January 31, 2012

Time and DNA in shades of grey

Late night - i am usually down by this time of day. I have been reading too much and interacting too little, so tomorrow my plan is to reverse the pattern, for the moment. The illusion of time has burst and i must dive into Dr. David Anderson's world to see whether i can accommodate the new truth into my personal paradigm, or whether i will need a complete revision of my comprehension of how nature works. Fortunately - i knew this shift was coming and i have already thought through some of the ramifications based on what i already know.

In the mean time, the trillion dollar lawsuit defined at Project Camelot and Divine Cosmos has verified to me that the reasons for letting go of the game as it was played were justified, although most people still refuse to acknowledge that life does not incur a cost in terms of green slips of paper. I will not win this one - i welched when i decided to leave the system of rules and so i can not play on those terms. I play like john galt - here at a very minimum level to maintain subsistence, but others think they understand and think for me without my permission or support (or sometimes even my knowledge).

Thoughts have weight and we are responsible for our thoughts. Each and every one of them. So it is highly important to base a world view on love rather than on fear. The fear illusion is over, unless we carry it forward. Please stop trying to bring me back into the world of bankster and war and leave me on my path of peace and light. Game over. Tip the king. Checkmate.

But now they are messing with time. For a good novel that appreciates how i think time works - read Anathem by Neal Stephenson. I think that we have thirteen independent threads - timelines which some people confuse and call strands of DNA. They are in fact the same, but their expression varies dependant on the scale that we observe. Look at Flaming Brot by the artist Weed. It resonates with me on this.

The timelines are arranged in a symmetric ring pattern with a main thread wrapt by six inner threads that each connect to an outer thread. The inner and outer related threads merge as a yin-yang pair and govern a single chakra each. They all merge in the central 13th strand, which sets the tone of reality for the other twelve. This is reflected exactly as the Zodiac also. Our calendar is a figment that has been imposed, but the reality is exactly what we believe the reality to be.

Smile. Enjoy life. Take what you need, but use what you take. Start thinking about the way we interact and now substitute synonyms of way - look at the way, look at the weigh, look at the whey (and the Kurds). Peace is achievable when we refuse to accept war. We are all one, but we are told that we as one can only agree when we see through a common viewpoint. Nonsense. We need each of us to carry our own view of acceptance and merge the views by the benefit of experience. It is total poppycock to think that you have to think like me - nobody does, but i do think that you should be able to think your weigh to the same conclusions as i reach, if our common facts are based in truth.

So, because we are diverse and English is the language of Babel - let's try to communicate within the bounds of already established music and poetry. The music brings a song that is familiar in a point of view and the poetry expresses the means of connecting thought to other souls. Prose like this article that presents a developing theory or hypothesis are okay, but let's see if we can stop telling each other and instead learn together from our own perspectives. We need to learn different, to escape the box that has been framed for us by the education system that we learned by. If i knew how to connect people at the limbic level, i would start there, but i can't do that.

Numbers can serve as a waveguide to comprehension, if we can eliminate the mathematics overlay. However, differential equations provide most of the calculus that underlies the scientific reality of what we think we know and it gets in the way of the truth. If the numbers don't work, life still happens (but your accountant has a fit). If one plus one doesn't equal two, then really, where are we. But start thinking that phi equals two pi and some interesting shifts start explaining anomalies in the biochemical world. The difference is wiggle room, but nature abhors a vacuum.

So, for comprehension, let's say that each of our thirteen worlds is a fractal of each other and the yin reflects the yang in six world pairs that are set as the basis for all but the heart chakra and operate on different scales. What manifests is a compilation of efforts that depend on the priority of stacking - which chakra manifests is likely dependent on time, which is really a measure of distance and not outside of the Cartesian coordinate system. The DNA changes based on epi-genetics are the chemical manifestation of the thought pattern imprinting to the hard drive we call us. Thought has mass, but if you think an electron is small...

Oh - it all seems to be a huge mobius strip (infinity) that links the very, very small to the inordinately large. Thus, what comes around, goes around and as above, so below both hold completely. The waveguide is the number system, as defined by Marshall, who worked with Buckminster Fuller, who had it figured out pretty darn good. I wonder how much time he shared with Timothy Leary?

So ... enjoy the ramifications of this new approach to truth. I know not what i will find, but i will modify the picture to remain consistent as i develop a social permaculture solution to how to continue after the shift, for those that remain in the three-dimensional world that happens after the so-called Ascension. Consistency is a pattern that we can intuitively believe, but there is no reason to believe that two unconnected actions are inconsistent with each other. I will be as much as i can be when i'm here, but there's another there out there. Hope to catch you there.

January 30, 2012


Dissolving… breathe in, breathe out

Melt into oneness with everything

Vibrate at a rate that establishes

Your frequency of depth and breadth

Resonance is not disturbed by

Constant cognitive dissonance

Eliminate the aggravation

By focusing on depth of breath

Let the art of music permeate

Chorale is the morale of a choir

Hearts singing with luminosity

Lungs bursting forth omnipotently

Peace is a bringer of change

While meditation calms our souls

Om mani padme hum

Sound and light, similar hue

Poetry set to sunset tonight

Harbinger of days to come

Purrfect destiny for natural Gaia

Dissolving… breathe in, breathe out

2012 lemme howdt

January 27, 2012

Cars and the Tube

The arch druid report is a good way to test ones thinking for group-think - the author here is one of the few that i read who creates his own world, rather than accepting this one as given. I have been surveying options - this editorial on how it is begs the question of how to change it from there to here in a continuum, when most people believe there is immortal, even in the face of reason. Enjoy the read.

January 25, 2012

Basis for Change

Sometimes it takes a while for genius to be recognized - even when the PTB tells us differently. Nikola Tesla is the key scientist that has been buried, but there are others too - Schauberger, Reich, Rife. Choose your heroes well - the myth and the truth have to be teased from the data. Wow.

January 24, 2012

puff, puff

You might want to clear an hour to watch this video.

January 23, 2012

We can only wish

The distribution of funds from the global bank account.

January 18, 2012

Snow Daze

I wrote a detailed blog post at my other site, decided to link here rather than reproducing it.

January 17, 2012


After much consideration, I am announcing Thyme Howdt support for the candidacy of Stephen Colbert for President of the United States of South Carolina. I fully expect to be noticed by Jon Stewart and the definitely not coordinating with Stephen Colbert super PAC. If no such reward transpires, then i will start pronouncing the tees in the words Colbert and report. I now claim to be the first internet blogger site to make an endorsement and this proves that bloggers are indeed journalists. When do i get my Hall of Fame ballot? I support Pete Rose and Ty Cobb! and Occupy!

Disclaimer - Thyme Howdt is not located in South Carolina and thus cannot put our own pedal to the metal - but we can tell you what to do, just like a super PAC.

January 16, 2012

Bee on Borage

I wish i could attribute this photo - it is quite stunning. It is likely illegal to post somebody else's picture on my site without their permission, but i took the photo off the net and the download didn't include the proper credit. The whirled is so freaked on balance of payments, that we are ready to throw out all the babies with the bathwater to ensure corporate control of our thinking.

So enjoy this bee on this borage flower. Neither the bee, nor the flower were payed for their posture. What you are really looking at is pollination - or buggy sex. It is definitely inter-species and has a beneficial relationship for both the flower and the bee. The characters in this play seem to be enjoying themselves immensely.

Borage flower is one of few true blue hues in nature. If you never get outside, you can never smell the flowers that grow to do their part in the biological energy exchange that occurs on this planet, without the interference of people. Let the people develop this type of peaceful coexistence - based on biomimicry. Just Bee - with flowers.

January 13, 2012

Downen Howdt

Are you paying attention? The pressure to continue is greater than the breaking point - it no longer matters what or if we do anything - the wheels are coming off the cart and the adventure in free fall has begun. Responsibility for all my actions are my own, but i no longer buy into the system of spending money to continue spending money. If it is not a direct cost for something i am not compelled to have, then i don't accept the requirement of payment. The system is built on a house of cards that constitutes fraud - yet individuals are responsible and corporations are people. I don't get it.

We are all one. We are all water and the water is the life creating agent. There is water in every living thing, mediating the reactions of carbon. The whole explanation for how it works is really nothing like how it works at all - but the gatekeepers insist that that is the only way it ever can be. Look at how nature works and ask yourself why that isn't the way we work. Bio-mimicry offers solutions, but we know better than to think that perhaps indeed nature has a bit more experience than humanity, in this form.

My frequency is increasing; the low vibrations that were holding me back have been eradicated from the vocabulary - if it doesn't feel right, i just don't do it. I am sensitive to vibration these days - the emission of frequency direct toward cognitive dissonance really messes with my mind.

Left - came back. Lost the thread of thought - that happens a lot lately. Things are changing so fast, that i have no reliance on temporal patterns - green just infuriates me as a color and red is somehow soothing. Blows away the stereotype when the blues are awe inspiring rather than sad and melodic. Oh - Furry sings the blues - thanks joni. Thyme to fly.

January 12, 2012

Pair of Sunsets

Reality Check

Paul Craig Roberts is one of the few writers that i look forward to reading. Today on Counterpunch, he concludes - stop watching television, stop reading newspapers and stop spending money. I was there at one point, but the practice of living here and functioning requires purchased foods and gas. Sports was formerly purged from purview, but since i am working on game theory metrics, i have opened the window to televised sports - i admit, i can be a junkie. It's all an excuse.

Do whatever it is you need to do, to clear your personal karma from the dogma of control. If you can get to peace with unconditional love, then you are on the weigh to acceptance of whatever will be, which will be. Keep your mind sharp and be open to other perspectives, but get it together to make sense of what you know in context to what you think. If not, your problem, not mine.

My personal space is shifting - i will avoid any unnecessary spending, yet i have to do what i have to do. As above, so below. I have taken on a project and am very interested, to be part of the so below for a while. It will be a humbling experience, but we need to stop feeding our ego. Just do it. Don't be angry, just bee.

As an aside - i am listening to talk radio - about an incident where a petty thug was killed by federal marshals locally. Get ready for insanity - keep your own. I think i would stop listening to talk radio too - but that would be head in the sand, because we need good information and local talk radio informs about local opinion. Keep your grain of salt handy.

January 10, 2012

Culture Wars

Culture Wars


Equitably distributed

Immorally via dogma

Railroad religious

Big Science guardians

Creating yeast

Popping bubbles

Arising against

Machine status quo

Who runs the show?

Why choose this script?

Where lies the value?

Who holds the cards?

Sited upon a radar screen

Crosshairs triangulate

Leaders become wormfood

A call for unleavened bread?

Railroads circle wagons

Guardians loathe bridges

Cede no conquest litely

To railriders ever ever

If the shoe fits, legislate the size

Shape, color, width, height

Dispute existance

Howdtside parametric bounds

Preconceived perceptions

Perscriptive percolations

Coffee for the mind

Empty orders for the soul

Guardians miseducate heathen

Who runs the show?

Why choose this script?

Where lies the value?

Who holds the cards?

Klinton’s is is not is

Orwell’s minitrue connection

Keepers of the gears of thought

Creepers of the wheels of justice

Reepers of the wealth of knaves

Peepers through the bars from truth

Railroad numbers perpetrate

Wrest aweigh chips of granite

Weedle right of weigh into

Sacrificial purge of reality

Manifest reflection mirrors

Templated guardian order

Calling forth chaos

On the international stage

Lennon imagined whirled peas

Who runs the show?

Why choose this script?

Where lies the value?

Who holds the cards?

Guardians railroads chugging

Pretend fiscal engineers

Have answers to queries

Requiring magic wands to fix

While the wizards wearing robes

Punish thought crimes

Illucidate sins around rhetoric

Absolving by dissolving

With underlying assumption

There is value in money

Waiter, the check

Premises are no longer valid

When natural law deviates

From railroad legislation

Guardian regulation

My mommy protects me

My daddy defends me

My dog bites me

His humanity offended

By my current attitude

Oblivious to feeding hand

Who runs the show?

Why choose this script?

Where lies the value?

Who holds the cards?

Sports scores reflect

Metaphoric value

To the approach toward

Land management


Railroad shipping

Total volume

Converting value to money

Guardians enacting

Gaia’s 300-year plan

Process rot to au natural

Requesting all persons

Chinese menu time

Column A or Column B

Forest policy choice

Elective choice

Any choice

Legislated, regulated

Railroaded and guardianed

Who runs the show?

Why choose this script?

Where lies the value?

Who holds the cards?

Why bother?

creative commons : lemme howdt

January 07, 2012

The combination of Water and Orgone energy is the topic of this Aeonia article. Gold Ormus structures water in a similar manner, using internal forces of electron structure. I believe that this is the interface of consciousness, the structured water. What do you think?

Why Occupy?

Rather than repeat a long post - I'll send you off to here.

January 06, 2012

End: Mind Forming

Shift out of fear mode and into love mode :

The limbic mind is very real and getting in tune with it helps resonate our mind and body. For your reading each day visit treei.org .

January 04, 2012

Space Brain?


The color is likely due to red shift as the nebula is moving away, the stars that have a blue shift are moving closer.

January 03, 2012

til then

no questions, no answers - thank you for a pleasant holiday and have an awesome year. see you in 2013.

January 02, 2012

Year in Review

I always like to read a few re-caps - i usually get a huge number of ideas from reading other's lunacy. However - every once in a while somebody, like David Collum, surprises me with an analysis that hit's the head of the nail right on. Then i get to the end and it says David B. Collum is a professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Cornell University. So i go to the shelf and pull out my compost book and yes - that same Cornell University. Hmmm. Chemistry as the common factor - could be a trend. So here is a portion of the analysis from the link above. Enjoy the read - especially focused to economics as opposed to science.

'Unrest began with one incredibly flammable Tunisian. While on foreign shores, we gave it cute names like “Arab Spring”. When unrest migrated to London it became decidedly less refreshing. Social change has now washed up on US shores superficially as Occupy Wall Street (OWS). At its inception, OWS appeared almost comical, but somehow it simply would not go away despite efforts to dismiss it by those attempting to preserve the status quo. Take a volatile mix of young adults – the demographic at the center of all revolutionary social movements – add a little pepper spray, stir it with some Billy clubs, post videos on YouTube, and you have the beginnings of social upheaval. OWS is said to be a highly disjointed group with no common denominator or even well-formulated gripes. I completely disagree. Admittedly, some are asking to be relieved of pain from self-inflicted wounds, but there is one theme: They all perceive that the system has become decidedly unfair. It's not about equal opportunity; wealth and power necessarily accrue disproportionate opportunities. We all work hard to give our kids an edge. It is about a perceived absence of opportunity for a growing segment of the population. It would be incorrect to do a head count at street level and conclude the movement is small. Millions are watching from the comfort of their homes and offices in what I believe is silent support. This movement could get legs as it percolates up through the social strata.