April 30, 2012

Poetry Month: April 2012

Poetry is an expression of freedom: no anger remains today, but perhaps bittersweet is the proper term.  Enjoy this piece as a representative of voice.

Covering ground toward a future
While changes tear this world apart
Unbridled growth run aground
Economic lattice undermining soul
What can be done must be done
Feeding the masses not in the plan
Each one out for its own self
Advancing by playing system games
Hardened by callous custom
Spoiled by past idolatry

One by one the warriors join
No wallow in their walk
Supporting goddess realities
Laboring to establish content
As Gaia plays the final symphony
Of man’s current black nature
Arising community consciousness
Develops structural integrity
Requiring independence from money
Exchange based on barter of time
Space exists in the realm
Where beings are forced to exist
Under cover of night frost

Taxation buries initiative
Hopeless romantics none-the-less
Attempt to extend the past
No matter how futile the effort
Without recognition of the dynamics
Change in the manner of approach

Resting while others expend energy
What matters alters conscious flow
Patterns that newly create old methods
Historical tracts buried deep
Subconscious to thoughts of today
‘Tis difficult to see with blinders on
Cacophony shouts louder and LOUDER
As ashes to ashes, dust returns to dust
Pick up the pieces and go home
Watching and waiting for opportunity
While preparing the vision of the world
We wish to have tomorrow

lemme howdt 2008

April 29, 2012


Game Theory - 12

Order has structure that is arranged in a way such that form relates to function.  The fine structure has subtle shading, where as coarse structure provides scaffolding.  Chaos, the opposite of order, is not completely unstructured, but rather whipped into a frenzy that can change the apparent order very quickly.

Very quickly, of coarse, is a relative term.  Coarse means not refined, having less overall structure, perhaps malleable and ductile.  Fine structure can lead to resolution, as the elements each have a role that casts a shadow, and that shadow is told by the placement of interaction.

The kitties feel as though i get into too much depth at my keyboard when i blog intensity.  I get focused on the image that i wish to convey and the alliteration takes over, the words spring forth and ring true.  Only they seem different than the focus of other people's thought and the kitties wonder whether i am over the deep end once again.

I finished watching Twin Peaks - an old TV series set in the Pacific Northwest that entertained the mystic in the conveying of unreality.  Television presents the lifestyle on a mirror and we listen and reflect what we are told.  We grok interpersonal relationships because we grew up watching them, a distinct difference from times past when people grew up first living experience, or reading about it and wishing to live it.

They promised us the life of the Jetsons, the wars appear to be recreating the Flintstones.  The myth of life is that it can be manufactured - it cannot - the seems and the is are two very different things.  Star Trek takes us boldly where no man has gone before in our imaginations, but what if it was just preparing us for the next reality.  Blink and you find that this was all a hologram.

How do we gather consistency, when each of us lives in our own segment of reality?  How do we know what we believe in the base, on the ground, where the earth grows.  Gaia theory has gotten recent play in the Lovelock recently admitted to exaggeration of the worst case scenario.  But isn't that what we ask our creative minds to do - to go beyond and conceptualize - the new.  

Or would you prefer the gnu?  What's nu - cee over lambda is an old physics joke; you never get the concept wrong on a test if you can laugh at it once it makes sense.  We have so many terms for knew, that even noo has a subtle meaning (especially in yiddish - noo already). 

Heinlein coined the term grok - which was his way of saying yes he got the point.  When we grok together, we are on the same page.  I wish i had a team like Jubal has in Stranger in a Strange Land - because that's the next novel reality that i seem to pass through.  Take your favorite story, movie or TV show and compare it to your memory and you can find specific episodes that relate.  

Just stay away from McMurtry.


April 28, 2012

Spiritual Ecology

When i wrote Existence, I envisioned a game that people play to take care of the little things.  Communication with natural surroundings in a focal point of the Universal Sovereigns of a Living Earth.  I was searching and learning, scribing and teaching.  I had to 'come up for air' from time to time to get grounded in the basis of fact, before continuing my adventure into the sacred geometry of the universe.

My druid writes of such topics.  As i step back and change direction, i have confidence in my ability to see things as they are rather than as i wish them to be.  I can move in and out, backward and forward, up and down, strange and charmed.  

The language of fields has been made exclusive by the keepers of the partitioning gates.  As a ping-pong ball transverses a net, a well rounded being moves between opposites to compare reality that supposes it is truth.  That net is a fine line that is neither and both.  It crossed through an infinity that performs like a mobius strip, turning inside to outside or good to evil.

I believe in the spaghetti model of reality - that life works as meiosis in cell division getting more complex away from the node surface.  We converge on an outcome and belief makes it so.  But we have been told that Jean-Luc Picard is a fictional character from a fantasy land in the imagination of an author.  Who is to say that you and i are not as such also?

What i believe does not draw sympathy, because it is not what people wish to hear.  I tabulate metrics and look at trends - but if you know which metrics i count, you can job my game.  Nature counts every metric and doesn't miss anything that is out of frame for the scale that is its domain.  

What is here is here, now, but it hasn't always been here.  Somebody build this, or planted this or spent time, the point of value, creating the reality that currently dominates out mental frame.  I, as the poet lemme howdt, expressed a plea to be released.  I transmuted anger into love and watched as the poetry evolved from unknowing lost, to unknowing found.

The wall is that ping-pong net - which unfortunately cannot be straddled. The duality imposed required spin up or spin down, all electrons paired.  Unpaired electrons are continually seeking - the results can only be worked through by spending the length of time required for accomplishment of the task - a well defined outcome that is the new end - the weigh of the world rather than the way of the whirled.

The clock ticks and tells me that here is off the clock.  But i am not 'here', because i have to deal with here.  I can hear 'here' calling and once there, the door closes and the met turns into the Pink Floyd creation of all in all.  Each post may be the last for a while, but wherever there is a will, there is a weigh.  Close your eyes and think of me and soon, i will be there, to brighten up, even your darkest night.

Namaste'  RDLT

April 27, 2012

April 26, 2012


'When the going gets tough, the weird turn pro.'  Hunter S. Thompson

I like George.  I do not always agree with George.  I disagree with his assumption that everything is a business model, but i find George entertaining.  I do not believe that George knows of the Zone, thought he did win a 'lemme' a few years back.  George talks about Wujo.

This is from George's Urban Survival website today :

"Ring-pass-not The limit in spiritual, intellectual, or psychological power or consciousness, beyond which an individual is unable to pass until he evokes from within the strength and the vision to carry him forwards and over the circumscribing limits set by that individual's own karma. In the Stanzas of Dzyan, the lipikas are said to circumscribe the triangle, the first one, the cube, the second one, and the pentacle within the egg, which is the ring called pass not for those who descend and ascend and for those who are progressing toward the great Day Be-With-Us.
Also called the dhyanipasa (rope of the dhyanis or angels) that hedges off the phenomenal from the noumenal kosmos. The world circumscribed by this ring is signified mathematically by 31415 = 14 expressing hierarchies of dhyan-chohans. The imbodying monads, and men who are ascending towards purification but have not yet quite reached the goal, can cross the ring only on the Day Be-With-Us, the day when man will have freed himself from the trammels of ignorance and recognized fully the nonseparateness of his personal ego from the universal ego, and returns into conscious at-one-ness with Brahman."

'When the going gets tough, the weird turn pro.'  Hunter S. Thompson

My friend who makes Ormus has wanted to share notes for a long time - he send me a sketch of the latest theory yesterday and there was a triangle circumscribed by a circle in a cube in a icosahedron.  As you look back through my recent ramblings, you should note I have been blogging about pi 3.1415 and it's relation to phi - 1.61 the golden mean ration.  

Nature likes her wiggle room, we're in non-rational mathematics and the weigh of the whirled is changing rapidly.  As above, so below.  It's past the event horizon for me - rapidly approaching for many others.  Time travel is mucking with time - the real form of time will be revealed to us very soon.  Get your real travel plans in order and find the ground state.  It is where you will be safe during your shift.

 If lemme howdt is truly out, then a different name must be assumed - the thyme howdt is a chrysalis of the avatar i pleigh.  Seems like a peak - perhaps Twin Peaks.  The owls are not what they seem.

April 25, 2012

Game Theory - 11

What happens when you stop paying attention to the vulture culture?  When depth takes precedent to breadth, you just have to let go of things that take away your focus of attention.  The level of sense and non-sense pertains to the running dialog of everything we see in every media.

Over-saturation of ubiquitous culture breeds counter-intuitive conclusions.  Health is not what medicine is about.  Learning is no longer the business of schools.  Mergers have taken familiar names and changed the form of what is beneath the surface.

We used to imagine what if?  We used to have old shows like Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Time Tunnel that taught us a bit about science.  Interesting myth there, called science.  The Baroque Cycle is a work of historical fiction that describes the balance of religious and scientific worldview circa 1700 - a good trilogy to keep handy for when you have time on your hands.

Keeping busy is a means of keeping people off pace.  You don't have time to measure and think about bias if you are constantly attempting to produce a result.  The metric that we measure has to be one that indicates something that reflects value within the moment.  It has to either be a simple count, or a ratio of small numbers.  The simpler the better - such that people function in the metric without thinking about it.

Let's say that you have a class of 25 people including teachers and aides.  They meet for six weeks every saturday morning to investigate forestry.  You teach how to use a tape measure, a relaskop, a dichotomous key and some people get it a bit better than others.  If you want a measure of how effective your teaching is, count the number of donuts eaten after the first break.  This number will decrease the further you get involved, unless you have really captivated your audience.  It is a measure of retention rate.

Think about it - most people eat one donut, a few eat two and some just don't do sugar.  But nobody thinks, i better not have that donut so that i can fake the data set.  You have to have measurements that accurately reflect the way that it is, in fair terms for what you are looking at.  The measurement reflects value of a learning system.

The volume of nonsense has exceeded my capacity - i have a project that interests me enough to let the rest of everything else go for a bit.  I will still pay attention to life here - and keep a journal of the games that i think about, but i will not pay any attention to media, social networks, other blog-sites, or group actions.  Well human group action - point groups and irreducible representations will take on a key importance.

I look forward to this monastery.  No vows of silence or celibacy, but the quietude of depth of effort to get a result that changes the weigh.  Namaste.  RDLT

Change the Approach to Change

Digital societal relapse again
Insanity pervades all moods
Inner peace on outer sleeve
Controlling factions disintegrate
Leaving behind a wake of heartache
‘Flight 2008 now departing for Utopia’
Passengers finding flotsam or jetsam
Remain behind to deal with unreality
Existence now the order of the day
Chaos waiting to leave its mark

The Walls of Jericho fell suddenly
The Berlin Wall fell rapidly
Current walls separate people
Into isolated cubicles, shiny box houses
Any moment can change unannounced
Filters of the mind of the beholder
Attention span is much too vapid
Reflections on the near at hand
Let the walls fall that step across
Common borders of humanity
© 2008   lemme howdt

April 24, 2012

Law and Disorder

Listening to the radio - a group called Causitive Action is attacking the legal ethics of federal employees.  In light of the GSA scandal, it is nice to know that some things stick in the craw of the memory hole.  The whistle blowers that hold government accountable have been mugged and thugged (Bradley Manning, Julian Assange) and there is no real mechanism here for a fix.

Ghandi had the answer here.  Remove all consent!  His concept of satyagraha is to remove acknowledgement of their world - start by recognizing our rights as granted by natural law and the constitution as the protector of people's rights by limiting the size and scope of government.  Everything must go local - the only time the superstructure is necessary is resolution of conflict.

Current rule of law, by fiat and contract supports unlawfulness.  The entire process is corrupted and the broach is such that we need a new body of law.  The BAR has set the bar way too obscure and we need some good minds to start from 'scratch' and support everything from ground fundamental precedent with no assumptions.  In the absence of new case history, every decision sets precedent.

I am not a lawyer, there are few that i trust.  I have been involved in politics - as a campaign treasurer in a governor's race in 1992.  The adventure on that path of life took me to the 'fame and fortune' level of life and contributed to my comprehension.  I also played the citi game and sold security - even getting into the game was a hook and a scam.

Our new weigh is to evaluate what a person is doing and have them justify their use of their time.  Think about this.  If you work for somebody, they have already justified their existence in their position to support your job.  You apprentice and learn as their liege as they turn you on to the field of your chosing.  Work and learning are tied together as a labor of love.

When it comes to the point of marching to your own beat - you assemble a committee of 'unknown peers' - a jury of twelve that hears your request for latitude within the next scope and scale - the freedom to do what you wish as work.  You justify the fit into the common good and the committee deliberates.  

A reverse consensus is necessary to get a go.  If one person agrees with you that your proposal will improve the common good - you get the ability to have what you need to get the job done.  The level of expertise is provided gratis and you get to join a group of people dedicated to similar missions as yours.  The peer review system acts as true peer review and not a gate-keeping function to protect professions in illiteracy.

This is why i can't learn by listening and watching.  My brain takes off in another direction and I missed everything the speaker on the radio was saying. As i tune in - i hear that we need a save Roger Clemens campaign.  What is more absurd that prosecuting a baseball player for being all he can be while sending the army to protect the poppies.

The radio now spoke of the ability to distill hand sanitizers and remove the alcohol to get a 120 proof shot.  Wanna make kids curious - create a new myth about getting high.  Then they can ban hand sanitizer from middle school.  Argh.  It is no wonder that my mind explodes when i listen to the radio - i can create better nonsense.

So - peer review needs to be conducted by peers, not gatekeepers and deciders.  The rules of the game should explicitly state the criteria for petition and the mobility of each individual is initiate by the individual.  Natural law is nature's set of rules to her game.  That is the game that i endeavor to comprehend.

Namaste'  RDLT

April 23, 2012

Quotes of Imaginary Reality

'Imagination is more important than knowledge.' A. Einstein
'Nothing is real, and there is nothing to get hung about' J. Lennon
'Imagine a cosmic surfboard on the wave of this vortex, the space/time equilibrium. Surf's Up' L. Thyme
'Remember to carry a towel' D. Adams

Running the Numbers

As i peek at the life - i have enough solace to dissolve. The importance of blogging has been reduced by the intensity of the dissonance. While i gain readership weekly, the lessons are written in the past and the effort to keep it going is futile. Resistance is futile - the Borg is what it is.

To that end, the phase shift has come and the angle of refraction must equal the angle of incidence - adjusted for perpendicularity. The limit has been predetermined to be from zero to one and is fixed by the size of the box. The door is closing and the howdtside has a lot more room to breathe.

As the spiral approaches the vortex point, the inversion sets the tone and the prior depth is the limit set at one, the center of the vortex is the point in the middle of the infinity - the mobius loop of all set between zero and one. What is between one and one takes the same fractal as that we have just discussed. Then that period is the same for one to two.

The numbers jump exponentially at higher points of the sequence. The time period from 55 to 89 should be the same as the time from zero to one - if things have a time constant, it becomes a matter of measurement to determine the length of the period. Once you have the period down, you can trace the wave and measure the length. Phi is constant.

The baax has ex, why and zee coordinates, denominated in seconds and years. The guru on the mountaintop is the last generation's fool on the hill - he just outlived everybody else. New parameters require the next jump and i just looked at my current age. Since the universe acts on plus or minus one, i am where i am and this life has crescendoed - the next takes me through 89 - i completely understand why the bar-mitzvah occurs at 13.

April 22, 2012

Muggy Night Musings

Today was earth day and the temperature today was upper 80's this 22nd of April. There is rumor of local meteors and the Lyrid showers last night were 'blinded by the light'. The timing of change alters between hurry up and wait and keeping a steady pace is part of the cognitive dissonance resistance.

Today was the first day in the past two weeks that i saw chemtrails in the sky - but rather than staying around all day; the orgone must have dispersed them off. I feel as though my healing process has kicked in big time and the sedimentation part of existence is gone with the change.

Today was a slow day where everything took its own pleasant time - including the micro-thunder storm that helped blow off the late afternoon heat. Muggy is not generally an April term. I embrace the yucky without judgment, knowing the experience is refined because most fear the squish.

Peace is a language spoken in non-verbal resonance. When we attempt to define the state of rest, we fail to notice the dynamic interface on the surface. The magnitude of the transfer is mitigated by the water - which aligns to give visions of sugarplums that dance in our heads.

The change is coming, and life will never be the same - only better in that the experience that we will feel will be something different, because Great Spirit of the universe has instigated an emergent behavior on a vastly different scale that has overtones to the way we perceive here and now.

Frame of reference is part and parcel to perspective. You see what you see from your own point of view and have a challenge when asked to interpret the same events from a different model. We have to let go of things that we are attached to, but will not carry forth. As above, so below, but you can't take it with you and you can't always get what you want.

Music sets a harmonic pattern that can induce action of the spheres. The spheres travel in a spiral where they are constantly falling, but the symmetry point group is not simple. It is important that the lessons of below can be applied above, because the hourglass has been recently inverted and it does not have C2v symmetry, in that the sand falls too.

So merry earth day, in the sense of merry X-mas - may Gifford Pinchot be as revered as Santa Claus. Talk to a plant, or a tree, or a cat and listen to nature as she answers in a different voice than you expect, as her change is also immanent.

The questions lie in the choice of scope and scale, the answers are dependent variables. We can change the initial operating conditions, but what you wish for, you will get, perhaps not in the form that you expect it. It is late for me - my surrealistic pillow calls. Namaste' RDLT

April 21, 2012

Community Building

The community builds around you as the central piece; whether it works or not. It is your opinion that matters most; if you don't think it can work, it won't. Trust in people requires your leadership capabilities, to be able to do what you need to do when you need to do it.

You can depend on me, if you treat me well. I believe in you. I am not your ragamuffin doll to abuse and obstruct. I respond to cuddles and cat purr's. You cannot buy my loyalty, but you can lose it.

You and I will always have roles in the community, because we are capable of stepping into any role that we find necessary. You have your skills, i have my skills and one of my skills is to listen and observe. I try not to tell, but i am a scribe and convey the messages of what we learn to people who wish to learn with us.

Consideration takes time. At the moment, the concept of time is on hold, in the flux box - this might be considered the first rescue mission. Part of the problem is that we wish to measure time in linear units and time doesn't flow that way. Our calendar fits an arbitrary cycle of rotation of the earth about the sun - but why does that period have to be a constant? Why does there have to be a one size fits all version of time?

Because time forms a control lattice. If you control another person's time, you own them. Yes, you give them money to allow them to get things in exchange for spending their time doing your bidding, but is that any weigh to run a community. Good community requires four pleigh - time spent thinking about how to make things work in four key areas.

Food, water, entertainment and love. We travel to get fulfillment from other places, but a community can be self-contained with these bases covered. Only when the area to be covered is greater than the scope of the individuals that make up the community, should partnerships with larger entities outside the community be considered.

In other words - if we have to rely on ourselves in a local resource distribution network, we must be able to provide our own forms of nutritious food, clean water, and healthful edjutainment in a love-based environment.

I have had two different efforts approach that can use the Mondragon model from distinctly different directions, and at different levels of scale. You must work on one, before you work on two. Group theory holds true for very small numbers - four is an unworkable size group for getting things done - it is two squared and falls into a different dimension of number.

The rumble is getting louder. The event horizon requires that those in the gulch return to the gulch for a 'vacation' while the action outside crescendos. I have plans for now - you are the one who must decide on how much you are bought into the ideas that we can hatch.

Now is the time to be self-entertaining, the spirals travel in both directions, but when the edges are approachable, then time takes on a different rate of speed and the wiggle room becomes more important. Rate contains time and cannot be used in the definition of what time is.

Chaos maximizes wiggle room, whereas order requires mathematics to hold its numbers. Nature is a yin yang relationship in many different arenas - be comfortable in your relationship with one, and one, before moving on to two.
You have all the time in the world, and you will get here by being one with community.

Namaste RCLT

April 20, 2012

Depth of Thought

Are you looking forward to 4:20 on 4/20? If everybody got high at the same time, we could all chill out and lower global warming at the same time. People are being silly already, doing things like insisting their facts are correct because they read them in a book and have a citation as proof.

Space/Time is conceptually broken - we need to toss the baby, the bathwater and the tub. Reinvent the wheel. Challenge even the most basic assumption and validate the truth before accepting facts as part of the premise.

We can build models (games) and study them to see how they work, then make changes to the details (rules) and replay the game. Cause generally leads to effect, but the temporal relationship that effect always precedes cause is not borne out by the facts. Some people understand things wrong then insist that because they 'got it', it must be correct.

Let's look at global warming - the data say that yes, the temperature of the earth has increase during the past two centuries. The industrial revolution occurred in the past 200 years and created an economy based on burning stored energy (coal and gas). Thus the industrial revolution and human activity has caused global warming. Who can argue with such logic?

I suppose that the industrial revolutions on Mars and Venus also contributed to their planetary global warming at the same rate as the Earth. Perhaps people should 'get' physics before they discuss the physics of the universe. But what happens if traditional physics is not quite right?

My friend Nassim Haramein has demonstrated a different form of physics that is mathematically consistent with current evidence - based on spirals and sacred geometry. The gatekeepers of the mainstream have just started to recognize the level of thought that it takes to explain the facts in a different weigh. They now 'allow' him public access, how quaint.

I live on the cutting edge of atomic orbital theory. Synthetic chemistry takes the duality of wave and particle nature and says - let's just work with the particles. Analytical chemistry takes the same duality and works with assigning the waves frequency to particle orbitals. Orbitals are electron containers and the electric universe concepts can be interpreted through the spectroscopy to correlate with particle reality. Remember, it is all just theory.

Theories use models to test hypotheses. As above, so below. Nature funnels consistency from the very small to the very large without breaking the chain - fractal reality manifests itself differently under changing conditions; each scale is contiguous - one range blends into the next.

When the particle physics of very small agrees with the eastern zen philosophy of the Tao and the metaphysics of the very large, then the muddle in the middle must miss the metaphor. As bright as Uncle Albert and Ike Newton were - there is more there out there and what we already believe is just another form of myth.

No need to be on the same page with me. I can think through things from my perspective and come up with different solutions than you get. As long as you think to get here, i am okay with debate - we should agree to be consistent, when we can agree on common reality. Right now, we each live in a very uncommon reality and i am fine thinking my own thoughts and blogging them here, for your entertainment and my personal edification.

Is it 4:20 yet?

April 19, 2012

Game Theory - 10

Memory is served by repetition. When you see the same sequence of events again, you tend to take away a slightly different perspective than when you watched the sequence for the very first time. I am revisiting the surreality of David Lynch and Twin Peaks.

Living in a fantasy soap opera is common for many amerikans. They have to keep up on who is doing what, but the questions they ask just boggle the untrained mind. I guess that i can get howdt of touch with reality rather easily, but my patience for stupidity has been overcome by tolerance and avoidance - i leave the scene before the play plays howdt.

Too often, the scene that happens is quite different from the spin given by those who witnessed the events. We shake our head in awe and repeat the dialog to see if we missed something obvious. The past is not an indicator of the future, but history repeats itself in a variety of fractal forms. It all comes back around.

Marvin K. Mooney was one of those odd characters from the recesses of the mind of the seuss. I get the impression that we are approaching that point in life where Marvin gets the hint. If we remove the recognition of their scope and scale, then the form of truth might be able to develop naturally, after the event horizon passes.

One fallacy is attachment. The depth of the time that we share brings a value that i miss, because the interaction of two can be greater than the sum of different ones. The models can each work in their own microcosm, but the conditions are different enough that the results cannot be considered statistically significant until enough iterations have been completed to demonstrate the new length of cycle. Here n is greater than 34.

The small number ratios are extremely important. Numbers converge in reversible patterns that depend on conservation of symmetry. The visual universe is a spiral of infinite loops that converge at different points. Emergent behavior comes from a sequence of things happening just right and a belief that they will do exactly as they will do; as above, so below - the same event on different time frames.

Light workers and sound workers are feeling similar vibrations that result from a multiple convergence of several different space/time lines that are unique. The black cats know what is going on, their dialect is feline plus plus. Trust your intuition and know that the universe pleighs this out many different times to give you just the outcome that you expect.

Otherwise, just use the remote and change the channel. Namaste RDLT

April 18, 2012


What would you like to know? If you can ask any question to the guru, what would you ask? If the answer had to be 42, would that bias your question?

What comes around, goes around and if you stick with your premises, they sometimes come back in mysterious manners. Evaluation of a challenge involves understanding the problem from a myriad of angles. If you want an honest question, allow a child to ask.

The gap in education seems to arise at middle school - the 12-14 year old has realized that half of what she knows is bullshyte, but she has no clue which half. After being taught how to walk and talk, she is forced to sit down and shut up. The only method is learn is to be talked at.

The reading and writing parts are supposed to stimulate thought, however the 'teach to the test' mentality of school evaluation systems forces a single line of thought, imposed. I was one of those students who read every book assigned in English class and thought about the concepts. I was totally destroyed when i found out that the people who got higher grades used Cliff Notes to job the game.

Ego is a funny tool. We all have incredible egos for popping other people's self-inflation of their own value. Value is a relative term. We are forced to value money; if we do not, then the world opens up to us in a different form. I value life experience, i value the pursuit of truth, i value you reading this and thinking about what i think.

The frame of reference should direct the form of the question. If you want to get a specific answer to justify an alternate agenda, then you can ask a dishonest question and get your result.

Our young teenagers have a different basis set to work from, they do not get to choose to pursue where their interest lies. They cannot get straight answers to their questions. They are forced to focus in 47 minute periods and switch at the ring of a bell. Pavlov smiles.

The scale of focus is changing in the perspective of what each of us is able to do. The old mindset is no longer achievable, yet the institutions of modern life are at best passe and out of touch.

This blog is thyme howdt - a place where i ask you to think about the answers, so that we can ask better questions and know that the answers are true.

April 16, 2012

The Wall of Assumption

Everybody has their own opinion from their personal perspective. We each can go into great detail about what we know, especially when asked about one of our pet topics. We keep up in the area, learn the jargon and have a sense of what is cutting edge - the part where what we know brings together what we don't know and integrates the new in a weigh that makes sense.

By the same token, most of us know when we don't know and need to defer to more informed judgment. We keep tabs with a number of people who have taken the time to explain their logic in terms that coincide with the way we think. We really should find people who disagree and have them explain the concept - it would stop reenforcing the common myths.

How deep the myths go reflect how deep your personal rabbit hole extends. The more you know for sure, the less you understand other viewpoint based on 'lesser' realities. I define a lesser reality as one that you will gladly write off because it doesn't conform with the facts in your personal myth. It does not suggest hierarchy below - because you don't believe it, you give it little credence. Thus it is lesser - it holds no real value to you.

But really, is that true? You may not agree, but sometimes there is something said that strikes a chord. You cannot let it go - it gnaws and finds time to use thought - the arena is whetted and a theory no longer holds water. How deep? When in trouble, check your premises.

Group theory concerns itself with the symmetry of relationships. We are more comfortable with groups that fit a Fibonacci set and have trouble with misbalanced groups. Getting larger than eight is quite a task, because each additional atom (or person) adds a complexity that has to fit into the whole.

Inversion is a symmetry theme, just compare your left hand to the right one. Nature attempts to accommodate, but eventually abandons things that don't work in favor of things that do work - hence 'progress' occurs. Our current human operating system was hijacked long ago and now changes that are coming can provide a fix - if we can grok a perspective that the institutions that we are trying to 'save' are imaginary failures that we no longer need.

We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control, no dark sarcasms in the classrooms, hey, teacher, leave those kids alone. Time to stop adding bricks to the wall.