September 28, 2012

USA Prepares

   Good morning, i am typing while listening to a radio show on mind control - broadcast on USA Prepares last night - Sept. 27th.  Here is the link.  The guest is Rick Miller - the plan is for Dr. Lenny to join Dr. Rick and Mat Stein in a conference in Reno on Oct 13/14th.  I get a support role - watch and learn (and laugh).
   I have tried some of these Power Tools - as you read this - i strongly suggest that you have a second window open to hear this stuff.  I am not use to typing and listening - so this may scatter more than usual.  Rick will be teaching a course on critical decision making at nweti, Dr. Lenny will teach a course on the Many Faucets of Water.  Both courses will be 8 sessions for $50 dollars - cheap so that we can give the website a thorough test drive.
     The brain is just a sack of electric water.  Water is a dynamic solvent - it takes information from everything dissolved in the water - including ions, light waves, sound, fish.  The trick is that if we know more about how water moves intelligence, perhaps we can change the story before the obvious ending comes.  The amount of nonsense that we get from the lamestream media has encouraged me to speak howdt - Dr. Lenny is the first avatar, lemme is the second and both will find ways of providing educational, entertaining schtick.
    So, please consider, taking a class for knowledge instead of credit ( we may try to get credit, but why?  Credit is only a piece of paper that really doesn't tell what you know, it only tells a potential employer that you had the patience to put up with the prof for long enough to complete the course.  Modern education only flunks students that don't show up or make the teacher work.  Be there, be square, get a B.  The grade inflation is ridiculous and the amount of knowledge in a college degree is less than a high school degree a half century ago.
    One of the problems is that we have to know so much breadth to make our weigh through society, that we can't grok things in the depth that really signifies learning - the demonstration of utility.  We have to do better.  Research directed learning has an outcome as a target, not a test.  Wanna try?
    Namaste'   doc

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