February 23, 2013


   The traveling scribe has decided that a format change is necessary.  Since I gave up on the hermit routine in Montana, my connections have been caught up to the point where i am functionally conversant once again.  My sports knowledge seems to have been enhanced while i was away - the yahoo fantasy games that i play are going very well and i can predict winners with great regularity.  Since sports gambling is only a supreme court decision away, i look forward to being an 'instant winner'.  
   Of course - it only took 55 years to win instantly and the only rule is whoever has the most toys wins.  Somehow the concept of win/win has been applied so inconsistently that the average has to always be over and above the mean.  Thus nonsense dominates and everybody remains confused as to the logic of any decision beyond their own (and even then).
   It got me to thinking (very dangerous), maybe it is time to change the thinking of how to utilize this blog.  Over the years, I have consistently commented on a number of topics, but never had a sales pitch for any of the business interests that i represent.  As i come back, i notice that i am more interested in reading concrete essays that lead somewhere, rather than snippets of ideas based on the lame-stream media's version of news.  Thus, i recommend the Arch Druid's Report by John Michael Greer - the best modern history on the net.  I intend to take John up on the technical explanation writing contest - so I will change the format accordingly.
    The arch-druid report is new once every week, late Wednesday evening.  Doc will find a time to make an in-depth weekly post, and we shall see what becomes.  Lemme will still post poetry on occasion, and i also reserve the right to change my mind at any time.  I believe that the times are changing, rapidly, and that we can learn from each other by reporting on areas that interest us.
    I have altered a few cross-links and suggest that you enjoy the differences in the thought.  Diversity is necessary to add perspective - if we all see things a little differently, then maybe one of us will catch something quicker that can be applied to an existing bottleneck.  Everything must travel through the middle of the hourglass and as such, the bottleneck is readily apparent.  The key is to squeeze the accordion and minimize the volume, thus contracting the interstitial space and increasing the flow.
   The radio talk with Dr. Valerie on Thursday went way too fast - it seemed like a ten minute chat and the hour is gone.  Time works this way - when your attention is focused, the time slips away.  You can work this in your favor and get a lot of real work done in a very short time - as long as focus can be uninterrupted.  Then again, it is not for everybody.  
   I finished a different phase of three different books, that are nearly ready for publication.  If you are interested in pre-reading either, fiction or non-fiction - let me know.

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