February 28, 2013

The Harbinger

The bricks have fallen,
But we will rebuild with hewn stone;
The sycamores have been cut down,
But we will plant cedars in their place.

Isaiah  9:10

     Biblical prophesy is generally not my strong suit.  I was raised in a religious family and went through a major comparative phase after losing faith in my original religious training.  I had times where i was atheist and other times where i was mono-theist.  I can talk Christ with Christians and Allah with Muslims and God with Jews.  I am extremely spiritual and talk with Great Spirit in many forms - each of us is divine in our own being and has purpose when we settle down to grasp reality.
     Reality, What a Concept is an old Robin Williams comedy album, that still rings true today.  George Carlin also had many things to say on the topic of reality and religion - his portrayal of Cardinal Glick with his Buddy Jesus in the movie Dogma is one of my all time favorite movie memories. (The movie also features Argo star Ben Affleck along with a totally recognizable cast.)
     This week, I burned through a novel The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn and it struck me as so correct that i feel compelled to write a short review and endorse the book.  I generally read Tom Clancy or Robin Cook type of fiction - books in the realm of faction rather than fiction, giving license to the author to change the facts to suit the story.  Sometimes, I think this is lame-stream media news protocol too - make it up so that it sounds good, even though it isn't quite right.
     The Harbinger tells a tale that is a discussion of parallels between the biblical prophesy of Isaiah 9:10 and the current human melodrama that we know as 9/11.  I personally think that most of our information on display is seriously flawed, but the sequence of events is now history and can be looked up in addition to being seared in our memories if we are older than teenage.  The incident serves as the catalyst;  the speeches are documented in historical (hysterical?) record.
    Regular followers know that i have in depth training as a scientist and i am highly critical of the presentation of the factual knowledge base.  I believe that history repeats itself in fractal form and that sacred geometry forms the basis of life rather than Cartesian mathematics and Newtonian physics.  I question everything and look for first premise in the presentation of fact - does it meet the sniff test and follow the laws of nature.  Nature does not count one, two, three; yet always seems to fill all the space available with a little bit of wiggle room ( +/- 1).  I believe in Gaia theory and functions of scale - as above, so below; as below, so above.  This book has a story worth paying attention and is a relatively quick read.
    The question is one of predestination and world view.  As things change, they really do stay the same.  Things are gradually repeated, time after time, until the lessons of history are learned and progress can be made.  I think Paula Abdul sang it best; two steps forward, one step back.  Progress is an illusion and infinite growth is a mirage.  This book can be a wake-up call, if anybody is still listening.
    As I reconnect back to a fractal pattern of what i left months ago, I find that the illusions of chemistry, my chosen field, hide the substance of a solution to technical problems that seem to be beyond our control.  The issue is as well understood as the Bible - which means, not very well.  Thus, i see places where the prophet in the book is a magick character that fits well with the myth i hold of myself - a seer and a bard, who sees through different eyes and different context and can walk a unique path.
     Defiance is a mouse giving the finger to the cat second before becoming lunch.  The illusion of reality is pasted on the billboards and screens, shouting down anything that is not publicly accepted as verified by the narrow tales of science, built over the past 300 years.  If we take this with a grain of salt, that grain could be the foundation stone for a modern pyramid, if we can accept a different story at the fundamental level.
    The different story is of course already stated in the Bible, an archaic relic of what people used to believe, rewritten for each generation to keep the tune of the music acceptable within the context of what our illusionary leaders want us to believe of their illusionary whirled.  I have stepped away to watch and learn and not to presuppose what i have been taught as applied to what i know.  The vision quest is a difficult way to be informed of reality, but after having a second travel into the beyond - i have to always go back to my premises and check for structural integrity of what i think is there.
     When you visit the site links - you find that i am willing to hear different pitch in the same music.  I am a critic of the powers that were and a skeptic of the party line at all times.  The Harbinger spooked me, because the documentation is real - you can look it up and it fits the history myth right on, in two fractally related time periods.  I would suggest that a third input supporting the first two would establish a new set of facts about historical context.
     At this point - I think I will end this post rather than going deeper into my personal beliefs, which are not at issue.  I can see that I need to be writing, because each different expressed view can be added to the sum of other views to extrapolate solutions where none currently exist.  To approach change, we each need to be that change;  to walk the walk that follows up the talk we talk.  I think we are being fracked by the powers that were at a scale that cannot be synthesized into the current reality, to be chewed up and spit out by a universe that just does not conform to our fictional assigned rules for the universe.
     If you enjoy reading history with modern context - take in the Arch Druid's blog.  My fracking reference here is explained in his post from yesterday (2/27/13).  Only you can see the light; the blogosphere can help lead you to the context.  I am no longer angry, I am no longer delusional - I see my mission as being a leader who got to there five years before there was even established and am here to welcome you to the new reality with-out the illusion - a slow path of changing approach, based on the bursting of bubbles and removal of the hot air behind them.
     Namaste'     doc

February 23, 2013


   The traveling scribe has decided that a format change is necessary.  Since I gave up on the hermit routine in Montana, my connections have been caught up to the point where i am functionally conversant once again.  My sports knowledge seems to have been enhanced while i was away - the yahoo fantasy games that i play are going very well and i can predict winners with great regularity.  Since sports gambling is only a supreme court decision away, i look forward to being an 'instant winner'.  
   Of course - it only took 55 years to win instantly and the only rule is whoever has the most toys wins.  Somehow the concept of win/win has been applied so inconsistently that the average has to always be over and above the mean.  Thus nonsense dominates and everybody remains confused as to the logic of any decision beyond their own (and even then).
   It got me to thinking (very dangerous), maybe it is time to change the thinking of how to utilize this blog.  Over the years, I have consistently commented on a number of topics, but never had a sales pitch for any of the business interests that i represent.  As i come back, i notice that i am more interested in reading concrete essays that lead somewhere, rather than snippets of ideas based on the lame-stream media's version of news.  Thus, i recommend the Arch Druid's Report by John Michael Greer - the best modern history on the net.  I intend to take John up on the technical explanation writing contest - so I will change the format accordingly.
    The arch-druid report is new once every week, late Wednesday evening.  Doc will find a time to make an in-depth weekly post, and we shall see what becomes.  Lemme will still post poetry on occasion, and i also reserve the right to change my mind at any time.  I believe that the times are changing, rapidly, and that we can learn from each other by reporting on areas that interest us.
    I have altered a few cross-links and suggest that you enjoy the differences in the thought.  Diversity is necessary to add perspective - if we all see things a little differently, then maybe one of us will catch something quicker that can be applied to an existing bottleneck.  Everything must travel through the middle of the hourglass and as such, the bottleneck is readily apparent.  The key is to squeeze the accordion and minimize the volume, thus contracting the interstitial space and increasing the flow.
   The radio talk with Dr. Valerie on Thursday went way too fast - it seemed like a ten minute chat and the hour is gone.  Time works this way - when your attention is focused, the time slips away.  You can work this in your favor and get a lot of real work done in a very short time - as long as focus can be uninterrupted.  Then again, it is not for everybody.  
   I finished a different phase of three different books, that are nearly ready for publication.  If you are interested in pre-reading either, fiction or non-fiction - let me know.

February 21, 2013

Late Breaking News

Dr. Lenny will be a featured guest on Enlightened Medicine with Dr. Valerie Olmstead at 6:00 pm on BBS radio - follow this link.  My guess is that the show will be archived - this is really late notice, but ...  Light and love to y'awl.

February 14, 2013

where do we go from here?

   The temptation exists to stop back-pedaling and start moving forward.  This week has been dedicated to seeing what happened in the time that i allowed the whirled to pass on its own - there is really nothing of deep significance happening.  The lame stream media and most of my favorite commentators are still in the same mode as when i left - pick up the pieces and go home.
   However - kudos go out to the arch-druid and his current discussion on government systems.  The idea that the people are the government and the government is of the people is one that we lost as empire evolved.  The idea that the people affected are in the best position to make the call is absolutely spot right on.  We new need some new documentation that reestablishes the thoughts of the Declaration of Independence - about the rights to throw off the yoke when the current governance no longer serves well.
   This will not be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is easy.  I am willing to serve, but not in this current dysfunction.  Thus, I have upgraded Existence - not the website, but the book that the website took off from.  It had been five years since the original publication date in 2008.  Since the arch-druid is talking about revamped education - the new upgrade of Existence is timely - i do need to publish the book for real.
   There is one major problem - the group that demonstrated that Existence could work is no longer a group - the people of our community never established a landed site and have moved on to other adventures.  I am nowhere near the Pacific Northwest at the moment - however, when i return, the ideas that i will carry will have been thought through again, for another attempt at the merry-go-round and it's associated brass ring.  If the ring is golden, i would have a lot more assistance.
   That's all for now - will slowly work up to a rate of posts that is equivalent to the requirements of informative exchange -  namaste'   doc

February 12, 2013

The Two Stages

The Two Stages

World Transformation
One individual at a time
Will never ever happen
The wave of the scale
Has Breath – influx and outflow
                        each time achieving
                        a different altitude
                        moderated sine waves
                        irregular as a heartbeat …
Beat goes on and the beet
Radiates redness in dye-namic fashion
Bulls eye view of the fury
So many different connotations of color

World Transformation
One individual at a thyme
Is the only weigh it can happen
The scale of the wave
Has depth – flux in and howdt
                      consciousness resonating
                      demonstrable aptitude
                      logarithmic wave cycles
                      set to a golden mean …
Mean people deviate from the mean
Upsetting platters radiating cognitive dissonance
Creative cause of the fury
Change via rainbows; light induced color.

2013 lemme howdt - © creative commons

February 11, 2013

Get back

   Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner ...

Dr. Lenny is back on-line following his hermithood - the mysterious weighs of the world are consistent in providing entertainment in all forms.  The adventure will be characterized by developing serials that will bring information howdt in new light.  Today is the first day of reconnection, it is also day 52 of a 216 day incubation period as we transition into a different resonance form.  Listen to your heart ...

Sometime, somewhere - the connections that we seek will be where we need them, but first a deep comprehension of self must develop - you should know who you are and how you do what you do, such that you just do and the universe appreciates.  We all have a unique gift - stop stressing about things beyond your personal control and use your gift to establish the knew weigh - cognitive thought deliberately applied.

    And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

   And in the end  ...  the final victory is peace !              Baby let me light your fire ...