June 09, 2015

Media as a Drug

   The video is from Shots of Awe. Sometimes Doc wonders if we need the lame stream media, but as this video points out, we are the media. I guess that we should all carry press passes and attend whatever events we cover on the corporate dime. However, that would be contributing to the system as it stands and Doc really wants no part of that game.

   Everything can be looked upon as a drug. Huey Lewis wanted a new drug, but there are so many drugs available today that you have to make your choices carefully. Lemme avoids anything created at a pharmaceutical house - which includes all prescriptions and over-the-counter remedies. A sprinkling of vitamin supplements get used - Vitamin C is awesome as a first anti-oxidant, followed by co-Enzyme Q-10 for the more potent effects. I also swear by the use of cordycepts mushrooms, which add a power tool to the current playbook.

   Doc also advocated the use of marijuana as a medicinal plant. The regulatory system is broken, but the strains of good weed grown with loving care have the potential to ease the world into the new future, rather than the power structure's quest for Armageddon. We create our own realities in this holographic universe - what you believe is the force to set the stage for all things that happen in this world.

   It seems that they are playing games with valid information sources. It has become difficult to know what is true, unless we can take it in context to what we really know. This requires us each to have an interest that we pursue beyond where everything else is on the topic. Doc is fortunate to be one of the world experts on the inorganic chemistry of natural resource. This involves water and earth, skies and aethersphere.

   Namaste' ... doc and lemme

June 08, 2015

Ginger Snaps

Ginger Snaps

Little tweaks grind into flux
As pressure of income
Rather than outcome versus
Doing the ‘proper’ thing
Begets frustration, always
Finding the shuttle back to
Where we run from as escape

Needs not fulfilled at base level
Foster anger, hurt and fear
Which span the range of emotion
Neither allowing tranquil peace
Nor settling of the tandems of
Interrelated thought process

Life requires Dylan-esque calm
Shelter from the storm as geometric
Cards envelope self-actualization
You can’t take it personally’
She says as she digs … deeper
Engraining monoculture lies while
Wasting community circles of equity

Equity? Tough concept for a
Me only world where selfish
Acquisition appears the end game
For why else would one foul
A nest but for fear of whatever
It is that we happen to fear
Shitting bricks, fanning flames
Then running away to hide
From too many gory details

Forces unleashed by attitudes
Of come what may and que sera’
Retire all plans of temporal order
One can never plan for the whimsical
Chaos of scorched Gaia, who wants
Yet cannot nurture, cannot give
Given the present constraints of space
Given the present shackles on time

© 2007 lemme howdt

June 06, 2015

Blast from the Past and Talk of the Future

"The honest, small, businessman is slowly becoming, like the family farmer, extinct. Independence and integrity have little chance of survival against powerful, unscrupulous, absentee ownership. And absentee ownership is one of the primary causes of our deteriorating social structure.

Suppose the direct, private, profit motive were absent. Suppose every productive person's security in old age were guaranteed. Are these reasons the Incas and others had such low rates of crime and poverty? We need to ask ourselves some hard questions. Is the capitalist system based on the survival of the fittest? Is it of the law of the jungle? A philosophy of every man for himself, pitting man against man? Does it appeal to man's most gross instincts? Does it invite him to deceive, to cheat, to rob in order to sustain himself and ensure security?

A great deal needs to be done to set the corporate house alright. Capitalism is committing suicide. The question is, can it, or will it reform through self-discipline or compulsory regulation? It is possible but not probable that private enterprise will have the necessary vision to transform itself to better serve the common good. There are few indications that it will do so."

This passage was published in 1972 in the book Edgar Cayce - Story of the Origin and Destiny of Man by Lytle Robinson. He goes on to talk of co-operatives, which i call guilds, but are weighs for community members to work together to provide for the common interest. The Ubuntu philosophy also addresses this concern - maybe they channel Edgar Cayce. The idea of change, though, has to include the ability to walk away from the present corruption.

and on another note ...


Dr. Lenny Thyme, PhD. in Inorganic Chemistry, famous for his role in movie, 'What In The World Are They Spraying" by Michael Murphy.

“Gaia is alive and ready to play with us, but not on our terms at all. Let's use science and spirituality to guide us on how to behave and act as sovereigns, honoring all life and forms with similar respect and dignity as we wish to have for ourselves.”

June 12, 2015
7:00—9:00 p.m.
Talent Public Library
101 Home Street
Talent, OR


June 05, 2015

Getting howdt of dodge

Life is infinitely entertaining. Sometimes the specific drama of the moment is enough to condition us into a new and novel thought pattern - watching behavior disintegrate into anarchy is the preliminary stage for what we can see coming. The miasma of everyday life brings unreal pressure unto the inhabitants of capitalistic systems - we all need a good hug.

I watched the police come to our little area in the form of a single sheriff's patrol. The gentleman was nominally checking out a stolen motorcycle - just making sure that the owner had the required paperwork that demonstrated that he was indeed the owner. I tend to wonder if the USA police state was planning to sequester the bike, or of it was just harassing the biker - so hard to tell these days.

The next day, one of the squatters complained about the living conditions to the local magistrate. It seems to me that rights go to the squeakiest wheel and that the forces that be are ready to infiltrate and confiscate - We all need a better weigh ...

Thyme to step into Ubuntu - a concept where contributing is the key to enacting change. Each of us carries a unique skill, that can be developed into a cottage industry to provide support to the greater community at large. When we lose the grid and/or the monetary system, we will be forced to look at neighbors as resources rather than fearing their presence. The current one for me and all for me can be replaced by a system where each person has a role that they fit into to provide a service that creates wealth rather than consuming it.

The South African founder of Ubuntu - Michael Tellinger - is coming on a US tour.  To grasp a world without money is so foreign to most merikns that we cannot envision anything but the current rat race. Well - my info is that the rats won, the game ended and we have to start over again. We are stardust, we are million year old carbon, we are golden, and we've got to get ourselves back to the gardens.

Lawns to gardens should be one of the highest priorities. To feed a community takes staple crops, not grocery stores. Once we have enough potatoes, maybe we can grow grains. Perhaps we can make a thresher - hard to do much without big ag equipment, but that comes along with a price - the choke-hold of big ag and their Monsanity of death sprays. If i had a round-up ready crossbow that could slay the interlopers ... nah - we need peace on Gaia, not more war and certainly not a viewpoint against anything. Positive vibration enhances life, in all phases.

To begin, one walks away from the tether of the current system. That system is ubiquitous and every nook and cranny has its own challenges in throwing off the yoke. Rather than grouping too many people into a lumpy mass, we need to each step up as individuals and contribute a unique means of helping. When every local community can reckon with their own water and waste, housing, food and entertainment and begin building local economy, then we can start communicating between communities and reestablish trade. I like the Mondragon model from the Basque region of Spain.

Each area of concern would form its own guild and have say in the continuum - all stake holders being involved in every decision to some extent. Consensus building becomes a community joy - objections are listens to and resolved by action, rather than one huge juggernaut steamroller overriding everyone else in a forceful display, as with the current bureaucracy. In fact - the body of law that we have is so self-serving to the power structure, that total change is the only weigh to get there from here.

Some of us are howdt there, untethered to the facts of the former whirled; yet intent on working for Gaia and all the water bodies that inhabit this planet. The animal kingdom and the plant kingdom have been subservient to the human population - i think people are in for a big comeuppance as the infrastructure melts into the reality of the day. We do not need money, we need to lighten our footprint and build the resource base for the good of all creatures, even ones we cannot see, hear or feel.

So much to write, so little that can be said. Speaking for the future, the past is over. The time change here is on a 26,000 year cycle - we are still in the hundredth percentile of error - the event occurs before our very eyes. Get your cosmic surfboard and ride the waves above the fray - merry Ubuntu to all for to all, a good knight.

Namaste' ... doc

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June 01, 2015

Reprinted from Geo-Engineering Watch

County Supervisors Blatantly Ignore Concerned Citizens

Mt. Shasta

Siskiyou County Supervisors Refuse Geoengineering Meeting Disregarding Public Health Officer's Recommendation To Test Water For Heavy Metals…

By Melinda Field Perlman
Dr. Stephen Perlman, my husband, passed away unexpectedly in January of 2015. Stephen served the residents of Siskiyou County for 38 years working as an emergency room physician, a family practice physician, and for the last eight years as the Siskiyou County Public Health Officer. "The role of the Public Health Officer is to be responsible for the health and well-being of county residents, to focus on the interrelationship between people and their environment while researching new insights and innovative solutions to environmental health problems.” Stephen was in charge of coordinating any and all health related emergencies.

In the fall of 2013 Stephen and I noticed strange white lines in the sky above our apple farm in Scott Valley. They became a daily occurrence, crisscrossing the sky in grid-like patterns. We noticed these were not normal commercial airline contrails as those dissipated within 30 seconds or so. These trails went from horizon to horizon and seemed to merge forming a whitish haze, blocking the sun, making our morning blue sky overcast for the rest of the day. 
Climate geoengineering over Mt. Shasta, CA
He began to research this phenomenon and after many months of reviewing the scientific data available, observing photos from around the world, and studying the USA’s patents for weather modification he became extremely alarmed. He discovered that the aerosol sprays used in Solar Radiation Management (SRM), supposedly to protect us from global warming, contained aluminum, barium, and strontium, which are known to be toxic to humans and the environment. He discovered that these toxic chemicals had never been tested on humans, flora, fauna, or waterways.
We attended a meeting in Redding, California before the Shasta County Supervisors where over 500 concerned citizens and a panel of experts including scientists, biologists, pilots, and physicians testified. In the words of the Shasta County Supervisors, “credible and compelling evidence” was presented. Not only did all 5 supervisors vote unanimously to investigate the aluminum contamination/climate geoengineering issue, they also said they would forward the video testimony of the proceedings on to all appropriate state and federal agencies and ask for a response.
It became Stephen's goal to inform the Siskiyou County Supervisors with a similar informational presentation where he would speak along with a panel of experts. He wanted the water in Siskiyou County tested for heavy metals. He was waiting until our new supervisor from Scott Valley, Ray Haupt was sworn in January of 2015. After Stephen’s sudden death in January before he had the opportunity to testify, it became my mission to speak on his behalf, along with an expert panel. An expert panel, which included doctors, nurses, and citizens (whose test results showed high levels of aluminum, barium and strontium) had agreed to attend the meeting and present information.

I met with my supervisor, Ray Haupt, who after listening to my concerns regarding my husband’s plans to go before Siskiyou County BOS and reviewing the informational packet I presented, said, “We listen to all kinds of informational presentations. I see no problem getting this on the agenda, go ahead and fill out the paperwork. I have heard of the spray concerns from other county residents, I am a scientist and have a hard time wrapping my head around such an operation but I pride myself in considering all sides of an issue. I will talk to Ed Valenzuela who is our chair about this meeting.” 

I also sent an email to Yreka supervisor Grace Bennett stating Dr. Perlman’s concerns and his mission to inform the board. I never heard back from her. Another concerned citizen shared that her supervisor, Brandon Criss, had been given an information packet, was dismissive, and gave no straight answer as to where he stood on the meeting issue.
Pics Dec 2014 116
Toxic aerosol spray over Sisson Meadows, next to Sisson Elementary School
I discovered that the form to request to be on the agenda was not available online. Hmmm… Why? I went in person and filled out the paperwork to be put on the agenda. The county clerk’s office denied the hour and a half I requested. They cut it to an hour, then half an hour. 
A week later I received a phone call from chairman, Ed Valenzuela, Mt. Shasta’s supervisor. He told me, “We are too busy, we cannot have the meeting in May but perhaps in June. I will give you fifteen minutes for your experts, the meeting must be a public meeting, your supervisor doesn’t know the procedure. We cannot just hear from experts and a few concerned citizens. Because of the Brown Act I cannot speak to the other supervisors about this. I am meeting with Les Baugh, Redding's supervisor, and will talk to Ray Haupt. If you don’t hear from me by September….” I said, "Excuse me, you just said the meeting would be in June." He mumbled something… then said, “Out of respect for your husband, Stephen, I will allow this meeting. Make up informational packets, don’t give us too much, a one page synopsis with bullet points and some articles. I want the others to have these before the meeting. Call me June 1st. I haven’t had time to research this…” It was then that I reminded him that his constituents in Mt. Shasta had been trying to educate him on this issue for eight years, which included multiple test results from an EPA certified lab showing dangerously high levels of aluminum from Mt. Shasta. I reiterated that Stephen’s recommendation for testing for heavy metals in surface water would cost around $100-200. 

I also informed him that Stephen was in the process of drafting a letter to all California State public health officers addressing his concerns. I stated that I would be persistent as this was part of my husband’s legacy. I explained that the sprays were so heavy at times that Stephen and I could not with good conscience take our grandson’s ages 1, 3, and 5 outside. Valenzuela said he wasn’t sure about chemtrails. I told him that chemtrails was a slang term for toxic aerosol sprays. 

A few weeks later on May 7th he called to inform me that he had met with Redding supervisor, Les Baugh and Scott Valley supervisor, Ray Haupt, and that he would not allow the meeting on the agenda because this issue was not important enough to Siskiyou County residents. I responded, “So public health is not important? Breathing is not important?” 
What did Ed Valenzuela say to my supervisor who was willing to listen? What did Les Baugh say to Ed Valenzuela? What gives these few people the power and arrogance to disrespect and deny the Siskiyou County Public Health Officer’s dire concerns? Not to mention, to deprive the citizens of Siskiyou County their right to speak out against what is certainly the biggest crime against our health and all life. 

Why does one man, one of 5 supervisors, have the ability to censure the concerns presented by his constituents and a respected physician and trusted public servant? Sadly, I believe the answer is “Because he can." Our local government is but a microcosm of the corrupt world of politics where crimes against humanity are condoned and citizen’s rights are silenced.

We must all be vigilant, informed, and persistent. I will take my 3 minutes and read this to them at a future meeting. I will let them know my husband's concerns are being shared by millions of concerned citizen networks worldwide.

How Doc Catalyzes Change

Doc has agreed to speaks on the chemistry and biology of geo-engineering - at the Talent Library at 7:00 pm on June 12th. That is a week from Friday. The topic will include a bit about the metabolism of inorganic metal ions in biological systems and will include some of the ground based implications of the Formosa Mine - where AMD (acid mine drainage) is affecting 18 miles of creek by lowering the pH to the point where nothing can live in the water. No other animal fouls its nest quite like corporate humanity.

Things on this planet are getting strange; keeping a high vibration get you into charmed. Charmed and Strange are the two quarks that Doc uses to emulate the Fibonacci sequence double ones - the application to life makes sense. When we experience something for the very first time - it either works like a charm or goes quite wonky. When things that should have worked go wonky, the idea is to roll up your sleeves and try it again - you then get the charmed side of the coin. One of the great Morrisons sang that People are Strange. Some are Charmed.

So, how do you take a picture that is framed to deceive you and construct a pathweigh to change the movie. The key is following what you believe. You have the ability to change the present, by using intention to set things into working order. If you believe something, no doubt that is the weigh it is for you. If you pretend and don't believe, no matter how cool you are, it just doesn't work.

The lame stream media is on a quest to make you believe that things are true when they are not. The establishment criteria runs amok because they are in the face of the populace 24/7. To turn off the constant drone of noise is not something we do readily. Our music soothes us and the message that we get cater to our individual lifestyles. What we need to do is chill - withdraw from all events that take place around us that lead to the global insanity.

Everything we have is based on carbon. The petroleum feast of the past two centuries has wasted a nest egg that could have been forever, but other things will come up to replace whatever is gone - we can self manifest anything when we act with intention. Growing food and lessening the consumptive footprint on the planet - our living being, GAIA - is how we stop the degradation and change this movie.

The 26,000 year cycle that just began gives us a new start on a different time line. Time and space are constructs that have been used to limit the ability of humans to think outside the current box - however, we have broken through and made some essential leaps in our understanding comprehension recently. We cannot understand without standing under the current system - that word itself is a huge trap. The key is to be a detached observer - to affect the old system as little as possible while starting a new train of thought. And making that thought happen by doing.

We are stardust. We are golden. Thyme to get ourselves back into the garden.

Namaste' ... doc