February 28, 2011

Strange Events

There are lots of things going on and few things resulting from the input. everybody is affected by the changes in the radiation, but how these cosmic effects affect us has yet to be determined. There are clouds of gasses that have no hue - the skies are swimming with strange patterns and odd trails - and then it totally filters the light. Before the clouds the sky was blue, then whampo.

Queen had it right - nothing really matters, anyone can see, nothing really matters, any way the wind blows free! enjoy next month - it will be a doozy. And we will rock you.

February 22, 2011

People be

People be who we are
Rather than our images
Float into mystic realms
With passion for breath

To enjoy life fruitfully
Time offers few chances
To experience aliveness
Connect to trees, water, wind

Nature offers intangible glyphs
Wonderments, fascination
Sacred space abounds outdoors
When people be who we are

2009 lemme howdt

February 17, 2011


"If you never have dreams, then you never come near the extremes of the possible, nor the borders of the impossible." Dr. Lenny Thyme

"Have you any dreams you want to sell" Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac

The dream state conveys the realm of the subconscious through manifestation of non-reality. The things we resonate with are brought to life in unique combination that play to special effects and pure imagination. Daydreams are escapes from boredom, a unique process that envelops us in mystery and illusion.

Dreams also can be images of the future that we wish to embrace. My dreams shattered in a mess four years ago this spring - the illusions of life kept me going untethered while i gradually relearned how to ground back to Gaia and crawl back into the diaspora. This past week i took steps to reinvigorate a career that was never to be developed under the old system.

System analysis is crucial to the thought. The images that we dream are made real by the process of doing - you set forth a vision and attempt to duplicate myth in reality. The shows we watch, the sounds we hear, the melodies enable us to act (or rather to play the role) as we fit. What this means is something different to everybody. That is good!

Let's quit trying to change each others minds and instead work together to allow the life we live to meet the life we dream about. Kudos to the dream workers, like my fellow Hedronist and good friend Ed K. If you have any dreams to share, we are all ears.

February 06, 2011

dreams or memories

remember when
you forgot everything
traveling through
side show spring

heated waters
with ice cold baths
tumbling down
algae covered walls

forest pathways
carved clay bowls
three pine view
basking shadows

soak, soak and climb
cougar protector
down the cliff
into the flowing river

naked and cold
warm hearts await
fire cackles
rest of Rome burns

space is settled
time is lost
as above, so below
see you there again

lemme howdt 2011