August 31, 2010

Paradise on Earth

If we let the whole thing collapse and get howdt of the weigh, then we can pick up the pieces and rebuild better than we can by grabbing resources for yet another failed intervention. This morning's read demonstrates how howdt to lunch the MSM media is, especially the lefties at Counterpunch (which is a ' good' site).

Mike Whitney writes - The economy is in greater peril than most realize and badly in need of government intervention. My question here is - what have they been doing here with the failed excuses like bailouts and market manipulation? If everybody did only productive work that created real value, then i don't think we would have ten hours a week of real work to go around. So,

we are slaves to an economy that doesn't work for most of us any longer. Why are we buying into it? We need a satyagraha - a general strike where we take the time to think things out and come back with something that works for all of us. they take a month off in France from time to time - perhaps it is our time to emulate the frogs. I think therefore, i am ... right? Let's think of paradise, let's imagine the reality of what will be after we are all responsible for ourselves.

August 30, 2010


My friend Michael Murphy suggested this site on Geo-Engineering! Michael's movie - What in the world are they Spraying comes out this fall.

Four things, at least, should be considered when humanity makes decisions.

1- How will this decision affect every generation that is to come after us?

2- Humility- do we understand that we understand less than we think we understand

3- Logic- am I peeing where I drink?

4-The past- see below

Judging by the size of the plastic continents floating in the Pacific, it would have been a lot smarter for humanity not to become plastic glutons. So, too it can be argued that humanity should have ignored the bomb, terminator genes, DDT, Asbestos and thousands of other creations of short-sightedness.

Too, it should be considered, that mankind ALMOST ALWAYS allows the military to hijack inventions and science. Industrial GEO-ENGINEERING, more so than any weapon in history, has the capability to destroy continents, oceans...the entire planet.

Also of note, all the things created that since have been proven dangerous...have made their patent owners countless billions of dollars...the primary motivation to invent, especially when the invention is questionably immoral. Corporations, as we have learned, think without morals and have bottom-line motivations that emulate worship. Money drives every corporate emotion. Aerosol GEO-ENGINEERING is a FINITE source of money because it will kill us.

August 25, 2010

This photo was an old barn that falling down, just off I-5. The police arrested a homeless man who apparently wandered away from his campfire. Many people have lost touch with reality - or is it that reality has lost touch with many people. Life is abundant - the fire will lead to change and serve as a wake-up call.

Fire is also significant in that it is a clean ending and an opportunity for rebirth. The thought comes to document the process of nature, as a seasonal stream runs through the area. One lesson is that grass burns rapidly when it is dry and hot - respect the conditions when considering tending a fire. The forests here are already in extreme, this has been a very late summer - the late july blackberries are not quite ripe yet, where normally they would be shrivelled.

Thyme to get some mushroom spore.

Fire !

Upon our return home from the hedronists last night, we ran into the aftermath of a small fire that took out about a dozen homes. The starting location was 200 yards from the homestead, in a field that was being used by homeless for camping. The fire took out a ragged barn structure, then jumped the freeway into a residential area. Major wake up call for folks who do not understand local burn season.

August 14, 2010

End the Drug War (end all war)

Thyme to get on the stick about marijuana policy. Peace on earth begins with this herbal medicine. Watch this Reason TV talk - a shrink who tells a good story, though not so good on the conclusion. But we are moving in the right direction.

August 11, 2010

Lost:. Thanks George

Wednesday morning in the nexus of space. Had a talk with Yage (Ya Hay) - the black kitty that controls things from here - and decided to persevere despite the illusion. Circle of one, circle of one, circle of two, triangle of three, circle of five, gang of eight, then thirteen. Thirteen works - the illusion is redundant. Expose facto.

So where does this leave us, besides limboland. Perhaps the real truth buried in Maxwell's equations was eradicated by Dirac's condensation - both Einstein and Heisenberg were taken off task by the first whirled war - what was their interaction with Steiner? - and what was going on with Tesla that has been confined to the memory hole? Enquiring minds want to know!

Science is not the cure. Two standard deviations only allow science to ignore what it doesn't wish to reveal. Let's start with 20%. How many times will something work, if you carry out ten experiments and get 20% that give an alternate answer that is 'way off'. Twice in ten. But what if you get that twice in the first two runs - just by happenstance? (yeah right - randomness - do we think that coincidence actually occurs? of course not!).

At this point - where something works twice, then doesn't work the next eight times - we get the impression that somebody lied - remember cold fusion. But now we know the game is jobbed and that we have been taught that life works a certain way - only it doesn't. Pardon me but i'm confused. So - back to square one. Maxwell's original work, in two volumes. Hard complicated math in 1870's linguistics. I have copies and knowledge, but not the time and energy - i need a graduate student - but that's so old paradigm. Any ideas?

Bang, bang Maxwell's silver hammer came down upon his head....

August 10, 2010

In Joe Hall Creek

Look at this closely - photo credit to Leonard and Lois Houston


The following is a valid working definition of a difficult concept to grasp.

August 07, 2010

A short journey

where are we
how are we
who are we
why are we

i am me
you are you
we are we
just us, too

now down

the blue flame sets
amidst orange glow
a mini scene emits
as though from Dante's hell
where plato's cave calls
perception to the fore

The sky brightens
another day as no other
unique as time passes
another set of experience alive
and i think to myself
what a wonderful whirled

Louie croones in the background
all is not what it seems
colors belie the earth tone
change evolves to flow with time
never hinting that we reach
a breaking point

Divisional cluster emissions
apparent harmony of recognition
fiction melts upon discernment
to reveal naked truth
light rhythm illuminates

Layer upon layer of embedded fluff
as far as the eye can see
behind the illusion -- the void
we fill the void with chatter
instead of linking minds

2010 lemme howdt


A lewf
In my bed
de weigh
eye dew