May 16, 2008

coming of age in a trying time

one by one the warriors join
no wallow in their walk
supporting goddess realities
laboring to establish content
as this world plays a final symphony
of man's current black nature
arising conscious community
develops structural integrity
independance from coinage
exchange on the basis of time
space exists in the realm
where being is forced to exist
under cover of nightly frost

resting while others expend energy
what matters alters conscious flow
patterns newly create old methods
historical tracts buried deep
subconscious in the thoughts of today
'tis difficult to see with blinders on
cacophony shouts louder and LOUDER
as ashes to ashes, dust returns to dust
pick up the pieces and go home
watching and waiting for opportunity
while preparing the vision of the world
we wish to have tomorrow

May 14, 2008

Moving Right Along

Set up a new website for the Universal Sovereigns of a Living Earth yesterday at . If you have the chance to look and peek, i wouldn't mind having some feedback. If you happen to be in southern oregon, we could use some help with some of the projects we have slated for this summer. It would give you a chance to meet some goddesses.

May 10, 2008

Ecotopia Emerging - book review

Just finished rereading Ernest Callenbach's Ecotopia Emerging. For a book written in 1981 - he sure had the current economic situation pegged to a tee. The book takes the states of Washington, Oregon and Northern California and groups them into their own eco-region. It is a fictionalized account of economic vs ecological battles.

One of the key factors is the development of a solar cell on the cheap and easy to reproduce. The book has the invention created by an 18 year-old woman. If such a cell has been designed, it probably rests on a back shelf in some oil company locker. There are some very good reasons to develop such a cell for use today - if all the tinkerers had some energy to spend in that direction. Just found this.

The politics is somewhat radical, but having been through the third party ringer with the Reform Party, Dr. Lenny can relate to the circumstances. The current one party with two faces system is just an old boys network for fostering corporate bank accounts and feeding the war machine. Callenbach gets very close to the current middle east status - a pretty good vision considering that the book was written prior to peristroika.

I recommend this book to anyone looking for a different visual outlet on current societal status. The methods described for Survivalists may have some bearing on preparations that can be taken in the event of total economic dissolution. This book is a prequel to the book Ecotopia, but it stands on its own without the need to read the first book.

May 09, 2008

Logical Solution Revolution

Building a local economy to support local community requires local financing. As we look at the miasma of the current economy, the wealth that we own is located inside people's homes, in their valued possessions. With the banking system evaporating, these items will be the collateral for exchange in the logical solution revolution that is coming rapidly.

Building a community energy exchange will help to transfer wealth amongst the people building service into the community. If we can track hours spent on a project as a medium of exchange, then the people doing the work will have a commodity that they can use for trade. In-kind contributions have been used successfully by non-profit organizations - having people put their service to work is an extension of this system.

It would also be useful to have coinage rather than paper money. The current $600 windfall per taxpayer was created howdt of thin air to keep the current economy going. It should be enough to pay next month's gas bill. But if there are no means of production, then hyperinflation will ensure that our funky colored funny money has no intrinsic value. The Liberty Dollar folks had the right idea - be your own mint. It will be interesting to see if the value seized by the feds ever gets returned to the rightful owners.

Right now, it is easier to hoard your remaining wealth than it is to invest it. The investments available rely on trust in an every growing economy - we can all see the fallacy when we remove the blinders. Finding a net neutral means of common support for intentional community is the way to go. Perscription will not work. Each individual should take responsibility for their own approach and blend it together with other sovereign approaches. Some will work, some will not - we can duplicate the efforts of the means we find satisfactory. It takes thought and willpower with a hands-on approach.

May 06, 2008


the workforce consists of machines
plugged into sequential energy flow
stamping out precognitive material
possessions for making systems go
hurtling through space without vision
assuming all needs will be met
tthe workforce consists of machines
once alive and vibrant, now in debt

(c) 2008 lemme howdt

Resource recovery

Too much politics and policy and too little ecology in the thought patterns. So let's get back to nature. The water cycle, the carbon cycle and the nitrogen cycle all involve circulating material in forms where they are available for use. The earth relies on the symbiosis of plants and animals working together to produce carbon dioxide and oxygen. When you look at all the dynamics involved in keeping the momentum going, you realise how unique the system we call earth really is. It is somebody else's system, but i kinda think we have to embrace it - eh sunni?

Dr. Lenny is getting ready to head back into the world of laboratory science as an assayer for a mining company. Mining is way up there in the ripping and tearing the earth industries, but resource extraction is an area that is ripe for biodynamic systems analysis. If there is proper remediation of mine sites after the work is done, the restoration process could seed a very viable industry. Stamets book, Mycelium Running, takes a good look at myco-remediation - spreading a network of mushrooms to build up the soils and mitigate the chemical content in the area. I have some theories about metal extraction using mushrooms, lichen, moss and various plant species - but first i need to get up to speed on the skill set required for knowing how much substance is there in the first place.

It seems to me that mining landfills would be a high priority for metals recovery, as the substances are already refined and processed. Much of the trash that we have thrown away in prior decades now has a high intrinsic value. However, i have heard that construction wastes and plastics are the bulk of the material - i guess i need to do a bit more research on the topic. One question that i have is in assessing the validity of the written material on the topic - how do you know whether to believe what you read? This is a more universal problem than just the resource recovery area. Is what we know really valid, or have we been taught to think in such a way that we think in patterns that are perscribed rather than thought howdt?

'Enquiring minds want to know.'

May 01, 2008

What is a sovereign?

The Universal Sovereigns of a Living Earth is an organization of stewardship set to counteract the current paradigm of duality. The members take responsibility for themselves and by their actions foster self-reliance by developing biodynamic living systems, in harmony with the bounty offered by our planet. Current technology has overburdened the natural mechanisms of life, such that nature no longer has a redundency of process to take care of metabolism. The mass harvest of climax ecosystems for profit has eliminated the ability of earth to continually generate clean air and clean water. The current cycle has manifest itself in a physical energy excess, with release via stress and tension across may populations of different species. Capra, Suzuki and Kotke have all discussed this process during the past three decades.

As various necessary niches are left abandoned, the material process builds up in a single form and the biocycle shuts off. Many of the symbiotic relationships built over centuries have atrophied in the last five decades. In this current century, amphibians, bees, birds and bats have all seen population crashes. Viral infections spread rapidly. As the domains of the small become more monocultural, the domain of the large quickens in rate of disappearance. Time is accelerating.

Sovereigns are leaders into the next paradigm, the paradigm of unity. All life shares the same form of DNA. Life exists at many scales, sharing common consciousness in several dimensions, creating incredible thought patterns. The current pattern needs reformulated human thinking - with the ability to combine matter in new ways to produce living energy flux. Our current comprehension of nature is far less than we think, but our vanity as expressed through our recorded history leads us to believe a picture far from reality. Our purpose should be truth for its own sake, rather than pursuit of wealth.

The Sovereign mindset is service to nature. We plan to remediate landscapes by imitating natural process and fostering ecosystem growth. By using techniques like phyto-mining and myco-remediation, introducing biodiversity at many different levels, we can succeed in setting forth a novel new pathway in support of the earth, rather than at the expense of it. We Sovereigns will walk our walk - learn by taking action and doing as best as we can. You can do this too - be responsible for yourself first and keep in mind your impact on nature as you work through your day.