbe by teleportation, or time-line splitting.

Perhaps the cats serve as trackers for the many worlds theory. If the cat changes subtly but really only in physical appearance, then you have switched timelines to one where you made a different decision. Everett's concept has been expanded by Stephenson - we no longer have to question the what if's - just assume and run with it.

Assume - not allowed in modern society.  If you assume , you make an ass out of you and me. Primary control tactic for culling out thought - only do exactly what they tell you and you don't have to think.  Otherwise, they beat you.  Mentally, physically, emotionally, resistance is futile. Just watch the box. They hate it so much when we ignore them and their silly rules. Remember, we are they to others.

The puter is not quite like the box; notice cats don't watch the puter either. They do watch the mice, in the dark. Different types of cats have different outlooks on life. The choice of cat that a person makes is totally dependent upon the cat - they will not even give you a moment's thought unless you make that direct connect on the cat's wavelength. But given the choice, what type of cat would you be?

Cats have no hierarchy, because they really don't consider other cats, unless we as humans enforce that they do. Their concept of family is the human that feeds them and then anything forced upon them, preferably entertaining. Cats have been known to stare for hours at one place, to groom self incessantly and/or suddenly lose interest and need to get away quick. The cat will fake bite - the further you allow without squirming, the more comfort the cat gets. Each cat has its own depth, and breadth, and width - but cats do not play in our dimension. Big cats are similar to small cats, only they have greater will, and can not be trusted, as human is another form of prey. They need turf - the new shift will grant that ... not quite sure how. Great Cats World Park in Cave Junction OR is the place to go - cats get more run, but that isn't the answer, it's just better than most.

To a cat, nature just is. Cats count in fibonacci ratios. Cats have a second sense for change - if something shifts, the cat will be first to notice. Schroedinger has a cat in a box that demonstrated the concept of indeterminacy - cats are perfectly content in small boxes. I really need a pet cat, but life on the road doesn't allow the privilege, so i whisper to other peoples cats. I cannot divulge all the secrets, but if you learn to speak cat, your cat will learn to speak catlinglesh - where meows in tones are spoken words. Alone is one of their favorite chants in meow form.

The Zen of Cat is all about love. The purr of a happy camper cat resonates throughout every cell in two bodies during a heavy petting session. Observed behavior is best when the cat has no idea that you are observing; they let their guard down and play, like children. A small soft squishy ball with a bit of catnip and perhaps some feathers, stapled or tied on with string, and your kitty is dancing with angels - just watch. There is also that sense of just knowing when a human is down and needs a purr - exactly when they find the tone. Harmonically - the kitties have a second sense, a collection of distance attachments that allow communication amongst the feline species and specifically, their own kitty type. 

I have so much love for the different cats that have graced my life - for both long eternities and brief encounters. The fog grey London was a barn cat extraordinaire that outlived a dozen companions. Yage' is the sage cat that let me really get close and learn the language - when she found that i shared a level of love for her attached human. We still talk via the airwaves. Goof (Vester again) is most recently left behind - her Zen is illustrated above - classic clown with a heart of glass. She will take good care of da mann, should he not piss her off too badly. They chose each other, i just played catalyst with walking the weigh.

Meow! Sometimes, just purr. Listen, cats know english and have a sense of human as animal that humans have lost. Take their perspective of us and ask yourself - how does that spark work - why does it work with cats and not other people? Hmm. It does work with other people - be a cat and learn how to trust love to bring you what you need for comfort. Trust yourself, take care of you and be there for your favorite kitties - cause after you feed them, they still really like you.

Namaste' ... lemme

December 18, 2014

On Love

Love is the glue that holds things together - be they people, atoms or water molecules. As the shift comes about - we find that love energy is able to will things to happen, by intention. The act of beginning from a base of unconditional love, allows the freedom to make harsh decisions. You can love without attraction or distraction - as a sense of being comfortable with natural consciousness. I love you because you are reading this, because you are unique and you get to be you, while i can be me.

Love is what it is. A parent's love for their offspring is different than the parents love for each other. Erotic love and tantric love both have deep sexual connotations - the deeper the love field established, the further the pair of willing participants can go. Love for self is a prerequisite - if you cannot be fully there for you, then it is not fair to attempt to be there for someone else. Being nurse to someone you love is an enlightening experience.

Agape love is a different sort of bonding altogether - more of a group phenomena. Even though we are all one,we are also each one and have our individual nature to establish our 'home' realm. I wish to live in a castle, with secret passages and a large kitchen. I would love to surround my sound with friends and family,but no drama. I guess that eliminates most people, just cats and crystals and lovers. 

I had to change my weigh of thinking to be in the moment of now, at all times. I can manifest whatever i need, yet i remain responsible for my thoughts and my action are parceled out accordingly. I own my own time - how i spend that time, in lieu of currency, is always by my own choosing. Returning to the system has never been an option - just have to shuffle up and deal again, then play the hand that we have. Now if you really wish to manifest that royal flush ...

Namaste' ... lemme

December 17, 2014

New Whirled Manifested

Since the last post : Car to Bus Station to 6 hour journey on a twisty windy road. Rainbow clouds outside of Telluride and an empty Grand Junction station. Stall and puff and five hours later - taking the train across country. Chug chug choo choo. 

Adventures come in many forms. When live does not contain money - the world is a very different place. I started hanging with critters - the bird feeder was always going and Goof the cat would spend time watching. I busied myself writing and editing and creating something different - an interactive platform that transforms my ability to be I AM.

Each of us is who we are. There is no difference in consciousness between different humans, altho, as you know, some people are more dense and others are pure light. We can be our aetherial bodies and still take care of these meat Popsicles for the time being. By leaving the walk of the planet, and having all the time in the world to be at one with my water, the book - The New Weigh - has been completed - to be published somehow this next quarter. This means that doc must return to the land of the almighty failing dollar and manifest exactly what he needs. 

Amtrak has a slight rattle that just doesn't allow sleep. Boarding in late afternoon with a good paperback - the stream of consciousness dissolved into queries upon time.  If time travel is different than space travel, then we are missing something, because time and space are related constructs. So i found this place of mental space where without money - time becomes infinite and all hues of everything radiate. To be in this space, is to contemplate a world with different parameters, where the boundary conditions have changed. The cats speak, the youngest children glow and the age/density gradient is downright combustible.

So, doc, who let everything go, finds himself finished with his book at three in the morning and no ability to sleep in sight ... dissolve into deep thought and start writing, physically, with a pen in a journal. The sunrise in the morning over the desert of Nevada was spectacular - a total reinforcement of the fact that there is more power in the natural world that all the military industrial complex.

At noon, the train hits doc's destination and we are whisked away to a new place - a home where the home will be a home forever. Good friend inherited the wind and turned it into the last place at the end of the road. We have all been here before - Igo was the same weigh.  Each time a fractal repeats in a different form, it takes on more depth and more breadth. If the cycle of seven years repeats after an interval of three, then full cycle of tewnty-one is achieved three times in life before you retire, if you believe in the magic of 65 years old. Trick is to never retire, except at night to the pillow.

Home had a bear visit the previous night - banging trashcans and having a rather sloppy meal.  We walked the fence-line and looked about for his weigh in - it showed a path along side a NID ditch - so we followed. Many yellow and white chantrelle mushrooms greeted lemme like old friends - russilas and others had to take a back seat. Love is in the forest duff and the air when all the components come together in a thriving eco-system. So much to learn - all value is an exchange. A discount filet mignon with sauteed shrooms and dinner for two under 6$ was achieved. Spending money in a grocery store felt so unusual - food is supposed to magically appear in the refrigerator, right?

Whatever became of innocence, that place where you could just believe whatever it was you thought and never got your bubble popped. When kids can be kids, there life is charmed - the indoctrination system has now distorted a child's life and it is totally strange - as in foreign. I like to work with kids, but not with teachers and definitely not with administrators. Yet, i serve as an admin on a chat site - so i guess that here we have another blend of roles - we step up to do the things that we do, because that's what we do, not because somebody said we had to. 

The day at home was ephemeral and doc then boarded another bus and journeyed further. Everywhere is home when you have no plans on where you are going, but spirit knows and when she says move, we get our butts in gear and go. The place where i landed is full circle end of a seven year cycle that began here at the very same place, when home first disappeared in a scam of bankster, conmen and nothing that is really was type of stuff. When you the camel, loaded up and the snipe begins taking pot-shots, the oasis is no longer habitable. When as above, so below, then time reversal completes the symmetry - well that is biomimicry and i recognize the effect because I AM in tune.

So i landed and got fed and had a deep discussion with an old friend - that landed me here in a highly spendy place with cheep rent - so  the birds will come. The cat next door is the mirror image of Goof - two dogs here have channelled Cobalt - so the 21 year cycle is dipping back 42 years also - betcha that doc ends up teaching again. However, since the manifestation of tomorrow does not include the mechanism of today - the form of the exchange will have to be different - a role play game, where we build a scenario that in two years has us auctioning off the 15 player slots in the world that bridges reality and virtual reality to a biomimetic society.  And that's just one of the neat features.

Stay tuned ... Namaste' ... lemme  .... journey story to be continued.

December 03, 2014

Woo-hoo 2400

Step back for a moment and help me glance at perspective. This is blog post 2400. Being a reporter of information that changes has been both fulfilling and challenging. So much of what i have seen has been shown to me for reasons that are beyond my current ken. Things that happen are part of the effort to bring peace, joy and love to the whirled - so many peeps have different concepts of these terms.

Today may be a challenge, but everything is all right, yes. Everything's 'fine' - close your eyes, close your eyes and i'll bid you goodnight ....  It all starts within our own minds - our feelings sometimes get lost in the details of the things we have to do. How we feel is as important as what we feel - the ability to function depends on being in the place where you find comfort. 

Thyme is an illusion, and not willing to press effort - the change is here, yet we still require going thru the motion of being, when the place we are is not the place where we are. How do we travel when we are not bound to the physical presence? Rhetorical question, or is it? What i believe is quite different from most - there ought to be a place where i can be, without being compelled into the 3d process that i know longer believe. 

listening to Kryon - always an adventure ... Namaste'  doc

December 02, 2014


The transformations that we undertake in ascending to a higher vibration cause change within our physical structures. To be hue-man means to let go of most of the conditioning of the past and be at the state where you are where you want to be. Tune into your chakras, the harmonics work together by grouping the bunches by color - to stay above the fray is to carry on, as one, despite interferences.

Interference comes in patterns which are either amplified or negated in physical space. The famous slit experiments with light demonstrate that matter is both wave and particle in nature, a duality that we accept because it provides us with absolute borders. Neither is precisely true, they are only models, like Camelot in the Holy Grail movie. Part of our problem today is that we cannot filter the trash out of our learned belief system - instead we argue with each other over who is right, when we all seem to be left.

In order to release all false beliefs, we have to release all beliefs. Nothing is real, so there is nothing to get hung about; we have models and holographs and digital universes to play with. The first thing we have to do is start with a statement of truth.  'I Am' qualifies. The things that we can do that we must do to stay alive are granted - we all have to eat, drink water, breath air, go poop, sleep and several other specifics. (Breatharians are excluded by this construct - but otherwise, i think we still have mostly everybody - all living creatures on all scales.)

Ospensky in The Fourth Way discusses three 'time' lines of choice for each individual, where the person in question can only be on two of the three lines. The first is the one that is self - we are always responsible for keeping track of self and making decisions to keep your organism alive. Query - do some organisms sacrifice self for the greater good - or is it that they are not paying enough attention to self, because the other two lines are dominating? The second line is world - everything that is is part of the all around us - we can consider this Gaia scale, or great cosmic universe scale - it represents the other whole one besides the self, as we are all part of the great life expanse.

Line three is the scale on which you choose to live your life and do your life's work. I like to refer to this area as the accordion - everything in between the all and the individual one is included in this hierarchy. This is the area where Maslow's theories hold - the fabric of the social structure built specifically for gaining experience. If things are well on level one - you pair up with a mate and now have two to deal with. Offspring bring three, four and then mebbe five - but five is a different fractal than one, two or three. I never had to deal with a large family, so i really don't know.

Beyond home is the workplace - your type of work dictates how many people you deal with in a day and how intimately you deal with them. The game is to act like an automaton and get your work done well enough to please the boss. Query - what happens when nobody is the 'boss'. Can we each do our work in a weigh that we share with colleagues, without having one person determine the path that everyone else must follow? Can we choose temporary leadership on the basis of best person for the job at the moment? Essentially, I am, needs to work for I am goals. I can apprentice to you to learn how you do what you do, but i will integrate that learning into my own weigh of doing, which i have developed over many years of practice. I love you just the weigh you are.

When Isaac Asimov wrote the Foundation series, the premise was to shrink the time of chaos from ten thousand years to one thousand years, by starting a new colony on the outskirts of the soon to be shrinking empire. His character Hari Seldon comes back in holographic form to relay information from the past. Our past has been carefully reconstructed for us and indoctrinated into us by the method of public schooling. Einstein once professed that you can't fix a problem from within the mind-set that it was created. I believe that our problems are caused by our lack of vision, that we are not seeing an integrated whole picture because we are humanist - racists that promote our species over all others. Certainly not Gaia's weigh.

Gaia is changing, all assumptions and bets are off as to what will happen in the short term future. Some light workers are being called to act - so be ready for your turn at the game. Have your focus on line one and line two and allow yourself to feel where you belong for line three - because when the system breaks tomorrow, there will no longer be line three available for most people. How we deal, is a matter of perspective. 

I see the need to build a new foundation, under the house we build when the current house of cards topples. Find your place in the sun.

Namaste' ... lemme

December 01, 2014

Off to See the Wizard

Thyme to go, wherever the light leads. So much is predicated on things happening external to the individual. To be in the space/time of the future while waiting for the rest of the folks to catch the drift has been excruciating. So, duty calls and the cosmic surfboard is ready - will keep the blog blogging as much as possible.

Namaste' ... lemme