April 30, 2007

Barnyard Attitude

In developing relationships to implement survival techniques, my friend Barnyard excells in innovative composts. He has designed his compost beds to work below a 6" layer of soil, where he is growing leeks. The green organic material in the compost is peanut husks - i neglected to inquire about the brown organic. The major fungi growth media was a molassus/'EM' brew. EM would be the equivalent of a compost tea. The solution is kept topped off in any container, because it will produce gasses in the head space and create pressure inside the vessel.

The final product this fall will be vegetables and the byproduct will be spore innoculated, micronutrient rich compost. I will use my raised beds for testing Barnyopost against Boropost - my this year's special brew. I also added Barnyard's concerntrate to the Molybdoboropost that started cooking up last week. Happy planting season.

Sustainable Camp

Robert Jensen at Counterpunch nails some concepts on the head in this article. Accepting change and doing things differently has always been what the zone has been about. Sometimes, a different approach is necessary to counterbalance the tide of conformism and to get us out of the patterns that we develop.

Since school has become a place for the indoctrination of learning - there is no joy in learning - therefore there is no value in the concept of just another school. So as of May Day - the Oregon Natural Resource Research Institute - will serve as a camp rather than a school. I prefer to be a happy camper rather than a teacher, anyway. Since i like to articulate science and do things howdtside - this summer science camp will focus on establishing reference collections.

During May, Dr. Lenny will set up a whirlwind tour of Douglas County recruiting people who share his interest in building a local natural resource supply inventory. The First Science Zone Camp of 2007 will take place in June to network the camp infrastructure. Camps are designed for extended learning in a Redile framework. The three day event in mid-June will focus on establishing the big picture and learning information recording skills. The major techniques featured will be GPS - Global Positioning Systems, Nature Journaling, and Establishing Photo Points. These three areas are essential to collecting information at 59 potential project sites. Three more camps will be operated in July with a much younger focus. The idea is to build the basis for independent inquiry based learning through our museums - in this case - the Umpqua Discovery Center in Reedsport.

April 28, 2007

Charity Event

The Josh Bidwell Foundation will be holding it's annual Celebrity Golf Classic Event in Roseburg Oregon next weekend - May 3-5. This includes a dinner auction on Thursday, a rain or shine golf tournament on Friday and a kids football camp on saturday. Josh Bidwell is the punter for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - a local kid made good. As a sports nut, Dr. Lenny has volunteered to be a clip-board jockey on a closest to the pin hole - tape measure and all. Proceeds go to rural sports programs and cancer research.


Werner Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle is one of the fundamental truths of science. When two variables depend on each other directly - the measurement of one influences the action of the other. This holds in particle theory with momentum and direction - wave functions have been calculated to provide the limits under the terms of measurement. We also grasp the concept of error and include a measurement of error based on calculation. While some events do happen outside the error bars, these are 'rare' and often signal incorrect measurement - a device or an operator was not working/thinking properly. Error can be made at any point in a process - accomodations can control small errors unless they are a portion of absolute function - like an O-ring on a shuttle.

Error has a compounding effect over time. When order incorporates error and builds it into a system, then that error can influence other codependent systems. Systems thinking is important, because we rely on systems to get things done. Back-up systems provide means for support when the primary systems go down - nature uses this built-in redundency to shift gears for optimal operations under a myriad of changable environmental conditions.

It appears that most of our highly trained specialists are not capable of being generalists. This will allow for a thought revolution on a different scale as people uncommoditize our lives and apply learning in one field of endeavor to applications in a completely different fields of endeavor. As i see the science toys of chem grad school 25 years ago being marketed as mainstream electronic gadgets of today, i wonder if the ability to use these toys for applicable utility can be developed. To test this hypothesis, i will play science camp network as a game theory game, with a scoring system and activities that vette all the scientific information available in my habitat today.

This summer i will be running science camps outdoors for children of all ages, at the Umpqua Discovery Center in Reedsport and the Douglas County Museum of Science and Natural Science in Roseburg. Our focus will start with the Umpqua River system, and our quest will be to organize the information into a form where what is done can be checked. Anomalies that fall out from different eyes will be explained in terms of the expertise available from people who know the field. I believe current data collection methods incorrectly self-correct out anomalous data in the field, when true collections of numbers without regard to the measurement would allow this data to be rejected mathematcally at a desk. This would increase the uncertainty and open the range - since many anomalies are real and should not be ignored.

This research directed learning approach will listen to the earth generating numbers - and teach us how to measure. What we do here can be duplicated in form and applied in different function to the specifics of the land in other areas. Lots of people measure different things - sifting through bias to look and see what is really there is important for making good land management decisions. The scoring system will reward good data handling and proper protocol use. With lots of photo points.

Natural Resources come from the earth and people are natural resources in themselves. Rather than wait, ONRRI, as a cooperative institute will develop partnership - focus our attention from the grass root level - and question what we know. Personally, i hope to find where internal errors were built into the assumptions of prior generations of well meaning, but misinformed scientists. Science should not be an elite profession, but rather a common approach to life. Redile is a means for anybody to look deeper into themselves.

April 27, 2007

music time

time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future ... steve miller band

Math in Action

Today is the start of a whirlwind travel weekend where i get to rack up the highway miles. Fortunately, i have fellow travelers in opposite directions, this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon. Riding while trading information gives dual capacity for work. As direct information exchange is a power relationship, it accomplishes four times as much done - two squared. When a third latitude is introduced, two by two by two gives sixteen.

Thus, two crossed eights on the grid of sixtyfour should be the outcome by sunday evening - if the trips are successful. Support systems are difficult to install on the fly - but the circus performers remove the nets below when they develop enough confidence in their own ability. If this geocentric bird going to fly - the safe home dome of the nest is really an incubator with the heat gently warming. Gotta go, gotta do, gotta plant the seeds, gotta set the table, so we all can be fruit-filled and multiply.

April 26, 2007


rural urbanized
urban ruralized
urban uber urbanized
rural under ruralized
migration to urbana
detachment from land
ashes to ashes to dust
dust is 'fait accompli'

(c) 2007 lemme howdt

Struggles of Mind

How does the big picture manage to include all the little pictures and yet keep chugging along? If every interaction is a node of complication - why should we bother sorting through the spaghetti of connections, when both the beginning and the end seem destined - plain as day? Life is the journey, but are we wandering aimlessly or are we constructively moving in a direction? Two steps forward, one step back? Are we really at the epitome of progress?

Me-thinks, therefore me-am. Somehow i don't think so. If the human brain is to the computer, as the computer is to the abacus, the original calculator, then my guess is that humanity has been to this synthesis of knowledge level before and journeyed backward in evolution to correct significant mistakes that might be expressed later. Knowledge of genetics apparently predates the Crick and Watson aha - but it makes one wonder on paradises lost in the name of protecting a failed status quo from paradigm change.

Reading is the means of gathering thoughts from different ages and tracking the progression of ideas. Authors that survive time tend not to parrot their own contemporary thought manifestations - writing is a tool for people that can independently take responsibility for their words and see the purpose in violating the norm. The system of reward and punishment conforms to how well we group-think and not being connected to the borg gives us the advantage of not knowing. The current accountability system is completely bogus - cost accounting is not easy and is done recklessly. But connections mean more than relays and switches are common in the business as usual corporate world.

I feel there is a need for basic how it works discussion in many areas - but this would necessitate a new economic interaction model because intellectual property rights is an unsustainable construct for a progressive society. Hiding knowledge for personal profit is now the accepted norm. Why corporations have people rights as the law says they can - yet people responsibility for the race belongs to all of us. Individually and collectively at all scales. And rights and responsibility are two sides of the same coin. So on to visit another day, while waiting for the cosmic surfboard on the wave of descent.

April 25, 2007

Drivers and Indicators

Sometimes, i forget that not everybody treats science as though it is common sense. I had somebody ask me whether carbon dioxide was enough of a problem that it would crowd out the oxygen in the atmosphere and make it hard to breathe. When carbon dioxide levels are 350 parts per million and oxygen is roughly 19%, there is absolutely no way that carbon dioxide could be a driver of climate change. 19% is 190,000 parts per million - the carbon dioxide level is both mathematically and physically insignificant.

However, since the carbon dioxide levels go up along with other levels of more toxic greenhouse gasses, the carbon dioxide level is a reasonable indicator of atmospheric health. This is a response that correllates with known science - although i have my doubts on how much known science actually explains the way things are. The science approach is valid and useful in the context of understanding how nature works. Or doesn't work, as the case may

Paging Charles

The world is upon us and we are upon the world - co-operation should meet competition to accomplish necessary tasks - but it will not because we cannot cooperate and cannot compete fairly, under the current rules. Will survival of the fittest return to play?

April 24, 2007


Received a call from Roger Weidner - former Reform Party gubernatoral candidate - about a case he has in Eugene, Oregon next Monday - April 30 at 8:45 am in the federal courtroom of Justice Lyle Valeur at 1025 E. 7th street. Roger would like to pack the courtroom for a corruption case against some crooked attorneys who are attempting to fraudulently gain title to some land holdings. If you have ever wanted to be a court-watcher, this will be high theatre - as good as it gets. Good luck, Roger, with your special appearance.

Designing the test

Good things come to those that are patient. Sometimes the karma will overcome the dogma - at other times the dogma wins. I was reviewing my links and i noticed A Pox was back, looking at the same challenges that we face here - from a different perspective.

In framing the question, Adem suggests that we are about to face an essay question. We have gotten through the multiple choice stage - and find all the offered answers wanting. Given the instinct for self-preservation and the fact that nobody really knows any other way - my guess is that we have absolutely no chance of passing the test under the current conditions.

We need to start by asking ourselves a few questions about our study habits - to make certain that we prepare ourselves to address the question in terms that we can understand - that can be understood in translation - and that speak truth in a form that can be immediately grasped as such. The co-opting of the english language for the purpose of advertising useless gadgets means that we had better start our test with a matching section - to get us all speaking on the same page.

Next we need a short true/false section - to probe the myths that are commonly held - and to see what is agreed upon. The basis for explanation works much better when it can be related by analogy - nature tends to duplicate function in a myriad of forms - to ensure that the function always takes place. When one mechanism gets trashed, it goes down and other replacement mechanisms step in to take its place. Systems function best when paying attention to the small details - and recognizing when things are misaligned at the earliest possible instant. Built in redunduncy has been co-opted in economics by efficiency of scale - the next system will have to address this misdirection of labor efforts.

Section three of our test has to do with calculations - what are we measuring and is the response to the measurement rational. What is the range of error in the calculations - and how much uncertainty have we allowed? The closer you attempt to measure, the more you affect the measurement - does your heart palpitate in a doctors office? How to count is a skill we teach our pre-schoolers, and we let them think that they know how to do it without reinforcement as they grow through school. This section reminds us, people - get the numbers straight.

Section four is short answer. You either speak the language or you don't and you have to be able to fill in the blanks with the proper concepts. We can argue what proper is all day - it means having a mastery of the working basics in the field of endeavor. If you demonstrate that other people can follow your logic and you can follow theirs - then this section becomes a snap.

Now we get to the essay. But instead of a single topic - the approach is more like which apple can you pick off the tree. Each area of knowledge has their own questions that people are pursuing - although the focus of much of our research is on consumable entities. If we focus on applying the field of our individual expertise into a different field of our interest, then we can advance both cause and effect at the same time - and learn while teaching and taking our test. Each short essay can focus on building a brick for the foundation of vetting the information that we call our knowledge base. Perhaps we can start the mortar mixing for a foundation based on truth, for its own sake.

So there is my test - which can be used in any form to pursue any interest - as long as the clear perspective is true. I am an ONRRI scientist (ONRRI - Oregon Natural Resources Research Institute) - let's start prepping for this exam.

The weight of life

As random events blink on and off howdtside our purview of control, we the people need some simple mechanical measurements to tell us that we in fact are moving in the right direction. I like to track different things, and i happen to have a lot of weight meaurement devices around the farm. Since it is spring and things like to grow - perhaps i will meaure little things, like the growth of a random leaf on a single tree or the weight of mail in the mailbox.

The latter seems to be increasing excessively, as businesses have taken to marketing by direct mail. Moreso, there seems to be thousands of organizations that wish my money to support their causes. If once in the past, i thought that i wished to encourage their endeavor, then now i can't seem to get off their mailing list and most of it gets tossed unopened. If i weight the mail in different categories, it might tell us more about who is chasing the average joe's wallet. Cause if i'm on the list, you can bet a lot more people are too. Of course, junk mail is not quite like spam - it costs postage to keep howdt the riff-raff.

Information comes in all different forms and it is a matter of how you assess the value and apply the effort. Contributing monetarily is a philosophy that helps people assuage their guilt while continuing to appreciate other people that work on the social issues, while we all work to support families. But what are the supports in the structure of the system? How much of what we do is to support the structure of what we do, rather than be useful toward what we wish to do. And how do we develop ideas of what we wish to do, and act on them, if we are constantly chasing the decaying support structure? These are community issues questions - time to develop consensus answers about where and what and when and how and why - that work on an indivual basis.

Why? That is the pertinent question. Why? Why are we trying to keep a myth going as thought we could fix it rather than trying to move ahead toward the next stage of civil society? Or is civil society just another oxymoron?

April 23, 2007


Readying myself for the roller coaster - weekend was not really effective at accomplishing anything much - though i did get to get back to thinking about relevant things rather than esoterics. As soon as the brain begins engaging in the thoughts that make it feel like thinking, it drifts into a wide range of detail and prefers to remain there sorting and sniping. Mundane things like cooking the food, paying the bills and chauffering the kids where-ever are just not part of the picture. Which means that you do have to take being dragged uphill along with the fancy flights downhill to really appreciate the ride.

April 22, 2007

Flowers of Earth Day 07



and daffodil

April 21, 2007

psyche howdt

people stressing
much too much
without targeting
source irritant
create conflict over
non-germane issue
irrelevant item
impertinent value
to distract away
rather than be done
extend morass
unto timely collapse
when chaos erase
vestiges of order
that cannot remain
another tomorrow

(c) 2007 lemme howdt

Torching Bridges 00200740

Watching the illogic of the grasping of straws in trying to hold together figments of pretend knowledge that just aren't there. Truth has a funny way of speaking and illusions that are shattered have no means to recreate themselves. You pick up the pieces and go home. You may disbelieve what you saw, but the grand illusion is still an illusion - when the gloves come off, the serpent bites and the wound can be healed, but not reversed.

Partnerships are built on mutual trust - building that trust is a process - not an end but only a means. Common goals come from shared effort based on mutual respect. I watched an ambush that could potentially turn into a slaughter - where the snarl of the gigantic beast pinpricked will reign forth contemporary crisis. Meanwhile, the room was telling for who wasn't there. The brunt of the force is that this is what it looks like when the wagons get circled and the perceived ins are outside. 'My wrath is bigger than your wrath games' have no room in modern society - destructivity spreads like salt water. After it pulls back, you are left with debris.

Hide your jewels, the whoomph is coming. Urban America doesn't like what it can't understand and it doesn't understand rural life. It does understand that their food sources are not dependent on rural life 'here' any longer. It is distasteful, so close it down. Uh-Oh. The other shoe dropped. 'We are going to do what we are going to do - not matter what you say.' Oh. Okay - go ahead - shall we bend over and apply grease? Apparently they think so. I'm stunned. The puppeteer slipped in manipulating this string and let the cat out of the bag. The local press missed the story - but it scares me that now i know the illusion line is lifted, the fog is lifted and the paradigm lost cannot be returned to. Oom bawee gawa.

No trust latitude any longer - as if there wasn't too much false accountability and bean counting already. To allocate resources for the sake of the allocation rather than the resource. Why? Because money speaks, and this is a paper chase. They are circling the wagons - the rings are getting tighter. Look to biology for the model systems of how organisms operate. Vacuoles.

April 19, 2007


There is something unsettling that is holding me back from something that i just can't grasp yet. I know that i'm close, but there is no there there to hold to, so my brain is running circles around itself, trying too hard to make sense of nonsense. Thus i think it's time to move off the beaten path and curl up with Rand at the fictional Galt's gulch. Or develop the Bug scenario for the summer.


What is violence? As our society wages war overseas and gets ready for the gun control rhetoric rumbling down the pike, we should ask ourselves - what is it that we really oppose? Is violence just the use of force? Well, no, there are many applications of force that are non-violent. Strinking a nail with a hammer implies no malice.

Let's look at the social recreational violence that took place a lot at a place i went to long ago - middle school. It was then called junior high, but for three years from grade seven to grade nine, i was stuck in a world of major league social violence in a survival of the fittest mechanism. Since kids grow at different rates in puberty and girls grow faster than boys, my life went from being a fat roly-poly bug kid to being last to grow up, bouncing between bullies catching the brunt of the 'wow, see what i can do' philosophy that kids use when they find that their growth spurt made them bigger than somebody else. Back in the day - we were allowed to fight it out and adults only interferred when it became both mean and chronic.

I finally needed to hide inside. That was when chess became my sport of play choice and i left the playground battles to others more fit than i. It may in fact be why i missed out on biology - i was into linear thinking indoors and not into dealing with most other people who didn't share my interests outdoors. Was i a geek, sure, but geeks were fewer and farther between and not a social organization in and of themselves. I learned to get beaten up and dust off and keep going. It wasn't the end of the world.

Nowadays - school will not tolerate any violence or meanness of any sort, on paper, while officially giving a blind eye to the day-to-day social conditions of middle school. Serious lord of the flies stuff. Kids who are bounced out in the social forays are isolated and quit on themselves. Rural areas do not have the critical mass of access to people of different types for kids to recognize that the problem is in societal behaviors, not individual behaviors - as everything pushes conformitity to the unrealistic ideal of the perfect human - which every kid assumes they are via the miracle of life. So kids quit on themselves early. From then on in, it is always behind and playing catch-up.

Worse yet, is that adult society is now playing a very perverse form of blind man's bluff. People feel they have to be noticed and the more outrageous they choose to act, the more permissible it is to laugh at the fool and take advantage of his naivity. But when the fool has been mistaught and is taken advantage of by guile, then 'houston, we have a problem'. Information is so readily available, that what is taken as truth is neither vetted against what is truth, nor of what truth apperared to be in the past. The mechanisms of life appear the same, but the subtle nuance has changed to the point where you, as the individual, really don't know how to act with regard to the given situation. You get mixed signals on pain and pleasure, on right and wrong, on real and false, on everything - and when you break, the lemming inside takes over and you do what you are expected to do by the group you happen to be running with at the time.

What does this have to do with violence? Perhaps if kids on the middle school playground were allowed to fight it out and pick their battles and develop action behind their belief, to demonstrate that they can deal with violence, then as adults we would be able to deal with more things that come barrelling down at us, rather than abdicate responsibity, along with fixing blame and hoping it all goes away. I am not pro violence, but no-tolerance banning of violence in school leads to the public and media response we see happening from this week's school shooting. There is a place for violence in the world, so let's learn how to define the problems of violence and deal with them, rather than continuing to be surprised by every next incident.

April 18, 2007


evolution pollution
genetic engineering
exchangible habitat
subtlely featureless
landscape architecture
magnified grandscale
similar monoculture
homogenized dispersal

(c) 2007 lemme howdt

April 17, 2007

deep thought

science is a religion, and religion can be a science; science depends on approach, not topic

April 16, 2007

The Big Green Game

When we talk about environment, it has always bothered me the way big enviros walk all over anyone in their partnership to get their way. Time after time, people who know are compromised for the bigger good - a deal that saves face for big enviros while getting a marginal backstep in return. Fitz explains the scenario in terms that fit, at least from this perspective. I disagree with his proposed solution - government coercion - but he defines the problem - too many people taking too many liberties with fixed quantity substances that are essential. Holy resource recovery re-evaluation time, batman.

The Trees

As Rush tours, Dr.Lenny should find a way there. When Sunni posted details about the Rush tour, Dr. Lenny put Hemispheres on his turntable and listened to The Trees. When Dennis Behreandt at LRC wrote about The Trees today , Dr. Lenny reads the omens and needs to comment.

Living howdtside with the trees here at ground zero of the timber wars - i have learned that there is more than trees in a forest. The eco-communities that grow produce all the resources they need in abundance and redundantly, so if one mechanism is slowed, others are increased. The numbers of different types of species interaction grow exponentially upon introduction of other species - it is how life goes on. Lichen, fungus, ferns, forbes, brush and soil all play important roles in a system that allows trees to act like periscopes and filter air and water. The key is really the water exchange - and the kinetics of water movement appears to be the governing factor for life, forest style. That is why The Trees is always the first Rush to go to, for me.

The political coin also fits - people, let's get to proposing solutions that we can all live with. The political economy is currently in their last grab for all the marbles mode. The left brain and the right brain of the political establishment have combined to turn political thought into mush and we the people have the right to abolish the government when it ceases to fit its form. The key document is the Declaration of Independence. There are many ways to think about freedom, but the only path is with liberty and justice on our side. Rush's ending to The Trees is a perfect allegory of today's symptoms.

So the maples formed a union
And demanded equal rights.
"The oaks are just too greedy;
We will make them give us light."

Now there's no more oak oppression,
For they passed a noble law,
And the trees are all kept equal
By hatchet, axe, and saw.

April 15, 2007

the grubbermint problem

"The heart of the problem is this: while the purpose of every local, state and federal environmental law is to protect natural resources, nearly every law has also provided authority to the agencies to permit, in their discretion, the very pollution or land damage that the statutes were designed to prevent. Of course, the permit systems were never intended to subvert the goals of environmental statutes. But most agencies today spend nearly all of their resources to permit, rather than prohibit, environmental destruction. Essentially, our agencies have taken the discretion in the law and have used it to destroy Nature, including its atmosphere."

Kelpie Wilson at Truthout quotes Mary Wood of University of Oregon Law School concerning environmental agency regulation philosophy. As an ardent conservationalist and a property rights advocate - it seems to me that most environmental laws are totally absurd and not under the purview of the people enforcing such laws. Just because we put together an agency in Washington that has blended american living standards into a coerced mush where the system allows violators to buy their pollution. Slick - makes money for regulators by creating make work.

Now the group of high honcho lawyers weighs in by five to four majority that the government coercion must be ramped up. Is this theory of unitary execultive like the commissioner of a sports league? If so, let's divide the country into many separate jurisdictions and play each other off for the best living standards. My guess is that regions would define 'best' differently. The best government to me is that which governs least. I would like to see EPA declare the Formosa Mine a Superfund site - the situation is beyond the Oregon DEQ to repair.

April 13, 2007

Update - mid april

Time has played some funky tricks on us - but if things work howdt, time will no longer be of essence. One more chapter in the middle section of Atlas Shrugged, then on to Galt's Gulch. Also saw the doctor morph yesterday - wonder how the new guy is gonna deal with tongue in cheekiness. Plus - only one more disk left in the season. It pays to never addict oneself in the first place. It would be fun to be a time lord - as long as the daleks were gone. Ah, Bartlebey. Ah, Rose.

time of mind

hours of ours to mine as time
to mine the mine of time, just mind
slip away; to play all day today
to create time; mine to show the way
to mine this mine of time of mind
hours - ours - not yours or mine
hours to build this mine of time
time to mine for mine and yours
mind our time, our time to mine
mine our hours, our hours to mine
to mind time for hours of ours
our minds find time to mine our time
time to mine our minds for time
mines to time our times to mind
times to mind our mines to time
hours of time to mind our times

(c) 2007 lemme howdt

April 12, 2007

Global Warming Ramble

"models do not equate with empirical evidence. As Heisenberg’s principle warns us, models can do no more than project a present limited understanding into the future."

Butler Shaffer tackles global warming at LRC today. As this is one of Dr. Lenny's favorite topics, it would be remiss to not comment - Shaffer delivers one good chaotic though after another. It seems obvious to me that if we allow people to time to think, they will ask the right questions. Everybody develops micro-models in their minds that adjust to the bigger picture and attune the image.

Image building is something that takes time, like good art, where the pieces of the puzzle get added in turn. I got to watch some a true artist in action last weekend at the museum - i like the philosophy and style of expression without words. The image of models that Shaffer brings up is very telling of the state of the status quo in science. Back to Butler on scientific anarchy

"I am aware that most scientists cling to a faith in conclusions that have been widely accepted within their respective communities, and angrily react against any heresies – however well-documented and reasoned – that arise from skeptical minds ... most members of the scientific world openly embrace the views of the brilliant science philosopher, Paul Feyerabend, who challenged the idea that there was “a” scientific method ... He advocated a theoretical anarchism in the search for truth, believing that such an approach was more consistent with human nature than was adherence to rigid rules of inquiry."

It would make sense to allow each person to think and foster their own ideas of where to go with that thinking. When people are ready to learn, dr. lenny can help seek a natural means of applying science to developing thought patterns as another alternative facet to the dimensions of life. Soaking in hot water allows one to meditate on life - and Ashland in the converse of the Roseburg in the life view. The tough nutz to crack are here, in the world of nature, the systems thinking necessary is broken at the apex of the current period and knotthink dominates.

One other note - i have again been asked for access to the archives - i have been doing some grouping and once i index my groupings, i will give a code that will allow one to unlock the treasure chest. But it will require use of GPS cache and other techno toys to make it relevant. Since most of life doesn't blog, dr lenny will be attempting to publish a book in some form, so access will incorporate a data mining lesson that encourages dr. lenny to his task.

Had an interesting (and painful) migrane last night, but i used an experimental technique from Ramchandran and i think i figured some things howdt how to move the pain to a different arena of the brain. Now if i can move it to a bone or something that feels no pain, then perhaps i have new clinical insight into the better function of that grey matter thing that we keep in rest status all too often.

Society of Leonards

Spock has the right term - Fascinating. But the, the actor playing Spock was Leonard Nimoy. I have been connecting to people that share the given Leonard and i am way surprised that it empasses many mone people who use slangs like Doctor Lenny and Lee. So, if you have wacked howdt ideas on everything, double check your birth cirtificate and see if you are a Leonard in drag. Then join my club - no membership dues, two requirements - you have the given name Leonard and you like to do stuff and try lots of ideas.

April 11, 2007

Return of the doctor

Back in the saddle after a two day trip to enlightenment and the hot springs. undergoing computer withdrawls, so i will moderate my time back to short comment. Dr. Lenny made an appearance on a sustainable radio show - talking permaculture. Maybe media celebrity can be added to the resume.

April 09, 2007

E1(selig) - BB in Apr in Cle???

Scheduling major league baseball must be quite the chore, but the snowouts in Cleveland have led to moving the Angel-Indian series to Milwaukee. I wanna know - who is gonna buy tickets to see a game between two out of town teams - and how much revenue will be lost to the Indians franchise due to the folly of scheduling three consecutive home series in a non-dome stadium in early April. Will there be some compensation payment?

April 08, 2007

where be our center post

where be our center post
dare we cross that mark
the fine line of thinking

before leaping into fire

remediating from within
inverting obverse
smelting reverse

obdurant converse

symmetric inverse
wholistic universe
well versed, you say

yet history struggles

using words of victors

parse ungrokked lessons
time after
time after time.

(c) lemme howdt 2007


What is one? It is the first number of our integer sequence that we use for accounting. It represents the individual unit - the single thing standing alone. But is the sense of where one is on the scale of numbers really where one sits in the sense of reality? If one is one, then how can we subdivide it into fractions? One is infinite and infinity is one, in some eyes. One for all, all for one. But only in small groups, because the masses in movement will steamroll the one soul standing in the opposite direction. When we start things anew, we begin at square one. We integrate things from zero to one to make the scale disappear and equilibrate phenomena, or at least i do. This one may go and contemplate the number one while in a hot shower, readying for a pleasant Easter sunday.

comedy attempt

bwa-ha-ha-ha. the evil genius plan is working. Vache Folle makes this statement : Of course, I’m not smart enough to understand a lot of what the scientists are talking about. The society of mad scientists pats itself on the back, convinced once again that it is smarter than the bar association, even tho lawyers make a lot more money and exert a lot more control over other people's affairs. All we can do is build frankenstein monsters and intentional explosion devices, so that those political type people can keep deciding for us. Since the entire populace cannot understand quantum mechanics, or how to do math and cannot drag themself away from the 'me' tube - we mad scientists are now free to run around and get upset at everything. But then we wouldn't laugh as much. bwa-ha-ha-ha

April 07, 2007

Atlas Update

Six hundred pages in and the rest of the story is about to unfold. I related better to Hank Rearden as a character this time, but i tried to fit myself into the idealized role of one of the industrialists that slipped away earlier, so that when i move off to the gulch, i still have a physical character to project. The mechanism of stopping the symbolic motor of the world is almost done - Eddie Willers continues to pass along information through the back door that allows the front door to be mysteriously squirrelled away - howdt of sight, howdt of mind.

The parellels to today are unreal, but given the volume of reality science fiction written in the 20th century, some of them had to be correct in projecting forward a societal vision. The question is whether people can deal with the hardship of living without, because the current knotthink that is being passed along will doom anyone believing too much in the current status quo. So as the professor flips burgers rather than enlightening students - i look forward to the mystery railroad worker's summer vacation. Rand's literary use of the one-sided conversation is awesome - it leaves the reader that much less insight in the storyline so that we can project our selves into the character and run with it - while learning greatly from the words she puts in our mouths. Hank Rearden got his first gold brick from Ragnar Danneskoljd in the pages turned last night, so the big vacuum plunge to addictive is approaching. If only i could place the rest of life on hold while i sat down and finished the book.

Today will be spent at the museum showing off pets - Daniel will have his snakes and i will have baby bunnies. We will attempt to keep them very separated - perhaps even to the extent of separate delivery trips. The baby rabbits at five weeks are really too big for the boas and too small for the python. I don't think that the museum is ready for predator-prey relationships to be live demonstrated, but inna way, that's exactly the show that i would expect to see with this arrangement. So it is practice for staging events that will gather youth interest in local natural resources, and it's always good to have a story from an event grow larger than the actual event itself. Here's Houdini with the doctor.

April 06, 2007

keep razors sharp

Dr. Lenny likes crystals, rocks and pyramids. The title is one of the many mythic uses for our favorite shape - on the back of every dollar bill printed. One of my favorite albums of the early 80s was Alan Parsons Pyramania. I developed a fondness for regular geometric structures while learning group theory and molecular chemistry applied to architecture of molecules. Transition Metal elements can be coached by their environment to take on square pyramidal geometry by creation of a ligand field that electronically prohibits the regularly preferred octahedral geometry. The square pyramid shape is most prevalent with biological Nickel.

Pyramids were central to a theory of youth concerning the excavation necessary to build the empty mirror image of the pyramid under ground, providing materials for the above ground form. Apparently, somebody has been doing real thinking about this problem again recently - enjoy
this article . And have a good Good Friday.

April 04, 2007

Olduvai Theory

Richard C. Duncan posts an economic theory paper that has some very serious implications. Do not be scared of the title or the length - there is some good constructive science in the thesis as proposed. I am not certain i buy all the assumptions, but i'll grant the theory those proofs are articulated with similar eloquence in other dimensions. The religious iconography of several culture points to key happenings at 2012 - and the range of the error bars when dealing with units of years has some significance here. Plausible is a good term.

This is not the end of the world - just the end of the world as we know it. Just a hypothetical scenario. Scary though. Jomama's got the Donkey and I got de Goat - Sunni and her Snakes - anyone else gonna save a working pet for any reason? Tip from GM who claims all wildlife as his domain, and i trust GM scientifically.

April 02, 2007

East Coast Sales Shark

Work hard and you too can be given the opportunity to spend money to buy prestige and fame. So ran the pitch from the whoze who functionary that thought she had a live one on the hook when once i allowed her to keep on talking. Hard sell the honoraria and the ability to schmooze with other gee whiz type lemmings like myself and boy oh boy do i have the opportunity. Would i like my free lunch with platinum or gold trim? then every six month you can buy a list of names for about 200 fiat bux. What's that. You never solicit without terms of the agreement in writing? our company has a policy that we only offer our great deal once, cuz iffin ya gots time to think about it, yawl would never do it. I witness some closing lines reminiscent of insurance salesman. The call abruptly terminated when i wouldn't go for the ultimate desperate low-ball offer for the socio-economically challenged. Sigh. Ah, barlebey...

April 01, 2007

April Fools Flowers

More of these at the ONRRI gallery

Mind Games


lost, never to be found again

jaw quivers vibrating in pain
teeth chatter disruptive force
low magnitude sonic wave source
eyes blink annihilating light
flash phosphorescence all night
pressure to tear, ringing ears
cognitive dissonance induces fears

sky through the tree break

query 47

how can value be added
when game is subtracting fate
coerced initiative for control
regulate to strangulate
XXthought must conform
XXgroup think, we think, you think
XXthought must conform
XXyou think, we think, group think
rules prohibit forms of novelty
unless power enhancement ensues
value added to a minimal task
measure term is extractive dues

(c) 2007 lemme howdt

Super Sunday Comix Section

Surfin early on a sunday morning rewards the weekend blogger. Let me welcome Montag ... to the crosslynx and welcome everybody to b.w. and his wry sense of humor. His jib-jab reference to What we call the News led me to a good bellyroll with my jellyroll and morning coffee. Note the name of the ship at about 1:45.

Because of the approach, it hits - but as i made comment to over there - how much of the news that we accepted to be true, in retrospect looks like sabotage to the basic comprehension of how things work. The reality of life is what we create it to be on an individual basis - and common knowledge has been shared because the images handed forth where honest interpretation of physical events. With the ability of people to see things that are made specifically for their edification, we have come to globally accept some longitudinal falsehood that permeate our ability to discern fact and fiction. The fiction is so believable today, that we know there is little difference between the worlds of a Clancy novel and reality.

When Crichton takes liberties with science and calls it fiction to allow the story line and plot to develop, it does not invalidate the science that he discusses in the novel. When Spock, Kirk and McCoy get to play Chicago style gangsters, it embeds myths as images that relate to a story we have been told and now that image becomes the reality that we work from. The Real Story tells a cops and robbers tale with several characters, but then Donaldson takes four more books to bridge the gap to reality and explain the situation from other characters points of view, the real story melts behind history as seen through a variety of vantage points.

We make our own world by believing what we believe. Our basis of thought attempts to make sensory input the primary discernment - illusion is one of my favorite forms of magic. But when you stretch your imagination beyond reality, comprehension follows rapidly and we return to the ground rapidly. The further off reality we went, the further accelleration added will cause pain on impact. Wile E. Coyote running off a cliff doesn't fall til he looks down.

Evolution is happening on a real time basis. Comprehending this is beyond our ability to cope, so we do not. Science fiction and reality have blended to the point where the average citizen has more knowledge of science fiction than science fact. The little liberties taken, which are well understood by the authors, are lost on the public. People understand sports, not science, but there are so many parellels between the two, and the entertainment value is only a matter of refinement. the difficulty of science is in the burden of proof - the standard of acceptance - but not the quality of the question or the ability to answer at any level. Skuls frighten people into thinking that science is hard because questioning authority is wrong, and science requires open questioning and thought. I wonder how much of the science that we surmize is fiction, how close we are on our near misses and what clues we can find to cue in on the reality before things slip away on us.