September 30, 2012

Poetry from the Past about the Future

Covering ground toward a future
While changes tear this world apart
Unbridled growth run aground
Economic lattice undermining soul
What can be done must be done
Feeding the masses not in the plan
Each one out for its own self
Advancing by playing system games
Hardened by callous custom
Spoiled by past idolatry

One by one the warriors join
No wallow in their walk
Supporting goddess realities
Laboring to establish content
As Gaia plays the final symphony
Of man’s current black nature
Arising community consciousness
Develops structural integrity
Requiring independence from money
Exchange based on barter of time
Space exists in the realm
Where beings are forced to exist
Under cover of night frost

Taxation buries initiative
Hopeless romantics none-the-less
Attempt to extend the past
No matter how futile the effort
Without recognition of the dynamics
Change in the manner of approach

Resting while others expend energy
What matters alters conscious flow
Patterns that newly create old methods
Historical tracts buried deep
Subconscious to thoughts of today
‘Tis difficult to see with blinders on
cacophony shouts louder and LOUDER
As ashes to ashes, dust returns to dust
Pick up the pieces and go home
Watching and waiting for opportunity
While preparing the vision of the world
We wish to have tomorrow

© 2008  lemme howdt

September 29, 2012

Rough Edges

   I have been reading The Bond by Lynn McTaggert - a book that came highly recommended from a number of sources.  The Bond deals with a different means of looking at the connections between people.  I was looking at the book from the Linus Pauling - Nature of the Chemical Bond - point of view, because as a molecular chemist, the bonds between atoms that make the molecules provide storage of the energy of life.
   McTaggert is a social scientist, and i had thought that her idea was to apply chemical principles to aspects of sociology.  This makes sense to me, in that chemistry has to do with the relationships of small numbers of atoms. We call the area group theory and it has its basis in mathematical symmetry.  It seems that societal groups would conform to group theory, especially when an overlay of games theory is added - people like playing games.
   Now that i am ten chapters deep, i notice i was incorrect in my assumption.   She has a different idea in mind.  There are some places i agree heartily and some places where, when the symmetry is violated, her premises don't quite have substance.  I also have a different knowledge background, and learned the effects of epigenetics from a scientific point of view - so i needed to translate the language a bit to get her point.  The book is well written and i'd say we overlap in theory about 80%.
   When i mentioned to a friend that i had some disagreement with part of the premise, i got jumped on big time for not buying in hook, line and sinker?  I was told that her experiments are 90% verified and i had to be wrong - without even getting to the part where the person could discuss any experimental data.  I am well aware of intention experiments and i believe that there is something structurally unsound about our current image of how the universe unfolds.  
    There is a need to chill out, people.  Right and wrong is clear as mud.  Facts, as presented, can be built up to make any case.  This comes by selectively choosing only those facts that agree with our premise and leaving behind all the knowledge that we did not care to look up at the time of our opinion.  Life is dynamic, not static and consistency is enhance by changing your point of view based on new facts, not sweeping them under the rug, so that you can say the same thing.
   I am also having a problem with the selective application of rules and norms.  Why is it is okay for people in certain power positions within a group to take actions, that are not okay for the general members of the same group?  I am specifically asking why, the shift network formally backs people to sell goods and services to the members of the network, but does not allow the exchange of commercial opportunity between the members of the network.  I call the approach captive marketing and i do not wish to be captive any longer.  So if you are a shift-based friend and you miss me, please keep in touch by other means.
   So once again, what i see as positive is taken as negative by people with the opposite polarity.  This should not be a surprising result - like attracts like in chemistry and opposites polarize.  There is a distinct difference between polarity and duality - polarity involves dual components of one thing (two sides of a coin), while duality is opposite - like right and wrong.  The yin/yang relationship of the latter is used as a means of discarding everything that does not fit the 'either/or' model - perhaps the time has come to discard this current broken duality assumption.
   Namaste'   doc

September 28, 2012


Sometimes the hammer drives in the nail with one blow.  Sometimes it takes a second blow.  Just know this for exactly what it is.  Y'now - i remember these things called books ...

USA Prepares

   Good morning, i am typing while listening to a radio show on mind control - broadcast on USA Prepares last night - Sept. 27th.  Here is the link.  The guest is Rick Miller - the plan is for Dr. Lenny to join Dr. Rick and Mat Stein in a conference in Reno on Oct 13/14th.  I get a support role - watch and learn (and laugh).
   I have tried some of these Power Tools - as you read this - i strongly suggest that you have a second window open to hear this stuff.  I am not use to typing and listening - so this may scatter more than usual.  Rick will be teaching a course on critical decision making at nweti, Dr. Lenny will teach a course on the Many Faucets of Water.  Both courses will be 8 sessions for $50 dollars - cheap so that we can give the website a thorough test drive.
     The brain is just a sack of electric water.  Water is a dynamic solvent - it takes information from everything dissolved in the water - including ions, light waves, sound, fish.  The trick is that if we know more about how water moves intelligence, perhaps we can change the story before the obvious ending comes.  The amount of nonsense that we get from the lamestream media has encouraged me to speak howdt - Dr. Lenny is the first avatar, lemme is the second and both will find ways of providing educational, entertaining schtick.
    So, please consider, taking a class for knowledge instead of credit ( we may try to get credit, but why?  Credit is only a piece of paper that really doesn't tell what you know, it only tells a potential employer that you had the patience to put up with the prof for long enough to complete the course.  Modern education only flunks students that don't show up or make the teacher work.  Be there, be square, get a B.  The grade inflation is ridiculous and the amount of knowledge in a college degree is less than a high school degree a half century ago.
    One of the problems is that we have to know so much breadth to make our weigh through society, that we can't grok things in the depth that really signifies learning - the demonstration of utility.  We have to do better.  Research directed learning has an outcome as a target, not a test.  Wanna try?
    Namaste'   doc

September 26, 2012

Coming from howdtside

Coming from outside, beyond time and space
Rational beings of incredible thought
Manipulating the tensions of a world in crisis
By amplification of the emotions of life
What can we do to curtail their efforts
Vast realms of energy slipping toward our sun
Nevertheless our home world shivers in shock
Reality is never very far from illusion

Abort, control, alt, delete our brain computers
It never comes back in the form it was set
Running through criteria into a vast anomaly
Getting the act together, cause we all hang apart
Never quite comprehending the fact
That we are all perpetually hanging
Nothing is created; nothing is destroyed
It all is just as it is in the realm of forever

2008  (c)  lemme howdt  

Sports Mocks Life, Defines Change

   Gaia reinforces the concept of as above, so below every day in many ways, we need to open our eyes and ears and grasp the situation and play it for cues in how to act.  Sometimes the lessons are obvious, other times they are subtle and take the energy of thought.
   I had Seattle on Monday night, to beat the Pack.  If this was last year, Rodgers would have has five TD passes.  This year's version of Aaron is struggling - my 1-2 fantasy team would be 3-0 with just average games.  That is not my point, here.  
   The problems that the NFL is having with its officials mirrors the problems that this nation is having with our elected leadership.  The problem is one of competence and the current status is that anyone who has a competence is not allowed anywhere near the problem - they make money from the dysfunction.  The NFL is blatant - the referees all combined for all season likely do no make as much as Aaron Rodgers, so what are they saving?  Absolutely nothing!  War!  What is it good for?  Absolutely nothing!
   I like football and the outcome of the games generally do not matter.  Seattle may make the playoffs with this bone; they might have made the playoffs anyway.  The Pack, well, they have a tougher road to hoe, their division is packed;  they should not be affected by this loss as 10-6 vs 9-7 is where they will end up anyhow.  There are always upsets and squeakers.
   So why is there so much upset and wrath directed at Roger Goodell?  Because he makes a better fall guy than wrath directed at democrat obama in an election year (willard is equally hopeless) !  Because merikins can't draw the parallel between games and life - life is a game.  Right now, merikins are losing this particular game because the ground rules have changes and we have been a bit slow to adjust.
   We have defined the issue - now let's attempt to solve the problem.  First - restructuring to purge out the mechanisms that are no longer effective.  This would include school systems, medical delivery, access to true courts of natural law and an entirely different political system. (doc - you're California dreamin).  If the model of sports is used - then true performance measures could tell people how well they are doing compared to other persons working on similar tasks.
   A major problem is that while we like to compare - we have trouble comparing on a similar basis - our apples look like peaches, pears or oranges to the rest of the observers. Since the observer is always a part of the process, merikin 'expectation values' set in and muck up the process.  There is no money flow, so wishing for a high salary for work is not going to accomplish getting work.  Keeping the value set at what you got paid before for similar work, is a means of staying frustrated, as other workers elsewhere in the world are willing to do the same work for less.
   This isn't fair - however your elected official representatives passed GATT and NAFTA under Klinton and we are still suffering the consequences of equalization - once the supports were pulled from under the merikin economy, job migration followed an expected pattern, as defined by Ross Perot's giant sucking sound.  Work has become a circle jerk - you have to to keep going, but the benefit you once got just isn't there.
   The harder you work, the more refined the saddle.  If you have 'responsibility', your pay grade is too low - the highest paid people make their money off of their collection of money, like the mittster.  Some of them steal it by rigging the system - which is easy if you have the time to step back and watch the system waiver in the wind.  Of course, most of us are too busy working to watch.
   Doc's solution would be a general strike for a month, where nobody transfers any fiscal asset to anyone else and we agreed to disagree with open ears.  Let us open conversation with each other, first to assess where things are leading, then to brainstorm methods of change.  Realize, you can only change yourself.  You cannot change someone else.  They have to change themselves, by their desire to change.  You get to change only you.  I'm a changeling, see me change.
   Doc is a protocol wonk.  He likes to have a protocol to follow, but he doesn't like to follow rules.  In sports, the rules are administrated by the referees and when they are not enforced properly, well, you saw the farce of an ending to Monday night's game.  The protocols can be changed on the fly - the key is that any change of protocol is followed by an explanation of the reasoning for the change.  Gradually, the revisions of the protocols, due to the changes that individual people make when they know what they are doing, will set forth a basis that we all can live together, in a world of peace where sports is our violence - solely for entertainment value.

Namaste'   doc

September 25, 2012


Spiders are lurking, weaving webs all over
I watched, as one spider tied up another
They fought over who controlled the web
No bygones were left - one was bye, gone
I never realized that spiders were so human

2012  lemme howdt

Changing Things

   Congress has gone home to play the election game.  Both sides are clueless, bankrupt and pulling wisdom out of their arses.   They lie and cheat and steal and suggest that this is good.  Bain Capital is an abomination - no-real-job-ever obama is an obomination:  so why pay any attention at all?
   If nobody follows the rule of law, then there is no rule of law.  The game has changed to where the law on paper doesn't matter, you need the force of justice which is tied up in the courts.  In the back room, with the bondage ropes and chains.  A ball in the mouth, ankle and hand cuffs - that lady justice ain't getting away anytime soon.
   So we drift away - turn off all the left website, turn off all the right websites, turn off all the libertarian websites, turn off all the news website - well now we are down to three types of site - sports, other bloggers and pornography.  For sports - all we get is crying over how bad the football referees are - nothing to see there.  Other bloggers are spending time on politics, hopeless.  That leaves porn.
   Hey porn today is a great deal, you get cookies with it.  And Trojans, in two different wrappers - one with extra jazz.  And a method where they can always reveal what you have been looking at.  So - lots of males look at lots of porn: they sneakily use other people's computers, so that they don't get the spare parts.  What a sweet intellectual deal.  Not.
   The problem is that there is no meat to the current scheme.  The rewards for following along are the same as the penalties for not following along.  Most merikins have had their heads so wrapped up in violence, that it has become second nature to real life existence.  That's not good.  We have lost our moral compasses, and would rather watch people get blown away for trying to stop us from getting what is 'rightfully ours', than to take any lesser sort of a deal. (Not that we are ever offered one).
   I am a strange bird - i like what i like and i don't pay attention to things that i don't like.  I build impressions of things based upon my personal biases and sometimes i get things completely wrong - because i did not have enough information in my frame to decide right from wrong.  (Let me caveat this whole conversation with the idea that morals, right and wrong, is a very shady grey concept that is used to justify action.  The debate ends when the proper moral is applied - once justified, we no longer look for more information, we go jihad.) My we and I get confused and when i say we, the i is included, although sometimes, this i does not buy in.
   I try to do what is right and to allow everybody to benefit from the overview of the situation.  The options to get out of a path once it has started slim down very fast, so i tend to be an up-front ideas person that puts the vision together and develops a mechanism, a protocol for action.  I tend to not be interested in the details as much as the themes and sometimes run into roadblocks that i never saw coming.
   Most of these roadblocks have to do with the way things are done.  I can analyze a scenario and then take action to do what need be done.  i do not ask questions or permission - once the ball is placed on my court - i tend to play it to the best of my ability, until i hand the ball off to somebody else.  When i get to take a break, i tend to read very violent fiction - Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn, spiced with the fantasy of Neal Stephenson.  Real, but very fake - imagery that develops imagination focused on fear.
   I guess love is focused in the romance book categories; since i have a different model, my love time has been spent engaged in the metaphysical time-space of kitty kats.  By carefully observing the dynamics of cats, in the absence of other people, i have learned to purr on a wavelength that begets acceptance.  The tone of voice and the placement of the tail are the key social markers - when i watch people in this depth, i tend to make them nervous.  I miss not having a person at my side, it is like a complementary pair having a temporary vacancy.
   See how fast we can lose the whirled.  Take the time to go inside and ask: why am i rushing to complete tasks that i do not wish to do?  The pace of urgency is substantially more difficult on the physical body, than taking the time to plan change.  We can only change ourselves, set an example.  We can do all that we need to do, for our own edification, to bring about the life style that complements the image that we create.  We just have to turn off the computer and be in the atmosphere of nature - not the artificial kingdom.
   You can change your mind.  It starts from realizing what it is that is making you think.  If you think with your mind, you miss half the game: try to think with your heart.  If you are willing to break your own heart, then you can do all the things that you feel are morally repugnant in order to make the fix with things.  Stop doing that.  Think with your heart, then add the logic component of your brain.
   How, you ask.  Topic for another post.  Namaste'   doc

September 24, 2012

Energy Frequency Rhymes

   Many of you recognize this crop circle picture, which lemme howdt uses as an avatar in many of his circles.  The expansion of knowledge radiates out in an inner sphere and an outer sphere of concentric circles, aligned to butterfly wings.  This is a symbol of our new world coming - it will be much the same as the old world, but with several exceptional differences.

  This second  picture demonstrates that nature is adapting along with the human mind - the photo is a plant called scotch broom - a weed well hated by the powers that be that govern agriculture - and a steady source of color on spring drives through the Pacific Northwest.  Thing is, scotch broom is yellow and this fine mutant is purple.  And yes, it is the same plant except for the color - which is due to epigenetics.

   The explanations of the two photographs are both stretches at the borders of our current knowledge.  However, paradigm change is becoming more apparent and the major melt down is not going to be major play, we get a whole world different.  We can attempt to fit what we see into these older, constipated explanations, but why can't we admit that crop circles are indeed convoys of information from other , better connected intelligence forms?
   In truth - nothing is real and there is nothing to get hung about.  Strawberry Fields forever!  It will be confusing, but you'll either get there, or you wont.  Doesn't matter, what is there, is there and i can be there instead of here; so with obummer and the mittster, i guess i'd rather be there. than here.  Both places are temporally the same place - the difference is mind-set.  Isn't it funny that the name 'Willard' is associated with a rat.  

   So - tune in next thyme for the continuing adventures of this 225-lb sack of water on a water attuned planet called Gaia - hi ho, hi, ho - and namaste'   doc

September 23, 2012

In Our Dreams

The ground
Opens up
And swallows
As a whole.
In the wake
Of absence
Reaches out.
Must fend
For themselves.
Local entities
For control.
Handed to those
Willing to do.
Both moral
And ethical
Come to those
With patience
2 Persevere
4 Right (as concept)
Fixed by
Natural law.
As energy,
Motive Power,
Amongst the hands
Of a populace
Rolling up
Toward restoring
Mass Balance

(c) 2005  lemme howdt


   My friend Dennis Morris is a fantastic abstract artist.  I roared when i saw this picture, featuring an mirror symmetry through the central y-axis.  As a hedronist, i appreciate the art, as a chemist i appreciate the color and as a cat fanatic, i appreciate tiger essence.
   Dennis is a starving artist that hasn't realized that artists who have their art mass appreciated fall into a single category - dead.  Most of the historic 'great' artists died paupers, or cut off their ear or something strange.  Music is an artform and people are strange - jim morrison was an acute observer - an open door, so to speak.  I like van morrison as well - what a marvelous night for a moondance at 7:45 am.  In a strange weigh, i know i am related to both these twin sons of different mothers.  (oops - Fogelberg and Weisberg took that line)
   You have to choose what you like, in order to be able to get what you want.  You can't always get what you want, but if you try, somehow, you get what you need.  The universe provides what you ask for, but rarely in the form that you expect when you ask for it.  There seems to be a perverse pleasure in using colloquial interpretation of prayer words, great spirit is your higher being's higher being, so that trust is not an issue.
   Trust is an issue.  We are taught not to trust ourselves and our judgments, but to respect authority as the source of better judgment.  We have seen time and time again how this is not true - we cannot trust other people when the universe speaks directly to us and we know better.  It never works.  You have to be able to do what you have to do in order to do things right the first time and save yourself from having to do them again.
   It is one big learning curve and the treadmill says that we have to do the same thing over and over again to get enough iterations to have statistical significance and know what is really going on.  Once or twice just doesn't cut it.  That is why the people that really know their stuff put hours and hours into doing the stuff they know how to do - because they enjoy doing something that they are good at doing.
   I have no idea how many hours Dennis put into making this picture - not nearly as long as the first picture that he developed using the concept.  Flashy color and simple symmetry draw the eye to the screen - it is a good way of constructing a blog site - i am certain you see parallels - i blog daily to practice and i now can beat out my words in almost no time at all, whereas i once had to sit at the screen and think about how i wanted to say what i just said.  It is all the same.  Just a different form, another facet.
   The knowledge that we have that is supposed to be common knowledge has not been shared around.  There are some people who have lots of knowledge on one topic, many others who have a little knowledge in a lot of topics.  I use the terms depth and breadth to describe these two forms.  They form a Heisenberg pair - as you build one, you slip on the other.  Holding a deep knowledge of a single field doesn't allow the time to 'waste' on other non-related fields - we hence build the extreme image of the over-educated dunce - all knowledge is specific and nothing is common at all.  
   Think now about the range of scale - what is the opposite of our nerdy idiot.  The renaissance man who knows every bit of trivia ever told on free television, but has never cracked a book in his life.  He may have learned to read, but didn't give it much thought once he found that people would tell him about stuff.  So he watched and asked and imitated - and got all the social cues and world frame by being absorbed into the popular culture.  This image is fluid, everything that he is told is true and if it conflicts, that is no problem.  It all is compartmentalized and there are many different things.  If it works, it is practical for that application, if it doesn't work, ask somebody to make it work.
   Sometimes you get a savant - a person who doesn't get educated formally, but dives into their own deep world of truth and knows things that other normal people just cannot see.   The images are not formalized by 'proper education' so the group think part is never engaged either.  This person can develop context that can see where the breadth has embedded error and when the depth is off kilter.
   We have a problem with sharing information.  The sequestration of information for profit by the patent system is a crime against humanity.  But now corporations are people and have human rights greater than people have human rights.  How do we accept Monsantrosities such as this? Group-think doesn't see a conflict and the depthful are focused on correct and narrow - there is nobody in a position to offer critical advice because there are only two skewed perspectives available - ones of breadth or depth.  Not both.  There is a big con game here going on, because the depth people have no clue and the breadth people have no context that anything is wrong.  
   So what can we do?  Stand back for a moment and develop context.  The media is controlled by the money, we all play to put food on the table and a roof over our heads.  Why?  No really, why? No really, WHY?  
   New game building.  More info soon.   Namaste'   doc

September 22, 2012

the 5th weigh

   One of the interesting things about our culture is the pressure it places on keeping up with our culture.  Only morons follow where leaders fear to tread.  Seems to me that we all function within our own clouds and that interaction is mitigated by the games the networks play.  I do not like social networks at all, but i needed to have a learning curve that included how to work the system.
   Doc does this at times.  He went through getting a SEC license to sell securities, just to grok the process so that the phantom illusion of money could be understood for what it is - the biggest con game of all times.  If i were a bankster, i would be very scared about now - but, no - we get more tricks, more bailouts and more wars.  Doesn't cut it.  
   I placed the early morning blog on the Jefferson Agronomic blogsite - since i wished to keep the past posts cartoon at the top of the page.  I have too much to say - i don't wish to offend anybody - so i'll offend everybody.  No showers (or baths) until the government resigns en mass at all levels.  The anarchy would last about three days, and then people who didn't notice and just did would just be doing.  We can change it that quick, when the thyme is ripe - which is not yet.
   Now is the time to be here, now.  Whet the stone, align the stars, prepare the magick that will be necessary when the panic overwhelms the system - it doesn't have to be that way, you know.  There is another weigh.

Namaste'     doc

PS - Ouspensky developed the 4th way, so doc's fractal would become the 5th weigh

All you need is love

September 21, 2012

something Different

   In normal times, my strategy would be to live and let live.  These are not normal thymes and living matters only in an intuitive sense - such as keeping yourself alive through the murkiness, so that you can play the next game on the other side.  The current game is stacked and the swirling miasma is reminding me of the run of sand through the middle of the hour glass - it hardly seems to move when you first flip the timer, but by this time we can count the grains left - just about everybody left is whipping in the winds.
   Slow down, ya move too fast, you've got to make the morning last, just, kicking round the cobblestones, looking for fun and feelin groovy - on this International Day of Peace.  Let your love shine.  Then, tomorrow - step howdtside da baax and stay at Peace.  Step outside the box - forgive and forget - only to the point where caution is not left to the wind.
   There are some serious trust issues.  We all have hurts.  For some it is physical pain and for others mental anguish.  Our time is consumed by being there to do stuff that keeps things going in the same deluded way, but the rent is due on the 5th and the bills keep us running along - no time to stop to see that there's nothing to see.  Except there is a lot going on out there.
   Where is there?  Everywhere.  It just requires a step away from systems think.  Given the choice between the blue pill and the red pill, why not reject the pills altogether?  When given the choice of Monstrocity corn as High Fructose Corn Syrup as the cause of obesity or Mickey D's fast food boogers, why not reject corporate food and grow your own.  Now that is discrimination.  We are not allowed to malign the corporations that the Supreme Lords decided have human rights.
   Stop using their systems.  The thyme has come to help make plans - not that any of the plans have to be carries howdt - just have them ready.  Learn about the things that you really need and make certain that you retain access to them.  Join a cooperative education institute - - to provide access to the structures of learning in virtual space - life-long education is a continuum of you, adding value to you.  I can help learn new stuff, but to get there, we have to clear out a lot of the old stuff.
   I get to do that for doc and lemme.  There are creative methods of using the right brain and the left brain together as overlays rather than having them in a yin/yang - either /or capacity.  The right brain world of science ramrodded through a though scheme over top the left brain world of creativity - to the detriment of both causes.  The messages have been altered for profit, and the prophet has been attacked with the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.
   Well - it was just talk like a pirate day matey - and we should be swabbing our decks with the britches of banksters and liaryers and lyin, two-faced janus spewing (er - that's enough adjectives lemme - it's a day of peace).  To stop the corruption, we must change ourselves to honor weighs that are not corrupt.  Do not cheat (but what about all the cheats for computer games, doc).  What does to cheat mean?  And what happens to cheaters?  If cheaters never profit, then why are the banksters winning?
   I am cleaning my own house.  It is the only place i know to start.  Doc's office is at ONRRI in NWETI.  Come join the cooperative and share knowledge.  Namaste'   doc  
   PS - this is a worldwide invite and if you need a translation, we can make that happen.  Spassibo.  

September 20, 2012

It's about time - a book review

   When i pay too much attention to the way things are, i get caught up in the stress of attempting the impossible without having the tools to accomplish the task.  Thinking is dangerous, but effective for dealing with stress.  Turning off the sound and being in a world of though allows the decision making process to clarify in organization - there is a balance of order and chaos that allows flow to be diverse, rather than a sine wave.  The key to thinking differently is to stop thinking the same.
   I read an interesting article at counterpunch this morning that addresses some of the reasoning that i hold forth, that the current illusion is over.  The gist of the words is that we need a different approach - this guy's approach from 30 years ago, which just happens to be repeated as a liberal screed in a dying empire.  As i addressed his summary, i realized that what he suggests is the same course of action that i have taken - to develop a different focus of the point of view.
   To do this, I am going to borrow a concept from my friend Dovid Krafchow in his book 2012 and the Cabala.  The book dives into the Zohar; part of the knowledge base of the jewish faith.  'The Zohar-Book of Secret at the very beginning describes how the particles from the original engraving of hard light moved without color or wave, color was only introduced after the light was stopped, through which measurement was achieved. (p21)'
   Krafchow divides time into the past, present and future and then looks at the calendars through the lens of gematria - the interplay between numbers and letters.  As a devotee of Bob Marshall's Syndex theory, i can honor the sacred geometrical approach that weaves throughout the discussion of why the now has become the now.  He introduces God Time as a means of comparison of the Hebrew, Mayan and Roman calendars.  When i chose to switch from the Roman calendar to the Tzolkin, a 13:20 Mayan calendar - this was when Dovid contacted me to review the book.  He did not know that - but it confirms his theory of the symmetry of the universe.
   There is a good back story to this review also - i lost the first copy at the Peace Village festival.  I had thought that a book on a table was safe in a community that professes peace - the words and the deed were so misaligned, that i had a mini-stroke breakdown that left me speechless.  I had to learn to control my energy differently that day.  I also had to request a second copy be mailed and it came through within the week.  Thank you, good sir.
   My point is that different starts as a form of approach and is, well, different for each of us.   The current need to have group think be dominant has caused individual think to subside - we can no longer afford the value wasted by inaction.  'People spend a lot of time and energy trying to figure out who they are and how they can best interact with their environment, but the real question is where - where are you? (p118)'
   The book, 2012 and the Cabala is 'an ancient take on the modern world' providing a positive spin to our chaotic lives' that ends with a birth - Birth 2012 is due with a party on December 22, 2012 on a yellow cosmic stardate in Hebrew 5772.  This is a numbers book - count on a challenging read as you sort out the depths of time.  For information visit Dovid at . 
   Doc has a bit more depth for this topic, but not here right now.  Namaste'   doc

September 19, 2012

Be Prepared for Everything

There is never enough time to accomplish anything, except by starting now.  Dr. Lenny will be part of the away team for the Reno event - just getting the tools of the trade out to more people before the event horizon.  I spent many years fearing the doom and gloom - now i am watching and preparing for any eventuality, knowing that imagination is more important than reality in a good fear based scare issue.

Tomorrow - the 20th of September - at 6:00 pm Pacific time, Dr. Rick will appear with Dr. Valerie on Enlightened Medicine on BBS Radio.  Dr. Lenny may call in and pose a few ornery questions - we will be questioning the sources of all knowledge and will have issues with who did what when.  One of my favorite artists is Walter Russell - he did several well known busts of Mark Twain and the Roosevelts.  

Dr Lenny will be running the Many Facets of Water as a real adventure on-line beginning in early October.  Dr. Rick is going to run a course that is a follow-up to the Reno event - only it is going to start the week before Reno.  The idea is to learn to co-create new and novel media approaches, that will serve to jump-start curiosity in a weigh that can be channeled into valid questions for our 'experts'.

So hold on to your hats and join us for the adventure of staying alive, no matter what.


   In going through old files, there are many memories that stir my passions.  There are questions without answers and answers without questions - just waiting for the proper posit.

   One of the best dogs in the whole world came as a gift and departed when a dream was over.  This is Tootsie, in all her Boxer glory - the most patient soul that the planet has ever allowed me to encounter.  The answer to what became of this dog is the greatest unanswered mystery in my life, because she was part of my vision quest; when it ended, she was no longer home.

    Nature likes to play with the photographer - This moth came to visit - it is set on a stereo receiver on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper - a large moth to say the least.  It pays to carry a camera.

    Especially while Mushroom hunting.  The fall timing is as soon as the rains come.  The chantrelles like to hide in the duff - sometimes you only see the faintest of yellow peeking howdt.  The russella's are less tasty and equally abundant - The pocket knife serves the role of portraying scale in the photos. Sorry bout the blinded by the light effect.

   The final photo in this mornings set is a lichen burl - which seems so centered that it has become one of my favorites - because nature only reveals secrets as this when people have the time to spend visiting, without the trials and tribulations of whirled crisis.  

Let it go, let it flow, get to nature, fall has come.

September 18, 2012

Swimming Underwaater

   Keywords and Levels.  Identifiers and Balancing Acts.  Kundalini Yoga and Tantra.  Yin and Yang.  Somehow, with all the multi-dimensionality of the world, we always come back to duality - either/or.  No third choice, nothing to consider beyond my way or the highway.  Gets old and stale quickly, doesn't it.
   I have much to do and very little desire to do any of it.  The deadline is so far howdt in advance that the reality of finishing is not even within the scope of the assignment.  I am my own worst student, because i know how to play me to get by without spending the time doing.  However, if you do not spend the time doing, then it does not qualify as experience.  So, we slog through the mud once again, to do things that we have already done, to warm up for the new and naughty.
   The idea of scoring the event separate from scoring the players is a novelty:however, if the team score is a compilation of the individual scores, then i believe that i have metrics that are good to go.  I must go back into an old file and check to see how i did things before i knew any better.  I can see clearly now, the reign is gone.  The world that we live in is ours to discover- the limits are now natural as opposed to artificial, but the results are 'what you see is what you get'.
    I get the chocolate brownies and the glass of white wine and the wink from the cute blonde of my dreams over yonder.  No matter what the choice, i get what i get and choose to be delighted by the situation.  It's all good because it's all good.  If there were no evil, then could we still tell good.  Of course.  So let's see how much evil we can stop, first by forgiving ourselves for our known transgressions and then by forgiving those who we have perceived have wronged us.  No grudge bearing, let it all go.  Now, exhale and let it all go.
   Now i can share my chocolate brownies with you.  I brought enough for everyone - just imagine - everybody in the world receiving a chocolate brownie.  Namaste'   doc

As the World Turns ...

   ... My mental mettle is directed toward metal.  Things can be ironed out with a copper base, to remove lead and make everything golden, though mercurial in value.  Nothing is as what it seems and seems gets confused, when talking with Iz.  Just Hawaiian remakes of somewhere over a rainbow.
   The needs to wonder and wander are very much among us, as we are currently boxed in and told what to think.  The capture of time into small increments - particles that attract mass - is an odd concept that has been thought through deeply in a book that i have recently read.  I think time is an exception - that physics uses time to replace a concept where it doesn't have an angle of approach.
   Too much determinance has been placed into the sphere of cause and effect.  It seems obvious to me that if you intend to cause an effect, you can accomplish the task - there is a myriad of means at your disposal.  This begs the question of what is free will - a very serious question that should be investigated more thoroughly, not avoided.
   Part of the problem is that while thought has actual mass, money has no substance.  It is just a thing that represents another thing.  Working for money to be able to live is a nonsensical arrangement that has no other options.  I find statements like this to be absurd - there is always another means of approach.  The idea that the Bernanke controls the world by waving his arms and declaring QE3 means that he should be locked up quicker than Julian Assange.
   The whole game is nonsense - pull the plug and let's get onto the next reel.  What?  No, shit!  Movies don't come in reels any longer?  The reel is no longer real?  Same as it ever was.  Same as it ever was.  SAME AS IT EVER WAS!  And as days go by ...
   So, what if Atlas Shrugged?  Rand makes a good model for a new start at Galt's Gulch.  I was always fascinated by Roger Zelazny's Amber series - the character movement through the deck of cards is a winner.  Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game adventures provide an ironic twist and Herbert's Dune provides a tale of kings and valor.  Many time lines of Anathem with the time line sequestration of Seldon in Foundation and we have more than enough science fiction to based a learning system in competitive reality.
   Ah, to compete or to cooperate?  Why are questions always posited with duality?  Is there not cooperative competition in sports - the teams need each other, the players need each other and the teams need the players, except in hockey.  The cost of entertainment has driven the price of a ticket to the level where athletes are treated today as scientists were treated in my childhood - 40 years ago.  Why?
   Perhaps because science is a religion, a belief system that is not an absolute.  The Science Fiction of yesteryear imagined a different reality than the one that came through.  Nobody expected the banksters to become dishonest brokers and that war would become obsolete - except for changing the life status of people whose skin color is somehow offensive.  On all sides.  
   The cutting edge of science is a fun-filled frolic in the expanse of Ego, coming from all sides - defenders and attackers shooting holes in the images of yesteryear.  But the knowledge is rapidly sequestered for profit and the game consists of pieces of paper called NDAs - non-disclosure agreements - that protect bits of information that somebody tells you from being stolen from them.  As though the ideas discussed were not of collective ownership in the Akashic Records.  Hello?  Anybody home?
   I know all sorts of stuff that people think they own because they downloaded me on a topic.  I have signed many non-disclosure statements that have been construed as one way streets with no recourse for my ideas or experience - i didn't properly cordon off my turf.  Again - what utter nonsense!  The only NDAs that i feel bound to are the ones that i signed in good faith for a profit bearing idea that i helped contribute to at a level where i was a key player payed to hold my thoughts.  I can think of many self-serving NDA's that i have signed under duress - which means - no sign, discussion stops.  Is this any way to run a knowledge base?
   We know better - the time has come to design a new game.  I do not know where the game will lead to, but i am tired of not being able to share all knowledge freely.  The first task is to question everything and work from a basis of factual conceptual understanding.  This is a different platform for each one of us!  I can only focus on my own interests and use my own experience to weigh what is right, as i see it.
   And right has no left.  Right has no wrong.  Right has no objective bearing, no compliment of opposite, no yang for its ying.  It is just right in the terms that the order makes sense.  A large chaos will bring about a much better apparent order - trust the universe - get your own house in gear.  Open yourself to questioning everything in your own domain.  That means - only question things where you have a path to an answer - otherwise, you can waste a lot of time being open ended.
   I have my task - i am sorting.  I cannot even begin to count, until i have things properly sorted.  I know where some stuff is - by the end of the sorting process, i will know where all my written words from the past decade are collected, in their place where you can find them as well as i can.  Images too.What a novel transparency concept.  It allows pure self to develop and builds a new ego - one of reviewing accomplishments and moving forward to new tasks.  The basis set for something new ...

September 17, 2012


   Perpetual motion is assume in physics - under then belief that artificial control of the variables means making assumptions without checking the validity.  One of the motions is called spin and it allows two different electrons to share a single orbital.  The idea gets across well when you make the periodic table into a grand hotel and assign the patrons to sleeping quarters based upon their sex.  A spin up can only pair with a spin down - the rules are very clear.
   Only they aren't clear at all.  The game of chemistry is like a new york times crossword puzzle - difficult, to be sure, but entirely solvable within the given problem set.  That physics keeps changing is of no matter to the study of matter - we start with the assumptions that physics and math hold and move on from there.  We fail to go back and validate that assumption and so now, we have the particle in the box - where each of us represents our own particle.
   It would be cool, except for Schroedinger's cat.  When you open Pandora's box, then you know enough to know that you can never fit things back into the box.  There are two timelines and we are all actors in a stage play, created for the benefit of high theater and the universal Great Spirit.  The exception of nature to the confines of mathematics is totally real - the straight jacket of linearity requires a change in the sorting system of how information gets processed.  
   To get one self together and to approach change is the only way to survive the coming change of order to chaos to order - resonating a few times through wave reverberations.  She loves me, she loves me not is a key question for males in the world today.  I will not even begin to speculate: my internal feminine is retreating from perception - ego is a human trait, not a male or female trait.  We live with it, in metaphysics as well as physics - when ego remains grounded, then truth comes out to investigate.
   So - give a listen to the spin of Enlightened Medicine and let me know how fast your hour went bye.

Dr. Valerie Olmsted on The Enlightened Medicine Show interviews Dr. Lenny as her guest (06-Sep-2012) from Kevin Gee on Vimeo.

Recorded 06-Sep-2012.

September 16, 2012

Concept Interuptus

   A knight errant runs the pathway, trolling for pawns in an odd game of capture the flag.  A rook trolls the sideboards, while the bishops plot on the diagonal.  Those pawns have been integrating, the knight thought - the front line phalanx has been plundered.  The queen has been toying with the black knight, woe be it for the messenger who delivers the news to the King.  Off with his head.  Better a bishop than a pawn.  At least i have a horse, he thought.
   When in doubt, head to the literature.  The same stories are told time after time in a myriad of weighs.  The names remain the same as the story changes over time, such that the parable no longer stands alone as a sequence to follow.  Complication befuddles our heroes, as they attempt to fill out the form that enables them through the passage - the toll bridge of blazing saddles.
   So many good images that i hardly know where to begin.  Build upon Asimov's Foundation, where psychohistory by Hari Seldon is a model for getting the act together in a short period of time.  Use Stephenson's Anathem concept of many timelines and enough chances to get it correct at least once and then  ... a phone call interrupts the thread with real life.

   An hour later and the world has been saved from good and evil once again - it is a question of scale.  When you choose to work at one scale, your results get measured at a different scale.  The scale of time is in question - working outside of time is important. mgbh. kitty love crossing the keyboard.  The eternal game of black and white is coming together in a new and novel form.
   Undertaking an impossible task - reorganizing the last ten years of image and text files, such that somebody else can find the pictures, images and accounts that i need to move forward.  I tightened the belt and have started the task - a quarter year per day for 40 days - submitted in the middle of my 64 day game excursion.  I already forgot when i started - but i know the tzolkin zero date - kin 100.  today is resonant blue monkey - kin 111.  
   namaste'   doc   kin 208

September 15, 2012

Seeking Knowledge

   Positive and negative are two sides of the same coin - there is no such thing as one without the contrast of the other one.  Some of the most precious things in life, come along with baggage that we would just as soon not have to carry.  The weight of the world is on Atlas' shoulders - the conflagration that we have today demonstrates that all coins have two sides.
   Time frame is the period where we expect for something to happen and get done - we use a schedule and a calendar as the tools of the trade.  Somebody might suggest that we set a deadline - a date that we wish to have our product produced to make the schedule happen in a way that makes people happy.  The fallacy is that people can be happy.  The stress oozes.
   There is no real good reason to cause stress by imposing artificial deadlines.  The term dead line implies an all or nothing situation - prepare to take the nothing.  A line in the sand is just a line.  Sacred geometry has more to do with numbers than lines between two points.  How linear.  How delightfully confusing semantically.
   Have you noticed that all the new revisions of things are a step backwards and downwards?  The device doesn't do what its predecessor did, it has more bells, more whistles and fewer functions.  Just like the merikn worker that uses the device, but doesn't know how to make it any longer?  There is so much that we know based on what we know, that pirouettes like a house of cards when the joker is removed.
   Density is a measure of thickness.  The density is the weight per volume - more dense implies heavier, but that is not how it works - more dense is just larger things closely packed and weight is wait ...  hold that thought - illusions are not what they seem - presented for our satisfaction that the way they tell us it is, is the weigh that it is, but it isn't because the illusion is just an illusion.  Time is rapidly racing toward a dead stop - for the purpose of reorganizing the is into the what has to be.
   Doc is dense - he thinks in his own world and the thoughts are not necessarily the thoughts that other people think doc should be thinking, because doc actually thinks.  There are too many things that point to thinking as an outlaw trait, that is deserving of the brunt end of the whack a mole game - doc has been there and done that.  Not interesting, not especially evoking fond memories.  Lights are flashing now - don't go there ...
   Weight is mass and mass is substance.  Mass comes in particles and waves - two sides of a coin.  Only the waves create the particles out of thin air and thoughts have mass and thus carry weight.  We communicate in many weighs, well beyond the endless chatter from the things we make to talk at us.  The cacophony burns into out system think so deep , that as a mentat doc can pull out the most obscure fact that the pop culture drilled into him as a child of the 60's and a teen of the 70's.  
   Yes - the brady bunch and the partridge family, as the world turns.  Get smart's shoe phone was today's cell and KAOS implies that chaos is evil - the other side of the order coin which hence must be evil too.  Oh - that's good.  Witches are evil, but Samantha is good and Tabitha is just a young pup witch - and Jeannie can change it in a blink of an eye, not a wiggle of the knows.  Confused yet.  That's what they want.  Who are they?  I am you and you are me and we are all together - see how they run like pigs from a gun - i am the walrus - or Paul is - Bang, bang Maxwell.
   James Clerk Maxwell once wrote about electricity and magnetism.  He predated Einstein and was a formative factor in the 19th century science that molded the modern mission before it wavered into war.  In the 1930's, Dirac and others simplified Maxwell's equations from 14 to 5 and hence left out a very key piece in the weigh the world works.  Or maybe in just how we understand the world to work, which has nothing to do with the natural law.  Wasn't it one of Clinton's lackeys in the Ag dept. who wanted to just have democratic legislatures pass new natural laws that his boss would like better than the current ones?  
   Where is this going?  Tell, you what - time to sell hand-baskets and create a different mental set from the current trajectory.  The need to whine is balanced by the need for wine and harvest season is rapidly approaching.  The water gig will come in October, after the hectic pace of the start of fall lands in academic boredom.  There is no wad to spend - creativity is the source of learning - imagination is more important than knowledge.  AE.  namaste'   doc

September 14, 2012

Attitude and Aptitude

   Doc is getting a bit pissy in his personal view of the whirled - his overload capacity is already past there. He was getting frustrated, so i lit a candle and some incense and allowed it all to go.  Had another smoke and another pot of tea and a popop-pi (though it was a blackbird baked into a pie) - hands across the water, water, hands across the sky.
   Now I feel better - I feel good - knew that i would - alright - off the songs and back to the post - thanks to the wings for the popop-pi.  The reformatting of life has come and the first place that needs work is home.  Higher self is talking to current self and all the internal litttle whiney personas are to shut down encampments and let lyte do her work.
   A proper chaos falls into a proper order and this is fall.  Skul has started and everybody is hepped up - give it a month and we will all be back to the same old, same old - except that we cannot allow ourselves to go there.  Inspiration and perspiration unite to bring order from the chaos - but the new apparent order is not quite obvious because we have to organize it differently to make any sense.
   Today, data mining begins in earnest.  I have to clean up the files into new cabinets for a new age and set up a system that if the grid goes down, the grid comes up in the new form.  The game is personal - Mitch Rapp is exactly what they want us to be - so guess what.  Doc just ain't there.
   Models are imitations of life that allow exploration of concepts that are new to discover.  Fiction novels convey images that are not true to life, but give poetic license to the author to model the truth and present the distorted image as fiction to a under-educated public.  Books have ceded the idea space to movies and television - which begat the genre of rock-n-roll, which is poetry set to music. The pop culture is the vehicle - a tool that is a web that must be respun from it's vital fabric into the emporer's new clothes.  For real, fer sure.
   lemme howdt has over 1500 published poems to his credit - under several names in several different places.  Well - lemme got howdt and there is a new phase of life that is now consuming our attention and frames of reference.  The colors of the rainbow are colors - chemistry is full of color - spectacular forms of image based on simple symmetry and the fibonacci sequence.  This site has shown many photos - all off the camera with the eyes of - well - it's not going where you think.
   It's just going - for now, to be resurrected in a different form.  Water - not online water - just water.  Food has started, in good hands - water is next.  The adventure is Quest 4 Knowledge - riddles and hints and a serious approach to mining information and reconstructing the universe in natural terms, with natural law and natural wisdom.  Alone again, Naturally.
   namaste'   doc