February 29, 2012

Free Man in Hong Kong

It's been months since I see American TV.
The trends I perceive continue to be.
Housing prices are kept artificially Low,
Economy remains sluggish and Dull,
Foreclosures continue as banks take the Land,
Soon they'll be rentals, They're unveiling that Plan,
Commodities rising means the dollar's getting Weaker,
Golds been manipulated, again it's a Keeper.
When foreclosures are done, Inflation will really kick In.
The "Stagedy" works, the manipulations are Sin.
Some carry signs, trying to make Waves.
But Americans, more are becoming Corporate Slaves.

2012 Remitrom - an american traveling asia


The leap day comes to adjust the clock and arrives in time for an infinite insanity as the order breaks down in such a weigh that the nadir and the apex coincide. Convention mathematics presents the hyperbola, but the grasp on infinite is as far as the eye can see. Which on some scales is the tip of your nose, but here on what we call earth, appears considerably farther.

Debate has moved away from matters of material fact that have been decided long ago that does not conform to the time/space that we see around us. Sight is the problem here - we know to believe what we see, but reality has been photoshopped and we are not sure of what we see. To hold simultaneous opposite thoughts as true requires a suspension of disbelief, or a very sharp mind that can contrast which idea belongs to which system. The straddle between today and tomorrow has not allowed anyone to release today - but on this day out of time, we get to reflect on the weather - very white. The water comes from the sky as a means of changing the picture.

The change, is internal. Personal satyagraha - my focus is now such that i have the love, the peace and the joy concepts down that allows me to be in touch with my feminine side. The apparent cruelty comes from a back history of images projected into a genetic pattern. I have many questions - the answers will define my weigh - my judgment filtered through wisdom and truth. It is too much for connected people to grok - i could not escape the need to appeal to the slavery, for necessities that are not required.

There will still be many problems associated with satyagraha - we will need support. Ghandi saw the light, he returns as a spirit guide and channels through people that are receptive to his thoughts. Our downloads of truth will come from having done our homework and being aware of what is and what is not and acting accordingly. Social interface depends on each one of us, but i am not important enough to worry about any other life than mine, when i work at the level of one, me, the individual. Gurdjieff and Ouspensky present another option - but that is still a closely related fractal of the current expiration. New is new and old is old - but really old is new when you don't follow history and cycles and patterns.

Silver and gold just took a serious drop - the time to buy is right now - because the ride next week will land in a place where the availability is dependent on access and the old game cannot take the next shock. If you have the time - divine cosmos has a review of the financial tyranny. Time is moving rapidly, but when it reaches the end of the tether - we will have a period where time has appeared to stop. Rate of change is defined by the concept time, but if time is infinite, then rate has no meaning. Value is where we place it - quality or quantity or the hybrid is the current duality choice -but what new options will come - emergent behavior in developmental biology might provide a clue, but once again - not on this time frame... but when you have the time.

February 28, 2012



there is another there out there
and i can get there
again, i think ...
i was out there once
wandering in the garden
where all things made sense
the economic free world.
how could you reel me back?
placed my thoughts
on mundane matters.
take care of my needs
and i'll slip away
to bring back riches
from Columbus' orient.
only after you unshackle
the chains and burdens
of artificial reality
now imposed.
(c) 2007 lemme howdt

February 27, 2012

Let's misinterpret Rand together

Way back when, when i was a tyke graduating from college, i had a specific run-in with the universe that scared me into changing my world view. I had a liberal arts education and thought i had it down, the universe would have none of that nonsense and presented me with an alternate scenario. I had to clear a lot of mental baggage quickly, but my attention was full time directed on a fascinating novel - Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. This morning, i was treated to somebody else's opinion of Ayn Rand philosophy and the bells of prior thought have started ringing.

As i read this article, she misinterprets Machiavelli as well as Rand, which was central to my thesis. Now if you read Lao Tzu, The Art of War, then Machiavelli's The Prince and finish with Rands Atlas Shrugged - on a base of Marx economics, then you could get very close to the underpinnings of my personal philosophy. " It's a walk on the slippery rocks " If this is what passes for intellectual discourse, i am afraid that the bulshyttometer says to give up reading the nonsense. It is a hit piece on every person who holds a different, non-mainstream-educated opinion.

To get good information is one of the standards for developing a basis set. The basis set is the group of fundamental ideas that we can use to back up the way we think. If i have to question an idea, it goes into the flux box - and if in flux, i must justify my decision without the concept. Certain things in the flux box make the world extremely difficult, but we have to figure it out for ourselves if it is going to be a valid tool in our personal playbooks. I had the 2nd law of thermodynamics in there for a while - it only is valid in closed systems and we use a lot of open systems, so as long as i validate the system application, i can use energy in equals energy out in my mental gymnastics.

I have the ability to think in technical mathematics. It has come from years of looking at numbers of all sorts and sorting them into different forms. Information is carried by numbers, but those numbers then develop patterns that give insight into the sine waves that create apparent reality.

Apprenticeship to nature involves watching quietly in the stillness as the universe unfolds. The bees are calling me, so my apprenticeship this year and next will be to learn hives, to create queens and to comprehend the dance of nature on a personal level that leads to a skill of service to the land. This will allow me to place all of base ten mathematics into the flux box while i look at the different means of nature outside the conventions of cartesian space/time. The bees operate in sacred geometry, which with symmetry and matrix algebra are allowed in context, because i have thought those areas through.

Several other past timelines came through, like the rand download, that tells me that there are way more complications to this one than i have bit off before, but i have a caveat that will allow me to 'keep in touch with conventional reality'. All work related issues of technological connections are allowed until specifically prohibited due to personal abuse. As soon as i decide that a behavior is manic, i will remove the cause into the flux box. At this point, the telephone is gone and shortly my net use will be reduced to three categories : game theory, group theory and information exchange.

If you wish to play guru on the hill, i will be beginning a trial game in march - you are welcome to think about a single word that you would like to have serve as your personal node - the game will require a unique entry for each player in the game. The input will be based on the initial post date as a tie breaker.

February 26, 2012

Game Theory - 2

Sunday morning used to mean devouring the various sections of the newspaper. Always the first awake, i would ingest the sports, even though i had watched the games the night before. There was always a bit of disappointment if the late baseball games hadn't finished, because the numbers in the standings and the leaderboard were not complete. I had baseball cards, never ending cable baseball, a stratomatic game and a few good buddies. I was too to play the games themselves - the last kid picked, the one that never fit.

Now i comprehend that i was never supposed to fit. round pegs will fit in square holes, but octadodecahedral pegs just never ever have a hole - which means they are always in their own whole. I get lost sometimes on the minutia, but i like to keep aware in the big picture. I am blunt, impatient and easily distracted, but i watch everything that i notice and i look at what is the scene rather than the action.

The game is changed. The all inclusive has reached its apex and the contraction has suddenly gotten to the fuzzy logic of the periphery. I believe it happened tuesday 2/22/12 - when they set the calendar, the reality perspective alteration makes that the day my rubber band snapped. There was a flurry of time within time that resolved some standing issues - the closing and opening of doors to tell me that my consciousness is either desired or not desired on a potential pathway into the days of future past.

The new game has different rules than the old game and one of the rules seems to be that no one really knows the rules. I can sense when something requires my attention and if i focus, my guides let me know if i am not on the timeframepage - sequence is very important and developing ritual to continually act consistently within the space - with the best of intention and love. i do not understand the plasma flow network, with its double layers and embedded areas of difference, but a parallel might be the interaction of oil and water. The chess pieces are scattered and this game is different that any of the models of alternate reality provided by chess variants.

The game appears to be 'the king is a pawn, but the converse is false, the pawn is not a king'. The existing house of cards is without foundation and belief is whatever each one of us cares to comprehend. If i believe in magic, then magic exists in my world. If i believe in pink farting dragons, then my rose colored glasses tend to confirm the vision. Common reality has dissociated into a mishmash of delusion and illusion that no longer provide a common basis that we all can share. This is the ultimate failure of the education system - our fabric got bleached with peroxide rather than kookaburra.

the basis set is the firm turf of what you know you know. depending upon how deep we can think, there is a form of understanding that allows us to rotate the pieces to fit the jigsaw puzzle. as pieces snap together, they are not let go, unless we find that we have placed the piece in the wrong position and forced an incongruent picture. The terms that we use have so many double and triple meanings that we often confuse our motives by couching our speech in euphanism. I can sense when the words no longer follow the intent and i scare myself when i hear those words come from me. I have been in touch with what i believe and what i do not believe and suddenly - there are dragons that fart blue - something is wrong and it is time to challenge assumptions.

as the level of integration into the one involves each one of us, we must resist that shift when it requires capitulation without demonstrating truth. Group think is a mind-killer. The integrity of the system requires facts that add substance to the validity of the whole and when you do not grok the changes, if it is beyond your love to change material fact, you cannot change. Spirit is an integral part of reality, but the form of spirit is a function that conceptually is not in the past games that we have played. i trust the universe to be fractal in nature, but i do not believe that the expressions of consistency that we have learned are even close to consistent. The limits and the threshold levels have both been clipped - we are going to have wings that we only dream about.

dream about. dream worlds. the matrix asks some questions and we are too entertained by the process to remember that it didn't answer some of the questions in a manner that i could believe. there is so much going on and if you believe something that i do not believe, there is no purpose to making the reality coincide - because most people now are on divergent paths. That is okay - but the radiant energy from the cosmos has more to do with things than we imagine. "the lights are going out, one by one, across the world."

Universe - can somebody create a widget that replaces the quote marks with musical notes - such that we can identify music lyric quotes without having to grok the song. There is a lot of disconnect in the music world that prevents the today's music from sounding right. We are near both the apex and the nadir at the very same instant and they coexist in the infinite. Thanks for sharing my thoughts - life is more complicated that the sunday paper used to be.

February 25, 2012

Weather or not?

The Russians publish some interesting scientific papers. This one by Dmitriev suggests that there are cosmic considerations to anthropomorphic global warming.

"Current PlanetoPhysical alterations of the Earth are becoming irreversible. Strong evidence exists that these transformations are being caused by highly charged material and energetic non-uniformity's in anisotropic interstellar space which have broken into the interplanetary area of our Solar System. This "donation" of energy is producing hybrid processes and excited energy states in all planets, as well as the Sun. Effects here on Earth are to be found in the acceleration of the magnetic pole shift, in the vertical and horizontal ozone content distribution, and in the increased frequency and magnitude of significant catastrophic climatic events. There is growing probability that we are moving into a rapid temperature instability period similar to the one that took place 10,000 years ago. The adaptive responses of the biosphere, and humanity, to these new conditions may lead to a total global revision of the range of species and life on Earth. It is only through a deep understanding of the fundamental changes taking place in the natural environment surrounding us that politicians, and citizens a like, will be able to achieve balance with the renewing flow of PlanetoPhysical states and processes."

The current information provided indicates the reasons why the PTB did not bother to make clean-up efforts in the Gulf of Mexico and Fukushima, Seems like they have given up the ghost. My guess is that we have a short window of planning available to create capacitors that hold some of this plasma energy for future use. Perhaps this is the role of the pyramids - and the rhyme of time continues...


my bad - i own the hostility and you reflect it back at me. I did not deserve the fate, but the universe conspires to rhyme and time comes back in shortened cycles to give us a second chance at setting some karma straight. In this case, it was not to be, because soon is a relative word and the conflict in the difference of opinion is too great. We overlap deeply in some significant areas, we are too far apart on other basic thoughts, that it could not work and all is for the best. Good luck.

by agreeing to their rules, you accept their game. standing by your word because you gave it under different conditions is not a given in my world. Agreements that are not valid are not valid and no amount of middleman coercion will get me to honor other parts of the same agreement, once the base has been breached. I took action to correlate with my thinking and if they didn't like it - too bad. In my judgment, i no longer wish to support a device that i was coerced into accepting and bound by contract, that the phone company unilaterally changed, then broke. you do not see this, that is fine. but you passed judgment without consideration and to me, that is not a good place to be.

so for now , let acquaintance be our level and sometime, if you care, mebbe we can work something out and move back to friends. i am sorry that i did not act to pay more attention to you during our date - i was full of words and that is my bad. I tend to believe what is said until it conflicts with itself and i have many conflicts. It is never easy to lead a change away from expectation value - but we see very different pictures while looking at the same thing.

i am hurt - i will go lick my wounds and get back. I didn't expect the third rail option, but it was a given option. you have my love - thyme to move forward.

February 24, 2012

valid views?

Twist and shout - anyway, the wind blows free - ya can't always get what you want - strawberry fields forever. The implication of words of songs that we grew up with resounds a message that was established in context in the past. Our past is filled with constructs that reenforce belief in certain things, that flow naturally from the surroundings. But that labyrinth is not valid as a frame of reference and we are being manipulated by a flow of disinformation.

The drumbeat is attempting to disguise the collapse of empire. We have lost context and the air is pregnant with unsurity, such that nobody can say anything to anybody without it being taken in the wrong context. The rules of the NDA have made it such that technology transfer is a one way street, we cannot tell you about what we are doing because you will scoop us and get to market before we do. Er , what markets?

The game is rigged when the grants go to only firms that are properly registered with the system. The regulations are written by the victors of the game, who flit between positions of 'power' to design the criteria and keep the pipeline flowing. The end game is here, the game isn't quite at mate on move, but the jig is up and the new weigh will be entirely different from the old ways. The pieces that are here now are here now, only we don't get to keep them all and we don't know which are going to the memory hole. Terms are optional - attendance mandatory.

Hang onto your towel

February 23, 2012

lattice structure

Numbers extend a whole lot of different meanings. Sometimes, we get caught up in the mathematics and miss the point entirely, that the fractal nature of the universe is the embedded lattice structure. Our base ten operating system combined with the thoughtfulness of differential equations and integration over time has tossed a lot of chaff in the air that we've missed the focus - the universe does not function by our cartesian coordinated spacetime.

The grid of sixty-four above is based on the I-Ching. Chess is a game where planning and forethought of intent often play dividends by turning a material disadvantage into a victorious attack. My impression is that Lao Tzu understood the pattern that constitutes the fabric of the universe. It seems oddly coincidental that the same pattern provides the lucid presentation of the phenotypes of DNA - the sixty-four codons that make up the protein codes. Or is that self-apparent fiction?

We have gotten very good at believing our own rhetoric. New and different is the required approach. Own up to our own act and become proficient, to the point where we are masters of our own realities - then we can integrate from point of knowledge rather than have endless debate. This requires trust - ultimately each of us must trust ourselves. That means knowing our self.

The story can change at any time, but the common narrative is the thread that links our one big picture to our individual little pictures. Others are what we perceive them to be, and the common exchange is complemented by subtle energies that exude at non-visible frequency. The phase change concept is super-critical water applied to solids and/or gasses as opposed to liquid. There are many other phases, but we are personally too dense and caught up in our own theory to recognize them. The interface is the limit of current thought ... but mebbe not by tomorrow.

Game Theory - 1

Good and bad play such a defining role in the way we think about things. We weigh our decisions by evaluating our circumstance and then doing mental gymnastics to envision possible outcomes. The data getting skills involve our ability to get a round - collecting the coin of the land. The value system is constructed for collecting rounds and getting around by motor carriage has gotten much more difficult in the past month. The game of cash for gas is turning to electronic gizmoism and if ya can't swipe, ya can't play. But if you can't play, there is no other game in town.

The game shifts, but it keeps on going, like an energizer bunny and it will all continue until we actually change something about how we do things. I can change me - that is coming. Now, today - once this is down, that's all. Phil Collins style. I can say day ... you say night, know that it's black when i'm telling you white - i enjoy applying my own lyrics when the shift applies.

No can see, so i am going to reduce the sight portion of my gathering senses and develop other methods of detection. The vibration of the universe works the same at every level of scale as it always has, we just interpret it differently. By reducing the volume, we may be able to tease more comprehension out of limited information. The net will always be the net and my plan is to continue this outlet, but we know how well things go according to our plans. So i am ready and willing and the universe knows that and has helped me to refine some of my ability to grok myself. No preconditions, unconditional love and a willingness to make hard choices that may not set right with other people's isness.

If i ready the tea leaves properly, there is a shift in alignment allowed by the concept called wiggle room. My platter changes without my consent, but my consent was not required. I will always do the best i can with the hand that is dealt, even if the game isn't announced until the cards are in front of you on the table. Are you in? Does the game matter?

So i have invented a game Guru on the Mountaintop. The guru does not speak, does not grok any string of letters other than the first word. Each player starts by sending one word to the guru - if any of the players match the word they send, they win the round and then can play in the next level where the rule - one word changes slightly. The players advance by matching words without communication with each other with the goal of reaching the guru with a concept, a string of words that means something.

This game does not exist anywhere other than my mind and i release it to the universe here today - it would not surprise me at all to now find a game that is already out there as opposed to in here. If you know of such a game - please tell me. If you want to play-test, i will have a 'pre-game' to learn the mechanism, because fractal engineering guides the quest. For sci fi types - think Ender's Game, tho in shadow form.

February 20, 2012

More on Delusion

I would argue that most people are delusional and that there is nothing wrong with that! What is wrong is to superimpose our thinking in a weigh that requires the apparently delusional person to conform to our way of thinking. We do not share a common reality, no matter what the next person thinks, precisely because the next person thinks. So being able to talk for anyone who is not you gets to be very risky business.

The black cat has left the room, so he must not agree with the point (or the birds outside the open door are too much of a feline temptation). I had a disconnect with 'reality' in attempting to cash a check at the bank it was drawn upon. I did not carry in the required two pieces of i.d. and the teller would not budge. She asked me for my social security card as a second - which has absolutely no photo on it and is one of the most readily forgable documents ever created. And it is prohibited by law from being used as i.d. Yet i left without getting the hundred dollars on the check and wasted the half hour and gas that it took me to go to the bank. It will be the last bank visit i ever take.

I wonder that if she surprised me and said - 'just this time okay, but next time please bring a second form of i.d. in addition to your drivers license', if she thought a homeland security person would walk out of the vestibule and arrest her for enabling identity fraud. Hate to inform the grubbermint that I know i am me and the burden of proof is on them and their lackeys (or is it the banks who the grubs are lackeys for? - revolving door - doesn't matter). They already attempt to control my behavior by suspending my d.l. for not consenting to their kangaroo court. A signature obtained under duress should not be valid in a constitutional court of law. How many delusional realities does that statement contain?

There is another delusion that i run into often that strikes a real prick. People that think that they work for a living by doing manual labor, seem to think that work can only be measured in their manual labor terms. They are just as smart as everybody else, which last time i checked fit nicely onto a bell curve when measured objectively. But by not giving thought any credit for being work, because they think too and don't derive income from their thoughts, they demean every person that works in the intangible universe. Sorry , but it's not my fault that i can think more clearly with a chess game on the net to occupy the grinding time.

Grinding time is when you have the data and you know the positions and you have to work through the ramifications of the problem. The sequence of steps that it takes to have the solution work within the confines of the given is exceptionally hard when we refuse to verify that our givens are given after we get the answer. Not to mention the bias of pre-knowing the answer invalidates the work, especially when the experiment is altered by an actor mid-stream. The confines or limits are set not by the probability of finding the correct answer, but by the desire to achieve the already known correct answer. Yeah, delusional reality.

I live in a reality called Hemn Space. See Stephenson's tomb Anathem for the concept, it is not hard to grok. You basically change the limits outside of the normal bounds and conduct a thought experiment - the field is called Theorics. It is just a different paradigm, but when i think in that mode, i need to have a) a quiet working space and b) a distraction that allows me to do something mechanical that doesn't upset the thinking space. Manual labor, where you have to pay attention to things so that you don't hurt yourself, does not allow simultaneous thinking in Hemn space. Yet i keep losing friends who believe that i sit around playing games all day. If they had the privilege of being able to think just 10% of the time, they would wise up rather quickly. But they are too busy to waste time reading a blog, so their delusions will not allow my delusion and so , bye again.

I guess - because if they talked to me about what the problem really is, maybe we could find a solution. But unilateral action is just not the rule in Hemn space, so the opinion just leaves me annoyed and shattered (in a stones sense: y'know, sex and love and dirty dreams, were all surviving on the scene). Love is the answer, but the term has been redefined in such a way that it would not be recognizable by a black cat - the current seers in our universe.

February 19, 2012

Delusional about Delusions

This highly interesting post on corporate agriculture demonstrates how off base current thinking really is. The entire Monstrosity has to be chucked - it reenforces the old paradigm thinking that with all the facts we can get it right. Unfortunately, we create those facts to be what we want them to be and rarely verify our assumptions to see if these facts agree with natural reality. I can relate directly to some statements:
I did not become a physician because I developed a dislike for American medicine. It bothered me that doctors impoverish society with their money-first prescription.
Others are totally outlandish.
After 50 years in America, I am not very objective about the dangers I detect in the rapid decline of the country. I resent those responsible for this unfolding tragedy. I love America's universities, public libraries and forests and parks, assets all for the maintenance of civilization.
It is a symptom of decline that the author can hold these two opposite points of view without even noting the anomaly. Government has no 'right' to establish our education system or to maintain our forests (especially not for the benefit of the elite ruling class that somehow this author became a part of.) Collectivism does not have to be Communism or Marxism, but open voting systems are bound to be rigged and do we really think we provide informed consent of the governed? This is mob rule and the people only provide the bodies.

I give up on trying to change anything except myself. Namaste'

February 17, 2012

smell the roses

Roses have awesome symmetry, but when we play with the genetics, there is a mixing of elements and the colors change, thought the rose stays the same. The chemical compounds responsible for the color are complex organic heterocycles that concentrate metals. The metals serve as catalysts for process aromatic chemistry, allowing flow of electrons through a preconceived lattice. Every charge is net zero by definition, but when electrons flow, they leave holes.

The whole is what we are missing right now, while an elephant marches forward swinging his trunk. We worry about our day to day nonsense based on a fictional monetary system that our existence really does not revolve about. The earth does not rotate around the sun. A rose is a rose is a rose, no matter what color patterns the rose chooses. The color is a reflection of emissions of frequency that comes from the spacing of the atoms and is a function of the field, not the rose. Sheldrake has it, but you will never hear that name in the media; because he is busy getting it and not promoting it. Thyme to stock up.

The net result in a zero sum game is necessarily zero. Why play that game - who holds the cards when a pair cannot beat the display? Game theory and group theory are my basis sets for the theorics that i can apply. The nature of the chemical bond will be compared to the bond to see if my theory on historical rhyme remains valid as the limits of past reality have been bent outside the range. Math has a different application than we think, it obfuscates numbers. To think howdtside da baax requires a suspension from use of things that you no longer believe. Thyme to walk the walk. No math.

Linsanity is a spontaneous occurrence, because he can take it to another level that wasn't there - sorta like a super mario character who suddenly opens a new screen view. There is something there that is more than there, but what is there is that there is another there out there and you and i can get there and have - but can you get there? Depends on you. Thyme to see without eyes, hear without ears, sense the vibration of true, at a level where the golden mean spiral approaches it's limit. Jeremy might understand. If the sequence is reversible as a symmetry operation, then going from two to one to one to zero turns howdt to be the end of the sequence ... not.

This blog just cleared it's 1800th post - but i do not know whether that is back to when i started counting or when blogger started counting. I was blogging here as this craze was named blogging - the first thoughts coming howdt in 2004. All the information i have been fed has been watched through this window - the links that have been shipped down the memory hole, the photos that got scrubbed by a whitewash that oddly afflicted only some of the things and knot others. Thyme to review the nature of nature, to start from a simple base and reevaluate.

Starting point is unconditional love, at the center of the golden mean spiral. Thyme to smell the roses.

February 15, 2012


So the ring of fire is going hogwild and there was a 6.0 rumble off the Oregon Coast near Bandon yesterday. Visit this site for odd weather news. You may have to scroll down below the newer TN news.

See the Light

Light in the vision plane

intensity such

i no longer can see

only sparkling rainbows ...

begins at a point

grows slowly about

no aches, no pains

constant peripheral motion

turn off the boxes

computer, television, all

remove flicker flow of energy

a sugar donut clears the frame …

focus senses away from sight

yet the weirdness remains

silhouettes of shadows

in rainbow light, without darkness

an end of screen view

personally draws near

information delivery

channels from another plain…

move back to physical world

where mental manipulations abound

free the mind of clutter

to temper love thru signals of light

2012 lemme howdt

February 14, 2012

Dazed and Confused

The apparition on the left has recently returned and given me food for thought. Still trying to figure out how to get there from here and no pathway currently available gets us away from the muddle in the middle. People cannot act the way they always have and change the outcome from what we always get. i do not understand, but i no longer want to play, under the terms of the current game. i believe deeper.

For those who need to touch base, there are channels that will allow me to get messages, but if you don't need to, please don't. Organize your thought to be concise and make a comment on a post. Context is important ... there are other ways of doing things that must be developed outside of the reality of current constraints. Ask yourself how, then think about it. Deep Thought was an IBM supercomputer. If we have to replace every function from scratch, what is the order of approach to make certain that the necessities are covered?

Love is the weigh. Today is Valentine's Day - hugs to all my sweeties, virtual, real, present and future. I love you.

February 12, 2012


As i showered today, i started thinking with hot water, melting into the flow as i allowed my mind to wander empty. I was ruminating on a post, but when i left the shower, the day came and set me on my weigh. I typically go through a number of websites and i was rewarded by an in-depth conversation on meditation.

When i meditate i breathe into a merkaba, clearing the space with love and then refilling the emptiness with the forms of thought that i wish to collect. I will start in love, with peace, creating joy. This is almost always the feminine half of my merkaba. Then comes wisdom, truth and beauty, although i sometimes substitute other concepts that flash in my head - i have also turned all 18 breaths into love. My pattern is one breath of welcome, six breaths of clearing, six breaths of filling and fours breaths of insulation and integration. I then thank great spirit in love with my final breath.

This is my post, i am using i more than eye wish. This is not about me, but i get a sense that it will be particularly tough in the near future as time is a measure of vast distance. Time is speeding up in a spiral that will end in a frozen instant, which will not appear to change because we are functional on another scale of measurement altogether.

The meditation that we do will hold us where we wish to be, as we dissolve into the instant that never ends, with an emotional ferocity that comes from within a hurt being. We are not hurt, except that as one, we are at war with our self and we have great need to transform from war to peace, in our thinking. Notice there is never conflict in meditation - it flows as a continuum and allows us to transcend what we have for things that are as above, so below off our current time frame.

Go read the link. Enjoy the photos. Find time to climb within. Namaste'

February 10, 2012

Does your brain work?

How does your brain work? Do you know? There is a key thing called the blood-brain barrier that helps your organ remain and in/out system. The bbb regulates chemicals that cross from your body to your brain. There used to be very general classes of chemical that could pass the bbb, but with the dispersion of chemistry into nature - things end up in places where you might never expect them and some things that we eat or use provide mechanism for flow of some chemicals across the bbb. We have catalysts in all sorts of places, by our reliance on better living thru chemistry. Uh - oh.

Life is in transition - we are starting to realize that the shift that is occurring is happening in different people in different ways. If you don't feel the shift, ask yourself what is so important that is keeping you busy, that you don't notice. The ways that we have carried forth since our birth are falling apart as a collective, but will come together in another sense when we get rid of the errors embedded in our education.

I believe in patterns - just scroll down and look at the photos that are posted here. We reflect images of symmetry within a system that is particularly assymmetric and cannot feel the problem. You are what you eat - we are all made of chemicals. We can never ban them, the elements are all here. We can stop imposing them upon ourselves. Aluminum is awful in biochemistry - stop using antiperspirants and deodorants that contain this element.

The world system of order rewards behaviors that are hugely dyssymetric and the balance of Occupy! suggests that it is 99% - 1%. We all live in our own 1%. The declaration of war has to stop and it has to stop yesterday. I vibrate at peace - i declare personal satyagraha and will not feed any war machine any longer. We are all chemical in nature and the practice of corporate better living though chemistry has to end to foster a change in playing field.

This is an awesome article on organic food, but the two conclusions are based on war philosophy. We cannot live in fear, we must change out of love. The solution to Mr. Cummins problem here is to network differently and to build community where we do not accept Monsanity as a premise. We trade with ourselves like the indigenous or the amish. Our problems lie much deeper than labeling - we have to culture earth and work to replace topsoil that has flowed to the sea. The dead zones off of rivers should have told us to stop the practices then. We can each work our own land in community with each other trading good seeds and rewarding the values that we expect each other to hold.

We cannot count on bureaucrats to legislate change - that system is corrupt beyond repair. In the absence of order, there is chaos. The more hostile the chaos, the more the apparent order clearly results. The infrastructure based on cheap fossil energy has crumbled - we have to check what we know and what we don't know. There are truths that have been falsified and others that have been hidden that will reshape our thinking, if we allow it to.

All preconceived notions should be set aside - life is a miracle based on the vibrations that we transmit. In chemistry, like dissolves like. I like you. I like the way you think. Please think the way you think and don't allow others to tell you how. We need everybody thinking. And doing what they think is right for them. With freedom, justice and liberty for all, based in love. Each one of us, all one of us.

February 08, 2012


It seems apparent that the Keepers of Ancient Knowledge have correctly identified that humanity is nearing a critical point in the history of mankind and it seems that the metaphysical community have been right to support these ideas. This article has identified how the message of 2012 could be distorted to represent a one-day event.

In fact, the message has been clear that we are facing a relatively short transition of about 25 years that will lead us into a New World Age. This has been officially set as being the end of certain Mayan and other indigenous calendars on the date, 21st December 2012. It must be stated that Mayan Elders are to be highly commended for sending envoys into the world to correct inaccuracies and to inform us that we are facing tremendous evolutionary change.

In fact, A New World Age dominated by space and the ether and changes in the fabric of space-time, will help spiritual teachers explain to a baffled world what exactly is taking place. Unfortunately, it must be stated that the world at large is currently unprepared and one has to wonder if and how extreme Space Weather will impact our technological infrastructure and the "modern" way of life.

Nevertheless, many can be commended for following their intuition and working diligently to help raise the vibration of mankind and therefore of our planet, as we have been told that humanity has earned the right to move to the next evolutionary stage. Metaphysical sources are emphatic and we have been told to expect "the human angel" and physical changes that will first appear in those who have activated parts of the human energy field that are associated with the holographic projection of our DNA. This notion has to be compared to the scientific research conducted by evolutionary biologists who state that human evolution is speeding up and that in the process of evolution, human "mutants" will arise and then become the dominate new human.

So, as we have been told, the famous Mayan end-date of the 21st December 2012, is really the start or birth of a brand new world and a new reality that will be determined by Universal Intelligence. 2012 means that we must expect galactic/intergalactic energy driven evolutionary change.

The whole explanation.

February 06, 2012

Good advice from a druid

Humans will have to learn to work once again without the grand machines that we have built. For those of us who understand that the change will begin with us, here is a great synopsis on how to start addressing the problem, from the arch druid himself. Enjoy.

February 03, 2012

Bioluminescence : Wow

Nature is as nature does - and every so often events collude to produce a spectacular result. This article has an explanation and more photos!

The light energy speaks to me in a different voice. I had a major download yesterday without the time to absorb the phenomena, so now that i think, i know. My heart goes out to all of you - the love can dissipate the fear, if we allow it. Please, let's allow it.