September 30, 2012

Poetry from the Past about the Future

Covering ground toward a future
While changes tear this world apart
Unbridled growth run aground
Economic lattice undermining soul
What can be done must be done
Feeding the masses not in the plan
Each one out for its own self
Advancing by playing system games
Hardened by callous custom
Spoiled by past idolatry

One by one the warriors join
No wallow in their walk
Supporting goddess realities
Laboring to establish content
As Gaia plays the final symphony
Of man’s current black nature
Arising community consciousness
Develops structural integrity
Requiring independence from money
Exchange based on barter of time
Space exists in the realm
Where beings are forced to exist
Under cover of night frost

Taxation buries initiative
Hopeless romantics none-the-less
Attempt to extend the past
No matter how futile the effort
Without recognition of the dynamics
Change in the manner of approach

Resting while others expend energy
What matters alters conscious flow
Patterns that newly create old methods
Historical tracts buried deep
Subconscious to thoughts of today
‘Tis difficult to see with blinders on
cacophony shouts louder and LOUDER
As ashes to ashes, dust returns to dust
Pick up the pieces and go home
Watching and waiting for opportunity
While preparing the vision of the world
We wish to have tomorrow

© 2008  lemme howdt

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