December 31, 2011

Niche Science

Process revolves

With uncertainty via

Cyclic phenomena

Products of process A

Raw materials

For future input

Somehow shuffling

Thru multiple eternities

Constantly back

To process A

Predators lurk

Prey scamper

Population upheavals

Where balance can be seen

By cause and effect

In segregated roles

Determining order

From the chaos of life

Occasions an event

Which wipes clean the slate

Perpetrator from niche

Where function necessary ceases

And cyclic process stops

Stone cold dead crazy y’know

Until gaia creates evolves uncovers

Migrates form to cover function

Pathways to the end result

Are offline for the time and place

Gaia, in ubiquitous redundancy,

Allows niches to exit

With grace and aplomb

At the end of their functional time

At the end of their functional space

At the end of their functional livelihood

As Harrison said – all things must pass

There is nothing wrong with this

There is nothing right with this

It is just this

Novel creatures find a vacancy

A whole where process lies dormant

A world of raw material

Setting idle waiting to be transformed

To get back on with the process of life

While other process’ function

Picking up the slack in the line of life

Do you use the right lure on the life line?

Does your fish catch enough bait to remain

Attached to the pathway where your feet tread?

Can you feel the change rumbling, tumbling

Stirring upheaval in the bellies of folks

Dissatisfied with the means handed forth

By the playing deck of societal privilege

Being in the right place at the right time

Is the right of every activist – at your expense

By the time time passes

When slack collectors are overtaxed

Our novel pathways, cut clean with

Development costs unrelated to result

Novel trivialities of high cost, low mileage

Special tickled interest of goons

Loading up the strictures of the structures

Bind us into a single superhighway

Full throttle and running strong

Opposite of redundant ubiquity

Now people people are another breed

Science requires multiple

Lines of reason

Concise thought that won’t agree

Until convergence at the end

Of the chutes and ladders road

Where two forwards to one back

Is optimistic for the intent of creation

Goals in so many forms

Each personal and driven

Each broad and all encompassing

Each common and yet unique

Goals in so many forms

Have a chance, an option to succeed

As roadblock encumbers pathway

Artificial imposition of will

Limits to – you think my way

Else I blow you to smithereens –

Where is smithereens

Is it next to nirvana?

Is it just me or is everybody unfulfilled?

People reinternalize grubbermint

As an understructure

As we are not slaves but sovereigns

Each takes on a role well

A different hat that lights our torch

Seuss novel Go Dog Go hat

An expectation that our hat fits me

An expectation that our hat fits you

An expectation of a few hours service

With hats on and even blinders

Where Solomon and Ghandi walk the halls

With Newton, Pauling and Scheherazade

A life of inherent thunder

To be dedicated to public service

We the people behind Oz screen

We the people who run the show

We the people who use the backdrop

To develop a matrix of mutual support

Working productively for infinite value

Freely trading goods for wares

Time for place

In an open market

Of global peace

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

Coke vs Cannibus

Enjoy your pleasure in the next year. I plan to enjoy mine.

December 30, 2011

Drop the Phone...

... into the toilet and never think of it as anything but a leash on your freedom. First they tell us that they can monitor us at all times, even going as far as inserting GPS signals into all their 'smart' phones. Now they want us to pay for the privilege of paying them. Communications is a free service, not a way for them to milk us of their fiat dollars. Stop paying for your phone 'service' and cut all those wankers off at their knees. They do not own airwaves - we have to get a new concept of what is in our commons. Occupy! your own mind - now, get off the phone.

Actually, i like the camera and the net access - plus there is the emergency factor. The net can serve as a phone, but it is obviously limited. So any ideas for alternatives would be well accepted. Can we make phone apps part of the developing media and use them on other devices? perhaps a toaster that uses excess radiant heat to create wavelength of voice? hmmm.

There is no greater evil than our own imaginations - we can punish ourselves with our obstinance far more effectively than they can punish us. So think differently and act with impunity, if you know it's the right thing to do. Do it. Occupy! Gaia through intention for peace, and it will happen.

December 29, 2011

Your Happiness Journal

The year cannot end if i don't mention happiness and universal love. Peace and prosperity as we shift into the future brought on by 2012. The title is the link - jump off and bring a smile. Everything is purr-fect - Misty concurs.

Farm Wars

Opened a new conversation on the spraying of aluminum in chem-trails and that opened a new world of information. This site is worth a visit. I drifted out to the anti-GMO area, but there is much to be learned. Compare this to what you get from the MSM Western Farm Press - nite and day. Happy traveling.

December 28, 2011

Good Grief - Bad Judge-men

I am most certainly a journalist and could care less whether a judge believes so. Do not let these peeons get away with the definition that they are protected and we are knot! Support Crystal Cox in her appeal by filing an amicus brief. If corporations are people are people corporations?! Demand all rights and take responsibility for your own actions. Keep the information flowing!

December 24, 2011

Eulogy for a Poet

the old man went

His silver tongue
graces heaven

Time to rhyme
The jig is up
words falter...

Our joe has passed
He had his say
The world is now
at a loss, sadly

His works spoke depth
To others breadth
Old man has a lot
To emote during
his time alive

We will keep hope
That our drifts
Can keep on the path
The old dude started
When he chose words
that inspire poets ...

Joseph Rossignol passed away last weekend after a several year battle with Alzheimer's disease. I remember when he fell at Toketee and the angels allowed for rescue - it seemed as though his time was then and the rest of his life was attempting to recover from the creeping darkness that haunts our souls, when we don't leave at the proper time. We give our support to Andre, the last of the line - namaste' brother.

December 22, 2011

Return of the disaappeared

'In the United States, the disappeared also exist, not thanks to a brutal army or paramilitaries, but to a brutal economy. When you lose your job, you vanish from the workplace and sooner or later arrive at emptiness in your day, your identity, your wallet, your ability to participate in a commercial society. When you lose your home, you disappear from familiar spaces: the block, the neighborhood, the rolls of homeowners. Often, you vanish in shame, leaving behind friends and acquaintances.'

We are coming back, but not to play the same silly games. Good article, rather long

December 16, 2011

Plasma Physics Redux

There is lots of cool physics going on in the world that has nothing to do with CERN. The fabric of the universe is being ripped open by the powers of the mind - we can think things and make them be. Or is that make them Bee?

December 14, 2011

Occupy Dome-ocracy

Ashland, OR (December 13, 2011) –

R. Buckminster Fuller, inventor and futurist, has become a major icon in the Occupy Movement. Represented by his book, Grunch of Giants, and his geodesic dome, Bucky’s spirit is infusing the hearts and minds of humanitarians working to implement global change through sustainable design science. The time for change is now and our synergy can save the world.

Bucky coined the term “synergy” to demonstrate how the output of the whole is greater than the individual. Bucky warned us of the immediate dangers posed by the “invisible, abstract, and completely ruthless empire of corporations that control the world’s finances”. It is time to create a true economy, through the people, by the people and for the people!

In his cautionary tale, Grunch of Giants, he emphasizes that Americans have confused money and wealth. Money should be “a medium of exchange and a cash accounting system,” while wealth should be the “organized technological capability to protect, nurture, educate, and accommodate the forward days of humans”. Through our synergy, we can reform the monetary system so that it truly serves humanity.

Through design science, Bucky envisioned our entire planet operating with a higher standard of living, accommodating and supporting all. The Buckminster Fuller Institute and Pacific Domes, have been working to create solutions for humanity for 30 years, and are now actively supporting the Occupy movement. Buckminster Fuller’s most famous invention, the geodesic dome, is and the strongest structure known to man. Pacific Domes has provided domes for Occupy UC Davis, Occupy Buffalo NY, and Occupy Eugene and plans to support a further vision, Occupy Earth.

Occupy Ashland, joined by Oregon Action and Good Grief America, will be holding training, canvassing, and direct action Saturday, December 17th from 11am to 2 pm to assist the City of Ashland in moving its money. Rich Rohde will also hold an open discussion on the Oregon State Bank, and Nancie Koerber will show the implications of statewide foreclosures in imploding Oregon communities. The action will be followed by Occupy Action's General Assembly from 2 to 4pm, and refreshments will be served. Peace House is also sponsoring this event, which will be held at 543 So. Mountain in Ashland . Join us...and don't forget the Bradley Manning Candlelight Vigil on Ashland's Plaza this Friday at 4:30

Media Coordinator, OCCUPY ASHLAND

December 12, 2011

Complexity --> Simplicity

I made a comment on a post called complexities that raised a significant issue. We as people tend to want to feel good, but we do not take responsibility for keeping ourselves well. Dehydration is the major cause of most symptoms - any time you don't feel well, drink a glass of water. Just water - not coffee, not tea, not juice, not soda - water.

Do not drink distilled or deionized water as a regular habit. Normal water is a superb solvent and has many things dissolved into it. Salts are compounds made of ions, which dissociate in water and reform into more useful clusters. This is governed by solubility - to go deeper - i would suggest that you sign up for my water course at nweti.

Occupy your own mind and body. Look at yourself and assume responsibility for your actions. Realize that i say these things to me, as well as you, as i am in the same float situation as the rest of us are. There is a major shift taking place and if you are interested in really changing how things are - then i have a new attention focus project. It is worthwhile long term, but it pays no money to anyone up front. So, once again, the model is put forth work ahead and hope the universe appreciates the effort, because people are not ready to pay money that could otherwise be spent on rent and gas, or drugs and entertainment. We desperately need some new business models, ones that do not require us to form a corporation in order to relieve liability for actions that we should be responsible for, but aren't because we are cloaked in the coat of corporate structure.

So i will just publish a few more poems and breathe deep during another thyme howdt (time out: for those who insist on using the rules of language and spelling).

December 11, 2011

Real Eyes

Real Eyes

See what is there

Behind the images

Presented as truth

Pushing against


To make a buck

Nature presents

Ubiquity of means

To reach an end

Efficiency of use

Narrows our visions

Down to only one

The teacher knows

Learning is sacred

Built upon life

Real eyes see water

When we cry

Or we laugh

Tears of joy

Tears of sadness

Tears cleanse

Real eyes open

Beings adapt at play

Learn to grow

Bees find pollen


Transitional at best

Flight balance


Of weight and wait

Queen mother

Hive matriarch

Model governance

No sense faking it

We see the change

We be the change

Real eyes peer

Into images

To ascertain truth

2011 lemme howdt

December 09, 2011

Cats and Ice Plant

Getting Over You

Time slides past

Change happens

Softness of your skin

The sense of your touch

I miss you dearly

And still

Don’t know why

My sense says stay

When you told me go

It took a long time to develop

The touch that you need to feel

Tantric illuminations

Flowing energy of bliss

Not any longer

Spigot turned off

… and you cannot play

That card again

No longer in your hand

The shift was made

We are now done

I cannot fathom here

Without your tender voice

There is another

Waiting sweetly

For when I get over you

2011 lemme howdt