May 31, 2012

Moving Forward, Never Straight

I notice that i have my own patterns for dealing with life.  Hunter S. Thompson once said that when the going gets tough, the weird turn pro.  I refer you to the Arch-Druids post today on post peak reality and remind you that Existence was developed as a play it yourself game that simulates that reality.   That website is 'frozen in space' and i have no key to open the time door that shelters that reality.

Today i started cleaning the kitchen - which is something i typically do to avoid the work that has to be done.  Since i know my limitations and interests, i realize that i now have some nose to the grindstone stuff to work out and the playtime is over.  Tomorrow is a travel day and then hi ho, hi ho.  Fitting song for doc.

The realm that i have chosen will have me thinking like a mushroom.  Given that we have been kept in the dark and shoveled shit for quite a while by the lame-stream media, i have the intention of walking the path that fits the mind set that i carry into the new reality.  Earnst Collumbach's novel Ekotopia will serve as my model - i plan to be a journalist in many phases of the operation, but not the daily choir.  I have other things to do.

As i reminisce over the blog, i note that many of the people that were in constant communication by response have moved on to other positions where they more or less fit the world that they built.  A lot of the political players have developed organizations to accelerate their voices and i smile when i read their pieces knowing that i was there when they cut their teeth and payed their dues.

If there was justice in this world, the BBWAA would invite my friend Steve Scott into their organization and send him a Hall-of-Fame ballot,  It's been over five years since i first found From the Bleachers, when the Zone was just a pup. Steve's reporting on the Giants meets all the criteria of sports reporting and Blogger is the newspaper of our times.  So it would be a fitting honor for a long-time baseball fan to have his say about whether Barry Bonds belongs.

Bat those baby blues, dear one.  I am fine, the lungs are at full capacity and i can see clearly now, the reign is gone.  There is unrest in the forest and there's trouble with the trees.  The flow of ubiquity is now a trickle; the wise path is to prepare before unveiling and the knowledge is internal.  Truth for its own sake.  If you wish to assist, pray for peace, and act your prayer.   Have to shake my head at the property issues - too bad hindsight can't provide guidance retroactively.

Thyme to go - the voices are calling, there is groundwork to be done.  I have achieved my personal ground state of stability, way up the shelf from the absolute zero.  Michael and Jim - i remember those times well and look forward to first contact on the other side of time.  Look me up if you ever get there.



May 30, 2012


    Tonight's Meditation is based in Unconditional Love.  I use a seventeen breath slow focus control regimen.  The first breath is an opening - love.  The next six breaths are love, clearing each point of the Merkaba with a forceful final exhale.  Today was a prayer of peace - i had the black cat join me, purring graciously as i inhaled deeply and exhaled at the same pace.
   Breath eight was Love, and nine was Peace.  This combination always leads me to joy in the tenth, followed by peace, truth and peace.  With a full cupboard, breath fourteen was love and peace together, followed by peace and peace and love.  I added a personal prayer afterwards, and then continued to stroke the cat until the time allotted expired.
   In the symmetry of the calendar - the center point is the thirteenth unit.  This one is deep - it appears similar to the Hunab-Ku.  What caught my eye was the color - the fluorescent green.  There is great depth of knowledge in this picture - i enjoy sacred geometry.
   Be good to yourself, you deserve it.  If you cannot show yourself kindness, then others cannot share the feeling.  It is about appropriate feeling - not what they tell us, but what it is.  My body seems to crave certain foods - just the ones that fit the dietary platform of antioxidants. Chocolate and Wine are both on my to do list as we usher in a new month.

Namaste'  doc

May 29, 2012

A few interesting pix

 Apple's wet dream - Moses bringing the tablets down from Mt. Sinai
 My friend Dennis S. Morris on display - reminds me of hard candy
A tetrahedral Merkaba Field

Baseball Simulates Life

Numbers make sense to me.  I can look at a page of numbers and draw relationships that describe what the numbers measure.  I guess i learned to be a stat junkie when i was a kid - reading the backs of baseball cards and rolling the dice while simulating the games i was watching - while playing strat-o-matic baseball.

I wonder if the game still exists.  The player threw three dice - if the colored die was 1,2 or 3 you refer to the batters card for the result; 4,5 or 6 places you on the pitchers card.  These cards had probable outcomes based on the prior year's statistics.  My friend Steve and I once tried to recreate a whole season - got into mid- June as i recall, before burnout and other interests struck our chords.

Fantasy baseball now gives me the same daily fix.  I peruse line-ups looking for that player that will provide me with an ultimate advantage as i garner saves and strikeouts based on actual major league performance.  I will shy away from Ryoto Igarshi and his 35.00 ERA - and make trades to other players.  It gives me context to pay attention to the season.

Baseball has statistical significance because of all the games played.  No matter how rare the event might seem, it will happen because there are so many games.  I noticed that the White Sox had their first two outs in an inning at home plate in a game this weekend - and i rooted for the third out to be a tag play too. ( Noticed only because my player de Aza tried to stretch a triple into an inside-the-park-home-run ).

So, dear reader, why can't we measure actual performance at real jobs with the same intensity as we measure baseball (and other sports).  Surely there are performance measures and their derivatives that cross professions and provide a measure of real value.  Why do people have to bargain for their salaries and get ripped off by the greed of the other side that has the real information that is never provided to an individual.  We the people need agents to negotiate our salaries.

Not really - agents are mostly lawyers.  I will not get into my opinion of lawyers - their performance can at least be measured by won/lost records of court cases that have come to trial.  But how many consecutive perfect loaves of bread does your baker have in his current streak?  How many haircuts has your barber given without complaint?  How many keystrokes does your secretary make before she hits the backspace key?

If we look at things that are important and start to make accurate measurements on how they have evolved, then maybe we can create a merit system that makes sense and rewards people for good work, rather than for greed and the ability to negotiate a salary.   Perhaps your preacher counts his saves, just like my relief pitcher does.

Namaste'   doc

May 27, 2012

Ginger Snaps

Little tweaks grind into flux
As pressure of income
Rather than outcome versus
Doing the ‘proper’ thing
Begets frustration, always
Finding the shuttle back to
Where we run from as escape

Needs not fulfilled at base level
Foster anger, hurt and fear
Which span the range of emotion
Neither allowing tranquil peace
Nor settling of the tandems of
Interrelated thought process

Life requires Dylan-esque calm
Shelter from the storm as geometric
Cards envelope self-actualization
‘You can’t take it personally’
She says as she digs … deeper
Engraining monoculture lies while
Wasting community circles of equity

Equity? Tough concept for a
Me only world where selfish
Acquisition appears the end game
For why else would one foul
A nest but for fear of whatever
It is that we happen to fear
Shitting bricks, fanning flames
Then running away to hide
From too many gory details

Forces unleashed by attitudes
Of come what may and que sera’
Retire all plans of temporal order
One can never plan for the whimsical
Chaos of scorched Gaia, who wants
Yet cannot nurture, cannot give
Given the present constraints of space
Given the present shackles on time

© 2007  lemme howdt

Car Racing and Economy

Good morning - the spectacle known as the Indianapolis 500 is upon us in 15 minutes - or two hours if you actually want to watch the race instead of the talking heads.  I would prefer the Talking Heads, but they were all arrested for Burning Down the House.  I agree with Raz that this was likely a government set-up and that anyone even thinking of a terror activity automatically acquires infiltrators from the alphabet agencies.

Meanwhile, the drums beat ... Iran ... Iran ... Yemen ... Iran.  This Memorial Day is about picnics and sports and another day off of work.  Holidays are excuses to sell more stuff and if we banish Hallmark, then maybe some of them will disappear.  I have been watching the Facebook IPO game, mostly because i cannot avoid it.  There must be a way to make real money, can we open our own branches of the Federal Reserve?  Or maybe we could make monopoly money into legal tender.

Such is life.  I am reading a very old book called Acres of Diamonds by a preacher who chastised people for being poor.  He professes that God did not link piety to wealth and the rich people can spread the benefit of the book because they have more latitude of action than poor people.  Profit is healthy and if you don't mark-up the goods that you sell sufficiently, then you are immorally depriving yourself of the greater good.  

So we shop at Costco, or Wally Whirled or some other store that offers cheap prices by browbeating producers and creating deals by force.  The consumer economy requires built in obsolescence, so that we can recreate again what has been created many times - nothing built durable to last.  Of course, in this country, just nothing built.  It has been outsourced and off-shored.

The time is ripe for a new world order, but economics seems to be in the way.  The frequency of this current system is vibrating way howdt of control, the animals, the flowers and the rocks all remain steady in their approach to the change.  If you have access to running water and clean air, you will be alright in the long term.  I like to walk around in places where i can smell the flowers and look at the rocks under the magnifying glass.

There are many worlds out here at different scales of activity that the one we currently believe in.  When i look up at the stars at night, i see the nuclei of cells through invisible cell walls, the relationship of as above, so below seems to hold.  I remember walking on a beach once and noticing that the swirls created by the flow of the waves looked exactly like my fingerprint.  Everything repeats itself, the form may change, but the flow is constant.

But time is not constant, nor consistent.  There is some question in my mind whether the history that we remember was constructed for us and driven in with edjercashun.  The stories seem to differ depending on the local spin, but every story line has a major flood and a wrathful lord.  I refuse to be scared - we are all divine in our own way.  So off i go to watch the crashes caused by three hours of left turns only.  Enjoy the races - Indy 500 and Coca-Cola 600 - and understand that a marketing based culture with no production has a limited shelf life.

Namaste'  doc

May 25, 2012

The Death of Environmentalism

   Truthout is a left leaning news service that sometimes has interesting off-kilter reports.  This one attempts to assign reason for David Suzuki's recent statement, that environmentalism is dead.  He is correct, but the author's reasoning leaves me wondering if he has been following the same series of actions that i have watched.
   There are several reasons that i shudder when 'serious' environmentalists are present.  The attack upon Lomborg's The Skeptical Environmentalist in the early nineties proved to me that reasonableness was not accepted by the leaders of the enviro-community.  Our way or the highway ran off many people who were moderate and not ready to sit in trees.
   Michael Crichton's novel State of Fear was a very entertaining piece of fiction that was blown out of proportion by the fact that he provided footnotes to explain his reasoning.  The footnotes are real and very cherry picked, but this was a piece of fiction.  The constipation of the environmental movement to attack the messenger while not discrediting the message led people to believe the hype and write off the movement.
   Finally, the Al Gore idea that i do things that he doesn't have to, like controlling carbon footprint, is totally fraudulent - do as i say, not do as i do.    The hero worship of people like Gore and Julia Butterfly rejected valid criticism and made outlandish visual statements that were not confirmed by reality.  Gore made lots of money and used the bully pulpit of politics to spew filth and chase more people away.
   Then, it came out that the scientists were selectively choosing facts.  The fake hockey stick graph of global warming was so contrary to the applied science that i learned, that i could no longer believe the presentations.  The ice data also is major league flawed - in warm years we don't necessarily build layers of ice in the winter;  we lose plenty of layers in the summer.  Ice core drilling just doesn't seem valid, in the face of an earth that has gone through many different climates.
    Not that any of this is anti-Gaia.  I am a strong proponent of Lovelock and Margulis' theory that the earth is a living entity.  In fact, i believe that the violent climate we are experiencing now is more like a process of birth - change coming to an entity that has been impregnated with a need to switch forms.  There are many theories, like the expanding planet, that deserve attention more than ridicule.
   Academic scientists today have wrapped themselves in a blanket of all-knowing; most are so far off on the way they add and subtract 'facts' that i shake my head and wonder.  Some mature sciences like chemistry have major activity on the forefront, but have actively slipped backwards in the state of knowing that we have today.  The stuff that makes publications like Science News today was just base background info when i was in grad school in the 80's.
   Take the field of bio-mimicry.  Nature has a built-in redundancy that if one process fails due to a specific situation beyond control, then over time another comes in to replace it.  Human nature currently is to take the most efficient process and ram it through to the exclusion of all others.  Instead of fostering questions of how does it work and whether it fits internal congruence, all we seem to care about is whether we can make a profit off it.
   Yes environmentalism is dead - but being a part of the nature of the Earth is very much an alive process.  Getting out and being in nature and seeing all the mysteries and caveats are what life is about, at least for some of us that care to support life on Gaia through the next century.  
   It does not help that the oil flow into the Gulf of Mexico is accelerated in poison by the use of Corexit - to hide the volume of damage.  It does not help to push our topsoil into the streams with lots of chemical fertilizer to create dead zones in the oceans off many major rivers.  It does not help to spray chemtrails with aluminum, barium and strontium to provide glitter to repel energy from the sun, which is heating the earth, and Mars, and Venus, and ...  It does not help to load depleted uranium into armaments and scatter them on the surface of any country that does not kowtow to the elite agenda.
   Play your part to help, by objecting to the practice of control over nature, rather than co-existence with nature.  Insist on doing things that promote good personal environmental behavior and take responsibility for your own action.  We do not need the label environmentalist to enhance our interactions with Gaia - all we need is our feet, a walking stick and a pair of good hiking boots.
   Enjoy the holiday weekend.    Namaste'   doc

May 24, 2012

Yawn Tree

  Sometimes people get animated.  On one of the walks around and about, i found this animated tree.  There is in fact a mouthful of water located in the tree, so that seepage down will eventually cause more decay.  Now it serves as a bird swimming pool.  When you have an unlimited population to observe, anything and everything happens.
  On another note - i'd like to pass kudos along to Clif on his latest SOTTC report.  He has changed the format, but the contents are the same as it ever was, only changing.  He opens by discussing a change in the concept of time - sounds familiar.  I may attempt contact - always seeking individuals to join me howdtside da baax on issues that everyone else takes for granted (or granite).
  Had to do some quick surgery on my keyboard - the little peg on the left rear was not holding support, so every tap was a wobble.  In noting that the plastic was broken and not going to hold, i simple remove the pegs from both sides and now am working on a flat keyboard.  If it doesn't work well, i can find another - every dead computer I have ever had left its keyboard behind upon discard.
  Speaking about computer discards - i found a soft, bare, five inch floppy amongst the stuff.  This technology is so archaic that i had to go into a pre-2000 machine to find that the disc had been wiped before discard.  I wonder how much information is buried in technology that is no longer translational in our current tech phase. (ps - i collect trashed computers, so if you know me and have one - i'll take it off your hands without a disposal fee).
  This is one of the reasons that books will never fall out of usage.  I can go to an old text and find what i am looking for.  When i go to the net, they inevitably give me what they think i would like to read rather than about what i am looking for.  Since i rarely preconceive, I would like straightforward results, but obfuscation seems to be the working work for the technodrivers.
  The sun is up, the sky is blue, it's beautiful and so are you, dear prudence - enjoy your day.

Namaste'  doc

May 23, 2012


There are things that I can change and other things that i just have to grin and bear.  One of the latter things is being told what to do.  I am a grown up human bean and i do not need to be told what i need to do.  If i cannot figure it out by myself, i know to ask. 
I was on a conference call today when one of the speakers started telling us about how humans can be better by working to enhance nature.  Such vanity.  We have got the idea of how to become legends in our own minds very well.
There is a big difference between teaching and telling.  I think the distinction is totally lost on the Merikan populace.  They like being told what to do; it seems to relieve them of responsibility for inane actions.  A lot of the folks on the conference call were there to see how they could create numbers of followers rather than empowering the other callers.  Our mind set needs work.
I wonder why marketers have no respect for the value of other people's time.  If I wished to be sold something, i would go to a market where i could obtain the good or service.  You do not need to tell me about it.  The art of telling is something past story tellers had mastered, but today seems like more gab.  I prefer to be polite, but when you cannot get a word in edgewise, you just have to hang up.
Part of the change in the country is that we are going to have to give people more respect and stop telling them what they have to do.  Nobody has to do anything, except die and pay taxes.  The latter is not even an absolute - just a convenience to keep the thugs from the door.
Now, if it is fortune telling ...

Namaste'  Doc

May 22, 2012

Back to Live

Amazing how i found more time to blog when i was not on-line, than i have now that i am back connected.  Life tosses curve balls and some of us misinterpret them as Spaceballs.  Slowly the boxes are disappearing and the house is turning into a home.  I just wanted to say thanks to all the readers for staying with me - i hope the entertainment value of this blog is greater than the time you spend reading it.

Namaste'  Doc

Grog for the Morn

 Decided to bathe this morning – found the bathrobe and ran a hot tub.  Could use another two inches on the width for the bath to be comfortable – the shower hook-up will have to wait for a bit of technical engineering (the hose needs to fit on the faucet snugly – likely a hose clamp is the solution).
  Preparing to put this computer down and set up a newer, sleeker model.  The cable to the net should be set thru the phone line and the modem replacement is on the way.  My guess is that we should be in business by the weekend – although my focus is going to be on videoing the eclipse.  Should run partial, partial, full in the next three days – the 20th being the direct overhead frame.
  Not thinking well this morning – more qophy and a toke.  I found some Salvia leaf amongst my stuff – might have to make a tea and go on a little trip with myself.  The crescendo of enlightenment in the records of time and space is coming, things are close to revealing what they are rather than what they seem to be; keeping observant and staying out of the fall-out are the two biggest factors.

  Value comes from work; work is the function that you put yourself to, setting order out of your personal stream of the chaos.  I hope that you, dear reader, are reinforcing the notion that chaos and order are a yin/yang and not a win/lose proposition. 
  The order of nature follows a different mathematical code than the order of people.  The Fibonacci series carries an exponential expansion of scale in very quick order at higher numbers.  It is also a two way street, where arriving at a level is a new function. 
  Life is not based on your prior level, although it does encounter your prior experience.  You get to keep some stuff and have to give up other stuff – there is so much stuff that what you give comes back and you always get more back – but you have to give.  Take is not a function without give – another of the many yin/yang of nature.
  You can find guides everywhere – all you have to do is ask for them.  Your guides cannot carry out your function – that is for you and is how you learn.  You do it.  If somebody says you can’t do that – you have to ask why.  This is how questions arise – from not being satisfied with the ‘You can’t do that’ attitude. 
  We can do whatever we please – if it doesn’t violate the laws of nature.  Sometimes, even if it does, but then we have to pay the price, whatever that is.  ‘It all depends on what you value’ G. Harrison 33-1/3.
  Namaste’ Doc

Memes, Dreams and Themes

  A temporal marker happened just the other day when a couple of protesters took over a television remote vehicle and began broadcasting.  The camera crew was at a loss and there was no way to shut down the signal.  This comes straight out of one of the Shape of things to come reports – kudos to Clif and George on placing us along the fine edge.
  The coffee pot quit yesterday, so we got to check out the local Walmart superstore.  Surprise, surprise, surprise – why Gomer – this store looks and feels like every other Walmart – pure ick.  The lower prices on some things were balanced by higher prices on things that people really use.  A can of coffee was more costly than the local grocery price.  Hmmm.
  Just goes to show what marketing can do.  The system is built on spending without question and once you drive to a place, you don’t want to be driving around to another place – so they gotcha.  The networks of food and good distribution have been co-opted such that the robots no longer think about things – they are too busy navigating the time so that they can maximize personal comfort.
  So – thyme for deja vu – Crosby, Still and Nash version.  The phone dude is supposed to come by and a modem is on the way – we will see how many excuses we get before things are set up and functional – but no worry because all the delays are expected due to the nature of the weigh.  Time rambles along and we feel for periods by accomplishing tasks – no matter how long or short those periods may be.
  It always takes all the time given for something to get done.  Once the time has been spent addressing a task, the task is now in the queue of order and chaos – tasks that matter build order from chaos.  At the conclusion of the pleigh, chaos always wins because it marches along without respect for time.  So the order takes place, becomes implemented, carries on, becomes old and is eventually forgotten and decays.  New order forms and requires work, which creates order than slowly dissipated into chaos.  Endless cycle; highly entertaining.
   I wonder how we can quantify physical effects of different medications.  If most of biology is made up bullshyte, but that anatomy and physiology are accurate descriptions of process, then the field is ripe for a new approach to definition of nature and life.  Life is a vibration that transfers information as energy and reconstitutes the transfer of memes, dreams and themes. 
  Memes are the images that we create to express interaction between people and their ideas.  Dreams are the creation places for these ideas, without the restrictions of time and space.  Themes are the output, the way that we take our ideas and concepts and mold them into a workable model for reality.  The current system has hit the wall and everybody has their own solution – if they are addressing the problems. 
  One of the problems is that most people are totally distracted by the is now, instead of the grand weigh – which is where our explanation can set for now – it is deep and there are things to do TTD.  We are stardust, we are golden, ... , and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.
  Namaste’  Doc